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tives of the revolutionary, anti-imperialist and democratic movements of our America—as Marti referred to our continent-are going to meet in Havana, first free territory of America, not-repeat-not simply to hold a meeting for speeches, but to examine, seriously and carefully, their common problems and establish a joint, practical, and combative strategy against the common enemy: U.S. Imperialism.” “We believe,” he added, “that the conference must, in the first place, strengthen the Revolutionary unity of our peoples and stress the development of the struggle itself as the most effective form of solidarity. That means that the conference should constitute a general push for the national liberation struggle against imperialism and the native oligarchies in all the Latin American countries, establishing precise forms of aid to the revolutionary movements and forming an organization that will combine all the efforts of the revolutionary movements, represent them properly, and promote that type of militant and combative solidarity among the Latin American peoples.”


Havana Domestic Service in Spanish, 1700 GMT, April 21, 1967–F

“We are convinced that in this conference to be held in Havana from July 28, to August 5, we will be able to achieve the conditions that can lead revolutionaries along the certain paths of Latin American revolution,” said Aluizio Palhano, member of the Executive Committee of the Latin American Solidarity Organization (LASO), in a mass ceremony held at the Amistad Con Los Pueblos Sugar Central in Guines.

In his speech, the LASO leader, who represents Brazil in the organization, said that the conference of the peoples of the Latin American continent will serve to establish a common strategy among the countries which fight for their liberation for the defeat of imperialism. He also referred to the concept of solidarity which must inspire this first conference of Latin American countries and on this he added: “The example of Vietnam is the most eloquent example of solidarity that can be found in our time. The people who face the North American aggressor day after day are fighting for all humanity.”

He then referred to the problems that are going to be discussed in the conference as follows (recording of Palhano's speech): "We intend to discuss in this conference, not-repeat-not secondary problems in a spirit of reformist solutions for the problems of the working class, the peasants and students, but rather to find how, in what manner, those sectors of the Latin American populations can wage a specific struggle to contribute effectively to the achievement of national liberation for our peoples.”

The closing speech of the ceremony which was held in the Amistad Con Los Pueblos Central in Guines as part of the events of the week of solidarity with the people of Latin America, was made by Cesar Gomez, secretary of the party Provincial Bureau's Committee of Revolutionary Orientation. In his speech he referred to the difference which exists between meetings sui as that of Punta Del Este and the first Conference of the People of Latin America. He emphasized (recording): "When we—and when I say 'we' I refer to all the people of Latin America-wish to meet to bring up and discuss the problems of America, it would never occur to us to invite the government leaders of these countries. With whom are we going to meet? With whom are we going to carry out this meeting of solidarity? With the representatives of Latin American governments? No, we are going to carry out this meeting with the ones who truly know the needs. With the ones who truly know the problems of Latin America because they live with these problems day after day.”

Further on Cesar Gomez pointed out the example of a Latin American man who did not-repeat--not hesitate to leave an important post, his family, and comforts, to go somewhere in the world to fight for the freedom of another country. “Che Guevara is the example that Latin Americans follow because that is the real way to fight. A Communist has no fatherland, no boundaries."

In conclusion, Gomez hailed the forthcoming first Conference of Solidarity of Latin American Peoples and he wished it every success.





[Prepared by USIA Special Projects Office, Federal Office Building, Miami, Fla.) Herewith is a list of top ranking officials in the Cuban Government, the Communist Party Organization of Cuba, and the Cuban Diplomatic Service.

This list is based on the latest information available from exile sources and official Cuban publications as of May 1, 1967.

Carl E. Davis, Officer in Charge, Special Projects Office.

[blocks in formation]

Armed Forces (MINFAR)

Maj. Raúl Castro Ruz. (“Acting" Minister)

Maj. Juan Almeida Bosque. Industry (MININD)

Joel Domenech Benitez. National Institute of Agrarian Reform Maj. Fidel Castro (Minister(INRA).

President); Maj. Raúl Curbelo Morales (Executive dep

uty). Justice (MINJUS)

Dr. Alfredo Yabur Maluf. Education (MINED)..

