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Description of Services


Description of Supplies

38 Construction, Mining, Excavating, and HighLease of ADP or EAM equipment.

way Maintenance Equipment. Lease of earth-moving equipment.

39 Materials Handling Equipment. X Miscellaneous (Includes services which do

40 Rope, Cable, Chain, and Fittings. not fall within code letters-A, H, J, K,

41 Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning EquipL, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, or

ment. Z).

42 Fire Fighting. Rescue, and Safety EquipY Construction; i.e., new construction and

major additions to existing buildings or

Pumps and Compressors.
Maintenance, Repair, and Alteration of Real

Furnace, Steam Plant, and Drying Equip

ment; and Nuclear Reactors. Property; i.e., painting, building mainte

5 Plumbing, Heating. and Sanitation Equipnance, alteration and repair, grounds

maintenance and repair, roads mainte-
nance and repair.

46 Water Purification and Sewage Treatment

Equipment. (29 FR 10104, July 24, 1964, as amended at 47 Pipe, Tubing, Hose, and Fittings. 41 FR 43538, Oct. 1, 1976)

48 Valves.

Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment. § 1-1.1005-2 Codes for supplies.

51 Hand Tools. The two-digit code numbers to be

52 Measuring Tools.

Hardware and Abrasives. used for supplies are as set forth

Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding. below. The numbers and descriptions

55 Lumber, Millwork. Plywood, and Veneer. used are the same as the 76 assigned

Construction and Building Materials. commodity groups of the Federal

Communication Equipment. Supply Classification system as shown

59 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Compo

nents. in the Cataloging Handbook, H 2-1,

61 Electric Wire, and Power and Distribution Federal Supply Classification, Part 1,

Equipment. Groups and Classes. This handbook, 62 Lighting Fixtures and Lamps. together with Cataloging Handbooks

63 Alarm and Signal Systems. H 2-2 (Numeric Index of Classes) and

65 Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment

and Supplies. H 2-3 (Alphabetic Index), will be help

66 Instruments and Laboratory Equipment. ful in determining the proper code to 67 Photographic Equipment. be assigned to supply items in synop 68 Chemicals and Chemical Products. ses messages. These handbooks may

69 Training Aids and Devices.

General Purpose ADP Equipment, Software. be purchased from the Superintendent

Supplies, and Support Equipment. of Documents, U.S. Government Print 71 Furniture. ing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

2 Household and Commercial Furnishings and

Description of Supplies

73 Food Preparation and Serving Equipment. 10 Weapons.

Office Machines and Data Processing Equip11 Nuclear Ordnance.

ment. 12 Fire Control Equipment.

75 Office Supplies and Devices. 13 Ammunition and Explosives.

76 Books, Maps, and Other Publications. 14 Guided Missiles.

77 Musical Instruments, Phonographs, and 15 Aircraft; and Airframe Structural Compo

Home-Type Radios. nents.

78 Recreational and Athletic Equipment. 16 Aircraft Components and Accessories.

79 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies. 17 Aircraft Launching. Landing, and Ground

Brushes, Paints, Sealers, and Adhesives. Handling Equipment. 18 Space Vehicles.

81 Containers, Packaging, and Packing Sup. 19 Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating

plies. Docks.

83 Textiles, Leather, Furs, Apparel and Shoe Ship and Marine Equipment.

Findings, Tents, and Flags. 22 Railway Equipment.

84 Clothing, Individual Equipment, and Insig. Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles.

nia. 23

85 Toiletries. Tractors.

87 Agricultural Supplies. Vehicular Equipment Components.

88 Live Animals. 26 Tires and Tubes.

89 Subsistence, Engines, Turbines, and Components.

Fuels, Lubricants, Oils, and Waxes. 29 Engine Accessories.

93 Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials, Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment. 94 Nonmetallic Crude Materials. Bearings.

95 Metal Bars, Sheets, and Shapes. Woodworking Machinery and Equipment.

96 Ores. Minerals, and Their Primary Products. 34 Metalworking Machinery,

99 Miscellaneous. 35 Service and Trade Equipment. 36 Special Industry Machinery.

(29 FR 10104, July 24, 1964, as amended at 37 Agricultural Machinery and Equipment. 41 FR 43538, Oct. 1, 1976)


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31 32

81-1.1006 Advance planning procurement

information. (35 FR 3070, Feb. 17, 1970)

§ 1-1.1006-1 General.

