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JOHN SMITH, A.L.S. Ferns, British and Foreign,

Their History, Organography, Classification, Nomenclature, and Culture, with Directions showing which are the best adapted for the Hothouse, Greenhouse, Open-Air Fernery, or Wardian Case. With an Index of Genera, Species, and Synonyms. With 258 Woodcuts of Genera and Dissections. Crown 8vo. cloth, fully illustrated,

price 6s. Mr. Smith is acknowledged to be one of the first authorities on Ferns, having been engaged nearly half a century in arranging them at Kew.

W. J. SMITH, M.B., Lond. On the Treatment of Enlarged Tonsils without Excision.

Part I. 8vo. cloth, price 3s. 6d.

W. ABBOTTS SMITH, M.R.C.P. On Human Entozoa :

Comprising the Description, Pathology, and Treatment of the Intestinal, Hydatid, and other Species of Worms found in Man, and of the Affections caused by their Presence. This work includes, with M. Davaine's permission, an abstract of some portions of his “ Traité des Entozoaires.") Octavo, cloth, PP. 251, with Wood Engrar. ings, and Glossary of Terms, price 8s.


On Diabetes,

And some other Urinary Affections arising from Irritability, Weakness, or Inflammation of the Bladder and Urinary Organs. Third Edilion, cloth, 3s.


On Glycerine,

And its Uses in Medicine, Surgery, and Pharmacy. Partly an Abstract of M. Demarquay's work “De la Glycérine," &c. Cloth cover, 1s. 6d.

IV. On the Treatment of Affections of the Throat and Lungs

by Inhalation. With a Paper on the Treatment of Whooping Cough. Second Edition. Cloth cover, price 1s. 6d.

v. Observations on Hay-Fever, Hay-Asthma, or Summer

Third Edition, price ls.

Autobiography of a Working-man.

Fcap. 8vo. price 3s. 6d. “A book to be read with great interest, not merely an affording insights into worlds which persong of the middle classes visit far too sparingly, but also as offering a picture of character. Mr. Somerville's early life is attractive, as a piece of Scottish character and scenery worthy of its place in a national biography."-Atheneum.



gical Experiences :
he Substance of Clinical Lectures. 8vo. cloth, price 12s. 6d.



Human Brain; ts Configuration, Structure, and Physiology; Illustrated by References to the Vervous System in the Lower Orders of Animals. 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d. Ve have perused the work with much attention and no inconsiderable degree of gratification.”Dn2 and Edinburgh Philological Magazine, excellent in its conception, perspicuous in its style, and lucid in its descriptions.”—Medical crgical Review.

t affords us great pleasure to be able to recommend it most unreservedly."-Edinburgh Medical Surgical Journal. Created in a manner that reflects the highest credit apon his industry and talents.”—London ical Gazette. Mr. Solly has entitled himself to the gratitude of a numerous class of readers.”- British and Pign Medical Review.

J. T. BOSWELL SYME, F.L.S., and Mrs. LANKESTER. ) werby's English Botany :

Containing a Description and Life-Size Drawing of every British Plant. Edited and brougbt up to the present standard of scientific knowledge by T. BOSWELL SYME, F.L.S., &c. With Popular Descriptions of the Uses, History, and Traditions of each Plant, by Mrs. LANKESTER, Author of “Wild Flowers worth Notice," "The British Ferns," &c. The Figures by J. E. SOWERBY, JAMES SOWERBY, F.L.S., J. DE C.

SOWERBY, F.L.S., and J. W. SALTER, A.L.S. The Distinctive Characteristics of this edition are, 1. A life-size drawing of every British plant, arranged according to the Natural System f De Candolle.

2. Where necessary, the plates are accompained by illustrations of the structure of the arious organs of the plant, especially of those structures discovered within the last few ears by the use of the microscope.

3. All the illustrations are full-coloured, instead of half-coloured, and the utmost care s taken to adhere as closely as possible to nature.

“Under the editorship of T. Boswell Syme, F.L.S., assisted by Mrs. Lankester, whose work on Wildflowers worth Notice' is so well appreciated by the public, we have the best guarantee Lhat Sowerby's English Botany,' when finished, will be exhaustive of the suhject, and worthy of the branch of science it illustrates. . In turning over the charmingly executed hand-coloured plates of British plants which encumber these volimes with riches, the reader cannot belp being struck with the beauty of many of the humblest flowering weeds we tread on with careless step Our fields, woods, and hillsides are pared with riches we all too much neglect. .. We cannot dwell upon many of the individuals grouped in the splendid bouquet of flowers presented in these pages, and it will be sufficient to state that the work is pledged io contain a figure of every wild flower indigenous to these isles.”—The Timex, Nov. 3, 1865. "Will be the most complete Flora of Great Britain ever brought out. This great work will

al science is cultivated, and the study of our native plants, with all their fascinating associations, held dear."-Atheneum.

