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anoese, &c.

63 , 15 Treaty of Vincennes with the
3 Treaty of Fort Industry, with the Kickapoos

Wyandots, Ottawas, Chip-

Of Saint Louis with the
pawas, &c. &c.'. 68

Sacs and Foxes

4.... Of Detroit, with the Otta- 17 Of Tellico with the Che.
was, Wvandots and Pot.



70 | 18 Of Tellico (2d treaty) with
5.... Of Brownstown, with the

the Cherokees
Chippawas, Ottawas, Pot- 19 .-. Of Washington with the
tawatamies, Wyandots and

same nation


74 | 20 Of Hopewell with the Chic-
6.... Of Fort Wayne with the


Delawares, Shawanoese, 21 Of Chickasaw Bluffs with
Potawatamies, Eel River,

the same nation

Weaas, &c.

75 | 22 In the Chickasaw country
7.... Of Vincennes with the Kas.

with the same nation. 103

78 | 23 Of Hopewell with the Choc-
- With the Delawarcs 81



With the Pianke- 24 Of Fort Adams with the

same nation

10 ... Of Grouseland with the 25 . Of Fort Confederation (pro-
Delawares, Pottawatainies,

visional convention) with
Miamies, Eel River and

the same nation


84 26 ... Of Mount Dexter with the
11 Of Vincennes (2d treaty)

same nation

with the Piankeshaws 86 | 27 Of Fort Clark with the
12 . Of Fort Wayne, with the

Great and Little Osages . 118
Delawares, Pottawatamies, 28 .. Of Saint Louis with the
Miamies and Eel River

Sacs and Foxes, (addi-


tional article omitted in its
13 Separate article with the

proper place)

Miamies and Eel River 29 Treaties for the purchase of
Indians, to constitute part lands from Indians, when valid and
of the preceding treaty 90 how to be conducted

14 .- Of Vincennes with the

See Indian Lands.


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I tives


terms, with the next preceding

grant to Christian Van Gundy 253 6 No fees chargeable for such



7 By act of 13th May, 1800, pa-

tents to be granted on surveys
1 Of the magnetic needle to be cer-
tified on plats

made on warrants issued pursu-

2 This provision repealed


ant to any resolution of Virginia

previous to passing said act 216

8 But not for a greater quantity in

the whole than 60,000 acres, nor
1 A Land Office established at 175 to give validity to entries or sur-
2 Confirmation of the grants of veys made on such warrants inter-
lands in the district of, made by fering with those made on war-
the Governors of the North-West rants granted by said state to her
and Indiana territories

278 officers and soldiers on continen-
See Land Offices, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18. tal establishment

Intruders, 3. Private Claims 9 In case of interfering claims, the
from 1 to 7-13 to 20.

party losing and evicted

withdraw bis entry and locate

other vacant lands within the afore-
said bounds

1 Deed and act of cession of ter-

10 Provision in case of warrants or
ritory by, io the United States 30

certificates of survey lost or de-
2 Act of the Legislature of, as- stroyed ; they may be supplied by
senting to an alteration proposed certified duplicates

by Congress to the said act of

11 The western boundary line of


the territory reserved by Virginia

in the aforesaid deed of cession
Virginia Military Bounties, established

1 Lands between the Little Miami 12 Three years from 23d March,
and Sciotho not to be sold, until 1804, allowed for completing lo-
there shall have been laid off suf. cations, and five for returning
ficient for satisfying bounties to surveys to those entitled to boun.
the officers and soldiers of the ty lands in said reserved territory ib.
Virginia line, according to the 13 Warrants or certified copies
reservation in the deed of cession

thereof filed in the War Depart-

133-4 ment to be evidence of title 217-18
2 Secretary at War directed to

14 Claims not located and surveys
make returns to the Executive of returned within the period afore-
Virginia of the names of the offi. said, barred, and the reserved ter-
cers and soldiers of the Virginia ritory released from such claims 218
line who served on continental 15 Further time for completing lo-
establishment, and also the aggre-

cations and returning surveys and
gate amount in acres due said line warrants allowed, of three years
for bounties


from 23 March, 1807, for the
3 which their agents may locate

former, and five for the latter , 218
between the rivers Sciotho and 10 Secretary of the Treasury to
Little Miami, deducting locations cause a general and connected plat
already made