José Llanusa Gobel. (a) National Council of Culture (CNC). Dr. Eduardo Muzio. (6) National Institute of Sports, Physi- Jorge García Bango.

cal Education, and Recreation

(INDER). Interior (MININ)

Maj. Ramiro Valdés Menéndez. Public Health (MINSAP)

Dr. José R. Machado Ventura. Foreign Relations (MINREX)

Dr. Raúl Roa García. Construction (MICONS).

Ing. Ramón Darias Rodés. National Bank..

Orlando Peréz Rodríguez. Sugar Industry (MINAZ)

Lt. Orlando Borrego Diaz. Transportation (MINTRANS)

Maj. Faure Chomón Mediavilla. Foreign Commerce (MINCEX)

Marcelo Fernándiz Font. Domestic Commerce (MINCIN).

Manuel Luzardo García. Communications (MINCOM).

Maj. Jesús Montané Oropesa. Labor.

Capt. Jorge Risquet Valdés. Economy.

Dr. Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado. Food Industry

José Alberto Naranjo Morales. Without Portfolio..

Dr. Carlos Rafael Rodríquez.

Title and department



Central Planning Board (JUCEPLAN)------| Dr. Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado;

Ing. Manuel Aguilera (Execu

tive deputy). National Institute of Saving and Housing Pastora Núñez.

(INAV). National Institute of Cinematographic Art | Dr. Alfredo Guevara.

and Film Industry (ICAIC). National Institute of Tourist Industry (INIT). Armando Ribas Patterson. Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People Giraldo Mazola.

(ICAP). Superior Council of Urban Reform.

Dr. Alfredo Yabur Maluf. National Council of Universities.---

Dr. Juan Mier Febles. National Council of the Academy of Science - Capt. Antonio Núñez Jiménez. Cuban Broadcasting Institute (ICR)-- Ramiro Puertas Quiroga. National Institute of Hydraulic Resources Dr. Faustino Pérez (INRH).

Hernández. National Fishery Institute (INP).

Capt. Emilio Aragonés. "MASS ORGANIZATIONS” Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

Vilma Espín de Castro. Confederation of Cuban Labor (CTC-R) - Miguel Martín Pérez. Committees of the Defense of the Revolution Luis González Marturelo.

(CDR). Communist Youth League (UJC)---

Jaime Crombet.


University of Havana..

Dr. José R. Miyar Barrueco

(Rector). Cuban Newspapermen's Union (UPEC) Ernesto Vera. Cuban Pioneers' League (UPC)

Roberto Ogando. Small Farmers' National Association (ANAP) - José Ramírez. University Students' Federation (FEU). Enrique Velasco. President of the Supreme Court -

Dr. Enrique Hart. Casa de las Américas

Haydée Santamaría. Cuban National Writers' & Artists' Union Nicolás Guillén.



Maj. Fidel Castro Ruz. Minister of Armed Forces..

Maj. Raúl Castro Ruz. First Deputy-Minister

Maj. Juan Almeida Bosque. Deputy-Minister and Chief of General Staff. Maj. Berarmino Castilla Mas. Chief of Occidental Army Group...

Maj. Raúl Menéndez

Tomasevich. Central Army-

Maj. Rogelio Acevedo

González. Chief of Oriental Army Group-

Maj. Abelardo Colomé Ibarra. Chief of the Army

Maj. Juan Almeida Bosque. Chief of the Navy

Maj. Aldo Santamaría Cuadrado. Chief of the Air Forces.

(Not announced.) Chief of the AA Rocket Forces.

Maj. Diocles Torralba Gonzélez.





Algeria. Bulgaria Canada. China. Czechoslovakia Denmark France. Holland. Italy Hungary Mali. Mexico.. Morocco North Korea North Viet Nam. Poland. Rumania Spain... Sweden. UAR.. Tansania. U.K.. United Nations.. U.S.S.R. Vatican.

José A. Albesú..
Felipe Torres Trujillo..
Américo Cruz...
Oscar Pino Santos.
Ernesto Meléndez Vázquez.
Enrique Finlay----
Dr. Baudilio Castellanos.
Dr. Carlos Maristany -
Dr. Salvador Vilaseca.
José Matar Franye.
José Carrillo García.
Hernández Armas..
Enrique Rodríguez Loeches.
Basilio Rodríguez Rodríguez.

