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American Indians (Appendix C-14) and Women (Appendix

C-15 - C-17) also indicate a significant recruitment source.

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small-scale programs. Yet, the data on percent distri

bution of professionals by grade, race and sex for each

A&O indicates definite recruitment needs at all profes

sional grades, since no A&O meets the minimum goals for

blacks, nonblack minorities, and women at all grades.

The availability studies also show that there are

qualified minorities and women available for DOL jobs.

DOL needs to re-establish its EEO credibility es

pecially with regards to recruitment.

It can only do

this with a real commitment to establish effective re

cruitment programs.


* Recruitment Recommendations

To establish effective recruitment programs for min

orities and women there must be a centralization of all

recruitment efforts (creation of a Central Recruitment

Office in the Office of Personnel); a cadre of full

time recruiters; full and adequate usage of the Manpower

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See Appendix C-19 for a breakdown of recruitment functions.

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4/ Manpower Planning System was developed by the Central Personnel Services to provide a comprehensive Recruitment plan in FY 1968 for Wage and Labor Standards Administration.

Manpower Planning System uses turnover studies, retirement index studies, and anticipated expansion as sources for anticipating vacancies in an upcoming fiscal year. The number of anticipated vacancies for which minorities and women would be recruited will be determined by the numerical goals and timetables established for each Administration. The following is an example of a Manpower planning System Plan of Action:

Retirement index is maintained by the Division of Personnel Planning & Review, OASA.

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from each A&O. Central Recruitment Office's major re

sponsibility will be to manage and/or coordinate the

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Central EEO Office

Recruitment staff of the EEO Office will provide

guidelines and goals for recruiting. This office with

the Central Recruitment Office will also evaluate the

various A&O recruitment programs and monitor the pro

gress of these programs.

The recruitment staff will

also serve as a major reference source on recruitment.

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There will be a cadre of ten tull-time recruiters

in the National Office who will recruit both for the

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Department and for their A&O's.


and ILAB will maintain only one full-time recruiter.

BLS, SOL, and LMSA will each maintain one full-time


ESA, OSHA, and MA will each maintain two

full-time recruiters. These recruiters will be attached

to the EEO Coordinator of their A&O, except for the

O/SECY, ILAB, ASPER, OASA recruiter who will be attached

to the EEO Coordinator for OASA.

Each region will have one full-time recruiter, who

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The professionals to be recruited for the vacancies can be found by ei ther in-house promotions or new hires depending on the Administration's status in reaching its goal.

The recruitment objective, i.e., the number of jobs to be filled, is the best target figure available.

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