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programs so that a significant number of employees can


Finally, an upward mobility specialist should be

assigned to the staff of the EEO Director to provide

guidelines to the A&O's and to review and evaluate their

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

an audience of all the employees of each A&O.


following the tape, an administrative official

of the A&O should inform the employees of the

[blocks in formation]

A target date must be determined so that all of the

A&O's will be ready with their programs at the same time.

The EEO Director should have responsibility for

coordinating these activities.

[blocks in formation]



To provide equal employment opportunity in the re

cruitment process, recruiters must target-in on where

[blocks in formation]

when recruiters are prepared to spend enough time on a

campus to make contacts with student leaders, campus

organizations and clubs, and other groups.


students tend not to register with, or use the facilities

of college placement offices.

It is necessary, therefore,

for recruiters to actively seek out mi nority students,

particularly on campuses where they represent a small

percentage of total enrollment.

The credibility of Federal recruiters is frequently

strained by the long length of time between the initial

interview and the time an actual job offer is made.


viding recruiters with authority to make on-the-spot job

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