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to proceed to our fifth proof, which is as earth ?—why should we mind, whether follows:

that reign will be a personal or a spiritual Proof 5.- Is taken from the prog- one ?' In answer to this, I observe, pects of the Jewish nation as revealed in that if there is to be such a period as Scripture. It is now very generally this, and if, moreover, we are taught by admitted, that the Jews will be restored, our Lord himself to pray continually for and not only restored but converted at its arrival, it is surely important for us the milennial period; but as it can be (I mean for believers) to inquire, whether shown that they will be converted then, we shall have any share in it or not; and, so can it be proved that they will not be you perceive, that this entirely depends converted until after the advent of upon the point, to which I have confined Christ; that, in fact, the glorious ap- your attention to day, the pre-milennial pearing of the Son of Man shall be the advent of the Lord; for if he is not to immediate cause of their conversion. come until after the milennium, then it Now, from this, you perceive, it follows is plain that we have no share in it-for at once, that that advent which is to con- | the resurrection of his people cannot take vert the Jews in the first instance, must be place until he comes; but if, on the other previous to the milennium ; and such is hand, it takes place before that period, the order pointed out in Scripture-the then shall we rise from the grave to parJews partially restored in an unconverted take of its blessedness and glory—then state, then converted by the personal shall we be “kings and priests of God advent of Christ, after which is to suc- and Christ, and reign with him on earth” ceed the glorious period, when “ the -then shall we be assessors with him on mountain of the Lord's house shall be the throne of his glory, and ministers established upon the top of the moun- with him of blessings on the converted tains, and shall be exalted above the world. hills, and all nations shall flow unto it"- But let me affectionately warn the when “ out of Zion shall go forth the unconverted portion of this congregalaw, and the word of the Lord from tion, how you amuse yourselves in the Jerusalem ;" and when, consequently, vain idea, that you are not to expect “ the earth shall be full of the knowledge “ the day of the Lord” until after the of the glory of the Lord, as the waters conversion of the world; and more than cover the sea.” But I find, time does that, until after at least a thousand years not admit of our entering upon this of blessedness, have expired. Believe point at present.

| me, my dear brethren, if you do, you And now in conclusion, I pray will be fearfully undeceived for “the you to bear in mind, that this is not day of the Lord shall come as a thief in a mere matter of speculation, which it is the night, for when they shall cry peace indifferent whether we hold or not, as it and safety, then suddEN DESTRUCTION shall is often supposed to be : what dif. overtake them, and they shall not escape" rence does it make to us, (it is often let no man deceive you, but beware said,) whether the Lord comes before lest that day take you by surprise, watch, I the milennium or after ?—why should pray you, “ for ye know not the hour, when we trouble our heads with this question, your Lord cometh—and what I say unto provided we hold, that he will reign on you, I say unto all-WATCH."

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“ We preach Christ crucified-
“ Christ, the power of God, and the wisdom of God."-1 Cor. i. 23, 24.

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ROMANS, xi, 15. “ For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving

of them be but life from the dead ?".

There is, perhaps, no subject which is justice of God were manifested in regard better calculated to furnish important to this people by his executing merited matter for meditation to the pious and vengeance upon them, when they had devout mind than the history of the Jews. filled up the measure of their iniquities; They are, indeed, a people in many then he poured out upon them those respects wonderful from their beginning judgments which had been predicted in hitherto. The attributes of God are re | his own word. The providence of God markably, and ever have been reinark- has been, not less remarkably manifested, ably manifested in his dealings with this and is still remarkably manifested, in the people. The sovereignty of God was preservation of this people distinct from exhibited in his selection of them from all others, scattered and dispersed, and the other nations of the world, that they mingled as they are, among all the might be his peculiar people above all nations of the world. the rest of mankind. The mercy of God. But, if we look forward to future times was exhibited in his conferring upon we shall find that the faithfulness of God them the most valuable blessings both will also be manifested in reference to temporal and spiritual through many this extraordinary people. For we have successive generations. The iruth and the strongest reason on the evidence of

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God's own word to believe that there are reconciling of the world, what shall the future blessings—that there is a preemi-receiving of them be but life from the nent glory in reserve for them. We dead ? have reason to expect that there are I proceed then to observe that the blessings reserved for the Jews, which, Jews have actually been rejected for a however, will not be exclusively con- season, and why have they been rejected ? fined to them, but, through their instru- Because they themselves rejected the mentality will be extended to the world Messiah, “ He came unto his own, and at large.

