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fufficiently restrained by the civil power." Conduct of administration. Caufes of disatisfaction. State of the ministry. Parliament meets.

Parliament meets.' Speech from the Tbrone. Parliament adjourns for the holidays.


CH A P. IX. Proceedings on American affairs. Refolutions, and an address upon that fubjei,

contain fevere cenfures upon the conduet of fome of the colonies. Agreement for five years with the Eaft-India company. Civil Lif debt. Expulfions, and final incapacitation of Mr. Wilkes. Addresses. Petitions



· Bitths for the year 1769
Principal Promotions


[167 (168 [171 (172


The Proteft of the House of Lords of Ireland

(176 An Extract from the Registry of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (178 Genuine Copies of Letters which passed between the Lord Chancellor and the

Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, and between the Sheriffs and the Secretary of State, relative to the execution of Doyle and Valline

[181 Genuine Letters which passed between the Lord Mayor and the Secretary at

[ 187 Copy of a Letter to J. Ellis, Esq. of Gray's-Inn, from Dr. Solander, of the British Mufæum, now on his Voyage round the World

[188 Narrative of Captain. Kennedy's lofing his vessel at sea, and his diftrefs afterwards ; communicated to his owners

(190 The bumble Address of the Lord Lieutenant and Nobility, High Sheriff, Grand Jury, Gentlemen, and Clergy of the County of Efex

[192 of tbe High Sheriff, Grand Jury, Gentlemen, and Clergy of the County of Kent

of the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford

[ibid of the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge

of the Merchants, Traders, and other principal Inhabitants of the City of London ; with his Majesty's Answer

(195 of the Nobility, Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of ibe County of Surry

[196 The humble Petition of the Freeholders of the County of Middlesex 197 Narrative of what' happened previous to presenting the Petition of the City of London to his Majesty; with a copy of the Petition

[200 The humble Petition of the Electors of the City and Liberty of Weftminster of the Freeholders of the County of Surry

[203 Remonstrance and Petition from the County of Buckingham

204 Genuine Copy of the Yorkshire Petition




U. 2


Matters now fursuing in France for the lamperavement of Lufbandry


(296 Propofitions cireulated through France for improving the Breed of Sheep [ibig Some extracts from a discourse delivered of the opening of the Royal Academy Jan. 2, 1769, by the President

208 Remonstrance of the Insurgents at Madrid, in the year 1766

(211 Total amount of feips and feamen employed between Great Britain and ber

Colonies on the cortinent of America, with the experts of both [215 Abstract of the charge of bis Majesty's ciuil government for one year

(216 Supplies granted by Parliament for the year imág

(218 Ways and Means for raising ihe Supplies



S T A T E PAPER S. An Address of both houses of Parliament to the King, on Feb. 18, 1709, with his Majesty's Answer

[227 Iarrant for the free pardon of Edward M.Quirk

(228 A proclamation for suppelling riots, tumults, and unlawful assemblies [229 Flis Majesty's molt gracious Speechlo to both Houfes of Parliament, on Tuesday the 9th day of May, 1769

(ibid Lord Viscount Townshena's Speech to both Houses of Parliament of Publin, on Tuesday the 17th day of October 4769

[ 231 The bumble Address of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal do the King (232 of the House of Commons

233 The Address of the House of Peers in Ireland to the Lord Lieutenant of the House of Gammans in Ireland

235 be Speech of Lord Viscount Townshend to both Houses of Parliament, at Dublin, on Tuesday the 26th day of December, 1769

[236 CHARACTER S. Of the Malais ; from

the Travels of a Philosopher, by Mr. le Paiure p. 1 of the Cochin-Chinese ; from the same

4 Some account of the origin and founders of the feet of Anabaptifts, and of John

Bacold their king : from Dr. Robertson's bijlery of the reign of the Emperer Charles V.

