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81st Congress, 2d Session

(January 3, 1950-January 2, 1951)


VOL. 7




2893. Proceedings against Mitsuo Shimizu.

2894. Proceedings against Frank Takahashi.

2895. Proceedings against Shigeo Takemoto.

2896. Proceedings against Ralph Vossbrink.

2897. Froceedings against Thomas Yagi.

2898. Proceedings against Giovanni R. Lomanitz.

2899. Proceedings against David J. Bohm.

2900. Proceedings against Irving D. Fox.

2901. Proceedings against Clarence Hiskey.

2902. Proceedings against Frank Hashmall.

2903. Proceedings against Talmadge Raley.

2904. Proceedings against Esther Tice.

2905. Proceedings against Marcel Scherer.

2906. Proceedings against Louise R. Berman.

2907. Proceedings against Pasquale L. J. Branca.

2908. Study of certain operations of Rural Electrification Administration.

2909. Amending title 1 of United States Code rel. to publication of treaties sep-
arate from Statutes at large.

2910. Establishing new Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

2911. Conference report on bill extending authority to provide for maintenance

of domestic tin-smelting industry.

2912. Exempting property of Young Men's Christian Association of City of

Washington from taxation.

2913. Relating to establishment of heirship in claims to estates of Osage Indians.

2914. Conference report on resolution amending Nationality act of 1940.

2915. Conveyance of land and buildings at Fort Philip Kearney to Rhode Island.

2916. Amend sec. 5192 of Revised statutes with respect to reserves of certain

national banks.

2917. Shanks Village veterans' temporary-housing project.

2918. Consideration of bill prohibiting transportation of gambling devices in
interstate and foreign commerce.

2919. Consideration of bill to disseminate technological, etc., information to
American business and industry.

2920. Consideration of Marketing facilities improvement act.

2921. Consideration of bill to amend Agricultural act of 1949 rel. to disposal of
surplus perishable commodities.

2922. Consideration of bill to revise title 21 of U. S. Code entitled Food and drugs.
2923. Consideration of bill relating to school construction in areas affected by
Federal activities, etc.

2924. Incorporating Military Chaplains Association of United States.

2925. Incorporating American Society of International Law.

2926. Incorporating United States Olympic Association.

2927. Creating select committee to investigate education and training program

under Servicemen's readjustment act.

2928. Designating reservoir above Baldhill Dam in North Dakota as Lake Ash-


2929. Credits to certain public agencies in U. S. for costs of flood protective sys-
tems along lower Colorado River.

2930. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

2931. Sale of land allotted to Clara Whitesell on Standing Rock Reservation.

2932. Extending time of permits covering lands located on Agua Caliente Indian

2954. Consideration of bill to protect public with respect to practitioners before
administrative agencies.

2955. Consideration of bill relating to American-flag shipping on Great Lakes.
2956. Consideration of bill for relief of First, Second, and Third National Steam-
ship Cos.

2957. Consideration of bill to establish 2 additional offices of Assistant Secre-
taries of Agriculture, etc.

2958. Consideration of bill to provide for maintenance and operation of Panama

2959. Consideration of bill for construction of public airport in D. C.

2960. Providing for acceptance of memorial plaque to memory of Stephen C.


2961. National Grange to erect marker on Federal land in District of Columbia.

2962. Authorizing Judiciary Committee to have printed copies of hearings on

2963. Printing of revised edition of Cannon's procedure in House of Represent-


2964. Printing manuscript rel. to accelerated mapping and water resources basic-
data programs as House document.

2965. Printing annual reports of Girl Scouts.

2966. Printing proceedings at unveiling of statue of Brigham Young.

2967. Payment to estate of Arthur Hall for his funeral expenses, etc.

2968. Expenses of investigation of use of chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides
in respect to food.

2969. Conference report on bill providing for periodic census of governments.

2970. Relief of Carlos Riggenbach.

2978. Relief of Christina Shalfeieff.

2979. Providing for treatment and rehabilitation of youth offenders.

2980. Protection of United States against un-American and subversive activities.
2981. Authorizing Commerce Dept. and Civil Aernonautics Board to plan secur-
ity measures for control of air commerce.

2982. Providing allowances for dependents of enlisted personnel.

2983. Increase in stationery allowances for Representatives, Delegates, and Resi-

dent Commissioner from Puerto Rico.

2984. Simplifying administration in Government service.

2985. Amending sec. 9 of Trading with the enemy act relative to return of vested


2986. Report on Hawaii Civil Liberties Committee, a communist front.

2987. Supplemental appropriation bill, 1951.

2988. Education Board of D. C. to participate in foreign teacher exchange pro-

gram in cooperation with Education Office.

2989. Waiving points of order in consideration of Supplemental appropriations

bill, 1951.

2990. Consideration of bill to require registration of communist organizations.

2991. Conference report on General appropriation bill, 1951.

2992. Relief of Mr. and Mrs. Ray S. Berrum.

2993. Investigation of Panama Canal tolls.

2994. Conference report on bill to amend U. S. Code relative to fees of U. S.


2995. Extending act establishing Nation-wide system of employment offices to
Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

2996. Northwest Atlantic fisheries act of 1950.

2997. Exchange of national park land in District of Columbia for lands owned by

New Temple Committee, Inc.

2998. Supplementing District of Columbia teachers' leave act of 1949.

2999. Conference report on bill for relief of Carl E. Lawson and Fireman's Fund

Indemnity Co.

3000. Conference report on bill for relief of Ewa Plantation Co.

3001. Conference report on bill amending Federal property and administrative

services act of 1949.

3002. Conference report on Budget and accounting procedures act of 1950.

3003. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

3004. Amending Armed forces leave act of 1946.

3005. Authorizing payments on purchase of automobiles or other conveyances

by disabled veterans.

3006. Defining and regulating engineering and creating Board of Registration for
Professional Engineers in D. Č.

3007. Payment of Portuguese claims for damages inflicted upon Macao by U. S.

armed forces during World War II.

3008. Amending Philippine property act of 1946.

3009. Authorizing cooperation in construction of public school buildings at Bowler,


3010. Conference report on bill authorizing appropriations for continuing con-

struction of highways.

3011. Granting 6 months' salary and funeral expenses to Carolyn Muldowney,

widow of Joseph D. Muldowney, jr.

3012. Review of records of Navy and Marine Corps officers who failed of ad-
vancement during war.

3013. Reserve components of armed forces to waive right to pensions, etc., while

drawing active duty pay.

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