his own received him not,” they refused Now, on this very interesting subject we and rejected him when he came personfind the Apostle expatiating in the chap- ally to minister unto them. He apter from whence the words of the text peared among them in his prophetical, are taken. The language indeed which and I may add, in his priestly character. he employs from the twelfth verse of the He appeared among them in his prochapter to the close of our text deserves phetical character, teaching them those the serious attention of all—the attention things which belonged to their everlasting of Jews and Gentiles alike. “ Now," peace and welfare. In that character he says the Apostle, “ if the fall of them testified concerning himself, when he be the riches of the world, and the di- declared, “ I am the way, the truth and minishing of them the riches of the the life, no man cometh unto the Father Gentiles, how much more their fulness ? but by me.” In the same character he For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch invited, as he still invites, sinners to as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I come to him, that they might be parmagnify mine office ; if by any means I takers of those blessings, which, in the may provoke to emulation them which tenderness of his compassion he declares are my flesh, and might save some of his readiness to bestow, “ Come unto them. For if the casting away of them me” says he “all ye that labour and are be the reconciling of the world, what heavy laden and I will give you rest.shall the receiving of them be, but life Take my yoke upon you and learn of from the dead ?"

me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, May the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” and of Jacob be with us, and grant us And, if I may so say, when he was now his blessing while we proceed to con- closing the discharge of the duties which template, as intimated in the words of belonged to his prophetic office upon the text. First — What has actually re- earth, our Saviour most solemnly and sulted from the rejection of the Jews ; | affectionately expostulated with the Jews and secondly, what will, as certainly, whom he had so long addressed, and result from their future reception. We addressed in vain, “ o Jerusalem, Jeruwill proceed to contemplate, then

salem,” said he, “thou that killest the 1.- WHAT HAS ACTUALLY RESULTED prophets, and stonest them which are FROM THE REJECTION OF THE JEWs. sent unto thee, how often would I have

The phraseology, or mode of expres- | gathered thy children together, even as sion employed in the text by the apostle, a hen gathereth her chickens under her does not by any means imply that there wings, and ye would not! Behold your was a doubt existing in his own mind as house is left unto you desolate, for I say to the rejection of the Jews, for a season, unto you, ye shall not see me henceand in their national capacity, from the forth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that favor of God. Nay, he has, in a pre- cometh in the name of the Lord." ceding verse intimated their partial, but Mark here the language of mercy blended not their complete and perpetual exclu. with that of judgment !_" till ye shall sion from that favor_“ I say then, have say, Blessed is he that cometh in the they stumbled, that they should fall ?" name of the Lord.” that is, completely fall, so as to rise no But Jesus Christ was refused and remore. “God forbid, but rather through jected by the Jews, not only when he their fall salvation is come unto the Gen. personally ministered to them in his protiles for to provoke them to jealousy." | phetic character, but when he afterwards The language of the Apostle then in our preached to them by the apostles whom text seems to be to this effect : “ Inas- he sent forth in his name to offer to them much as the casting away of them is the 'that salvation which he had then pur.

chased with the price of his most pre- , are told “waxed bold and said,” (this cious blood. Those apostles “ went forth was at Antioch,) “ It was necessary that and preached everywhere, the Lord the word of God should first have been working with them, and confirming the spoken to you, but seeing ye put it from word with signs following." Still the you, and judge yourselves unworthy of Jewish nation rejected the overtures of everlasting life, lo we turn to the Genmercy, and the consequence was, that, tiles. For so hath the Lord commanded having filled up the measure of their us, saying, I have set thee to be a light iniquities, they were rejected of God for of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be a season. This the Lord Jesus had pre- for salvation unto the ends of the earth. dicted, and the prediction was literally And when the Gentiles heard this, they fulfilled. I proceed in the next place to were glad, and glorified the word of the observe, that

Lord, and as many as were ordained to The rejection of the Jews was, ac- eternal life believed. And the word of cording to the purpose of God, in his the Lord was published throughout all inscrutable wisdom, a means of the re- the region." Still we find that the same ceiving, or reconciling of the world ; a principle was preserved and taken as the means of the receiving of the Gentiles rule of conduct. In the last chapter of into his favor, and into a blessed fellow- the Acts of the Apostles we find St. ship and communion with him through Paul solemnly addressing himself to the faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus | Jews. He was then at Rome, where he Christ. .