8 of the celebrated Cardinal Ximenes ; from the same

14 of the famous Corfairs Horuc Barbarolfa, and his brother Hayradia ; from

the faire Of the great Admiral and celebrated Patrio, Andrew Doria, from the fame 24 the Life and Character of Francis the First, fummarily compared with these of his great rival and antagonift Charles V. from the same

27 Sbort Characters, taken from Grainger's Biographical Hift. of England, viz.

of Mary Queen of France, and Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk, 29.Sir Thomas Chaloner, 30, --Six Philip Sidney, 31 Sir Walter Raleigh, ibid.King James 1. 32----1 ke Palatine Family, 33.--Henrietta Maria, Queen of England, 36. I be Shirley Family, 37.--Şir Edward Leke, 38. Thomas Coxyake, ibid. -illian Cavendish, Marquis of Newcastle, 39.Herry Somerset, Earl of Worcester, ibid. Lard Digby, ibid.

Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury, 40,--joba Prefton, Master of Ameruel Colkge,



Eambridge, 41 ..William Ougured, ibid. --Sir Henry Vans, gim. 12

Denzil Holles, afterwards Baron Holles, of lfeld, ibid. Oliver Cromwell,

43.-Lord Hopton, 44. Mr. William Prymme, 45.- Sir John Suckling. 46.

-Marquis of Montrose, ibid.—Sir Kenelm Digby, ibid. ---Sir George Lisle,

47.-Philemond Holland, M. D. 48 John Greaves, ibid. Wiliam Lilly,

Student in Aftrolagy, 49.- John Heydon, Astrologer, 50.-) bn Pordage,

Lady Falconberg, 52.-Duchejs of Albemark, ibid.-L rd Rujd,

53.-Earlof Offory, 54. -Hugh Peters, 55:-

Thomas Venner, 56.-


the Quaker, 57:- Oliver Cromwell's Parter, ibidi-Dates and Bedlae, 58.

Lord Chief Justice Jefferies, 59,

Genuine Anecdotes of the late Prince of Wales, Lord Oxford, Dean Parnelle, Mr.

Pope, Mr. Fenton, Mr. Congreve, Mr. Rowe, Sir Richard Steele, Sir John
Vanbrugh, Dr. Young, and Mr. Hook.

Some Account of the Life of the late Thomas Pelham Holles, Duke of New-
caftle, &c.

Ar account of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1767

Observations on the bones, commonly supposed to bf Eleppants bones, which have
been found near the River Ohio in America

An account of rings, consisting of all the prismatic colours, made by electrical
explosions on the furfaces of pieces of metal

Afort account of the manner of inoculating the Small-pox on the coast of Bar-
bary, and at Bengal
, in the Eaft-Indies

An account of Inoculation in Arabia


of A fick man furprisingly recovere i from a fever

Of an extromdinary great head


Extract of a Letter from Rome, on the extraordinary heat obferved there this laft

fummer, 1768


Account of an extraordinary fill of the eel tribe, which the author calls the Tor-

porific Eel i from Mr. Bancroft's Elay on the Natural History of Guiana, ib.

the monstrous Snakes of Gujang; from the fame


OF Wood-Ants and Fire-Flies; from the fame

An account of an Italian, that digefted ftones ; from Graingo's Biographical



of a true Lithopagus, in stone-cater, taken from Father. Paulian's

Dictionnaire Phisique


An extraordinary instance of Old Age; from Grainger's Biograph. Hift. ib.

Account of a Horned Woman ; from the fame


Some account of the Lemming, wbicb infofts Norway, and fome other of the nor-

thern countries


Extrait of two Letters, concerning a xatwal ku-Houfe, difcovered lately in Bur-

As account of old Thomas Parr, and of the difletion of his body after his


A defiription of the famous Copper-Mine, belonging to hy's Grace the Duke or De-

vonshira at Edonilill, in the country of Stafferal



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I L2



-Curious remarks on the different degrees of beat imbibed from the sun's rays, by
cloths of different colours

Of Water, fo far as it promotes-vegetation

Experiments for preserving Acorns for a whole year without planting them, so as
to be in a state fit for vegetation

On the good effects of the Quafi Root in fome Fevers
An Account of some Experiments on the fawing of Wheat
An easy method of making a Phosphorus, that will imbibe and emit Light, like
the Bolognian Stone

A curious Method of preserving the Bodies of Birds from Putrefaction ; from
Bancroft's Natural History of Guiana

Method of preserving Snakes ; from the fame

A Pickle, recommended by Mr. Reynolds,

for preventing Smut in Çorn

A Letter on the Uses of the Horse-Chesnut
A new and very useful Method of fastening Fruit-Trees to Walls 119.
New Experiments on the Preservation of Corn, by M. Du Hamel
To take the natural or lively Shape of an Herb


