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others also may have the benefit. And I reason, relax our exertions in other on your return home, that no tempers matters? If you had an infant danmay break out, contrary to those which gerously ill, whose life, you were told, you would desire to see in your children depended upon its getting sleep, though --that every thing within doors may be the mother, to be sure, could not herself regulated by the one standard—that your give the sleep, yet would she, on that table, and the conversation which passes account, leave the cradle unrocked, or at it, may be such, as that your children the lullaby unsung ? Though the farmer shall observe you in your hours of re- cannot himself make his crops grow, laxation also, under the same all-per- does he therefore leave his fields unvading influence, by which you are ploughed, or his seed unsown ? As if governed at other times.

God would be wanting on his part, while Let the instructions, such as have been we are faithful on ours, described, be thus supported by our ex- ! Ah! dear brethren, has it then been ample, my brethren, and what nurseries so with us who are parents ? Say, for heaven will not our families be! during the last week, have you been

teaching these words thus diligently to is one of several brothers, your children while sitting in the housewho are all brothers in Christ, as well as while walking by the way with them ? by blood, and are adorning the doctrine And have they seen you yourselves conof God their Saviour at the Stock Ex-sistent with what you taught them ? change, and at the attorney's desk, as As the promises fail, (do not apply to well as in the ministry. The mother us, that is,) when in baptism itself we do being once asked, how she came to be so not bring our children to the Saviour, as happy in her children, said, that she he commands us; they will no less surely owed it, under God, to the rule with fail, when we do not bring them up for which she had set out, and which she the Saviour, as he commands us, after had been enabled to carry through— baptism. Then let every father and that there should be but one will in her mother present lay their hand upon their family, and that that should be the will of heart, and say, whether the object which God.

| they have nearest it for their children be And let it be well observed, that every to bring them up for God. In other parent, be his situation in life what it words, whether it be the object of every may, and under whatever disadvantages instruction you give them of every acof education he may labour, is yet ex-complishment you seek for them-of pected to bring up his children thus. every situation in which you place them, “ Hear, O Israel,” it is all Israel is of every connection which you form for addressed. Hear every Christian parent; them, that they may thereby become the you are expected, from the place which better qualified, or have the better opporyou hold in Christ's Church, to have tunity, to serve the Divine Master to such a knowledge of the Bible yourself, whom you have dedicated them. For is it and so frame your life according to it, not so, when to qualify ourselves for high that your children shall be ever hearing places in this world is our object? A it from your lips, and seeing it in your distinguished person of the present day, practice.

who fills one of the highest situations in Oh! and let none make it a cloak for the United Kingdom, upon the occasion an indolent neglect of these directions, of a late arduous discussion in the legis. that, after all, they can only tell these lature, when he felt himself standing, as things to their children, that they cannot he said, upon the brink of the most ad give them grace, For do we, for such a | venturous question that had ever been

submitted to the English peers, expressed children-of zeal for the education of himself to the following effect :-" that their souls ? Have the words of God been if he could have foretold in his earliest heard only incidentally from you, as from years he should ever have lived to stand Eli, instead of having been heard by in the place which he then occupied, and them “when thou wast sitting in thine upon such an occasion, he would have house, when thou wast walking by the devoted every day and every hour of that way, when thou wast lying down, and life which had passed, to prepare himself when thou wast rising up ? for a task, which he even felt as if he Ah! and perhaps, parents, not only should then sink under, to gather from have these words not been made familiar all the sources of ancient wisdom, lessons to their ears by you, but words have been which might have served to guide him at so made familiar, which were, as if when eventful a crisis, and have enabled him your son asked for an egg, you gave him to correct every infirmity of mind, which a scorpion. Perhaps, they have heard might impede the discharge of the solemn words from you, by which their young duty which he had undertaken, of advising minds have been inflamed with the love that house, and to eradicate from his of the world. Perhaps, some child here mind every thing that might interrupt the has heard her mother speak oftener, most perfect candour aud impartiality of and with more interest, of the dress of the judgment.”

body, than of that of the soul. It may And if the prize of the high calling of be, your children have heard more exGod in Christ Jesus be the prize at which pressions of discontent from you, than we aim for our children, if, that they may what were your obligations to Him who sit on his right hand and on his left in withheld not his own Son from you ; or his kingdom, that they may shine as the that superiors have been spoken of in their stars for ever and ever, be our ambition presence with disrespect, and neighbours for them, shall not we be gathering from with unkindness; not to speak of the all the sources of ancient wisdom-of angry words, and the fretful words, and that wisdom which was from everlasting the quarrelsome words, and, perhaps, befrom Him who is made unto us wisdom, tween the parents themselves; and must I lessons to form the character, to correct not add, the filthiness and the profaneness, every infirmity of mind and temper; shall which it may have been the calamity of we not devote every day and every hour some to hear from those who were charged we can command, to make them meet to with teaching them the words of eternal be partakers of that inheritance of the life, when sitting in their house, when saints in light?

