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Hardwicke's Science-Gossip:

A Monthly Medium of Interchange and Correspondence for Students and Lovers of Nature. Monthly, 4d. ; Annual Volume, in

cloth, price 5s. See pages 56 to 64. At Home in the Wilderness :

Being Adventures and Experiences in Uncivilized Regions, in which it is shown where and when to encamp ; how to equip and manage a train of pack mules ; break, gear, and saddle wild horses; cross streams, build log shanties, trenail a raft, dig out a canoe or build it with bark or hide, manage dog sleighs, tramp on snow shoes, &c. By J. KEAST LORD, late of the British North American

Boundary Commission. Crown 8vo. cloth, price 6s. In the Plain and on the Mountain.

A Guide for Pedestrians and Mountain Tourists in the Plain and on the Mountain. By CHARLES BONER, author of “Chamois Hunting in Bavaria,” “ Forest Creatures," &c. With illustrations of dress

requisites, &c. Fcp. 8vo. price 28. “A little book which compresses into a very small space a great deal of good advice."-Pall Mall Gazette.

“We recommend Mr. Boner's book to all travellers, either on mountain or plain." - Atheneum. The Book of Knots.

Illustrated by 172 Examples, showing the manner of making every

Knot, Tie, and Splice. Price 2s. 6d. “ It is an honourable characteristic of our literature that it contains numerous admirable and complete treatises on many special subjects. Mr. Robert Hardwicke, publisher of many pleasant and useful works, has sent forth a Book of Knots,' by Tom Bowling, illustrated with one hundred and seventy-two diagrams, showing the manner of making every knot, tie, and splice, for the moderate price of half a crown, or nearly six knots a penny."- All the Year Round, May 23, 1868. Old Bones; or, Notes for Young Naturalists.

By the Rev. W. S. SYMONDS, Rector of Pendock, Author of “Stones of the Valley," &c. With References to the Typical Specimens in the British Museum. Second Edition, much im

proved and enlarged, fully illustrated, fcp. 8vo. price 2s. 6d.. .“ The plan pursued by Mr. Symonds is a very simple one. He adopts the classification of Professsor Owen, and carries the young naturalist from family to family, beginning with man and ending with the lowest fishes, making his own remarks as he goes on. We recommend these notes. The volume is neatly got up, and deserves a sale amongst the class for whom it is intended.”— Athenæum. Notes on the Geology of North Shropshire.

By CHARLOTTE Erron. Now ready, fcp. 8vo. cloth, price 3s. 6d.

Geological Stories;

A Series of Autobiographies in Chronological Order-Being the
Autobiography of—Ă Piece of Granite ; A Piece of Quartz; A
Piece of Slate; A Piece of Limestone; A Piece of Sandstone ;
A Piece of Coal; A Piece of Rock-Salt; A Piece of Jet; A
Piece of Chalk; A Piece of Purbeck Marble; A Lump of Clay;
A Piece of Ligpite; The Crags; A Boulder ; A Gravel Pit. Bý
J. E. TAYLOR, F.G.S., Author of “Half-hours at the Seaside,"

&c. Large fcap. 8vo., fully illustrated, price in Hd The Handy-book of Rock Names.

By G. H. KINAHAN, of the Irish Geological Survey, fcap. 8vo.,

price 4s.
On the Being and Attributes of the Godhead,

As evidenced by Creation. By DAVID NELSON, M.D., Edinburgh,
Author of “The Principles of Health and Disease," &c. Demy

8vo., price 10s. 6d. The Applications of Geology to the Arts and Manu

factures. Six Lectures delivered before the Society of Arts. By Professor D. T. ANSTEAD, M.A., F.R.S. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, illustrated,

price 4s. I. On the Formation of Natural Soils IV. On Mineral Materials (continued): by Derivation from Rocks, and on tbe Building Stones and Slates, and their Improvement of Soils by the admixture Relative Value under given Circumof Minerals.

stances of Exposure, and on Methods II. On Natural and Artificial Springs, of Quarrying. and on the various sources of Water V. On Stratified Deposits of Minerals, Supply for Towns and Cities, in con | as Coal and Iron Ore, usually obtained nection with the Geological Structure 1 by Mining Operations, and on Mining of the vicinity.

