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the English coast

Frederick George



Office: 170 STRAND, LONDON.


Book of the All-round Angler.

A Comprehensive Treatise on Angling in both Fresh and
Salt Water. In Four Divisions, as named below.




With over 220 Engravings.

In cloth, price 5s. 6d., Post Free (A few copies of a LARGE PAPER EDITION, bound in Roxburghe, price 25s.; the price will shortly be raised to 30s.

Angling for Coarse Fish.

A very Complete and Practical Work on Bottom Fishing, according to the Methods in use on the Thames, Trent, Norfolk Broads, and elsewhere. Illustrated. Price 1s., cloth 2s. (uncut).

Angling for Pike.

A Practical and Comprehensive Work on the most Approved
Methods of Fishing for Pike or Jack; including an Account of
Some New Tackles for Spinning, Live-baiting, and Trolling.
Profusely Illustrated. Price 1s., cloth 2s. (uncut).

Angling for Game Fish.

A Practical Treatise on the Various Methods of Fishing for Salmon; Moorland, Chalk-stream, and Thames Trout; Grayling, and Char. Well Illustrated. Price 1s. 6d., cloth 2s. 6d. (uncut).

Angling in Salt Water.

A Practical Work on Sea Fishing with Rod and Line, from the
Shore, Piers, Jetties, Rocks, and from Boats; together with Some
Account of Hand-Lining. Over 50 Engravings. Price 1s., cloth
2s. (uncut).

Marine Aquaria:

Their Construction, Arrangement, and Management. Fully Illustrated

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London: L. UPCOTT GILL,170, STRAND, W.C.

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