Receipt for a rich pleasant Wine

Antiquities of Rome, containing an Historical Dissertation on the Common Sewers
of that City

Curious Enquiries into the Modes of Fahion' and Dress of our Ancestors, at dif-

ferent Periods ; from Grainger's Biographical History of England 135
Of the Origin of Navigation ; by the President Gouget

Orign of the Custom of faluting those who sneeze

Curious Account of the loft Decades of Livy's History
Form of the Anathemas denounced against Robbers in the middle Ages 147
Report of a journey into the North of Ireland, written to Justice Cary, by Sir
John Harington, 1599

Pay and Cloth.g of the Army in Ireland, in Queen Elizabeth's Reign; from

A Letter from King James she. First to Sir John Harington, in the original

A fecimen of the mode of Elections in the last century

Comparative Hiftory of the Italian and French Mufic

An Account of the Fair of Sinigaglia; from Grosley's Observations on Italy 167
Mortifying Ceremony to which the Jews are fubje&z in Rome
Translation of a Letter from Aretin to Michael Angelo, on painting the last

Comparison between the Perfians, a Tragedy by Efehylus, and Hamlet 172



the fame




An Account of the unfortunate young Lady, celebrated by Mr. Pope; from

Ruff head's Life of that Writer
Plan of an Epic Poem, designed by Mr. Pope; from the same

177 A particular account of the execution of Mary Queen of Scots; from an old Manuscript communicated by the Hon. Charles Howard, Esq;

184 A Letter from Sir John Harington to Sir Anthony Standen, written foon

after his return from Ireland, where he had accompanied the Earl of Éjjex in bis unfortunate expedition

189 A Letter from Sir John Harington to Sir Hugh Portman, Knight

190 An Extract, which may serve to confirm the general Idea given us of Queen Elizabeth's Passion for rich Cloths and Personal Ornaments

191 Uncommon Summons of Lord Fairfax to Prince Rupert, while he commanded

in Bristol Castle; with the Prince's Answer, and his Lordship’s Reply ibid. A paper found on the table of M. Roseau, after his departure from the city of Bourgoin

193 Tbe ridiculous misapplication of Sur-names exposed

ibid. Chara&ter of the Sentimental Journey; from the Biblioth. des Beaux Arts 196 Account of the natural and artificial Curiosities in the Royal Museum at Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark

ibid. The extraordinary History of Bianca, a Venetian Lady

199 Account of an amazing Prodigy, foon after the Malacre at Paris; from the

History of the Order of the Holy Ghof A Dialogue between a Hermit and a Man of the World, by Voltaire 203 On Forms of Government ; a Dialogue, by Voltaire

205 A Letter to the Printer of the Public Advertiser, April 29, 1761 207 Strange Efficacy of Sea-water, drank according to the Fashion

209 On Modern Music Translation of a Letter from Count Lauragais, to a Lady of Quality in Eng

land, dated St. Cloud, Oet. 2.


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P 0 E T RY. The Triumph of the Arts; written by Dr. Franklin, January 1, on the Inftitution of the new Royal Academy of Arts, by bis Majesty

214 Song, at the feast of the Royal Academicians, Jan. 2, 1769

215 Hymn to Harmony ; in the manner of Swift's Love-Song

216 On the Month of May; from Buchanan

217 Sympathetic Love ; addressed to the Nightingale, by Shakespeare A Familiar Epiftle to a Friend; with the Head of Harpocrates (the God of

Silence amongst the Egyptians) in a ring, Epilogue to the Sister ; written by Dr. Goldsmith

228 Épilogue, Spoken by Mr. Havard, on his leaving the Stage

229 To a young Lady

230 Epilogue, Spoken by Mrs. Clive, on her quitting the Stage

ibid. Ode for his Majesty's Birth-day, June 4, 1769

231 To a young Gentleman, in imitation of the 22d Ode of the 3d Book of Cafimir's Lyrics

232 The Mutability of Human Life, and Adverfiy, not to be too much deplored 233 A Sonnet

234 Sappho, fragment 5. On the Rose

235 Ode

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