. 213-14 to be made of all lands, located
4 President to grant letters patent and surveyed in the reserved ter-
to the persons originally entitled ritory

to bounty lands, with the formali- 17 A copy of which to be filed in
ties to be observed therein .. 214 the War Department, and ano-
5 To be transmitted to the Execu-

ther to be laid before Congress
tive of Virginia to be delivered to

with an estimate of the surplus
the grantees or their representa- remaining after satisfying the said

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219/2) But if it appear that such sur.
18 How the expence thereof is to vey contain more lands than is
be defrayed

ib. just, no patent to issue, until a
19 The Secretary at War to issue resurvey be made and the surplus
patents on locations and surveys excluded

made within the period above- 21 A further time of five years
mentioned on warrants issued un- from 16th March, 1810, allowed
der any resolution of Virginia, on to obtain warrants and complete
satisfactory proof that such war- locations, and seven from said
rants were granted for services, period, for returning surveys,
which by the laws of Virginia warrants, &c. .

.: 220-1
prior to the cession of said terri-

See Virginia.
tory entitled the grantee to boun.
ty lands


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Wells, William,

mably with said recommendation 24-6

3 The same line, viz. “From the
A right of pre-emption for 320

mouth of Yazoo, due east to the
acres, to include his iniprovement

river Apalachicola,” declared to
at Fort Wavne, at the confluence

be the northern boundary of West-
of the St Joseph and St. Mary's ri-

Florida, in a subsequent commis,
vers, granted to


sion to Peter Chester, as governor,

&c. dated 25th January, 1770 . 26
Western Reserve
1 Of Connecticut; act of Congress Westfall, Ferdinand Nicholas,
for releasing and conveying the

A foreign deserter; 100 acres of
tract of country so called, to the

land granted to

State of Connecticut

2 Jurisdiction over the, released to
the United States, by deed and

Williams, Elie.
act of the said state

41 1 The Secretary of the Treasury

authorized to contract with him

for the purchase of a lot in Cin.

1 Recommendation of the board of

2 On payment of the price agreed
trade of the 234 March, 176-1, for

on, the President authorized to is-
altering the northern boundary of,

sue a patent to him therefor. .ib.
by running a line from the mouth
of Yazoo river, due east to the


Wyandot Indians,
2 This proposed alteration after- 1 Two tracts of land in the Michi-
wards made by the king of Great- gan territory, not exceeding in the
Britain, as appears from a commis- whole 5,000 acres, to be vested in
sion to John Eliot, dated 15th May, the, by lease, for 50 years

1767, as governor of said province, 2 Which shall not be transferable ib.
in which the limits thereof are set 3 Their interest in said lands to
out and the change made confor- ccase on removal therefrom ib.


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Zane, Ebenezer.
1 Three tracts of land in the terri.
tory north-west of the Ohio, grant-

ed to, not exceeding one mile

2 Patent to issue to hiin, upon pro-

square each

curing the said tracts to be sur- three sections of land within the
veyed at his own expence, and re- North-Western Territory

turning into the treasury of the 2 In trust as to two of said tracts,
United States plats thereof, and for the children of said Zane, at
Military Land Warrants to the the time of his death, &c.

amount of the number of acres ib. 3 The said three sections may be
3 And also producing satisfactory located in one or more tracts, not
proof within a certain time, dat a exceeding three, of 643 acres each ib.
road is opened from Wheeling to
Limestone, and ferries established

thereon, &c.

See Ferries.

A Land Office established at 174

See Land Offices, 7.
Zane, Isaac.
1 Letters patent to be issued to, for

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