Hearings, Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Volume 90

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Page 159 - States Parties to the Treaty undertake not to place in orbit around the earth any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, install such weapons on celestial bodies, or station such weapons in outer space in any other manner.
Page 603 - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. It is a privilege for me to be here before you and the members of this committee as it is for Admiral Moorer and General Chapman. I will propose to follow the suggestion that you made, namely to read highlights of my statement, which I think are indicated on the copies of the statement which you have underlined. Let me say to begin with that naval forces at...
Page 96 - ... first, the recognized right of national life; — second, justice for the refugees; — third, innocent maritime passage; — fourth, limits on the wasteful and destructive arms race; and — fifth, political independence and territorial integrity for all.
Page 566 - Staff, this strategy would involve us in the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy.
Page 110 - ... it appears that for any conflict a specific number of bombs will be useful to the side using it, and anything beyond that will be luxury. What that specific number would be for any given situation it is now wholly impossible to determine.
Page 342 - Energy, the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, and the House and Senate Appropriations Committees...
Page 398 - I think that the role of a public manager is very similar to the role of a private manager; in each case he has the option of following one of two major alternative courses of action. He can either act as a judge or a leader. In the former case, he sits and waits until subordinates bring to him problems for solution, or alternatives for choice. In the latter case, he immerses himself in the operations of the business or the governmental activity, examines the problems, the objectives, the alternative...
Page 406 - Upon determination by the President that it is necessary to increase the number of military personnel on active duty beyond the number for which funds are provided in this Act, the Secretary of Defense is authorized to provide for the cost of such increased military personnel, as an excepted expense in accordance with the provisions of Revised Statutes 3732 (41 USC 11).
Page 173 - I do want to caution that, in an effort to keep them manageable, a certain degree of oversimplification was inevitable. We are under no illusion that any of these situations would actually develop exactly as postulated for purposes of the studies. They never do and we know it. Furthermore, each situation, of necessity, had to be examined solely within its own context and no attempt was made to evaluate its effect on the world situation as a whole. Conversely, the interaction of other likely world...
Page 31 - One of the legacies of Viet Nam almost certainly will be a deep reluctance on the part of the United States to become involved once again in a similar intervention on a similar basis.

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