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Science and Commerce.

Their Influence on our Manufactures. A Series of Statistical
Essays and Lectures describing the Progressive Discoveries of
Science, the Advance of British Commerce, and the Activity of
our Principal Manufactures in the Nineteenth Century. By P. L.
SIMMONDS, Editor of The Journal of Applied Science, Honorary
and Corresponding Member of Various Foreign and Colonial
Societies. 600 pp. Fcap. 8vo. price 6s.

Obligations of Commerce to Science and Silk Trade and Manufacture :

The Vegetable Products Imported. On Silk Cultivation and Supply in Mineral and Animal Substances entering India. into Commerce.

Production of Silk. The Industrial and Manufacturing Uses Iron Manufacture. of Shells.

Progress of our Mineral Industries.
The Progress of Science in the 19th Glass Manufacture.

Earthenware and Pottery.
The Cotton Manufacture :

Dyes and Colouring Stuffs : Production and Consumption of Dyes obtained from the Animal KingCotton.

dom. Our Cotton Supplies.

Mineral Colours and Dyes. The Cotton Trade.

Vegetable Colours and Dyes. The Woollen Manufacture :

The Manufacture of, and Trade in, PreThe Wools of Commerce.

cious Metals and Fancy Articles. Wool and the Woollen Trade.

The Grocery and Allied Trades : Our Wool Supplies.

The Commerce in Groceries. Colonial Wools.

The Leather Trade and Tanning SubThe British Woollen Manufactures.

A-The Worsted Manufacture.

The Leather Manufacture.
B--The Woollen Manufacture. New Paper-making Materials and
C-Shoddy Fabrics.

Progress of the Paper Manufacture, Chief Mineral and Vegetable Products On Nuts : their Produce and Uses.

of Commerce.

The Cattle Plague.

With Official Reports of the International Veterinary Congresses, held in Hamburg, 1863, and in Vienna, 1865. By John GAMGEE,

Demy 8vo. 860 pp. price 21s. Horse Warranty.

A Plain and Comprehensive Guide to the Various Points to be noted, showing which are essential and which are unimportant. With Forms of Warranty. By PETER HOWDEN, V.S. Fcap. 8vo. price 3s. 6d.

Graceful Riding

A Pocket Manual for Equestrians. By S. C. WAITE. With Il

lustrations. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, price 28. 6d. “In the school, on the road, on the course, or across country, this little book will be invaluable; and we heartily recommend it.”-Morning Post.

One Hundred Double Acrostics.

A New Year's Gift. Edited by “Myself.” 16mo. cloth, price

28. 6d. Hardwicke's Elementary Books. Price Twopence

each. Under the above title is presented to the public a complete

Library of Elementary Works adapted for the use of the people. Thousands of people at present skilled as handicraftsmen, and as workers in the various arts and sciences of life, plod on from day to day, with some vague notion that they can improve their own particular calling; but it generally ends in nothing, because they are ignorant of the first principles of those laws which regulate the things in which they are engaged. It is a rare occurrence to meet with workmen who know anything beyond what they picked up in their apprenticeship, or obtained by imitating others more skilled than themselves.

It will be the aim of HARDWICKE'S ELEMENTARY Books to teach these first principles.

No labour or expense will be spared to make the information of a thoroughly reliable character; and where advisable, a free use of authentic illustrations will be brought to bear.

“Hardwicke's series of Elementary Books of Science' at present inclndes Optics, Hydraulics, Hydrostatics, Geography, Chemistry, Mechanics, and the parts vary in price from twopence to sixpence. Each part is a very admirable epitome of the subject it treats, and there is more reliable information in any one of these little pamphlets of a few pence than there is in many a costly volume. The woodcuts are in outline, or only slightly shaded, and their subjects are exceedingly well selected."-London Revieu.

NOW READY. Mechanics.

Fully illustrated by nearly 100 cuts. Two parts, 2d. each ; com

plete, 4d. ; bound in cloth, 6d. Hydrostatics.

Fully illustrated. Complete, 2d. ; in cloth, 4d. Chemistry.

Three parts, 2d. each; complete, 6d. ; cloth, 8d. Hydraulics.

Fully illustrated. Complete, 2d. ; cloth, 4d. Optics.

Fully illustrated. Complete, 4d. ; cloth, 6d. Pneumatics.

Fully illustrated, 2d. Other Works of a similar.character are in preparation, and will shortly

be announced.

Mackenzie's Educational Books.

Intended for Schools or Self-instruction.

ALREADY PUBLISHED. Mackenzie's Tables.

Commercial, Arithmetical, Miscellaneous, and Artificers'. Cal. culations in Bricklaying, Carpentry, Lathing, Masonry, Paperhanging, Paving, Painting, Plastering, Slating, Tiling, Wellsinking, Digging, &c. &c. Fractions and Decimals. Forms of Receipts and Bills. Calculations on Man, Steam, Railways, Power, Light, Wind, &c. Language and Alphabets. Calendar of the Church. Scripture Money, Principal Foreign Moneys and Measures. Geographical and Astronomical Tables, &c. &c. Com

plete, price 2d. ; cloth, 6d. Murray's English Grammar.

