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rates of pay approved by the Secretary of the Treasury not exceeding current rates for similar services in the District of Columbia : Provided further, That the term "fuel" shall be held to include "fuel oil": Provided further, That the reconditioning and repair of surplus property surplus property. and equipment for disposition or reissue to Government service, may be made at cost by the Procurement Division, payment therefor to be effected by charging the proper appropriation and crediting the general supply fund: Provided further, That all orders for printing and binding for the Treasury Department, exclusive of work performed in the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and exclusive of such printing and binding as may under existing law be procured by field offices under authorization of the Joint Committee on Printing, shall be placed by the Director of Procurement in accord with the provisions of existing law.

Repairs to typewriting machines (except bookkeeping and billing machines) in the Government service in the District of Columbia and areas adjacent thereto may be made at cost by the Procurement Division, payment therefor to be effected by charging the proper appropriation and crediting the general supply fund.

No part of any money appropriated by this or any other Act shall be used during the fiscal year 1946 for the purchase, within the continental limits of the United States, of any standard typewriting machines (except bookkeeping, billing, and electric machines) at a price in excess of the following for models with carriages which will accommodate paper of the following widths, to wit: Ten inches (correspondence models), $70; twelve inches, $75; fourteen inches, $77.50; sixteen inches, $82.50; eighteen inches, $87.50; twenty inches, $94; twenty-two inches, $95; twenty-four inches, $97.50; twenty-six inches, $103.50; twenty-eight inches, $104; thirty inches, $105; thirty-two inches, $107.50; or, for standard typewriting machines distinctively quiet in operation, the maximum prices shall be as follows for models with carriages which will accommodate paper of the following widths, to wit: Ten inches, $80; twelve inches, $85; fourteen inches, $90; eighteen inches, $95: Provided, That there may be added to such prices the amount of Federal excise taxes paid or payable with respect to any such machines.

Typewriting chines, repairs.

Orders for printing and binding.

Purchase prices.

Printing and binding: For printing and binding for the Procurement Division, including printed forms and miscellaneous items for ing. general use of the Treasury Department, the cost of transportation to field offices of printed and bound material and the cost of necessary packing boxes and packing materials, $150,000, together with not to exceed $4,000 to be transferred from the general supply fund, Treasury Department.


Surplus property.

58 Stat. 765.
50 U. S.

Surplus property program: For expenses of care and handling and other necessary expenses of the Procurement Division incident to the disposal of property under the Surplus Property Act of 1944; including personal services in the District of Columbia; stationery (not to IV, app. §§ 1611-1646. exceed $90,000); purchase (including exchange) of lawbooks, books of reference, and periodicals; printing and binding (not to exceed $100,000); advertising; and maintenance, repair, and operation of passenger automobiles; $14,999,000.

Post, p. 546.

No part of any appropriation or authorization in this Act shall be used to pay any part of the salary or expenses of any person tion. whose salary or expenses are prohibited from being paid from any appropriation or authorization in any other Act.

This title may be cited as the "Treasury Department Appropriation Act, 1946".


Printing and bind

Payment of salaries and expenses, restric

Citation of title.

Post Office Department Appropriation Act, 1946. Post, pp. 427, 651, 652.

5 Stat. 80.

Post, p. 651.

41 U.S. C. §5.

Post, p. 651.

54 Stat. 2074.

Printing and binding.


For contingent and miscellaneous expenses; including stationery and blank books, index and guide cards, folders and binding devices, purchase of penalty envelopes; telegraph and telephone service; furniture and filing cabinets and repairs thereto; purchase of tools and electrical supplies; maintenance of two motor-driven passengercarrying vehicles; floor coverings; postage stamps for correspondence addressed abroad, which is not exempt under article 49 of the Buenos Aires Convention of the Universal Postal Union; purchase and exchange of lawbooks, and books of reference; newspapers, not exceeding $200; and expenses of the purchasing agent and of the Solicitor and attorneys connected with his office while traveling on business of the Department, not exceeding $1,900; and other expenses not otherwise provided for; $133,000.

For printing and binding for the Post Office Department, including all of its bureaus, offices, institutions, and services located in Washington, District of Columbia, and elsewhere, $1,750,000.

Appropriations hereinafter made for the field service of the Post Office Department, except as otherwise provided, shall not be expended for any of the purposes hereinbefore provided for on account of the Post Office Department in the District of Columbia: Provided, That the actual and necessary expenses of officials and employees of the Post Office Department and Postal Service, when traveling on official business, may be paid from the appropriations for the service in connection with which the travel is performed, and appropriations for the fiscal year 1946 shall be available therefor: Provided further, Examination of esti- That appropriations hereinafter made, except such as are exclusively for payment of compensation, shall be immediately available for


Field-service appropriations, restriction

on use.


The following sums are appropriated in conformity with the Act of July 2, 1836 (5 U. S. C. 380, 39 U. S. C. 786), for the Post Office Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1946, namely:


Travel expenses.


Salaries: For the Postmaster General and other personal services in the office of the Postmaster General in the District of Columbia, $247,450.


For personal services in the District of Columbia in bureaus and offices of the Post Office Department in not to exceed the following amounts, respectively:

Office of Budget and Administrative Planning, $36,650.
Office of the First Assistant Postmaster General, $710,800.
Office of the Second Assistant Postmaster General, $553,250.
Office of the Third Assistant Postmaster General, $879,000.
Office of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General, $454,740.
Office of the Solicitor for the Post Office Department, $120,600.
Office of the chief inspector, $291,800.

Office of the purchasing agent, $58,200.

