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“The pulpit should be like the key-board of an organ, and the Church like the pipes. It is my business to press down the keys here, and it is yours to respond out there. Christian life ought to be so exhibitory, that when you look at a Christian you will know what God's truth is. If one comes to me and asks me the meaning of faith, and humility, and charity, I ought to be able to point to one man and say, “There is faith,' and to another, 'There is humility, and so on through 2 the Chureh and all the graces. Christ's kingdom will not come until his disciples are such * living epistles, known and read of all men.'" —BEECHER.;

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Alexander, the late Joseph Addison, 65
Bengel's Gnomon, 301
China and the Chinese (with map), 173, 205
Congregational Prayer meetings, 273
Duty of Working Men to educate them.

selves, 303
Foreign Missions of the American Presby.

terian Church, 97, 129

Glasgow Free Church College case, 1

Homage of Man's Mind to God's Word,

269, 365

Nellore, 33

Ordination Charge, 37

Presbyterian Churches of Northumberland,

Dr. McCrie's visit to, 333

Presbyterianism in England, 176

Royal Road to Visibility, A, 210

Scottish Church, IIistory of the, 336

Self-denial, 102, 135

Scottish Reformation, IIistorical Sketch of,


Singing for Schools and Congregations, 6

St. Matthew's Gospel, Original language

of, 237

What's in a Name? 68

ciety, 32

56, 289, 354

Cassell's Popular Natural IIistory, 223

Illustrated History of England, 224

Central Truths, 56

Christian's Mirror, The, 190

English Unitarianism, Dr. M'Crie's Lec-

ture on, 54

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