walking by the way, when lying down, Parents, has your education of your when rising up! children been such ? Nay, Christian And is it any wonder, then, that we parents, has yours? Or have you been hear the complaint so frequent, “ I can like him rather, upon whose name as a get no good by my children ?" Ah! but father is left the indelible reproach, that is it not for them in all such cases to reinstead of bringing up his sons for God, criminate—and what a sting will there he honoured them above God, and thus not be one day in the recrimination, that drew down upon himself a sentence, to it was they who could get no good from make every ear that heard it to tingle, those from whom, of all others, they that “all the increase of his house should had the most reason to expect it—that die in the flower of their age that there hey have to thank ungodly parents for should not be an old man in Eli's house having lived themselves without God in for ever ?” Has there been any like want of the world—that it was they who mixed zeal for God, in the bringing up of your l up for them that cup of the wrath of God which they must now drink for ever and ment of the Bible. Yes ; as though ever? Even in this world, what such specta- you saw its sacred words upon your door. cle of woe, (for it is one beyond the reach posts when you come out, you will not of Christianity—it is one of those few be seen idling and wasting your time, cases for which Christianity itself affords throwing stones, playing mischievous no relief-for which “ there is no balm tricks, on your way to school, and as you of Gilead,") Oh! is their to be con- return from it—and when you enter your ceived such another case of blank woe, own door again, as though you saw over as to see a mother wringing her hands it, “ Children, obey your parents in the because one is not, for whom you dare not Lord,” you will be sweetly obedient to tell her " not to sorrow as others who them; as though you saw the words have no hope,” because he for whom she there, “ Be kind one to another, tendersorrows gave no ground for hope, and she hearted,” you will be kind and affectionate has to thank herself he did not ? Parents, in your intercourse and in your plays with parents ! if you would not subject your one another; and instead of seeking to selves to bitter anguish like this—if you please yourselves, your constant endeavour would not plant such a dagger in your will be to be like Him of whom it is said, as soul, to rankle in it to your dying hour— what of all other things the most distinif you would not go down with a load of guished him, that he “ pleased not himself. sorrow insupportable to your grave; fail not, Ah! yes: as though you saw upon then, while you are yet able, to teach these your hand the words of the God of love, words diligently to your children, while the complaint will not be made, when sitting in your house, while walking by another is in tears, that it was that hand the way, when lying down, when rising up. which was the cause of them-No; nor

Dear children, that the hearts of those will an innocent bird be made unhappy who love you may never be made thus to by it-no bird, robbed of its young, will bleed for any of you! Thank God, there have to complain of that hand. are those among you who are blest with It will be with you, dear young friends, that first of all earthly blessings-parents even as it was with him who said, to whom, dear as you are to them, the “ Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse words of their God are dearer; and who his way? Even by ruling himself after let you see that they are. And you have thy word." That word, “ when thou all of you opportunities of hearing his goest, it will lead thee; when thou words from other teachers, in whose own

sleepest, it will keep thee; when thou hearts, I pray, they may take deeper and wakest, it will talk with thee." deeper root. And from this place you I sometimes think, what a few young hear them again and again, Oh! and persons of such a stamp might not be the that you may so hear them, dear chil. means of doing among the rest. And I dren, as to come indeed to know Him think of it, not without the hope, but whose words they are, as to come to feel that we may see such an influence exthe kindness and love of God your Sa- ercised in our several schools. viour, as you can feel the kindness of a Yes; notwithstanding what I know of friend, and the affection of a parent- the taint and poison that there is in one and that the hope of the home which He bad boy's conversation and example, yet has prepared in heaven for you, may be when I think of Him who “ came to more to you than the enjoyment of the destroy the works of the devil,” and that happiest home on earth.

he has those who are his among you, I Then we shall see you, dear children, venture even to hope, and shall we not as, I trust, we do see some of you already have your prayers for it, my brethren, not the sport of youthful lusts and un- that the little leaven may leaven the governed passions, but under the govern- 1 whole lump.

It is not many days since I heard what strengthen you against every temptation, had been effected by two such young guide you in every difficulty, to sustain disciples, in a school in the south of you under every trial, to prompt you to England. They were two of the junior all labours of love—that it may be at boys, yet such was their sweet zeal, and once as the soul's compass in the perilous such the light of their lives, that first one voyage on which you are embarked, and of the ushers became impressed, and then may be as sails to the soul also. several of the other boys, till the charac- Dear brethren, that it were so with all ter of the whole school became changed. of you! And why should it not be so

Blessed be thy name for it, thou who with all of you ? « Hear, O Israel,” it out of the mouths of babes and suck- is. All Israel is addressed. Hear, lings dost ordain strength. Oh! and every one of this whole congregation. that we may see some such things among The promises are to you. For “to as ourselves.

