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say unto thee, to day shalt thou be with, tinct and imperfect_but he believed him me in paradise.”

to be the long promised King who was to Is not this a brand plucked from the sit upon the throne of David, and have a burning? Here is indeed an instance universal, glorious, and eternal dominion, how “with the heart man believeth unto and as such, he addressed him. And, righteousness, and with the mouth, con observe the great trials his faith had to fession is made unto salvation.” Here undergo ! those mysterious words soon is a proof, that “the Lord is rich unto all fell upon his ears, “my God, my God, that call upon him," and that “ whoso-why hast thou forsaken me ?” — was he to ever shall call upon the name of the place all his confidence in one whom. Lord shall be saved.”

God had forsaken? When he heard My brethren, whatever shades of dif- him languidly saying " I thirst,” —could ference there may be between the former this be indeed “the Mighty One of character of this robber and our character Jacob ?”_ Yet his faith held on. After in the sight of men, and however the a time he heard him, with a loud voice, degrees of our guilt may vary in the saying, "Father, into thy hands I comsight of God, it is only in one and the mend my Spirit :"_and then, he whom same way we can obtain salvation ; even he believed to be his Saviour hung a by thus casting our sinful souls upon the lifeless corpse beside him !_was this to be mercy of the Lord Christ, and asking his Saviour ?-what a trial for his faith him to undertake for us; for as we have was there! While his own mangled all signed and come short of the glory frame was exhausted after hours of of God, (in this respect "there is no dif- pain, while his spirit could scarcely sus. ference,”) unless a like change take tain its intolerable burden, still unhesitaplace in our minds, from their natural tingly to rely on one as the Prince of enmity against God, none of us can Life who had just expired before him,enter his kingdom ; it is the belief of there was faith-yes, there was vigorous the same truth that produced such a re- faith and that at a time when some of the volution in the sentiments, the demeanor,

| disciples, who had been with Jesus from and the language of this expiring male- the beginning, were almost shaken in factor, which can work a similar trans their confidence and saying, if not faithformation in ours.

lessly, at least despondingly, "we trust. We have in this person one of the ed that it had been he who should have most remarkable instances of faith in redeemed Israel.” Verily we have not Christ. Under what circumstances did found so great faith, no not in Israel. he manifest this confidence in Him as The soul of Jesus was now departed. the only begotten Son of God ? It was The earth trembled, and the rocks rent, while his eyes beheld him dying a shame- and the graves were opened, “and all ful and accursed death, sinking appa- the people that came together to that rently under the power of his enemies, sight, beholding the things which were it was while bis ears heard the ministers done, smote upon their breasts and reof religion, those who sat in the seat of turned.” The noisy revilers are all gone Moses, and were venerated for their away: the object of their derision is sanctity, while he heard these guides of beyond the reach of human malice.-the Church branding him as an impostor, None are left but two or three Roman and rejoicing at his punishment, that this Soldiers keeping guard—and at a great penitent clung to him as the Redeemer distance, the acquaintance, of Jesus and and the Holy One of Israel. We cannot the women who followed him from Gatell what were his views of Messiah's lilee, beholding him afar off. In the kingdom ; most likely they were indis-' still silence that now reigned on Mount Calvary, while this penitent is sinking engaged. This course he was himself with mortal weakness, and the pains of pursuing :--but, when he believed, he death are getting faster hold of him, how not only abandoned it, but stood out must his mind have stayed itself on those against it; and, while others were deridwords of Jesus, “verily I say unto thee, ing Jesus as an evil doer and blaspheto-day shalt thou be with me in paradise?" mer, he bore this testimony to him, The shadows of evening begin to length- “ this man hath done nothing amiss." — en, soldiers are sent to break their legs, While others were mocking, he worshipand by this additional suffering, hasten, ped him, as his Lord and King. And their end : and then he had but a little this he did when it was likely to draw longer to endure, and his soul was with down upon himself the jeers of the Jesus in the paradise of God.