Complete, word for word with the Shilling Editions. Price 2d. ; cloth, 4d.

Mavor's Spelling.

With numerous Cuts. Price 4d. ; or, two parts, 2d. each. Walkinghame's Arithmetic.

Same as the Half-Crown Edition. Price 4d. ; or, two parts, 2d

each ; cloth, 6d. Short-Hand.

With Phrases and Exercises, to gain facility in the use of all the characters, by which perfection may soon be attained. Complete

price 2d. Phrenology.

Explained and Exemplified. Complete, price 2d. Bookkeeping.

By Single Entry, with explanations of Subsidiary Books, being a useful system for the Wholesale and Retail Shopkeeper. Complete, price 2d.

Elements of Arithmetic.

From the French of M. C. BRIOT. Translated by J. SPEAR, Esq.

Crown 8vo. cloth, price 4s. “ The little book before us is a translation of a French school arithmetic, and we notice it especially in reference to the metric system, which is clearly explained in its pages, and put foward in the introduction as one of the prominent features of the work."-Morning Star.

Mangnall's Questions, Complete, 1s.

The Cheap Edition of this valuable School Book is now ready.
It has been carefully revised and brought up to the present time.
It is well printed and strongly bound.

“Published in a compact form, neatly bound, and being condensed without being abridged, comes before us in a greatly improved form. Few books contain so much information in so small a space."-Portsmouth Guardian.

Method for Teaching Plain Needlework in Schools.

By a Lady. Price 2s. 6d. Illustrated by Diagrams and Samplars. This useful method is based on steps which are gradual, well defined, and clear to the perception. It is calculated to insure the improvement of each individual child, and while it offers the necessary instruction to the less talented pupil, it enables the more clever one to attain the highest degree of perfection.

Oral Training Lessons in Natural Science and

General Knowledge. Embracing the subjects of Astronomy, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Mathematical Geography, Natural Philosophy, the Arts, History, Development of Words, &c., intended for Teachers of Public Schools, and also for Private Instruction. By H. BARNARD, Principal of Lincoln's School, Minneapolis. Crown 8vo. price 28.

Education and Employment of the Blind.

What it has been, is, and ought to be. By T. R. ARMITAGE,
M.D. Demy 8vo. cloth, price 2s. 6d.

Institutions and Charities for the Blind

In the United Kingdom (a Guide to), together with Lists of Books and Appliances for their use ; a Catalogue of Books published upon the subject of the Blind ; and a List of Foreign Institutions, &c. By MANSFIELD TURNER and WILLIAM HARRIS. Demy 8vo. price 3s.

Dedicated by Express Permission to H.R.H. the PRINCE of WALES.
The County Families;

Or, Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of the
Three Kingdoms. It contains a complete Peerage, Baronetage,
Knigbtage, and Dictionary of the Landed Commoners of England,
Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, and gives a brief notice of the
Descent, Birth, Marriage, Education, and Appointments of each
Person, his Heir Apparent or Presumptive, a Record of the
Offices which he has held, together with his Town Address and
Country Residences. By EDWARD WALFORD, M.A., late Scholar
of Balliol College, Oxford. 1,200 pages, 11,000 families. Pub-

lished Annually. Price £2. 10s. “What would the gossips of old have given for a book which opened to them the recesses of every County Family in the Three Kingdoms--we will not say every recess, for here and there we observe what may be termed 'The Blue Beard family cupboard,' omissions which are not made evidently without very good cause! There are, for example, some awkward blanks of parentage to be found. Very many have no fathers; at all events none such as they cared to name. In some places the particulars of marriages are omitted, possibly with prudence. This work, however, will serve other purposes besides those of mere curiosity, envy, or malice. It is just the book for the lady of the house to have at hand when making up the county dinner, as it gives exactly that information which punctilious and particular people are so desirous of obtaining--the exact standing of every person in the county. To the business man, The County Families stands in the place of directory and biographical dictionary. The fund of information it affords respecting the upper ten thousand must give it a place in the lawyer's library; and to the money-lender, who is so interested in finding out the difference between a gentleman and a 'gent,' between heirs-at-law and younger sons, Mr. Walford has been a real benefactor. In this splendid volume he has managed to meet an universal want, one which cannot fail to be felt by the lady in her drawingroom, the peer in his library, the tradesman in his counting-house, and the gentleman in his club."— Times.

“ It possesses advantages which no other work of the kind that we know of has offered hitherto. Containing all that is to be found in others, it furnishes information respecting families of distinction which are not to be found in the latter. It will prove to be invaluable in the library and drawing-room."-Spectator.

“To produce such a work in the perfection which characterizes County Families' must have been an almost Herculean task. It is sufficient for us to say that accuracy even in the minutest details appears to have been the aim of Mr. Walford, and the errors are so few and slight that they may readily be passed over."- Weekly Register.

By the same Author, published annually,
The Shilling Peerage,
The Shilling Baronetage,
The Shilling Knightage, and
The Shilling House of Commons,

Giving the Birth, Accession, and Marriage of each Personage,
his Heir Apparent or Presumptive, Family Name, Political
Bias and Patronage ; as also a brief Notice of the Offices which
he has hitherto held, his Town Address and Country Residence

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