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(c) Page 3 of Optional Form 60.

INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS. 1. The purpose of this form is to provide mandard format by hich ). When atachment of supporting cow or pricing data to the form is the offeror submits to the Government • summary of incurred and impracticable, the data will be described (with wondela di appropriat). estimated costs (and attached supporting information) suitable for de and made available to the contracting ofhcer or has representatne upon tailed review and analysis. Prior to the award of conitact resulting request. from this proposal she offeror shall, under the conditions Msted in FPR 1-1.007-) be required to submit · Certihcate of Current Con or 4. The formats for the "Con Elements" and the "Proposed Contract Pricing Data (See FPR 1-1.801- )(h) and 1-5.801-4).

Estimate" are not intended os rigid requirements. These may be pre.

sented in diferent format with the prior approval of the Contracting 2. ln oddition to the specific information required by this form, the Omcer if required for inore efective and tricot presentation. In all oferor is expected, in good faith, to incorporate in and submit with orher respects this form will be completed and submitted without the form any additional data, supporting schedules, or substantiation change.

hich are reasonably requited for the conduct of an appropriate re. view and analysis in the light of the specific facts of this procurement. ). By submission of this proposal the offeror grants to the Contracting for elective me gociations, it is ouential that there be clear under Oncer, or his suchorized representative, the right to examine, for the staoding of:

purpur ol verifying the cost of pricing data submitted, those books,

records, documents and other supporting data hich will permit ade. .. The existing. veritable data.

quate aluation of such con or pricing data, along with the compuls. b. The judgmental factors applied in projecting from knova data tions and promotions used therein. This righe may be exercised in con to the entiende, and

nanonoh any negotiations prior 10 contract award. c. The contingencin used by the offeror in his proposed price. la shon, the oferor's animating process kell needs to be discloud.


1 Eater in this rolamo box oxunang aod mansable cows which is the
judecat of the foror will properly be incurred in Ihr Acical performance
of the contract. The any of the costs in this duen hare already beer
incurred (0.8.... letter contract or change order). dewrite them
attached supporting whedule. Identify all sales and transferi ber
pleon, dirigious, or organisations weder a n uaire
clande al wer ihe ih lower of con the original ini
sertat price.
1 he was in addition to thet areilable in Ex

wir aber lack mporelle magna accoman and identify in this color the nechuroi i ward the information supporting the

dement may be found. No sandard forwal in proscribed; howe k cou ar prie. muy date con arrunak, complete and current, and the judgerul factors

sed in proporting from the date to the timates www be said in w aist detad ro ruote the Contracting Oncer to orolnak ihe proposal. For sople. proride the hours und for priring materials such as by wwwdor que

tool, whop matinales, or iero e prin: the reason for une forehead notes di depan migrantly from experienced rain inderd dume,. Neend major partenerul, af.): or justifcation for an innown in Labor rates anticipated weg and salary incrones, or.). Idroti, ouder. plain any contingrecies which are included in the proposed price, wch as setkipated costs of rejects ond defectóre wort, or coticipated forbeial di falsins.

provide an appropriate explanation. There

w Gorsement representatives on tbe wie of Twibe the tuture of tbe areweut. Proride the

od application of your orebred expens, including 7 bowing trends asd budgetary date a newry lo

Jor er aluation of the nusonablenew propowd roles. the soul cost entered here is in excon of $250. proride a reparate ugo the following information card reparate item of royalty or license fe und addreu o licensor; der license agreemINI: p l www. den. Niral application serial numbers, or wher bows - which the royalty

p uble: brief dowription, including any part or model wwober of marke .. mer composat .. wbkb the myalty poyable: Merle or Jolla. role of royalty per woul: unit price of contract item ber of vesh. total dollar anoNN / royaltia. le addition, il specifically re. yuruled by the contracting rer. p ofibe curreal lucione agrowow! od dronation of applicable claims of specific paint shall be prorided.

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§ 1-16.902-OF61 Optional Form 61, Subcontracting Program-Quarterly Report of Partici

pating Large Company on Subcontract Commitments to Small Business Concerns and Minority Business Enterprises. (a) Page 1 of Optional Form 61.

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Form Approved OMB No.



