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Shooting Simplified.

A Concise Treatise on Guns and Shooting. By James Dalziell
Dougall. Second Edition, Re-written and and Enlarged, with a
Special Chapter on Breech-Loaders. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, price 6s.

Wines and other Fermented Liquors.

From the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. Dedicated to all
Consumers in the United Kingdom. By James Richmond
Sheen. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, price 5s.

The Common Sense of the Water Cure.

A Popular Description of Life and Treatment at a Hydropathic Establishment. By Captain J. H. Lukis, late of the 61st Regiment, and the North Durham Militia. Crown 8vo. price 5s.

"We have seldom read a more amusing book than this. Capt. Lukis is a clever well-bred gentleman, who has found the greatest pleasure of his life in the strict discipline of hydropathy, and in this volume he chats pleasantly about his own experiences, and puts in a very popular form the chief arguments in favour of the water cure. There is not a dull page in the book."—Morning Herald.

Special Therapeutics.

An Investigation into the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Disease by the Application of Water, the Hot-Air Bath, and Inhalation. By J. C. Loby Marsh, M.D., M.R.C.P. Crown 8vo. price 3s. 6d.

Bathing: How to do it, When to do it, and Where to do it.

By Edgar Sheppard, M.D., Medical Superintendent of the Male Department, Colney Hatch Asylum. Third Edition. 8vo. sewed, price Is.

Plain and Practical Medical Precepts.

Second Edition, revised and much enlarged. By ALFBJH)
Fleisohman, M.R.C.S. On a large sheet, price 4d.

The Home Nurse.

A Manual for the Sick Room. By Esther Le Hardy. Second
Edition, fcap. 8vo. cloth, price 2s. 6d.




Diet and Cookery.

Practical Duties.
Moral Duties.
The Patient.

Setons, Issues.
Blisters and Plaisters.
Chamber of Death.
&c. &c.

"In our notice of the first edition we expressed our approbation of the manner in which she had performed her task; and we are gratified to see that the useful lessons she inculcated both in regard to nursing and medical attendance have met with such general approval as to require another edition of her unpretending but really valuable volume."—Lancet.

On Teething of Infants.

Its prevalent Errors, Neglects and Dangers; their influence on the Health, and as causes of death of Children. Including the dangers of Teething Powders, Soothing Syrups, &c. By Henry Hanks, L.R.C.P. Edinburgh, M.R.C.S. England, &c. Illustrated by Cases. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d.

The Domestic Management of Infants and Children.

In Health and Sickness. By S. Barker, M.D., Brighton. 8voprice 5s. Also,

The Diet of Infancy and Childhood.

By S. Barker, M.D. Demy 8vo. sewed, price Is.

The Gastrio Regions and the Victualling Department.

By An Old Militia Sdroeon. The whole outward and inward man, from the crown of his head to the corns on his little toes, all tell the sad tale of the Gastric Regions' Wrongs. Crown 8vo. cloth, price 2s. 6d.

"This is a most useful, and by no means a dull or heavy book. . . . The old Militia Surgeon gives some most useful advice, in a pleasant practical manner, respecting different varieties of food and their effects upon the system."—Observer

The Foot and its Covering.

With Dr. Camper's work on "The Best Form of Shoe," translated from the German. By James Dowie. New Edition. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, illustrated, price 2s. (id.


Its Thermo-Mineral Springs, Climate, and Scenery. A new Salutary Resort for Invalids. By Robert Cross, M.D. With three Tinted Lithographs, price 4s.

Sketches of Ceylon.

Sketches of the Inhabitants, Animal Life, and Vegetation, in the Lowlands and High Mountains of Ceylon, as well as the Submarine Scenery near the Coast, taken in a Diving Bell. By Baron Eugene De Ransonnett. With 26 large Cbromo-lithographs, taken from Life by the Author. Folio, £2. 10s.

First Help in Accidents.

Being a Surgical Guide in the absence or before the arrival of
Medical Assistance. For the use of the Public, especially for
Members of both Military and Naval Services, Volunteers, and
Travellers. By Charles H. Schaible, M.D., Ph.D., Royal
Military Academy, Woolwich. Fully illustrated.

First Help in Accidents (continued.)

Bites. Choking.

Bleeding. Cold.

Broken Bones. Dislocations.

Bruises. Drowning.

Burns. Exhaustion.

And other Accidents where instant aid is needful.

32mo. cloth, price 2s. (id.






In sup. royal

"A most useful and interesting little book, which is besides prettily got up, and contains some accurate and nice woodcuts. In 200 small pages we find, condensed, whatever can be done in case of accidents until the arrival of a professional helper; in fact, the work is a short but complete manual, and will prove of great service to military men, volunteers, and tourists. . . . The instructions are plain and to the point, and there is a welcome absence of technical terms."— Spectator.

A Manual of Popular Physiology:

Being an Attempt to Explain the Science of Life in Untechnical
Language. By Henry Lawson, M.D., Co-Lecturer on Physio-
logy and Histological Anatomy in St. Mary's Hospital Medical
School. Fcap. 8vo. with 90 Illustrations, price 2s. 6d.


