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Washington, D.C., June 1, 1967. . Hon. EDWARD V, LONG, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C.

DEAR Senator Long: The Bureau of the Census has completed, at your request, on a reimbursable basis, the processing of the returns obtained by the Subcommittee on Administrative Practices and Procedures when it took the inventory of information on individuals in the records of Federal agencies. The instructions for filling out the subcommittee questionnaire provide for each respondent sets of categories into which he classified his records. (In processing the results, the Bureau of the Census added one set.) These categories then became the basis for numeric codes which were assigned to the responses.

The categories and the numeric codes are shown in detail in appendix A. Also shown is the column on the inventory punchcard in which is located the punch for a given piece of information.

Several tables have been constructed from these punchcards and they are attached. If there are questions about the meaning or interpretation of the tables, they may be resolved by reference to appendix A, or to the instructions which accompanied the subcommittee request for information to the agencies participating in preparing this inventory.

In interpreting the accompanying tables, it should be noted that three different kinds of numbers were tabulated. In tables 1A, 2A, and 3A, the basic count is of entire files of records. There were 1,755 different files of records, all told. In table 4A the count is of items in a record. A single file might have from one to 43 items. Overall, the 1,755 different records contained 14,673 items, an average of 8.4 items per record. Tables 1B, 2B, 3B, and 4B all provide a count of people covered. In effect this means a count of the number of individual person-records in each file. There were about 3,111,500,000 individual person-records in total. In table 4B the number of personrecords in a file is tabulated each time a file item of information is indicated. Thus, 2,926,280,000 person-records in files in which names are shown, 2,061,110,000 in files in which age is shown, and so on. Obviously, many persons are counted more than once. Some of these files contain data for persons no longer living:

A number of cautions should be applied in interpreting the tables. First, the classifications were made by the reporting agencies. Second, the agencies may have left out some files which include names of persons. Third, some agencies apparently included files which did not have names of persons, contrary to instructions (these are shown in table 4A where we see that only 1,664 of the 1,755 files have names). Fourth, the number of records in each file was given as a round estimate in most cases, and sometimes was estimated by taking 10 times the




yearly accession rate. There is also the possibility that coding errors may exist, as well as data processing errors.

We also noted that at least one agency did not report at all, and there may be other exceptions.

In general, we would interpret the accompanying tables as inventory
estimates (not precise counts) of the volume and type of information
in the records of Federal agencies.
Sincerely yours,

Acting Director, Bureau of the Census.

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Punchcard layout, items, code categories, and definitions used in processing the

inventory of information on individuals in the records of Federal agencies (The U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure took the Inventory and the Bureau of the Census processed it. The punchcards described in this layout were used for processing.)

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based on agency description of each file).

or universe. 2. File contains a representative sample of

persons from a particular group or universe
3. Other than 1 or 2 above.
See list 2, attached.
Estimated number (in thousands) or V=unknown.

4. Type of individuals covered
5. Number of individuals in file.
See footnotes at end of table, p. 12.


Punchcard layout, items, code categories, and definitions used in processing the

inventory of information on individuals in the records of Federal agencies

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Estimated number (including zero) or V=un


Statistical reports or surveys. 2 Applications. 3 Tax returns. 4 Other reports or procedures. 5 Shared records of cooperating public or private

agencies. 9

Not reported. 1 Data obtained under express or implied compul

sion. Data obtained through voluntary cooperation of

the respondent 3 Data required as a condition for an application,

for participation in a program for the award of

a contract, etc. 9 Not reported.

Confidential by specific statute.
2 Confidential by reason of pledge to respondents

(no specific statute).
3 No guarantee of confidentiality.
9 Restriction not reported.

Not disclosed beyond collecting office of bureau.

Not disclosed beyond the department or agency. 3 Not disclosed outside government.

Other confidentiality status.
9 Confidentiality status not reported.

Eye readable.
Machine readable.
Either (both).
Not reported.
Manually retrievable.
Computer retrievable.

Not reported.

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1 Appended to a letter of transmittal from the Bureau of the Census to the Senate Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure.

301-99, AO-A9, BO-B9, etc.


List 1 101000Department of State:

101010 Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
101020—Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs
101030_Office of Security
101040_Office of the Legal Adviser
101050_Office of the Director General of the Foreign Service
101060—Board of Examiners of the Foreign Service
101070—Foreign Affairs Training
101080-Junior Officer Program
101090_Administrative Affairs Program
101100-Retired Officers Program
101110_Allowances Program
101120_Office of Operations, Financial Services Division
101130_Office of Operations, Language Services Division
101140_Building Design and Construction Program

101150-Equal Employment Practices Program 102000---Department of Treasury:

102010- Bureau of Accounts
102020-U.S. Coast Guard
102030—Bureali of Customs
102040-Office of the Director of Practice
102050-Office of Domestic Gold and Silver Operations
102060-Office of Foreign Assets Control
102070-Office of the General Counsel
102080-Internal Revenue Service

102090_Office of Law Enforcement Coordination 102100—Bureau of Narcotics 102110_-Bureau of Public Debt 102120_U.S. Savings Bonds Division 102130_Office of the Secretary (Office of the Assistant Secretary for

Administration) 102140_U.S. Secret Service 102150_Office of the Treasurer 102160—Comptroller of the Currency

102170—Bureau of Engraving and Printing 103000—Department of Defense:

103010_-Office of the Secretary of Defense 103020-Defense Communications Agency 103030-Defense Intelligence Agency

103040—Defense Supply Agency 10400—Department of the Army:

104010-The Adjutant General's Office
104020— Finance Center, U.S. Army
104030—National Guard Bureau
104040_Office of the Judge Advocate General
104050-Army Medical Facilities (world-wide)
104060—U.S. Army Investigative Records Repository

104070 Finance and Accounts Office 105000_Department of the Navy:

105010-Bureau of Navy Personnel
105020—Office of Naval Intelligence
105030—Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
105040—Office of Comptroller of the Navy
105050—Office of the Judge Advocate General
105060-Office of Civilian Manpower Management
105070-Chief Naval Material

105080—U.S. Marine Corps 106000_Department of the Air Force:

106010- Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (military personnel)
106020-Air Reserve Personnel Center
106030-- Air Force Accounting and Finance Center
106040—Directorate of Special Investigations
106050--The Surgeon General

106060—Directorate of Security and Law Enforcement 107000— Department of Justice:

107010-Office of Legal Counsel, Conscientious-Objector Section
107020_Internal Security Division
107030-Office of Pardon Attorney
107040--U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
107050 Bureau of Prisons
107060— Federal Bureau of Investigation

107070—Criminal Division, Organized 108000 Post Office Deparment:

108010-Chief Postal Inspector

108020Bureau of Facilities 109000—- Department of Interior:

109010-Office of the Secretary and Other Departmental Offices
109020_Bonneville Power Administration
109030_-Bureau of Indian Affairs
109040—Bureau of Mines
109050_Office of Saline Water
109060-Office of Coal Research
109070_U.S. Geological Survey
109080_Federal Water Pollution Control Administration
109090—Bureau of Reclamation
109100—Office of Territories
109110—Sport Fisheries and Wildlife
109120_Bureau of Commercial Fisheries
109130—Bureau of Land Management
109140_Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
109150—National Park Service
109160—U.S. Park Police

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