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The selection of recruiters is a key factor in the

total recruitment context.

Recruiters and others who

represent the Federal Service on college campuses must

be able to successfully communicate with, and relate to,

college students.

Black recruiters are effective in

making student contacts at predominantly black colleges.

Similarly, Spanish-American recruiters are an asset in

working on campuses with significant Spanish-American

enrollments and women are effective representatives in

visits to women's colleges.

Recruiters must be able to,

and willing to, take time to engage in dialogue or "rap

sessions" wi th students on matters of interest to them.

Also, the recrui ters must be well qualified, well in

formed, sincere, and enthusiastic about their work.

The Federal Service must take advantage of the

total resources that are available in the community

and all sources of information that bear on the supply

of candidates in local labor markets.

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1/ Positive recruitment involves going out to recruit with definite job offers. It is usually used after reviewing an office minority staffing pattern, i.e., if an office lacks a minority to meet its staffing plan, then positive recruitment is used to find a qualified minority.

Positive recruitment is not just an attempt to find qualified minorities, nor is it an "after the fact" recruitment effort (after the position is posted) like the Vacancy Clearance System but is a definite commitment to hire a minority.

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