assembled multitude, as one who was My brethren, it is instructive to ob- trusting in a detected and dying impostor. serve, not only the strength of his faith, His faith overcame the world in another how it stood the trials to which it was respect also. He knew, that Jesus was exposed, but also how, being living faith, the Christ, and able to do all things; the it purified his heart, overcame the world, very taunts of the crowd reminded him of and worked by love,~of this we have the miracles by which he had “ saved clear and sufficient evidence.

others," and suggested the very thought It purified his heart--for, whereas be- of trying his power, in coming down fore, his mind was filled with enmity to from the cross a miracle could release Christ and blasphemous railing against him from the cross, heal him of his him, now the fear of God solemnized his wounds, and set him beyond the reach of thoughts, and made him afraid of sin.- pursuit, and all fear of being retaken, This is evident from what he said to the but, though fully persuaded that Jesus other thief_" dost not thou fear God, with a word could do this for him, and seeing thou art in the same condemna- that the Lord had never refused a miration ?" i. e. suffering death.--We see culous interposition when applied to in its purifying effect on his heart, in the faith ; yet his heart longed for a better full confession which he made of his own deliverance-his life was deservedly forguilt, and the justice of his punishment: feited—ands o, instead of seeking to have a confession not elicited by a hope of it prolonged on earth, he sued only and escaping or mitigating his punishment, earnestly for a place in heaven. Here for conjoined as it was with a vindication was a victory over the world. of Christ's innocence, it evidently Short as the interval was between his could not be intended to attract the sym- conversion and his death, we can observe pathy of the revilers around him.-No, his faith most plainly and beautifully it was the ingenuous acknowledgment, working by love. Yes, it was love, real that conscience impelled him to make, love to the Lord Jesus made him vindihe had no other way of repairing the cate the honour of his name, and proinjury he had done his fellow-men, but claim him spotless and innoceut, when by acknowledging that he deserved to others triumphed over him as a justly die.

punished sinner. We see a most affecWe observe also, how his faith was tionate clinging unto Christ in those “ the victory that overcometh the world.” words, “ Lord, remember me when thou The course which the world around him comest into thy kingdom"_Remember followed was that of mocking the cruci- me—that is all my desire—think of mefied Saviour : in this sinful amusement, in the glories of thy kingdom deign to high and low, heathen and Jew, the think of one who was dying at thy side on respectable and the infamous, were alike' earth, and who cast himself on thy

mercy-one thing do I desire of thee, can imagine, and human nature would be Lord, that will I seek after-do not, o impatient of any demand on its attention, do not forget me! Was ever geuuine -While a staring and reviling multitude love toward God found in any breast is putting him to shame-He listens to unaccompanied by love toward our this poor suitor, whose very presence neighbour ? Never. And it was not only there was intended to add to his ignozeal for the honour of Christ, and grief miny, and he grants him his heart's desire ! at hearing His name reviled, but also love One would have thought that if ever toward his poor fellow-sinner, a desire to there was a day which could not be a bring him to repentance and save his “ day of salvation," it was that in which soul alive, that made him expostulate the Son of the Most High God was with him-“ Dost not thou fear God, nailed to a cross by the hands of his own seeing thou art in the same condem- sinful creatures,—if ever there was an nation ?"

hour when the ear of mercy would be And now, must we not say concerning closed fast against all who wore the this malefactor, “old things are passed human form, it was while human beings away, behold all things are become were mocking at the expiring Saviour, new.” Would to God that we, my and pouring contempt upon the great brethren, were made like unto him in sacrifice for sin while it was offering up! these respects !_that faith wrought in But no-even then, in that darkest hour us such love to Christ, and compassion on of this world's guilt, the Lord heard and the ignorant, and them that are out of answered prayer, and that, the prayer of the way :—that it overcame in us the one who never prayed before. -Oh, what love of this present world, the dread of encouragement is there given us here to its scorn, and the desire of its vanities, come unto him that we may be saved. and that it purified our hearts and kept us He is “the same yesterday, to-day, and in the fear of God all the day long. If for ever"_and if he heard even then, he these effects are not accomplished in us, will surely hear you now,-Call upon be assured, that it is from want of that him, he will receive you graciously, he faith, that living faith, which looks simply will love you freely. and steadfastly unto Christ : and if we | The sufferings of Jesus on that day, be not brought into the temper of mind have opened a holy channel of commuhe exhibited, we are not meet to be par nication between us and our offended takers with him of the inheritance of the God, through which his mercy and his saints in light.