had liberty to receive such of them at his Here then I would remind you, that, own hired house, as desired to confer according to the prediction of our ador- with him on the subject of the everable Redeemer, “ repentance and re- lasting gospel. But when he found that, mission of sins” were to “ be preached generally speaking, they were unwilling in his name amongst all nations, begin- | to receive his testimony, he thus ad ning at Jerusalem." Hence we find, that dresses them, “ Well spake the Holy the apostles in obedience to the Saviour's Ghost by Esaias the prophet unto our command, and attending to the precise fathers, saying, Go unto this people and language of his injunction, while they say, hearing ye shall hear, and shall not went forth preaching the gospel every | understand, and seeing ye shall see and where, began first to proclaim its blessed shall not perceive ; for the heart of this truths at Jerusalem, to those of their own people is waxed gross, and their ears are nation on the day of Pentecost. And dull of hearing, and their eyes have subsequently they continued to act ac- they closed, lest they should see with cording to the spirit, even where they their eyes, and hear with their ears, and could not act according to the direct understand with their heart, and should letter of their Lord's command. For, be converted, and I should heal them.” when they left Jerusalem and went to Then mark the words which the inspired preach the gospel in other places, we find apostle adds, “ Be it known therefore from the records of their preaching as unto you, that the salvation of God is preserved in the acts of the apostles, that sent unto the Gentiles, and that they wheresoever they went they first of all will hear it.” Thus the Gospel began entered into the synagogues of the Jews, to be, as it were, transferred to the Genand there to those of their own nation, tiles, and it gradually left the Jews. even to those who had rejected the Lord That gospel subsequently travelled from of Glory, they preached salvation through land to land, and in the mercy and grace Jesus Christ. The Jews, however, con- of our God long ago did it reach the sidered in their collective capacity, happy and highly privileged country though, through the mercy of God, whence he who this evening addresses there were many blessed and happy ex- you has come hither, and long ago by ceptions continued obstinately to op- the blessing of God did that gospel in pose themselves to the overtures of divine the midst of its varied journeyings visit grace, they continued obstinately to the privileged land--for privileged it is, reject and refuse the Messiah. Then it in many respects in which I now address was that the apostles turned away from you; and assuredly the same word of them, and, as it were, uttered their con- divine truth, according to the counsel of demnation ; “ Paul and Barnabas" we God which cannot be set aside, will,

continue to travel and to spread its benign gave himself for us, that he might reand saving influence, until the full pur- deem us from all iniquity, and purify pose of the grace of God in Christ Jesus unto himself a peculiar people, zealous shall be accomplished. Satan cannot of good works. Such, then, is the arrest it in its career. Satan may suc- intelligence which the gospel brings, and ceed through his agents, abettors, and such is the character and nature of the instruments, in putting fetters and ma- gospel itself in regard to its practical nacles on those who are engaged in tendency. preaching the gospel, but he cannot Now the result of the rejection of the fetter, or manacle the gospel itself. It Jews, in consequence of their having was the testimony of this inspired apostle filled up the measure of their iniquities, when he himself was a prisoner in bonds, has been, that this gospel, which as the that “ the word of God is not bound.” ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ I And O let me here call upon you before have this evening endeavoured to set I proceed with my subject, to reflect before you, has been sent to us. O let with all seriousness of mind upon that us remember the responsibility that gospel which, in the mercy of God has attaches to us, in connection with this been, and still is preached among us. I inestimable boon. O let us remember, call upon you to bear in mind what is that if we do not rightly avail ourselves the intelligence, the all-important intel- of the privileges transferred to us, their ligence which that gospel brings. Our transser will most awfully increase and blessed Lord himself concisely, but aggravate our guilt ; for thus saith the fully, sets that intelligence before us Redeemer himself, and his language is when he informs us that “ God so loved applicable to Gentiles as well as to Jews the world that he gave his only begotten if they are guilty of the same offence,Son, that whosoever believeth in him “ This is the condemnation, that light is should not perish but have everlasting come into the world and men loved life.” “ God,” proceeds the faithful and darkness rather than light because their true witness, “ sent not his Son into the deeds were evil.” Oh! may God of his world to condemn the world, but that abounding grace and mercy grant that the world through bim might be saved." we may not only hear the truths of the An inspired apostle also gives us a con- everlasting gospel, but so receive those cise view of the gospel, when in one truths in the love of them, that that single verse he tells us of the calamity gospel which is the “power of God unto in which we are involved by sin, and of salvation to every one that believeth, to the deliverance provided for us by divine the Jew first and also to the Greek,” grace ; “ for the wages of sin is death, may be the power of God to the sal. but the gift of God is eternal life through vation of our own immortal souls ; then Jesus Christ our Lord,” But while I shall we ascribe that salvation “to Him remind you of the intelligence which that sitteth upon the throne and to the the gospel brings, let me likewise direct Lamb,” and joyfully continue this asyour attention to its character, its moral cription of praise as long as eternity character, its character as to its practical shall endure. But, I proceed to condesign and tendency. On this important template. subject we likewise receive information 11.-- WHAT WILL, AS CERTAINLY, BE from the same apostle, for he declares THE RESULT OF THE FUTURE RECEPTION that “the grace of God which bringeth Of The Jews. salvation,” and this is but a periphrastic The Apostle, in the language of the mode of expressing the gospel itself,— text, leads us to expect that the result “ hath appeared to all men.” Then will be great, and glorious, and impormark its character, its moral character, tant ; " for if saith he “ the casting its important practical tendency which away of them be the reconciling of the the apostle proceeds thus to describe ; / world, what will the receiving of them “ teaching us, that, denying ungodliness be but life from the dead ? Now, I and worldly lust, we should live soberly, am quite aware that it has been, and is righteously, and godly, in this present maintained, that the language bere reworld ; looking for that blessed hope, cited is not so clearly and decidedly the and the glorious appearing of the great language of prediction as christians are God and our Saviour Jesus Christ ; who 'accustomed to suppose, I am perfectly

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