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Order No. I.—INGENITE EOCKS. (Divided into Classes, Groups, Subgroups, and Varieties.)


Group A.—Intrusive Granite (Highly siliceous granite).

Subgroup A. Pyritous intrusive granite.
Var. a. Beresyte.

B. Albitic granite.

C. Schorlaeeous granite.
1). Granityte.

E. Felsitic granite.

F. Greissen, or quartzitic granite.
0. Porphyritie intrusive granite.
H. Pegmatyte.

Var. a. Graphic granite.

b. Blumen granite.

c. Plumose granite.

Group B. -— Granite For The Most Part Non-intrusive (Basic or oligoclase granite).

Subgroup A. Hornblendic granite.

Var. a. Titanitic granite.

b. Ohloritic granite.

c. Talcose granite.

d. Epidotic granite.

B. Graphitic granite.

C. Hematitic granite.

D. Pyritous oligoclase granite.

E. Porphyritie oligoclase granite.

F. Gneissoid granite.

Var. a. Nodular granite.
6. Lenticular granite.

Subgroup G. Intrusive oligoclase granite.
H. Granitic felstone.

Group 0.—Protogene.

Group D. Elvanyte, or Quartz Porphyry.

Subgroup A. Felsitic and felspathic elvanyte.
Var. a. Orthoclasic elvanyte.

b. Oligoclasic elvanyte.

c. Eappakivi elvanyte.

B. Quartzitic elvanyte.

C. Micaceous elvanyte.

D. Pyritous elvanyte.

E. Hornblendic elvanyte.

Var. a. Micaceous hornblendic elvanyte. 6. Chloritic.

c. Felspathic.

d. Pyritous.

F. Chloritic elvanyte.

G. Granular elvanyte.
IT. Compact elvanyte.
/. Gneissoid elvanyte.
J. Granitoid elvanyte.
K. Pyronieride.


Group E.—Felstone, or Felsyte.

Subgroup A. Petrosilex.

Var. a. Felstone glass.

b. Ribaned petrosilex.

B. Quartzitic felstone.

Var. a. Oligoclasic quartzitic felstone.

b. Micaceous.

c. Hornblendic.

d. Chloritic.

e. Pyritous.
/. Striped.
g. Variolitic.


N. Schistoid felstone.
Group F.—Whinstone.
Subgroup A. Doleryte.

Var. a. White rock.

6. Aphanyte-doleryte. B. Melaphyre.

Var. a. Eukryte.

6. Magnetic melaphyre.

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Var. c. Micaceous.

d. Porphyritic.

e. Amygdaloidal. /. Vesicular.

g. Variolitic.

Subgroup G. Pyroxenyte.

D. Diabase;

Var. a. Pyroxenic diabase.

b. Uralitic.

«. Labradoritic.

d. Oligoclasic.

e. Magnetic. /. Kersantyte.

jr. Calcareous diabase.

h. Porphyritic.

i. Amygdaloidal.

j. Vesicular.

i. Variolitic.

/. Aphanyte-diabase.

E. Gabbro.

Var. a. Euphotide.
6. Noryte.

c. Hypevyte.

F. Dioryte.

Var. a. Amphibolyte.

b. Aphanyte-dioryte.

c. Kersanton.

d. Napoleonyte.

G. Syenyte.

Var. a. Quartzose syenyte.
b. Titanitic.
H. Hornblende rock.

Var. a. Actinolite rock.

b. Tremolite rock.

c. Hyperyte.

d. Dioryte.

e. Syenyte.

i. Felso-syenyte. /. Mico-hornblende rock. Group G.—Rocks Due To Pseudomorphic Action Or Weathering (Ingenite in part, derivate in part).

*roup A. Ophyte.

Varl v«- Ophihornblende rock.
B. SteatyteX

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