An agency may have unclassified long-range estimates of requirements for items or materials which are expected ultimately to be procured in large quantity. It may be desirable for such agency to provide information to industry substantially in advance of institution of buying procedures. [35 FR 3070, Feb. 17, 1970) § 1-1.1006–2 Application.

Public release of long-range procure ment estimates may be made by an agency head or his designee if he determines that the:

(a) Information to be released will assist industry in its planning and facilitate meeting the procurement requirements; and

(b) Announcement will not adversely affect procurement by encouraging undesirable practices, such as attempts to corner the market or hoard industrial materials. 135 FR 3070, Feb. 17, 1970)

the Government, and that more specific information relating to any individual item or class of items will not be furnished until the proposed procurement is publicized in the Synopsis (see $ 1-1.1003), or the solicitation issued.

(e) Each release shall contain the name and address of the purchasing office which will process the procurement.

(f) Modifications to the original release shall be publicized as expeditiously as possible, in the same manner as the original.

(g) Each proposed release shall be coordinated with small business, public information, and public relations personnel, as appropriate.

(h) Each release shall contain, if applicable, a statement to the effect that small business or labor surplus area set-asides may be involved in some of the procurements, and that the determination of the applicability of these factors can be made only at the time that procurement action is initiated.

(i) Each release shall contain the name or description of the item, and the estimated quantity to be purchased by calendar quarter, fiscal year, or other period. It may also contain such additional information as the number of units last purchased, the unit price, and the name of the last supplier. (35 FR 3070, Feb. 17, 1970)

§ 1-1.1006-3 Conditions.

The conditions set forth below shall be adhered to in the preparation and issuance of long-range procurement estimates.

(a) The agency head or his designee shall be responsible for the determination of the need for, and the preparation of, the proposed announcement.

(b) Only unclassified information shall be released.

(c) The information shall be:

(1) Released as nearly simultaneously as possible; and

(2) Publicized as widely as practicable, consistent with the needs of the individual case, by any or all of the following means: Dissemination to prospective bidders on the purchasing office's bidders lists, posting in public places, and other appropriate means.

(d) Each release shall state that the estimate is based on the best information available at the time of publication, the information is subject to modification, is in no way binding on

$ 1-1.1006-4 Commerce Business Daily an

nouncements. (a) General. In addition to the publication of estimates as provided in § 11.1006-3, further publication, where consistent with the needs of the individual case, shall be accomplished by announcements in the Synopsis reflecting the fact that long-range procurement estimates have been published and are obtainable, on request, from the issuing organization.

(b) Preparation and transmittal. ACtivities publishing long-range procurement estimates shall, in accordance with § 1-1.1006-4(a), publicize them in the Synopsis by forwarding to the address listed in § 1-1.003-7(a)(2), an announcement reflecting the fact that a long-range procurement estimate has

been published and citing the address : hall be inserted in invitations for of the office from which a copy of the bids: estimate can be obtained. Each announcement should identify the com

QUALIFIED PRODUCTS modity and buying office concerned, With respect to products described in this designate the presumptive date of invitation as requiring qualification, awards buying, and state that the estimates

will be made only for such products as have, are subject to review and are in no way

prior to the time set for opening of bids,

been tested and approved for inclusion in binding on the Government.

the qualified products list identified below. (35 FR 3071, Feb. 17, 1970; 35 FR 3284, Feb.

Manufacturers who wish to have a product 21, 1970)

tested for qualification are urged to commu

nicate with the officer designated below. § 1-1.1007 Agency responsibility for con.

Manufacturers having products not yet

listed, but which have been qualified, are reformance with synopsizing program.

quested to submit evidence of such qualifiEach agency shall be responsible for cation with their bids, so that they may be full compliance with the synopsizing

given consideration. procedures of this Subpart 1-1.10. Pe

(Identify the Qualified Products List inriodic verification should be made by a

volved and give the name and address of the

office with which manufacturers should central authority within the agency to

communicate.) ensure that procuring activities are forwarding all required synopses in a

(c) The provision in § 1-1.1101(b) complete, timely, and uniform manner

shall be appropriately modified and to the Commerce Business Daily. Full used in requests for proposals when cooperation should be extended to De procurement of qualified products is partment of Commerce personnel with to be made by negotiation. respect to such monitoring and review of agency synopsizing operations as Subpart 1-1.12—Responsible the Commerce Business Daily staff

Prospective Contractors may undertake. (35 FR 3071, Feb. 17, 1970)

SOURCE: Subpart 1-1.12 appears at 36 FR

17419, Aug. 31, 1971, unless otherwise noted. Subpart 1-1.11-Qualified Products § 1-1.1200 Scope of subpart.