Methods for such Deposits. III. On Mineral Materials used for VI. On Metalliferous Veins for Lodes the Purposes of Construction : Plastic and their contents, and on the Exand Incoherent Materials (Clays and traction of Metalliferous Minerals from Sands).

Lodes. "The science of geology largely engages the attention of the public; but persons are frequently deterred from the study of it by the dry and tedious style of writers dedicating their talent to its exposition. Professor Ansted has supplied a book which meets the public want.... The chapters relating to agricultural geology have an especial interest for farmers; but the whole are deeply interesting and worthy of recommendation."-News of the World.

" Professor Ansted takes in hand a subject of some difficulty, but of universal importance. In this he describes the different kinds of mineral veins, their contents, and the methods adopted to extract those contents, and thus fitly concludes his labours in elucidation of the practical application of geological knowledge to economic purposes, especially in connection with the arts." - Daily News.

Transactions of the Victoria Institute

Or, Philosophical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Twenty parts, at 3s. 6d. to 5s. each. Lists on application.

Metamorphoses of Man and Animals.

Describing the changes which Mammals, Batrachians, Insects, Myriapods, Crustaceæ, Annelids, and Zoophytes undergo whilst in the egg ; also the series of Metamorphoses which these beings are subject to in after-life. Alternate Generation, Parthenogenesis, and general Reproduction treated in extenso. With Notes, giving references to the works of Naturalists who have written upon the subject. By A. DE QUATREFAGES. Translated

by HENRY LAWSON, M.D. Crown 8vo. cloth, price 6s. “We have already said enough to show that the essay which Dr. Lawson has introduced to us in an English garb is one which marks a new era in the history of Embryology, and which presents to both general and scientific readers information which has been hitherto confined to the realms of dusty periodicals of all languages. The Metamorphoses' is a work which tends to elevate the science of Biology, and deserves the attention of all classes of cultivated readers."-Lon. don Review.

Science and Practice in Farm Cultivation.
By Professor BUCKMAN, F.L.S., F.G.S.

CONTENTS : 1. How to Grow Good Root Crops. 4. How to Grow Good Corn Crops. 2. How to Grow Good Grass Crops. 5. How to Grow Good Hedges. 3. How to Grow Good Clover 6. How to Grow Good Timber. Crops.

17. How to Grow Good Orchards. Fully Illustrated. Complete in One Volume, cloth, 78. 6d.

The Stream of Life on our Globe.

Its Archives, Traditions, and Laws, as revealed by Modern Dis. coveries in Geology and Paläontology. A Sketch in Untechnical Language of the Beginning and Growth of Life, and the Physio. logical Laws which govern its progress and operations. By J. L. MILTON, M.R.C.S. Second Edition, crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 624, price 6s.

CONTENTS : The Beginning of Life.

Glance at the Laws of Life. England long, long ago.

Life in the Blood. The First Dwellers on Earth. Life in the Nerves. The First Builders.

Life of a Giant. The First Wanderers.

Life of Men of Genius. The First Colonists of Sacred Influence of Smoking on Life and History.

Race. The First Language.

Life in the Stars and Planets; or, The First Alphabet.

Coloured Stars and their In. The Battle of Life.

habitants, &c. &c. “A very agreeably-written record of some of the newest and most remarkable discoveries in geology, language, and physiology. The language is always un. technical and picturesque. It has the merit of inspiring interest in snbjects often treated in a manner to repel the ordinary reader."-Lancet.

Country Cottages.

A series of Designs for an Improved Class of Dwellings for Agricultural Labourers. By JOHN VINCENT, Architect. With numerous Plans, Elevations, &c. New Edition, folio, fully illustrated, price 12s.

Photographic Optics :

Including the Description of Lenses and Enlarging Apparatus. By D. VAN MONCKHOVEN, Ph.D. Crown 8vo. cloth, with more than 200 illustrations, price 7s. 6d.

Book I.-PHOTOGRAPHIC LENSES. Preliminary Ideas.

Spherical A berrations. Refraction of Light.

Description of Photographic ObChromatics.

jectives. Lenses.

Employment of Photographic ObAberrations.

jectives. BOOK II.-APPARATUS FOR ENLARGEMENTS. On the Negative intended for En- Setting-up Enlarging Apparatus largement.

in Winter. Description of Apparatus for En- Setting-up of Movable Dyalitic largements.