Julio García Olivera.
Dr. Fernando Flores Ibarra..
Quintín Pino Machado...
Francisco Calzadilla Núñez.
Cecilio Martínez.
Luis García Guitart.
Alipio Zorrilla..
Dra. Aida Griñán.
Ricardo Alarcón Quesada.
Dr. Carlos Olivares Sáncez-
Luis Amado Blanco....

Chargé d'Affaires.



Chargé d'Affaires.


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[blocks in formation]



Party's Organization Secretary -

Dr. Armando Hart Dávalos.


Armed Forces and State Security Maj. Raúl Castro Ruz, President, Maj. Commission.

Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, Maj. Sergio

del Valle Jiménez. Economic Commission.

Dr. Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado, President,

Maj. Faure Chomón Mediavilla, Dr.
Carlos Rafael Rodríguez, Maj. Raúl

Curbelo Morales, Joel Domenech Benítez.
Constitutional Study CommissionBlas Roca Calderio, President.
Education Commission. -

Dr. Armando Hart Dávalos, President,

Leonel Soto Prieto, José Llanusa Gobel. Foreign Relations Commission... Capt. Osmani Cienfuegos, President, Dr.

Raúl Roa García, Maj. Manuel Piñeiro
Losada, José Matar Franye, Wilfredo

Revolutionary Orientation Com- Raúl García Peláez, President.

mission (COR) (Propaganda). PCC Labor Commission.

Lázaro Peña, Miguel Martín, Ursinio Rojas. PCC Official Daily Granma. Isidoro Malmierca Peoli, Editor.



Pinar del Rio..
Las Villas
Isla de Pinos.

Jesús Betancourt Acosta.
Nelson Pérez Marrero.
Luis Méndez Morejón.
Arnaldo Milián Castro.
Cpt. Julian Rizo.
Maj. Armando Acosta Cordero.
Manuel Cuervo.


Capt. José Abrahantes Fernández
Maj. Rogelio Acevedo González
Maj. Armando Acosta Cordero
Maj. Juan V. Acuña Núñez
Severo Aguirre Cristo
Maj. José M. Alvarez Bravo
Capt. Emilio Aragonés Navarro
Capt. José Arteaga Hernández
Maj. Flavio Bravo Pardo
Ramón Calcines Gordillo
Maj. Julio Camacho Aguilera
Maj. Lino Carreras Rodríguez
Maj. Ernesto Casillas Valenzuela
Maj. Belarmino Castilla Más
Capt. Osmani Cienfuegos Gorriarán
Maj. Leopoldo Cintras Frias
Maj. Abelardo Celomé Ibarra
Maj. Raúl Curbelo Morales
Maj. Angel Joel Chaveco Hernández
Maj. Manuel Díaz González
Joel Domenech Benítez
Maj. Victor E. Dreke Cruz
Vilma Espin Villoy
Maj. Manuel E. Fajardo Sotomayor
Marcelo Fernández Font
Maj. Oscar Fernández Mel

Maj. Harold Ferrer Martínez
Maj. Calixto Garcia Martínez
Maj. Julio A. García Olivera
Maj. Pedro M. García Pelaez
Raúl García Peláez
Elena Gil Izquierdo
Fabio Grobart
Maj. Raúl Guerra Bermejo
Maj. Orestes Guerra González
Secundino Guerra Hidalgo-Guerrero
Joel Iglesias Leiva
Carol Miranda
Maj. Omar Iser Mojena
Maj. Reinerio Jiménez Lage
Maj. Rolando Kindelán Blez
Maj. Antonio E. Luzón Battle
Manuel Luzardo García
José Llanusa Gobel
Maj. José R. Machado Ventura
Isidoro Malmierca Peoli
Juan Marinello Vidaurreta
Miguel Martín Pérez
José Matar Franye
Capt. Joaquín Méndez Cominches
Maj. Raúl Menéndez Tomassevich
Arnaldo Milián Castro

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