blessing can flow down upon us, without But, let us turn our thoughts from a shadow of suspicion resting on his chaconsidering this man's faith and its effects, racter that he thinks lightly of our guilt, and let our closing meditations rest on and has no abhorrence of it. Jesus has the object of his faith, even Jesus. been set forth as a propitiation to declare How glorious does He appear in this God's righteousness, that he might be transaction! It is a glory beyond that of just, and the justifier of him that beliemen or angels; it is “ the glory of the veth. Relying on this Scripture testionly begotten of the Father, full of grace mony, let us draw near his throne with and truth!” Here was one evidently full assurance of faith, that we may undeserving of his favor, but he upbraids obtain mercy. him not-he delays not his answer-he The usual inference drawn from the gives liberally more than he is asked for! account of the thief on the cross is, that -while his own bleeding wounds are if a peason repent even in the last mopaining him, while his agonized and ments of life, his soul will be safe.-fainting frame is suffering more than we. Yes—and that is the true inference and

observe, that is the very reason why there are any of you determined to put an end is hope for us if we believe now. Your to that and to provoke him to anger ? being within a step of death does not “to-day, while it is called to-day, harden depend upon your being aware of it, not your hearts," lest he sware in his and feeling it. But if any one would so wrath that you should not enter into his wrest this Scripture to his own destruc- rest. tion, as to think that he may safely defer Let us now supplicate God to send turning to God until he actually feels forth the Holy Spirit to make the condeath drawing near and stealing over templation of this subject profitable to him—if any be so fool-hardy as to pre- our souls that we may admire the grace sume upon having reason, and time, and and goodness, and power of the Lord self-possession given to him on a bed of Jesus manifested in the hour of his death, sickness, tha the may then repent, and until and admiring be drawn closer unto him then will go in sin—may I not address with the cords of love. And, O blessed him, as this penitent addressed his fellow- Jesus, now that thou art exalted far sinner, and say, “Dost not thou fear above all the sufferings of earth—now God, seeing thou art already under con- that thou art seated at the right hand of demnation ?”_Yes, every one who the Majesty on high, while we are receives not the truth in the love of it is following thee here through much tribu“ condemned already”_and the only lation,_" Lord, remember us with the delay of the awful execution of the favour thou bearest thine own people !" sentence is the forbearance of God and AMEN.

Sermons in connexion with the Anniversary Meetings in the Rotunda, by the Rev. A. Boyd, A. Dallas, James Knight, J. Lowe, Fielding Ould, and two Sermons by the Rev.

William Cleaver, will appear in consecutive numbers.

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“ We preach Christ crucified
“ Christ, the power of God, and the wisdom of God.”—1 Cor. i. 23, 24.

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MARK, X, 13, 14, 15, 16. And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them; and his disciples re. buked those that brought them. But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily, I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them."

This passage you have just heard re-, case of Cornelius and his company, ferred to, my brethren, in the baptismal “ Can any man forbid water, that these service, as our encouragement and autho- should not be baptized, who have rerity for bringing our children to be ceived the Holy Ghost as well as we ?" baptized. And of all the passages it is for us to ask, in like manner, can which might have been brought forward any forbid, that these whom the Saviour for the purpose, there is not one, perhaps, thus receives, that they should not be more truly encouraging than this. - | baptized as well as any others ? While we hear the gracious Saviour thus But this is not all. By the application commanding that the children should be of such a passage to baptism, we are at brought to him, and see him taking them the same time reminded, what we gather up in his arms—just as Peter said, in the ' from so many other passages, that in


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