Apparatus. Theory of Formation of Enlarged Application of Heliostat to En

Image in Woodward's Apparatus. larging Apparatus. Imperfections of Woodward's Ap- Setting-up of Heliostat with Enparatus.

larging Apparatus. The Dyalitic Apparatus.

Parallel Solar-Light Apparatus of Description and Setting up of Bertsch.

Dyalitic Apparatus, and of all Indirect Enlargement by the Sun

Apparatus for Enlargements. I or by Diffused Light. Management of Enlarging Ap- Application of Artificial Light to paratus.

Enlarging Apparatus.
Half-Hours at the Seaside :

Or, Recreations with Marine Objects. By J. E. TAYLOR, F.G.S.,
Author of “Geological Stories," &c. Small 8vo. with about 150
Illustrations, price 4s. plain ; 68. coloured.

Half an Hour with the Waves. | Half an Hour with Sea Anemones
Half an Hour with Preparations. Half an Hour with Sea Mats and
Half an Hour with Seaweeds. Squirts.
Half an Hour with Sponges. Half an Hour with Sea Urchins
Half an Hour with Seaworms. and Starfish.
Half an Hour with Corallines. Half an Hour with Shell Fish.
Half an Hour with the Jelly Fish, | Half an Hour with Crustaceæ.

Half-Hours with the Telescope:

Being a Popular Guide to the Use of the Telescope as a means of Amusement and Instruction. Adapted to inexpensive Instruments. By R. A. PROCTOR, B.A., F.R.A.S. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, with Illustrations on Stone and Wood, price 2s. 6d.

CONTENTS : Half an Hour on Structure of Half an Hour with Boötes, Scorpio, Instrument.

Ophiuchus, &c. Half an Hour with Orion, Lepus, Half an Hour with Andromeda, Taurus, &c.

| Cygnus, &c. Half an Hour with Lyra, Hercules, | Half-hours with the Planets. Corvus, Crater, &c.

Half-hours with the Sun, Moon, &c. “It is crammed with starry plates on wood and stone, and among the celestial phenomena described or figured, by far the larger number may be profitably ex. amined with small telescopes, and none are beyond the range of a good threeinch achromatic. The work also treats of the construction of telescopes, the nature and use of star maps and other subjects connected with the requirements of amateurs.... The book is full of useful and interesting information,' and will form a valuable companion to the various admirable handbooks for which Mr. Hardwicke enjoys so good a reputation."-Illustrated Times.

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Half-hours with the Stars :

A Plain and Easy Guide to the Knowledge of the Constellations, showing, in 12 Maps, the Position of the Principal Star-Groups Night after Night throughout the Year, with Introduction and a separate Explanation of each Map. True for every Year. By RICHARD A. PROCTOR, B.A., F.R.A.S., late Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Mathematical Scholar of King's College, London ; Author of "Saturn and its System,” “Half-hours with the Telescope," “ The Handbook of the Stars," 6c Sun-views of the

Earth,” &c. &c. Second Edition, demy 4to. price 5s. “Nothing so well calculated to give a rapid and thorough knowledge of the position of the stars in the firmament has ever been designed or published hither

lf-hours with the Stars' will become a text-book in all schools, and an invaluable aid to all teachers of the young."-Weekly Times. The Astronomical Observer:

A Handbook for the Observatory and the Common Telescope.
By W. A. DARBY, M.A., F.R.A.S., Rector of St. Luke's, Man-
chester. Embraces 965 Nebulæ, Clusters, and Double Stars.

Royal 8vo. cloth, price 7s. 6d.
“I think the design of the work has been well carried out. The catalogue
will no doubt be very acceptable to the amateur observer desirous of obtain.
ing a knowledge of practical astronomy, and it will also be useful in the
library of the regular observatory.”-From the Eurl of Rosse, K.P., F.R.S., &c.
Chamber and Cage Birds.

Their Management, Habits, Diseases, Breeding, and Methods of
Teaching them. Translated from the last German Edition of Dr.
Bichstein's Chamber Birds, by W. E. SAUCKARD. New Edition,
by Geo. J. BARNESBY, Judge of Show Birds, Derby. Price 3s. 6d.

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