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Of the Burman Mission.

Steel Portrait, 336 Pages 12mo. Price $100.

Dr. Judson's firmness and elevation of principle, expansive conceptions of christian duty, simplicity, and inflexibility of faith, and fervor and enthusiasm of piety, are apparent in the portions of his journal and letters wbich we have inserted ; and his practical judgment, strong executive capacities, untiring patience, and profound philological and other literary attainments, are exhibited in the nature, amount, and excellence of his labors, at which this work repeatedly hints. If there is any one trait which is not developed in the following pages, it is benevolence. "Much of it, however, is implied in the fact, that be gave thirty-eight years of manly toil for the redemption of a people whó rohbed him under the vail of taxes cruelly levied, loaded him with fetters, cast him into dungeons and death-prisons, drove him bare-footed over burning sands, and, finally, to bar him from the heart of the empire and from the -- golden presence,” swung against his philanthropic heart the iron gates of intolerance. But he gave more than his days to the cause of Missions-more than his comforts a martyr to persecution : about fifteen hundred dollars received for the memoir of his second wife, and between four and five thousand dollars presented as a reward for his services as interpreter during the English and Burman war, were put into the treasury of the Lord.

OPINIONS OF REVIEWERS. This is a valuable memoir of one of the noblest of men that ever lived. Few lives present greater moral heroisin than the life of Dr. Judson. He was the founder of East India Missions, so far as the Baptist Church of this country is concerned. Mr. Clement has executed his task with decided ability. The narrative is at all times clear and well sustained, and occasionally is very affecting. The first half of the twentieth chapter cannot be read without deep emotion. The work is beautifully printed, and merits an extensive sale.-Christian Advocate.

The biography of a noble missionary hero, who lived long, and worked faithfully to the last, in behalf of the heathen. The record of his toils and sufferings, his faith and hope, his trials and his successes, cannot fail to awaken or deepen a genuine missionary spirit, in Christian hearts. To such as have only heard, in general, of Dr. Judson, this volume will give the interesting particulars of his life; and in the minds of those who knew him, it will awaken many favorable recollections.--Zion's Herald.

Mr. Clement's work clearly and unobtrusively sketches the history of Dr. Judson's missionary career, and supplies, to the ordinary reader, a connected view of his labors, wbich could not elsewhere be found. It is written with simplicity, and a proper adıniration of Dr. Judson's character: and presents a great variety of interesting documents and letters that ought not to be forgotten. It is a very animated and impressive work, and will tend not only to prepare the reader for an appreciation of a more complete biography, but give a new and adiniring confidence in the cause of inissions, and the power of divine grace.- New York Evangelist.

MILLER, ORTON & MULLIGAN, Publishers, 25 Park Row, New York, and 107 Genesee-st., AUBURN.


W hole Library in Itself!

Coxt $11,000-1207 Pages-70 Maps – 700 Engravings.









BY S. G. GOODRICH, Consul to Paris, and Author of several Works of History, Parley's Tales, da

It contains 1207 pages, royal octavo, and is illustrated by 70 Maps and 700 Engravings:

bound in imitation Turkey morocco.

Invariable retail price, $6,00 in one volume; $7,00 in two volumes.
The same, full gilt edge and sides, $8,00 in one volume; $10,00 in two vols

It is believed that the above work, by Mr. Goodrich, will be very acceptable to the American public. It is the result of years of twil and labor, assisted in his ro searches by several scholars of known ability, and has been gutten up at a great ox. pense by the proprietors. No pains have been spared in the execution of the Illustrations and Maps, which are entirely new, and prepared by the distinguished author expressly for the work. Indeed, all the other historical writings of Mr. Goodrich sink into insignificance, when compared with this, the result of his riper and maturer years. It is admitted that One Hundred Dollurs could not purchase the same matter in any other shape: and the publishers confidently expect that, in consideration of the great literary value of the work, the large sun expended in preparing it for the press, and the exceedingly moderate price at which it is offered, that it will be favor. ally received by every lover of good books. Published by

Miller, Orton & MULLIGAN,
No. 25 Park Row, New York, and 107 Genesee-st., AUBURN

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