"Dr. Lawson has succeeded in rendering his manual amusingas well as instructive. All the great facts in human physiology are presented to the reader successively; and either for private reading or for classes, this manual will be found well adapted for initiating the uninformed into the mysteries of the structure and function of their own bodies."—Athnictum.

Dr. Lankester on Food.

A Course of Lectures Delivered at the South Kensington Museum.
ByE. Lankester, M.D., F.K.S., F.L.S. New Edition. Price 4s.

Dr. Lankester on the Uses of Animals

In Relation to the Industry of Man. By Edwin Lankester,
M.D., F.B.S. A Course of Six Lectures, delivered at the South
Kensington Museum. Crown 8vo. pp. 350, cloth, fully illustrated,
price 3s.


"The information is presented in the most lucid, graceful, and entertaining manner.**—Economist.

"Every one who peruses them will be grateful to the author. The history of those creatures whose products become through man's skill so useful to him is given with such charming feeling that the interest of the reader is attracted s enchained, whether he wills or no."—Era.

Practical Physiology: a School Manual of Health.

Being a Practical Guide to the Means of Securing Health, and

Life. Intended for the use of classes and general reading. By

Dr. Lankester, F.R.S. Fifth Edition, fcap. 8vo. illustrated,

price 2s. 6d.

"It is copiously illustrated. There is not a school of any kind for males or

females, rich or poor, in which the book might not be used as a text-book; indeed,

it ought to be as common as an English Grammar. Few persons are capable of

forming an idea of the increase of* human happiness and material prosperity which

would follow a more general appreciation of the laws of health.**—Lancet.

Domestic Medicines: their Uses and Doses.

In the i bs 3nce of professional assistance, with Tables of Weights and Measures; the preparation of Beverages suitable for the Sick Room. Poisons and their Antidotes. Sixth Thousand, 32mo. cloth, price Is.

The Changed Cross.

Words by L. P. W. Illuminated by K. K. Dedicated to the Memory of those blessed ones who having, "through much tribulation," finished their course with joy, now rest from their labours; and to those also who are still running with patience the course set before them, "Looking to Jesus." Square 16mo. elegantly printed, with illuminated crosses and border lines, price 6s.

Spiritualism and Animal Magnetism.

By Professor G. G. Zerffi, Ph.D. Second Edition. Crown 8vo
Price Is. 6d.

"This is a very clever book. It disposes of Spiritualism pretty conclusively, and It gives expositions of Animal Magnetism in connection therewith that are, as far as they go, as convincing as such efforts well can be.**— Church Serald.

"A few more such books as this excellent little treatise, and we shall have no more table-turning or spirit-rapping. Perhaps, before long, the force at whicti we now either ignorantly tremble, or with equal ignorance sneer, may be doing material work."—Land and Water.

"As far as Professor Zerffi renders a more rational account of spiritualism than those who are enthusiastically devoted to the study, the little book under notice is worthy attention.**— Bath Journal.

Degrees and "Degrees;"

Or, the Traffic in Theological, Medical, and other "Diplomas" Exposed. By the Rev. Henry Belcher, M.A., Assistant Master in King's College School, Dedicated, by permission, to the Rev. Alfred Barry, D.D., D.C.L., Canon of Worcester, Principal of King's College, London. Demy 8vo. price Is. 6d.

Notes on Conjectural Amendments of certain Passages in Shakespeare's Plays.

By P. A. Daniel. Crown 8vo. price 3s. 6d.

A. Statesman at Home.

A ^pjart^tic Fragment. By G. T. Lowth. Crown 8vo. limD


The Pocket Guide to the Pharmacopoeia.

Being an Explanatory Classification of its Drugs, Preparations, and Compounds. All Essentials being comprised in a form and size adapted to the Practitioners' Note Book. To enable the busy Practitioner to do justice to his vocation, and avail himself of what no memory could otherwise retain, this little book has been compiled by one who has long felt the want of some such aid. Limp cloth for the pocket-book, Is.

Observations on Sea-Sickness,

And on some of the Means of Preventing it. By Sir James
Alderson, M.D., D.C.L., P.R.S., Consulting Physician to St.
Mary's Hospital. Crown 8vo. cloth, price 2s.

Surgical Appliances and Minor Operative Surgery.

By Thomas Annandale, F.R.C.S., Edinburgh. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, price 5s.

Abstract of Surgical Principles.

By TaoMis Annandale, F.R.S. and FJt.CS. (Edin.) price Is. each.

I. Inflammation, Suppuration, Abscess, Sinus and Fistula, Mortification, Ulceration, and Ulcers, price Is. II. Tumours, or Morbid Growths, price Is.

III. Dislocations, price Is.

IV. Fractures, price Is.


By Professor Bbande, D.C.L., F.R.S.L., and Professor Alfeed S. Taylor, M.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.P. Lond. Fcap 8vo. cloth, 900 pages, price 12s. 6d.

"For clearness of language, accuraoy of description, extent of information, and freedom from the pedantry and mysticism of modern chemistry, no other textbook comes into competition with it. . . . Tbe best guide to the study of chemistry yet given to the world."—Lancet.

"Conceived and worked out in the most sturdy common-sense method, this book gives, in the clearest and most summary method possible, all the facts and doctrines of chemistry, with more especial reference to the wants of the medical student."—Medical Times.

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