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redemption in the blood of Jesus, the forgiveness of their sins.

He hopes these reasons are sufficient; and as he is neither fond of long introductions himself, nor knows any that are, he hastens to a conclusion by observing, that being fully convinced of the exceilency of the sacred writings, and receiving them as the grand repository of all evangelical truth, he has borrowed largely from them; and hopes that these truths, so selected and pointed at the heart, though by a feeble hand, will not fail to produce the desired effect---the conversion of many souls unto God, and to his name shall be all the glory.


Dudley, January 12, 1813.

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P.21, after 1. 3, add SINFUL DIS-, P. 283,1. 25, for surround r. surrounded

401, 3, for affections r. affection
39, 1. 9, for beholding r, beholden 467, 39, for warrior r. mariner
66, 3, for Nethanims r. Nethinims || 505, 35, for Jedediah r. Jedidiah
76, 26, for equivolent r. equivalent 561, 1, for bim r, them (cable
122, 35, for dame r. dance

563, 2, for impractible r. impracti-
128, 15, for wile r, vile

565, 36, for thankful r, thoughtful
257, 20, for violate r, violet

566, 28, for from r. by
267, 10, for spas r. spaws

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