"Nothing can exceed the beauty and accuracy of the colonred figures. They are drawn life-size - an advantage which every young amateur will recognize who has vainly puzzled over drawings in wbich a celandine is as big as a poppy-they are enriched with delicate delineations of print, petal, anther, and any organ which happens to be remarkable in its form-and not a few plates are altogether new. . . . . A clear, bold, distinctive type enables the reader to take in at a glance the arrangement and divisions of every page. And Mrs. Lankester has added to the technical description by the editor an extremely interesting popular sketch, which follows in smaller type. The English, Frencb, and German popular names are given, and, wherever that delicate unit difficult step is at all practicable, their derivation also, Medical properties, superstitions, and fapcies, and poetic tributes and allusions follow. In short, there is nothing more left to be desired.” -Guardian. Monthly parts, at 58. All the parts are kept in print, so that subscribers can commence at

any time. Prospectus and specimen on application.



STEENSTRUP. On the Alternation of Generations. . Translated from the German by George Busk, Esq., F.R.S. Three Plates. 8vo. pp.

132, price 15s.

Rev. W. S. SYMONDS, F.G.S.
Old Bones; or, Notes for Young Naturalists.

Second Edition, much improved and enlarged. With references to the typical speci. mens in the British Museum. Fcap. 8vo., price 2s. 6d. Fully illustrated. "The plan parsued by Mr. Symonds is a very simple one. He adopts the classification of Professor Owen, and carries the young naturalist from family to family, beginning with man and ending with the lowest fishes, making his own remarks as he goes on. We recommend these potes. The volume is neatly got up, and deserves a sale amongst the class for whom it is intended."--Atheneum.

Petroleum and its Products.

An Account of the History, Origin, Composition, Properties, Uses, and Commercial
Value of Petroleum ; the Methods employed in Refining it, and the Properties,
Uses, &c., of its products. Post 8vo. price 2s. 6d.

RALPH TATE, F.R.G.S. Slugs and Snails.

A Plain and Easy Account of the Land and Fresh-Water Mollusks of Great Britain ; containing Descriptions, Figures, and a familiar account of each species. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 4s. plain ; 6s. coloured. Fully Illustrated.

Handy Guide to Ben Rhydding, Bolton Abbey, and the

Illustrated, sewed 1s., cloth 1s. 6d.

Dr. TOWNLEY, L.R.C.P., Edin., F.L.S. Parturition without Pain or Loss of Consciousness.

Fourth Edition, post 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d.

EDWARD W. TUSON, F.R.C.S. Spinal Debility :

Its Prevention, Pathology, and Cure, in relation to Curvatures, Paralysis, Epilepsy, and various deformities.

CONTENTS. Treatment of Deformity. Curvature of Spine. Lateral Curvature; Treatment. Prone Position. Supine or Recumbent Position. Cases of Lateral Curvature. Posterior Curvature. Angular Curvature. Incurvature of the Spine. Complicated Curvature. Deformity of the Chest. Wry Neck. Deformity of Superior Extremity. The Shoulder Joint. Elbow Joint. Distortion and Contraction of the Fingers. Deformity of the Inferior Extremity. The Knee Joint. The Ankle Joint. Deformity of the Ankle. Club-foot. Contraction of the Toes. Pair of Artificial Feet to make a woman taller. Tumours. Demy Svo. cloth, price 5s., Illustrated.



Dr. F. UNGER, of Vienna. Ideal Views of the Primitive World in its Geological

and Palæontological Phases. Edited by SAMUEL HIGHLEY, F.G.S., F.C.S. Illustrated by seventeen Photographic Plates, 4to, cloth, price £2. 2s.

JOHN VINCENT, Architect.
Country Cottages.

A Series of Designs for an Improved Class of Dwellings for Agricultural Labourers,
With numerous Plans, Elevations, &c. New Edition, folio, Illustrated, price 12s.

