Revision of Major Federal Statutory Salary Systems: Hearings Before the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, House of Representatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, Second Session, on Bills to Revise Major Statutory Salary Systems of the Federal Government, and for Other Purposes ...

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Page 9 - Federal salary fixing shall be based upon the principles that— "(a) There shall be equal pay for substantially equal work, and pay distinctions shall be maintained in keeping with work and performance distinctions; and "(b) Federal salary rates shall be comparable with private enterprise salary rates for the same levels of work.
Page 61 - The general guide for noninflationary wage behavior is that the rate of increase in wage rates (including fringe benefits) in each industry be equal to the trend rate of overall productivity increase.
Page 622 - Columbia a few days ago, asked me to express his regrets at not being able to be with us in behalf of this measure.
Page 54 - Congress convenes there shall be paid to each Senator, Representative in Congress, Delegate from the Territories, Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, an expense allowance of $2,500 per annum to assist in defraying expenses relating to, or resulting from the discharge of his official duties, for which no tax liability shall incur, or accounting be made; such sum to be paid in equal monthly installments.
Page 494 - Adoption of the principle of comparability will assure equity for the Federal employee with his equals throughout the national economy — enable the Government to compete fairly with private firms for qualified personnel — and provide at last a logical and factual standard for setting Federal salaries. Reflected in this single standard are such legitimate private enterprise pay considerations as cost of living, standard of living, and productivity, to the same extent that those factors are resolved...
Page 676 - Administration, with members in the 50 States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia. Our national...
Page 527 - USC 1913; or (3) for salaries or other expenses of members of county and community committees established pursuant to section 8(b) of the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act, as amended, for engaging in any activities other than advisory and supervisory duties and delegated program functions prescribed in administrative regulations...
Page 497 - Compensation per mile per annum for each mile up to 30 miles of route - For each mile of route over 30 miles..
Page 671 - Our next witness is Mr. Elmer B. Staats, Deputy Director of the Bureau of the Budget. Mr. Staats, before you proceed will you identify your associates?
Page 196 - Accordingly, the salaries for the services they perform should be fixed under well-understood and objective standards, high enough to attract and retain competent personnel, sufficiently flexible to motivate initiative and industry, and comparable with the salaries received by their counterparts in private life. To pay more than this is to be unfair to the taxpayers — to pay less is to degrade the public service and endanger our national security.

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