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[blocks in formation]



Office of the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations.---
Privacy Protection Study Commission.-
Renegotiation Board..
Small Business Administration ----



U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency


[blocks in formation]

U.S. Information Agency-

Acquisition and construction of radio facilities
America Illustrated magazine---
Authorization bills for fiscal year 1976 and 1977-
Bangkok, operations in ----
Continuing resolution, operations under-
Jakarta, operations in...
Laos, activities in.--
Lebanon, operations in..
Philippines, operations in.-
Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea, assignment to.
Radio facilities
Salaries and expenses--

Alexandria, Egypt, center appropriation, distribution of
Alexandria, Egypt, establishment of center of
America Illustrated magazine.--
Bicentennial programs.-
Broadcasting service-
Cairo, Egypt center, renovation of
Contract writers.---
Contracts for photographs..
Freelance services -
Information center service-
Man-years reduction in 1977-
Motion picture and television contract writers_
Motion picture and television contracts -
Nondiscretionary increases in S. & E. appropriation request..
Okinawa relay station closing-
Passenger vehicles ---
Philippines relay station augmentation
Positions and vacancies ---
Positions in other agencies filled by USIA personnel.


U.S. Information Agency Continued
Salaries and expenses Continued

Press and publications service..
Reimbursement to the Department of Defense_
Rental of space--
Representation allowance_-
Residential and office leases in Africa.
Rhodes Program Center----
Salary ceiling, local employee.
Special European programs.
Transfer of administrative "core" costs to the Department of State
Transfers of personnel in fiscal year 1976_

Worldwide mission costs.---
Salaries and expenses-special foreign currency program.
Satellite use for VOA broadcasts.-
Southeast Asia, operations in..
Special international exhibition.--
Statement of the Director...
“Technology in the American Home” exhibit_


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