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The purpose of this inter agency Agreement between OSMRE and NPS is to establish a mutually agreeaole working arrangement whereby OSMRE will expend, subject to congressional appropriations, up to $1,000,000 over the next five years fro.. funds available to the Secretary of the Interior under section 402 (9) (3) of SMCRA, to abate dangers to the public health, safety, and general welfare resulting from past mining practices on lands within the boundaries of units of the National Park System. All expenditures made and actions taken under this Interagency Agreement shall be consistent with the preservation of the natural, scenic, and cultural values of the National Park System and section 403 of SMCRA.

II. Scope of Reclamation

Projects eligible for funding under this Interagency Agreement are those that address past pining practices on lands within the boundaries of the New River Gorge National River , Big South Fork National Recreation Area, and Friendship Hill National Historic site, and which represent either an extreme dange: (priority one) or danger (priority two) to the public health, safety or general welfare as set forth in section 403 of SMC RA, 30 U.S.C 1233. Projects will be conducted by OSMRE with the concurrence and technical assistance of NPS.

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The NPS agrees that it will be responsible for:
a) Developing a detailed listing of all past mining sites

left abandoned or inadequately reclaimed prior to
August 3, 1977, that exist within the boundaries of
the specified units, including a description of the
danger posed to the public health, safety, or general
welfare from each site, and a description of the

impacts on park values and purposes : b) Identifying priority one and two projects within the

specified units of the National Park System with OSMRE assistance and canking those projects;



Coordinating compliance with Sections 106 and 110 of
the National yistoric Preservation Act, 16 U.S.C. 470
et sey.;
Providing technical assistance to OSMRE in the
development and execution of reclamation plans,
including the preparation of contract specifications
and contractor selection, so that the reclamation will
be consistent witn park purposes and values:
Furnishing to OSMRE all reports and data necessary for
OSMRE and NPS to effectively plan and carry out the
reclamation projects over the next five years;
Providing personnel or technical assistance as
required by OSMRE, and coordinating with and
disseminating information to private parties affected
by this Interagency Agreement so that reclamation
projects can be efficiently and effectively
implemented; and
Identifying and coordinating with OSMRE citizen
volunteer efforts to reclain or abate lower priority
projects on National Park System lands.




Responsibilities of OSMRE
OSMRE agrees that it will be responsible for :
.a) Determining that projects identified by the National

Park Service meet SMCRA criteria for eligibility and
Assisting NPS personnel in ranking eligible abandoned
mine land sites and on reclamation procedures and
other topics for which OSMRE has available and

recognized expertise ;
c) Developing and executing all reclamation plans and

projects, after consultation and concurrence by NPS: Providing up to $1,000,000 of financial support for

selected projects over the next five years; e) Developing and furnishing to NPS semiannual progress

reports on all on-going reclamation projects undertaken pursuant to this Interagency Agreement;

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Identifying and coordinating with NPS citizen
volunteer efforts to reclaim or abate lower prioriey
projects on National Park System lands; and
Assisting NPS in conveying its concerns to State
agencies responsible for State AML programs.


Public Information

Each agency will provide to the other prior to public release copies of all press releases or other reports or letters concerning this Interagency Agreement or the execution of reclamation projects to be undertaken. Joint coordination shall be acknowledged in all printed material. Release of information to the public regarding projects implemented under this Interagency Agreement will be by mutual agreement of OSMRE and NPS.

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Once a year the Deputy Directors of OSMRE and NPS will meet to review the scope and progress of activities covered by this Interagency Agreement.

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It shall be the duty of the designees listed below to establish the operational procedures, monitor progress, answer' operational questions and resolve operational problems which may arise under this Interagency Agreement.



Claude Downing
Assistant Chief
Federal Programs Branch
Division of Abandoned Mine

Land Reclamation
7 Parkway Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
(FTS) 726-2128

David B. Snaver
Mining and Minerals

Land Resources division

P.0. Box 25287
Denver, CO 80225
(FTS) 776-8777

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