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the number reads from left to right. The number shall be located as high above the water line as practicable, but in no case less than 3 inches from the bottom of the numbers to the water line.

$ 172.20–5 Style of numbers. (a) The number shall be in block characters of good proportion, not less than 3 inches in height, and parallel with the water line as near the forward end of the bow

as legibility of the entire number for surface and aerial identification permits.

$ 172.20–10 Color of numbers. (a) The numbers shall be of a color which will contrast with the color of the hull so as to be distinctly visible and legible; i. e., if the hull is light, the color of the numbers shall be dark, or if the hull is dark, the color of the numbers shall be light.


Note: Reorganization Plan No. 21 of 1950, effective May 24, 1950 (15 F. R. 3178, 3 CFR, 1950 Supp.), abolished the U. S. Maritime Commission and established the Federal Maritime Board and the Maritime Administration. Changes in terminology necessitated by the reorganization are reflected in this chapter.


Part 201

Rules of practice and procedure before the Federal Maritime Board and

the Maritime Administration.



221 222 223 226


Documentation, transfer or charter of vessels.
Statements and agreements required to be filed.
Bill of lading requirements.
Free time and demurrage charges on import property applicable to all

common carriers by water.
Publication, posting and filing of freight and passenger rates, fares and

Schedules of common carriers by water in foreign commerce.
Steamship conferences using contract/non-contract rates.
Repairs to vessels under bareboat charter.
Commercial forwarding of certain exports for foreign relief and

Business practices of freight forwarders.
Formula for determining sea speed of vessels.

235 236 237 243

244 246



251 262 271

Application for subsidies,
Minimum-wage, minimum-manning, and reasonable working conditions.
Inspection of operating-differential subsidized vessels.

Part 275

Outfitting materials and equipment for construction-differential subsidy



277 281

282 284



Construction-differential subsidy repayment while vessels not operated in

foreign trade. Domestic and foreign trade-interpretations. Information and procedure required under operating-differential subsidy

agreements. Uniform system of accounts for operating-differential subsidy contractors. Valuation of vessels for determining capital employed and net earnings

under operating-differential subsidy agreements. Determination of profit in contracts and subcontracts for construction,

reconditioning, or reconstruction of ships. Establishment and maintenance of the statutory capital and special reserve

funds and for the determination of "capital necessarily employed in the

business” and “net earnings”. Establishment of construction reserve funds. Insurance of construction-differential subsidy vessels, operating-differential

subsidy vessels and of vessels sold or adjusted under the Merchant Ship

Sales Act 1946.
Definition of capital necessarily employed in the business.
Procedure to be followed by operators in the rendition to the Maritime

Administration of annual and final accountings under operating-dif-
ferential subsidy agreements.

287 289

290 291 292


296 297

Information concerning Federal ship mortgage insurance.
Transactions and operations in Federal ship mortgage insurance fund


[blocks in formation]


Part 311

Charters under Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 1946.

Cross REFERENCES: Bureau of Customs, Department of the Treasury: See Customs Duties,

19 CFR Chapter I. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Department of Commerce: See Navigation and Navigable

Waters, 33 CFR Chapter III.
Coast Guard, Department of the Treasury: See Navigation and Navigable Waters, 33 CFR

Chapter I.
Foreign-Trade Zones Board: See Commerce and Foreign Trade, 15 CFR Chapter IV.
Interstate Commerce Commission: See Transportation, 49 CFR Chapter I.
Operation and Navigation of the Panama Canal: Sce Panama Canal, 35 CFR Chapter I.

[blocks in formation]

Sec. 201.1 2012 201.3


201.5 201.6 201.7 201.8

Scope of rules.
Mailing address; hours.
Compliance with rules or orders of

Authentication of rules or orders of

the Board
Inspection of records.
Certified copies; requests for.
Documents in foreign languages.
Denial of applications and notice

Suspension, amendment, etc., of



Subpart B-Appearances and Practice Before the

Board 201 21

Appearance in person or by repre

sentative. 201.22 Authority for representation. 201.23 Written appearance. 201.24

Practice before the Board defined. 201.25

Attorneys at law. 201.26 Persons not attorneys at law. 201.27 Firms and corporations. 201.28

Hearings. 201.29

Suspension or disbarment. 201.30 Statement of interest. 201.31 Former employees.

Subpart C-Parties 201.41

Parties; how designated. 201.42 Counsel for the Board. 201.43 Substitution of parties.

