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(Divided into Classes, Groups, Subgroups, Varieties, and Subvarieties.)


Group A.—Eocks For The Most Part Mechanically Formed.

Subgroup A. Arenaceous rocks.

Var. a. Sand, gravel, and shingle.
6. Conglomerate.

Subvar. a. Calcareous.

b. Hematitic.

c. Cupriferous.

d. Pyritous.

e. Plumbeous.

f. Shale conglomerate.

g. Slate conglomerate.

c. Breccia.

Subvar. a. Calcareous.

b. Hematitic.

c. Cupriferous. 'd. Pyritous.

e. Shale breccia.

d. Sandstone and grit.

Subvar. a. Calcareous.

b. Argillous.

c. Felspathic.

d. Micaceous.

e. Hematitic.

f. Cupriferous.

g. Pyritous.
h. Tuffose.
i. Pebbly,
j. Cleaved,
k. Oblique.

1. Concretionary,
m. Spheroidal,
n. Nodular.
o. Lenticular.
p. Friable.

Var. e. Flagstone.

Subvar. a. Arenaceous.

b. Argillous.

c. Slabstone. Subgroup B. Argillous or Argillaceous rocks.

Var. a. Clay, loam, mud, and silt.

Subvar. a. Kaolin.

b. Potter's clay.

c. Brick clay.

d. Fire clay.

e. Clunch.

f. Claystone. g. Clayrock. h. Lateryte.

i. Fuller's earth, j. Bituminous clay, k. Saliferous clay. 1. Variegated clay, m. Hematitic clay, n. Ferruginous clay, o. Book clay. 6. MarL

Subvar. a. Calcareous.

b. Dolomitic.

c. Argillous.

d. Arenaceous.

e. Micaceous.

f. Oil-slate.

g. Glauconitic.
h. Gypseous.

i. Shell marl,
j. Mealy marl,
k. Marl-stone.
L Tutenic marL
m. Book marL
c. Shale.

Subvar. a. Calcareous.

b. Arenaceous.

c. Micaceous.

d. Bituminous.

e. Carbonaceous.

f. Hematitic. g. Cupriferous. Subvar. h. Flaggy.

i. Conglomeritic.
j. Nodular.
k. Concretionary.
1. Spheroidal,
m. Lenticular,
n. Mudstone.
o. Tutenic shale.
Var. d. Slate.

Subvar. a. Roofing slate.

b. Slab slate.

c. Pencil slate.

d. Novaculyte.

e. Calcareous slate.

f. Carbonaceous.

g. Arenaceous.
h. Tuffose.

i. Eibaned. j. Conglomeritic. Subgroup 0. Fault rock. Group B.—Rocks For The Most Part Chemically Formed. Subgroup A. Halyte.

Var. a. Granular.
6. Sparry.
c. Fibrous.

B. Gypsum.

Var. a. Alabaster.

6. Granular gypsum,

c. Compact.

d. Fibrous.

e. Selenyte.

/. Tripe-stone.

C. Anhydryte.

Var. a. Granular.
6. Compact.
c. Fibrous.

D. Dolomyte.

E. Quartz.

Var. a. Chert.
6. Flint.

c. Menilyte.

d. Jasper.

Var. e. Agate. /. Basanyte. Subgroup F. Limonite rock.

Var. a. Limonite shale.

b. Oolitic brown ore.

c. Eeniforra iron ore.

d. Pea-iron ore.

e. Bog-iron ore.

Subvar. a. Black.

b. Yellow.

c. Sparry.
&. Hematite rock.

Var. a. Red iron-mould.
6. Reddle.

c. Sparry red-ironstone.

d. Specular iron.

e. Topanhoacanga. •

H. Spherosideryte.

Var. a. Black band.
I. Minerals occurring as rocks (see page 17).
Var. a. Asphalte.
6. Pyrite.

c. Cinnabar.

d. Boracite.

e. Trona.

/. Aragonite.
g. Manganese ores.
h. Rhodochrosite.
i. Bole,
j. Opal.
h. Fluorite.
I. Barite.
m. Ankerite.
n. Malachite.
o. Melanite.
p. Galmey.
q. Zincite.
r. Galenite.
s. Stibnite.
t. Arsenopyrite.
u. Sulphur.
v. Wavellite.
w. Chalcopyrite.

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