This subpart prescribes policies con§ 1-1.1101 Procurement of qualified prod

cerning the responsibility of prospecucts.

tive contractors, minimum standards (a) Whenever qualified products are for responsible prospective contracto be procured only bids or proposals tors, requirements and procedures for offering products which have been the determination of responsibility,

lified prior to the opening of ad- and policies regarding the determinavertised bids or the award of negotiat- tion of subcontractor responsibility. ed contracts shall be considered in making an award. Manufacturers § 1-1.1201 Applicability. having products which have been (a) This subpart applies to all forqualified but which are not yet includ- mally advertised or negotiated proed on the qualified products list in- curements made by executive agencies volved, should be given consideration from contractors located in the United and an opportunity to offer evidence States, its possessions, or the Comof such qualification in the time inter- monwealth of Puerto Rico. In addival before award must be made. tion, it applies to such procurements (Other instructions concerning estab from contractors in other places, lishment of qualified products lists, except where inconsistent with the qualification of products, etc., are con laws and customs of the place where tained in General Services Administra- the prospective contractor is located. tion Regulation 1-VI, Part 2.)

The subpart also applies to the pro(b) Whenever procurement of quali- curement of automatic data processing fied products is to be made by formal equipment and related supplies and advertising, the following provision equipment by Federal agencies in the

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judicial and legislative branches, other the prospective contractor is responsithan the Senate, the House of Repre. ble. Recent unsatisfactory performsentatives, and the Architect of the ance regarding either quality or timeliCapitol, as well as to the procurement ness of delivery, whether or not deof such equipment by executive agen- fault proceedings were instituted, is an cies.

example of a problem which the con(b) This subpart does not apply to tracting officer must consider and reprocurements from (1) other govern solve as to its impact on the current ments, including State and local gov- procurement prior to making an afernments or their instrumentalities, firmative determination of responsibil. (2) other U.S. Government agencies or ity. Where a contracting officer has their instrumentalities (e.g., the Fed doubts regarding the productive capaceral Prison Industries, Inc.), or (3) the ity or financial strength of a prospecNational Industries for the Blind.

tive contractor which cannot be re

solved affirmatively, the contracting $ 1-1.1202 General policy.

officer shall determine that the pros(a) Purchases shall be made only

pective contractor is nonresponsible. from, and contracts shall be awarded (See § 1-1.708 if il small business cononly to, responsible prospective con

cern is involved.) tractors (see 41 U.S.C. 253(b) and 10 U.S.C. 2305(c)). A responsible prospec

8 1-1.1203 Minimum standards for respontive contractor is one who meets the

sible prospective contractors. standards set forth in $$ 1-1.1203-1

§ 1-1.1203-1 General standards. and 1-1.1203-2 and such special standards as may be prescribed in accord A prospective contractor must meet ance with § 1-1.1203-3.

the following requirements, unless (b) The award of a contract to an of.

otherwise provided in this section: feror solely on the basis of the lowest (a) Have adequate financial reevaluated price is a disservice to the sources, or the ability to obtain such Government if subsequently the con resources as required during performtractor defaults, is late in his deliv ance of the contract; eries, or otherwise performs unsatis- (b) Be able to comply with the refactorily, with the result that the Gov. quired or proposed delivery or perernment incurs additional procure formance schedule, taking into considment or administrative costs, and ac- eration all existing business commitceptable supplies or services may not ments, commercial as well as governbe furnished within the time required. mental; Such awards are also unfair to other (c) Have a satisfactory record of perofferors who are capable of satisfac- formance. Contractors who are or tory performance and tend to discour have been seriously deficient in curage them from submitting bids or pro rent or recent contract performance, posals on future procurements.

