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Mr. SLACK. You are requesting $4,841,000, a decrease of $1,346,000 from the appropriation for the current fiscal year. Do you estimate any carryover into fiscal year 1977 ?

Mr. SILVERMAN. Yes, sir. We expect to carry over $892,400 into 1977. Mr. SLACK. What is the total program level planned for 1977!

Mr. SILVERMAN. The total program level in 1977 will be $306,341 in the labor mission program, and $5,447,099 in our fairs and exhibitions program.


Mr. Slack. This request includes $269,000 for labor missions, which are carried out by the Department of Labor; are they not?

Mr. SILVERMAN. Yes, sir; they are carried out by the Labor Department, with an allocation from the U.S. Information Agency.

Mr. SLACK. How many labor missions are planned for fiscal year 1977 ?

Mr. SILVERMAN. I believe it is 18, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Slack. How would that compare with the current year?

Mr. SILVERMAN. It is an increase of seven in the number of missions planned by the Department of Labor, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. SLACK. You say it is an increase ?

Mr. SILVERMAN. They expect to have, in particular, 15 missions not associated with fairs, as compared with 11 in 1976.

Mr. SLACK. Eighteen for 1977!

Mr. SILVERMAN. Including the missions that go to the international fairs, yes, sir.

FAIRS AND EXHIBITIONS Mr. SLACK. The request includes $4,572,000 for fairs and exhibitions which are handled by the USIA. That is correct, is it not?

Mr. SILVERMAN. Yes, sir, that is correct. Mr. Slack. How many fairs do you plan to participate in during 1977 ?

Mr. SILVERMAN. We expect to fund five fairs during fiscal 1977. Part of the funds will go into fairs that will take place in a different fiscal year, but the funding takes place within that year. That is for fairs in Berlin and in Eastern Europe. In addition, there will be four thematic centerpieces provided in certain fairs outside of Eastern Europe where United States interests indicate that some presence should be effected at those fairs.

COMMERCIAL PRESENCE FAIRS The Department of Commerce is dropping its program of participating in such fairs that they have heretofore carried out.

Mr. Slack. Those are the commercial presence fairs?
Mr. SILVERMAN. The commercial presence fairs, yes, sir.
Mr. Slack. They will be continued by USIA!

Mr. SILVERMAN. We will pick up a very small part of it, only because there are such important diplomatic reasons to have some United States presence at these fairs. We will have some centerpiece, usually moved from some other location, just so something will be there.


[blocks in formation]

These funds are used in the continuing Agency program to improve the capabilities of VOA's world-wide broadcasting system.

Funds in the amount of $2,142,000 are requested in FY 1977 for the engineering research program for improvement of broadcasting techniques and facilities components ($110,000); and for the continuing program of major improvements, replacements and repairs to maintain and improve the efficiency of existing facilities ($2,032,000).

Prior appropriations and the 1977 appropriation request are summarized below:

Prior appropriations:
Fiscal Year 1950 through 1972..

1973 - P.L. 92-544.
1974 P.L. 93-162.
1975 P.L. 93-433.
1976 P.L. 94-121.

Total appropriations, Fiscal Years 1950-1976.




Reimbursements, Fiscal Years 1950-1976.


Transfers to other appropriations: P.L. 83-194; P.L. 84-471.

Total available, Fiscal Years 1950-1976.
Obligations relating to completed and cancelled projects..

Total available for current projects and activities
Funds appropriated for East Asia Radio Project (to be deferred until FY 1978).
New appropriation request, Fiscal Year 1977





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In FY 1976, funds in the amount of $6,840,000 were appropriated for the first phase of the project to install four additional 250 KW shortwave transmitters, related antenna systems and power generating facilities at the Philippines Relay Station. When these funds are authorized, the President intends to propose in 1976 and again in 1977, to defer use of the funds until FY 1978. At that time, the first phase of the project would be undertaken and the Agency would also request funds for the balance of the project, $9,010,000. The total estimated cost of the project is $15,850,000.


[blocks in formation]

Research funds are used for investigations and studies of specific application to VOA in the technical areas of broadcasting. The research program improves knowledge of natural phenomena that affect propagation of radio signals, and develops new and improves existing techniques and equipment to utilize favorable and minimize unfavorable phenomena, to provide the best possible quality of VOA signal to the listener.

Funds in the amount of $110,000 are requested in 1977 for the continuation of ionospheric propagation research to improve methods of system performance predictions for VOA higher frequency circuits.

Major Improvements, Replacements and Repairs

Summary of Estimate.


The VOA world-wide broadcasting system requires continuous maintenance and improvements to sustain its technical facilities competitively and reliably in the technically-improving international broadcasting field. The proposals listed below illustrate the type of recurring projects for which $958,000 is requested in FY 1977. Extraordinary improvements projects totalling $1,074,000, and comprising the balance of this request, are detailed on page 6.

1. Modify rhombic antenna terminations to reduce standing wave ratio, Greenville Relay Station..



Provide new SSB exciters for four communications transmitters, Liberia Relay Station.



Major renovation of building exterior, including walls and windows, and rebuilding roof, Ismaning trans-
mitter building, Munich. Relay Station.



Provide separate heat exchanger for dummy load, Bethany Relay Station.



Convert Poro transmitting plant to commercial power, Philippines Relay Station..


6. Diplex rhombic antenna (BR 10) for 6 mes. and 9 mes.,

Greenville Relay Station


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