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for release Max 29.1987

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The Departaent of the Interior's Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and
Enforceaent (OSMRE) and the National Park Service (NPS) dave joined forces to
reclain abandoned coal sines on lands now part of the National Park Systen.

A five-year, sillion-dollar plan was unveiled today to reclain abandoned coal mines it the Priendship Bali National Bistoric site in Pennsylvania, the Big South Fork National River Recreation Ares in Tennessee and Kentucky, and the New River Gorge National River in West Virginia.

Secretary of the Interior Don Bodel said the plan will endance the natural beauty of the parks, and will increase the safety of park visitors in reclaimed areas within tbe perks.

'In addition to our long-standing policy of not allowing sining activities in the National Parks, we are pleased we also can reclain some abandoned ained lands tbat have been added to the National Park Systen,' Bodel sid.

Coal mines in all three areas vere abandoned before the 1977 sursace aining lav vas enacted and before Friendsbip Bill, Big South fork and New River were designated as parts of the National Park Systen.

The reclamation plan was jointly announced by Directors Jed D. Christensen of OSMRE and willin Penn Mote of NPS. The two Interior agency beads signed a formal agreement to work togetber on the projects.

"These scenic and historic park areas are an important part of our national heritage,' Mott uid. The nine reclamation will laprove the park experience for visitors and restore precious land and water resources in these parks.'

The first reclamation work in the parks is scheduled for Ebe New River Gorge this tall. The project, along 1 Distorical biking trail near Fayetteville, W.Va., involves closing nine openings, reconstructing aine drainage systen to combat slide and erosion probleas, and disposing of concrete foundations and a cool loading structure. The site is the Kay Moor No. I coul complex, last ained in 1962.

"A signi!icant feature of this initiative involves citizen volunteer efforts to complepent work that can be done with federal reclamation funds,' Christensen explained. "The volunteer dimension is a creative example of wha: can be done through the national 'Take pride in America' program, vined at involving all deericans in the care and stewardship of our nation's outdoor heritage."


The scenic and powerful New River, one of the oldest rivers in the world, is popular with white water enthusiasts, It flows north from the headwaters in the mountains of North Carolina through Virginia to its con luence with the Gauley River in West Virginia.

Congress designated so ailes of the river fron Ninton to Fayetteville in West Virginia as the New River Gorge National River in 1978. The NPS adainisters 63,000 acres along the river corridor.

The Big Souea fork of the Cumberland River was designated National River and Recreation area in 1974. The area, about two-thirds in Tennessee and one-third in Kentucky, covers 122,960 acres including 90 ailes of strean.

The 674-acre friendship Hill National Historic site on the Monong ahela River near Point Marion, Po., was authorized by Congress in 1978. The heavily ained friendship Hill is the site of the home of Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury under Presidents Jel!erson and Madison. The Gallatin mansion, built in 1789 on what then was the edge of the country's western froncies, is undergoing restoration.





This vendsent to the existing Heaorundu of Understanding between the durmau of nines (DOM) and the office of Surface Xining Recluation and Inforceaent (OSYRE) 16 Sor the purpose of defining Abandoned xine Rocluition Research activity coordination.

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The Congress of the United States, in the continuing resolution Sor Tederal agencies for fiscal year 1981, bas directed that authority to conduct Abandoned xine Recluaition Resource activities as authorized by P.L. 95.37, Section 401(C) (6) sball be transferred tro OSIRI to BOM beginning in 07. The Congress bas provided the necessary appropriations to Box Sor the purposes of conducting the resourch.

II. upon

The purpose o! this vendaent is to set sorth Ebe
organizational aechanisas and necessary
liaison for coordination of the Noandoned xine

Rocluation Research activities between DOM and OSXRL. III. &cope and ResponsIbI131

It is agreed by both parties that transfer of Abandoned
Xine Rečivation Research activities applies to the 17
progru and subsequent yours when Congress appropriates
Tesoarch funds to Don. Hlor fiscal year (0)
appropriations presently being adninistered by OSYRE vill
ruata the responsibility of OSIRE.
de directed by the Congress, the Dox vill administer and
conduct Abandoned xine Recination Research funded during

MY 87 and subsequent appropriations made to DON. sv. Dinslor of Personnel

It is agreed by both parties that consistent with the provisions of S 0.3.c. 1104 and the Civil Service Reson Act of 1971, OSRI vill designate one eaploy.. vich experience in the Abandoned åine Recluation Research progru Sor transfer to sor.


OSX vill designato an Individual to be on the Interagency coordination comittee that DON V121 estabilab pussuant to the TY 87 continuing resolution. That person vill be responsible for coordinated Input by Osmoz, to include Input from the Assistant Directors for Field Operations as seguired by the appropriations language. Asty Input Iron OSIRE concerning an ongoing er proposed project will be relayed to BOM through ense designated individual. DON and OsXRE vill hoia annual progru roview meetings to ensure coordination of the progru and that technology developed in the research

progru is transferred to Industry. v. Jeron

POK vill provide OSYRE vith 20 copies of final project reports when the research is completed and the final

report is approved by the Director of the DOM. VII.

1: OSXRL personnel want to visit BOM project sites, visits vill be scheduled with the prior knowledge and consent of the POM Technical project officer and the concurrence of the Chies, Division of Xining Technology, Washington, D.C.

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Between The

Office of Surface Mining Reclamation aod Enforcement

And The

U.S. Geological Survey
Interagency Committee for Program Coordination

This revised Memorandum of Understanding replaces the original MOU signed on August 25, 1983, by Doyle G. Frederick, Acting Director of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and on September 8, 1983, by J.D. Harris, former Director of the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE). It is in the national interest that related program responsibilities of the OSMRE and the USGS be closely coordinated and mutually supportive. Accordingly, there is hereby established an OSMRE/USGS Interagency Committee for Program Coordination. The Committee will have the authority to establish working groups to undertake studies of interagency issues and to make decisions within its areas of responsibilities. The Committee will be jointly chaired by the respective Directors of OSMRE and the USGS. The Committee will meet at least once every 6 months, but more otten it necessary to resolve specific problems, or to initiate research activities. The primary responsibility of the Committee will be to coordinate related programs and research within the full range of interface between the two Bureaus. These include, but are not necessarily restricted to, programs involving the following activities. (1) Water monitoring and hydrologic studies. (2) Geologic and other thematic mapping and engineering geology. (3) Coal and rock geochemistry. (4) Mapping, cartography, remote sensing, and Geographic Information Systems. (5) Data and information management. (6) Environmental and economic data and other special studies. (7) Research coordination. The Committee will also provide for exchange of program and budget information during the preparation stage.

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