when the number of contracts and the (c) While it is important that pur extent of deficiency of each are conchases be made on the basis of offers sidered (in the absence of evidence to which are most advantageous to the the contrary or circumstances properGovernment, price and other factors ly beyond the control of the contracconsidered, this does not require an tor) shall be presumed to be unable to award to an offeror solely because he meet this requirement. Past unsatissubmits the lowest bid or offer. A pros factory performance will ordinarily be pective contractor must affirmatively sufficient to justify a finding of nonredemonstrate his responsibility and, sponsibility; when necessary, the responsibility of (d) Have a satisfactory record of inhis proposed subcontractors.

tegrity and business ethics; (d) A determination of nonresponsi- (e) Have a certificate of competency bility shall be made by the contracting and/or a determination of eligibility officer if, after compliance with $$ 1- from SBA if the prospective contrac1.1205 and 1-1.1206, the information tor is a small business concern and is obtained does not indicate clearly that determined to be nonresponsible and/

or ineligible by the contracting officer has demonstrated the need for insur. (see $$ 1-1.701-7 and 1-1.708); and

ing the existence of unusual expertise (f) Be otherwise qualified and eligi, or specialized facilities necessary for ble to receive an award under applica adequate contract performance. The ble laws and regulations; e.g., see Sub- resulting standards shall form a part part 1-12.8.

of the solicitation and shall be applica. (36 FR 17419, Aug. 31, 1971, as amended at

ble to all bidders or offerors. 43 FR 26010, June 16, 1978)

$ 1-1.1203-4 Ability to meet certain mini. § 1-1.1203-2 Additional standards.

mum standards. (a) In addition to the standards in

Except to the extent that a prospec§ 1-1.1203-1, where procurements in

tive contractor proposes to perform volve production, maintenance, con

the contract by subcontracting (see struction (see § 1-18.106), or research § 1-1.1206), acceptable evidence of his and development work (and in other

"ability to obtain" equipment, facili. procurements as appropriate), a pros

ties, and personnel (see 88 1-1.1203pective contractor must:

1(a) and 1-1.1203.-2) shall be required. (1) Have the necessary organization,

If these are not represented in the experience, operational controls, and

contractor's current operations, they technical skills, or the ability to obtain should normally be supported by a them. This standard includes, where

commitment or explicit arrangement, appropriate, such elements as adequa which is in existence at the time the cy of production control procedures contract is to be awarded, for the and quality assurance measures, in rental, purchase, or other acquisition cluding those applicable to materials of such resources, equipment, faciliproduced or services performed by ties, or personnel. subcontractors (see § 1-1.1203-4); and (2) Have the necessary production

§ 1-1.1204 Determination of responsibility construction, and technical equipment

or nonresponsibility. and facilities, or the ability to obtain

$ 1-1.1204–1 Requirement. them. Where a prospective contractor proposes to use the facilities or equip (a) No purchase shall be made from, ment of another concern, not a sub and no contract shall be awarded to, contractor, or of his affiliate (see § 1- any person or firm unless the con1.701-2), all existing business arrange tracting officer first makes an affirmaments, firm or contingent, for the use tive determination that the prospecof such facilities or equipment shall be tive contractor is responsible within considered in determining the ability the meaning of 1-1.1202. Such afof the prospective contractor to per- firmative determinations shall be doform the contract (see also § 1-1.1203- cumented in accordance with agency 4).

procedures. In this regard, however, (b) Procurement of subsistence shall the signing of a contract may be be made only from those sources deemed to be an affirmative determiwhich in addition to meeting the nation by the contracting officer that standards in § 1-1.1203-1, are approved the prospective contractor is responsiwith respect to agency standards and ble with respect to that contract. Sup. procedures.

porting documents and reports, includ.

ing any preaward survey reports (see § 1-1.1203-3 Special standards.

§ 1-1.1205-4) and any applicable SBA When the situation warrants, con certificate of competency (see 1tracting officers shall develop with the 1.708), shall be made a part of the conassistance of technical personnel or tract file. other specialists, special standards of (b) Where a bid or offer on which an responsibility to be applicable to a par- award would otherwise be made is reticular procurement or class of projected because the prospective concurements. Such special standards tractor is found to be nonresponsible, may be particularly desirable where a a determination of nonresponsibility history of unsatisfactory performance shall be made, signed, and placed in

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