Subpart E-Proceedings; Pleadings; Motions;

Replies 201.61 Proceedings. 201.62 Complaints. 201.63 Reparation, statute of limitations. 201.64 Joinder of actions and parties. 201.65 Answer to complaint. 201.66 Replies to answers not permitted. 201.67 Order to show cause. 201.68 Proceedings under section 3 of the

Intercoastal Act. 201.69 Declaratory orders. 201.70 Petitions; general. 201.71 Applications for government aid. 201.72 Amendments or supplements to

pleadings. 201.73 Bill of particulars. 201.74 Petition for intervention. 201.75 Motions. 201.76 Replies to pleadings, motions, ap

plications, etc. Subpart F-Settlement; Prehearing Procedure 201.91 Opportunity for informal settle

ment. 201.92 Voluntary payment of reparation. 201.93 Satisfaction of complaint. 201.94

Prehearing conference.

Subpart G-Time 201.101 Computation. 201.102 Additional time to file documents. 201.103 Enlargement of time to file docu


Sec. 201.184 Complainant's memorandum in re

ply. 201.185 Service of memoranda upon and by

interveners. 201.186 Contents of memoranda. 201.187 Procedure after filing of memo


Sec. 201.104 Reduction of time to file documents. 201.105 Postponement of hearing. Subpart H-Form, Execution, and Service of

Documents 201.111 Form and appearance of documents

filed with Board. 201.112 Subscription and verification of

documents. 201.113 Service by the Board. 201.114 Service by parties. 201.115 Date of service. 201.116 Certificate of service. 201.117 Copies of documents for

use of Board.


Subpart 1Subpenas 201.131 Applications; issuance. 201.132 Attendance and mileage fees. 201.133 Service of subpenas. Subpart 1—Hearings; Presiding Officers; Evidence 201.141 Hearings not required by statute. 201.142 Hearings required by statute. 201.143 Notice of nature of hearing, juris

diction, and issues. 201.144 Notice of time and place of hearing. 201.145 Presiding officer. 201.146 Commencement of functions of

Hearing Examiners' Ofice. 201.147 Authority of presiding officer. 201.148 Postponement or change of place

by presiding officer. 201.149 Disqualification of presiding

participating officer. 201.150 Further evidence required by pre

siding officer during hearing. 201.151 Exceptions to rulings of presiding

officer unnecessary. 201.152 Offer of proof. 201.153 Appeal from ruling of presiding of

ficer. 201.154 Rights of parties as to presentation

of evidence. 201.155 Burden of proof. 201.156 Evidence admissible. 201.157 Written evidence. 201.158 Documents containing matter not

material. 201.159 Copies of exhibits. 201.160 Records in other proceedings. 201.161 Board's files. 201.162 Stipulations. 201.163 Receipt of documents after hearing. 201.164 Oral argument at hearings. 201.165 Official transcript. 201.166 Corrections of transcript. 201.167 Objection to public disclosure of in

formation. 201.168 Copies of data or evidence. 201.169 Record for decision.

Subpart K—Shortened Procedure 201.181 Selection of cases for shortened

procedure; consent required. 201.182 Complainant's memorandum of

facts and argument. 201.183 Respondent's answering memoran


Subpart 1 - Depositions 201.201 Request for orders to take; time of

filing; contents. 201.202 Contents of order. 201.203 Record of examination; oath; ob

jections. 201.204 Submission to witness; changes;

signing. 201.205 Certification and filing by officer;

copies. 201.206 Waiver of objections and admissi

bility. 201.207 Time of filing. 201.208 Inclusion in record. 201.209 Witness fees; expenses of taking

depositions. 201.210 Depositions taken or authorized by

presiding officer. Subpart M-Briefs; Requests for Findings;

Decisions; Exceptions 201.221 Briefs; requests for findings. 201.222 Requests for enlargement of time

for filing briefs. 201.223 Reopening of case by presiding ofi

cer prior to decision. 201.224 Decisions; authority to make and

kinds. 201.225 Separation of functions. 201.226 Decisions; contents and service. 201.227 Decision based on official notice. 201.228 Exceptions to, and review by Board

of, decisions. 201.229 Replies to exceptions. 201.230 Request for enlargement of time for

filing exceptions and replies

thereto. 201.231 Certification of record by presiding

or other oficer. Subpart 1-Oral Argument; Submittal for

Final Decision 201.241 Oral argument. 201.242 Submittal to Board for final de


Subpart 0-Reparation 201.251 Proof on award of reparation. 201.252 Reparation statements.

Subpart P-Reopening of Proceedings 201.261 Reopening by Board and modifica

tion, or setting aside of report or

order. 201.262 Petition for reopening. 201.263 Stay of rule or order. 201.264 Time for filing petition to reopen. 201.265 Reply to petition to reopen.

Subpart Q-Judicial Review 201.271 Appeal from initial decision neces

sary before judicial review.

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