S. C. WAITE. Graceful Riding.

A Pocket Manual for Equestrians. With Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo. cluth, price 2s 6d. “ In the school, on the road, on the course, or across country, this little book will be invaluable; and we heartily recommend it."-Morning Post,

"It possesses advantageg which no other worK OI une ka

E. WALFORD, M.A. The County Families;

or, Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of the Three Kingdoms, is now ready in one splendid volume. It contains a complete Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage, and Dictionary of the Landed Commoners of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, and gives a brief notice of the Descent, Birth, Marriage, Education, and Appointments of each Person, his Heir Apparent or Presumptive, a Record of the Offices which he has held, together with his Town Address and Country Residences.' Price £2. 2s. 1,200 Pages, 11,000 Families.

ages which no other work of the kind that we know of has offered bitherto Containing all that is to be found in others, it furnishes information respecting families of distinction which are not to be found in the latter. It will prove to be invaluable in the library and drawingroom."-Spectator.

“ To produce such a work in the perfection which characterizes County Families,' must have been an almost Herculean task. It is sufficient for us to say that accuracy even in the minutest details appears to have been the aim of Mr. Walford, and the errors are so few and slight, that they may readily be passed over.”—Weekly Register.

By the same Author, published Annually ; elegantly bound, with Gilt edges, price 5s. Hardwicke's Crown Peerage.

Containing a Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage, complete in one volume, and giving the Birth, Accession, and Marriage of each Personage, his Heir (apparent or presumptive), Family Name, Political Bias, and Patronage ; as also a brief Notice of the Offices which he has hitherto held, his Town Address and Country Residences,

By the same Author, published Annually.

The Shilling Peerage ;
The Shilling Baronetage;
The Shilling Knightage; and
The Shilling House of Commons.


ROBERT HARDWICKE, 192, Piccadilly.

THOMAS CLARK WESTFIELD, F.S.A. Seven Essays on Universal Science.

Embracing some Investigations of the Mosaic Cosmogony, and the Interpretations of the Scriptures, with the object of Proving their Scientific Exactness. Price 78.. handsomely bound in cloth ; or in separate Essays, ls. each.


The Laws and Practice of Whist. By CELEBS. As played at the London Clubs.

With coloured Frontispiece. 16mo. cloth, gilt edges, price 2s. 6d. “It is just the book that was required. The intrinsic worth of the book is to be found in the downright sensible practical advice contained throughout its pages, and to the lover of whist we strongly recommend the volume."-Field.

Professor WILLIAMSON, F.R.S.
A Monograph of the Recent Foraminifera.

7 plates, Imp. 4to. pp. 100, price £1. 11s. 6d. [Ray Society.]

Dr. FORBES WINSLOW, D.C.L. Oxon, &c. On Obscure Diseases of the Brain and Disorders of the Mind.

CONTENTS. 1. Introduction. 2. Morbid Phenomena of Intelligence. 3. Premonitory Symptoms of Insanity. 4. Confessions of Patients after recovery from Insanity, or the Condition of the Mind when in a state of Aberration. 5. State of the Mind when recovering from an attack of Insanity. 6. Anomalous and Masked Affections of the Mind. 7. Stage of Consciousness. 8. Stage of Exaltation. 9. Stage of Mental Depression. 10. Stage of Aberration. 11. Impairment of Mind. 12. Morbid Phenomena of Attention. 13. Morbid Phenomena of Memory. 14. Acute Diseases of the Memory. 15. Chronic Affections of the Memory. 16. Perversion and Exaltation of Memory-Memory of the Insane. 17. Psychology and Pathology of Memory. 18. Morbid Phenomena of Motion, 19. Morbid Phenomena of Speech. 20. Morbid Phenomena of Sensation. 21. Morbid Phenomena of the Special Senses. 22. Morbid Phenomena of Vision, Hearing, Taste, Touch, and Smell. *23. Morbid Phenomena of Sleep and Dreaming. 24. Morbid Phenomena of Organic and Nutritive Life. 25. General Principles of Pathology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prophylaxis. Third and cheap Edition, price 10s. 6d.

The late Dr. WOLLASTON. Thermæ Romano-Britannicæ,

or the Roman Baths. 4to. cloth, price 78. 6d.

JOHN WOOD, F.R.C.S. Eng. (Exam.) On Rupture,

Inguinal, Crural, and Umbilical; the Causes, Pathology, and Treatment; with a description of a New Method of effecting a Radical Cure, and of an improved Truss Pad. With numerous Illustrations by Bagg.

CONTENTS. Introduction.

Part I. ON INGUINAL HERNIA.—1. Anatomy of the Parts. 2. Causes and Pathology of Inguinal Hernia. 3. Diagnosis of Inguinal Hernia. 4. History of the Radical Cure of Inguinal Hernia. 5. Principles of the Author's Operations. 6. Operation by Thread and Compress. 7. Operation by Wire, as usually practised by the Author. 8. Variations of the Wire Operation. 9. Operation by Rectangular Pins.

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