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1. ADDRESS (Number, Street, City, State and Zip Code)


D. ADDRESS (Number, Street, City. State and ZIP Code


GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 1. This report is to be submitted for each calendar Guide by all contractors maintaining SMALL BUSINESS and/or MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE SUBCONTRACTIX PROORAMS, and required to report. The original and ....... copies of each report shall be submitted to:

Reports shall be submitted not more than a dalendar days after the close of the quarter being reported. Data pertaining to individual companies will be incaled as confidential.

2. Each reporting company. division or plant shall report the required information for the reporting unit as a whole on the basis of the total "mix" of contracting agency business (.e. commitments for subcontracting work shall not be segregated as between subcontracts under prime or under subcontracts).

SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS ITEM 1.-Specify the agency and its representative who established reporting arrangements under the small business and/or minority business enterprise subcontracting program.

ITEM 2.-Enter the day, month and year of the first and last days of the period covered by this report.

ITEM 3.-Enter the name of the reporting company or subdivision thereof (e.g., division or plant). which is covered by the data submitted company may elect to report on a corporate, division or plant basis.

ITEM 4.-ll the report is for a division, plant or other subdivision of a company, enter the name of the company of which the reportine subdivision is a part.

ITEM 50.- Enter the netdollar amount of the cornmitnients made by the reporting organization during the quarter to small business concerns for agen (reltem suhe ontracts and purchases. The reporting company may accept the representation of a supplier that it is a small business concern under 1). finition. So, 1.

b. Enter the net dollar amounts of commitments made by the reporting organization during the quarter to large business concerns fer agency (see Item I) subcontracts and purchases,

c. Enter the total net dollar amount of commitments made by the reporting organization during the quarter to all business concerns for agency (see lioml) subcontracts and purchase's.



OPTIONAL FORN 61 (Rev. 2-77
FPR (41 CFR) 1-16.804

(b) Page 2 of Optional Form 61.

ITEM 60. Entre the nei dollar amount of the commitmenis made by the riporting organization during the quarter to minority business Enterprises fur axency see hiem 11 subcontracts and purchases. The rrporting company may accept the representation of a supplier that it is a minorits business enterpris under Definition So.?.

0.-Enter the aut dollar amounts of commitments made by the reporting organization during the quarter to other than minority business Enterprises for agrnes (see Item I) subcontracts and purchast's.

C.-Entre the costal mrt dollar amount of commitments made by the reporting organization during the quarter to all business concerns for agency (see Item 1) subcontracts and purchases.

ITEM 7:-Sell explanatory.
ITEM 8.—Enter the date (day, month, ycar) this report is submitted.


1. SMALL BUSINESS CONCERN.— A small business concern is ren that meets the pertinent criteria established by the Small Business Administration and set forth in Title 13. Chapter 1, Part 12 the Cock of Federal Rrculatons

2. MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE.-- A minorits busing scenci a "business, at least 50 percent of which is owned by minority group members or, in case of publicly owned business Irad prrcent of the stock of which is owned by minority group members." For the purpose of this definition, minority group member okrors, Spanish-speaking American persons, American Orientals, American-Indians, American-Eskimos, and American-Aleuts

3. SUBCONTRACTS AND PURCHASES.--Subconte n deurslases as used herein means procurement by a business concern of any article, material or minic, including agency (see liem ROCLion yek inventory and, where reasonably determined to bw attributable to such agency contracting. purchases of plant maintenant repaipyation, and capital quipment, entoring into the performance of such arne y supply, service or facility contract received that this concern from (i) the agency (see Item 1), or (ü) another busines ierra. Procurement of Experimental. Development and scargh work is to be included.

4. COMMITMENTS. - Commitments as usu w im us contraris, purchase ders or other legal obligations executed by the reporting Company for goods and services to be recerca h reporting Company Commitments shall include increases to purchase orders and contracts less downward adjustments to per aders and contracts as a result of contract changis, cut-backs, or terminations,

S. SUBCONTRACT AND PURCHASE COMMITMENTS.-Subcontract and purchase commitments will include all commitments (net, after adjustments) to a supplier of subcontrariador purchased articles, materials or services, as defined in 3 above, except purchases from a company, division, or plant which is an affiliates the reporting company.

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f 1-16.903 Department of Justice forms.

Department of Justice forms are illustrated in this section in the same mal and for the same purpose as is stated in § 1-16.901 for standard forms. § 1-16.903–DJ-1500 Form DJ-1500: Identiral Bid Report for Procurement.

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