many as the Lord our God shall call,” Icannot take leave of the subject without they are. And the Lord our God has making some application of it to those called you. At this moment He is calling young persons especially, who now have you. Hear, and your soul shall live,” taken upon themselves, in their own | he says, be you who you may, « He person, the engagements which you have that heareth my words, and believeth on heard this day made, in the person of Him that sent me, hath everlasting life,” others, that they would be the Lord's, he says, “and shall not come into con-' and renounce all other Lords—that they demnation, but has passed from death would withstand the devil, deny the flesh, unto life.” oppose the world, believe the Gospel, And are not these words, words worth and continues Christ's faithful soldiers the hearing, and worth laying up in the and servants to their lives' end. You heart, and binding upon your hand, and are here reminded, dear young friends, writing upon your doors, and upon your by what means to fulfil the great engage- walls ? Think, however, what they will be ment. Are you in the midst of many to those, upon the tables of whose hearts and great dangers ? Indeed you are. they have been written by the Spirit of But, “by the words of thy mouth,” said the living God, when no other words will one who was in the midst of as many, be of any value to them—what it will be, “ By the words of thy mouth, I have at the approach, and under the arrest of kept me from the ways of the destroyer." the last enemy-when you shall begin to

We would then, with an especial ap- feel the icy hand of death upon youplication to you, who have now been when you are in the iron grasp of death confirmed, repeat what you have been al- think what it will then be to have within ready hearing. If, according to the prayer you, brethren, the words of eternal life. which was offered up for you, you would Grant we beseech thee, Almighty God, “continue Christ's for ever, and increase that these thy words may be in our hearts. in his Holy Spirit more and more, till write them there with the ink of the you come to his everlasting kingdom”— Spirit, that we may teach them effecif you would be “faithful unto death, tually to our children, that our whole and receive a crown of life”-then take

life may be under the government of these words of Him, to whom you have

them, and that they may give us peace devoted yourselves, lay them up in your

at the last. O grant it, mercifully forheart, bind them upon your hand, write giving us all past neglect of thy word, them upon your doors and upon your

whether in the bringing up of our gates; or, as the Apostle has it, “ Let children, or in the framing of our o the word of Christ dwell in you richly in

| lives by it, for thy dear Son s sake. all wisdom," that you may have it, to


Go to Moriah, and you will there find | Deity sacrificing the object of his eternal a victim who follows the preist without affection and delight of his treasureknowing at first whither he is going, and of his Son—for the salvation of dust and who asks his father, where is the lamb for a ashes. In fine, in the one is a man saburnt-offering ? Turn your eye towards crificed to God; in the other is a God, Calvary, and you will see Jesus Christ, who is sacrificed for the salvation of man. who exposes himself voluntarily to the Here flesh and blood must be silent, and sword of his Father, and who, perfectly cease to murmur. Abraham does infiaquainted with his destiny, says to him, nitely less for God than God has already Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. There done for Abraham. He presents his son, angels are sent from heaven to arrest the he binds him to slay him ; But God has arm of Abraham ; here devils issue from already slain His Son for the salvation of hell to hasten the death of Jesus Christ. Abraham ; for this, in the language of In the sacrifice of Isaac, the fire, the knife, Scripture, is the lamb slain before the the sacrificer, are visible, but the victim foundation of the world. Heaven has does not at first appear. In the sacrifice then anticipated the earth. And does of Jesus Christ the victim appears first, Abraham then exalt himself hy this acbut the knife, which is the sword of divine tion ? No; he remains profoundly abased justice, and the fire, which consists in the before his Creator. Does he not attempt ardour of his wrath and judgments, are in- | | to justify himself before God? No ; but visible, are only seen by the eyes of faith. he lays himself under renewed obligations; Upon the mountain of Moriah, Abraham he receives all from God, when he seems sacrifices his son to his Master, to his to give up all to God; since the father Benefactor, to his Creator, to his God; and the son, the priest and the victim, upon the mount of Calvary. God immo have no real existence but in the regard lates his Son for the salvation of men, that God already has to the sacrifice of who are nothing but meanness, misery, the cross. Had not God already sacrifi. and corruption. There Abraham re- ced his Son for the salvation of Abraham, nounces his blood and himself, to obey | Abraham would not have been in a cona God who can amply reward him for his dition to sacrifice his son to God. It is loss ; here God gives what he esteems the efficacy of the blood which Jesus the most precious to save men, who have must shed, that gives strength to Abraham not even the means in themselves of sim- to raise his arm, that he may shed his own ply expressing their gratitude, and who blood. The virtue and the zeal which could never find it in their own bosoms. are so illustriously displayed upon the There we see one, who is but dust and mountain of Moriah, have their first ashes, making a sacrifice to God of what source and principle upon the mount of he received from him ; here we see the Calvary.

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