Bureau of Accounts, including the employment of not to exceed three temporary experts by contract or otherwise without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, or the civil-service and classification laws, $405,000.

expenses in connection with the examination of estimates for appropriations in the field including per diem allowances in lieu of actual expenses of subsistence.



Travel expenses, Postmaster General and Assistant Postmasters General: For travel and miscellaneous expenses in the Postal Service, offices of the Postmaster General and Assistant Postmasters General, $3,000.

Personal or property damage claims: To enable the Postmaster General to pay claims for damages, occurring during the fiscal year 1946, or in prior fiscal years, to persons or property in accordance with the provisions of the Deficiency Appropriation Act, approved June 16, 1921 (5 U. S. C. 392), as amended by the Act approved June 22, 1934 (48 Stat. 1207), $75,000.

Adjusted losses and contingencies: To enable the Postmaster General to pay to postmasters, Navy mail clerks, and assistant Navy mail clerks or credit them with the amount ascertained to have been lost or destroyed during the fiscal year 1946, or prior fiscal years, through burglary, fire, or other unavoidable casualty resulting from no fault or negligence on their part, as authorized by the Act approved March 17, 1882, as amended, $55,000.


Salaries of inspectors: For salaries of fifteen inspectors in charge of divisions and seven hundred and ninety-five inspectors, $3,073,375. Traveling and miscellaneous expenses: For traveling expenses of inspectors, inspectors in charge, the chief post-office inspector, and the assistant chief post-office inspector, including reimbursement of not to exceed 3 cents per mile for official travel performed by them in privately owned automobiles within the limits of their official stations, and for the traveling expenses of four clerks performing stenographic and clerical assistance to post-office inspectors in the investigation of important fraud cases; for tests, exhibits, documents, photographs, office, and other necessary expenses incurred by postoffice inspectors in connection with their official investigations, including necessary miscellaneous expenses of division headquarters, and not to exceed $500 for books of reference needed in the operation of the Post Office Inspection Service, $956,250: Provided, That not exceeding $15,000 of this sum shall be available for transfer by the Postmaster General to other departments and independent establishments for chemical and other investigations.

Clerks, division headquarters: For compensation of three hundred and sixty-seven clerks at division headquarters and other posts of duty of post-office inspectors, $960,000.

Payment of rewards: For payment of rewards for the detection, arrest, and conviction of post-office burglars, robbers, highway mail robbers, and persons mailing or causing to be mailed any bomb, infernal machine, or mechanical, chemical, or other device or composition which may ignite, or explode, $55,000: Provided, That rewards may be paid in the discretion of the Postmaster General, when an offender of the classes mentioned was killed in the act of committing the crime or in resisting lawful arrest: Provided further, That no part of this sum shall be used to pay any rewards at rates in excess of those specified in Post Office Department Order 15142,

Post, p. 651.

42 Stat. 63.
31 U. S. C. 224c.

22 Stat. 29.
39 U. S. C. § 49.
Post, p. 603.

Chemical, etc., investigations.

Post, p. 651.


Death of offender.



Securing of informa- dated February 19, 1941: Provided further, That of the amount herein appropriated not to exceed $20,000 may be expended in the discretion of the Postmaster General, for the purpose of securing information concerning violations of the postal laws and for services and information looking toward the apprehension of criminals.


Compensation to postmasters: For compensation to postmasters, including compensation as postmaster to persons who, pending the designation of an acting postmaster, assume and properly perform the duties of postmaster in the event of a vacancy in the office of postmaster of the third or fourth class, and for allowances for rent, light, fuel, and equipment to postmasters of the fourth class, $59,773,000.

Compensation to assistant postmasters: For compensation to assistant postmasters at first- and second-class post offices, $10,071,000.

Clerks, first- and second-class post offices: For compensation to clerks and employees at first- and second-class post offices, including auxiliary clerk hire at summer and winter post offices, printers, mechanics, skilled laborers, watchmen, messengers, mail handlers, and substitutes, $302,000,000.

Contract station service: For contract station service, $2,900,000. Separating mails: For separating mails at third- and fourth-class post offices, $427,400.

Unusual conditions: For unusual conditions at post offices, $500,000. Clerks, third-class post offices: For allowances to third-class post offices to cover the cost of clerical services, $11,492,000.

Miscellaneous items, first- and second-class post offices: For miscellaneous items necessary and incidental to the operation and protection of post offices of the first and second classes, and the business conducted in connection therewith, not provided for in other appropriations, $3,200,000.

Village delivery service: For village delivery service in towns and villages having post offices of the second or third class, and in communities adjacent to cities having city delivery, $375,000.

Detroit River service: For Detroit River postal service, $12,990. Carfare and bicycle allowance: For carfare and bicycle allowance, including special-delivery carfare, cost of transporting carriers by privately owned automobiles to and from their routes, at rates not exceeding regular streetcar or bus fare, and purchase, maintenance, and exchange of bicycles, $1,575,000.

City delivery carriers: For pay of letter carriers, City Delivery Service, and United States Official Mail and Messenger Service, $172,000,000.

Special-delivery fees: For fees to special-delivery messengers, $11,500,000.

Rural Delivery Service: For pay of rural carriers, auxiliary carriers, substitutes for rural carriers on annual and sick leave, clerks in charge of rural stations, and tolls and ferriage, Rural Delivery Service, and for the incidental expenses thereof, $93,598,000, of which not less than $200,000 shall be available for extensions and new service.


Star-route service: For inland transportation by star routes (excepting service in Alaska), including temporary service to newly established offices, $19,150,000.

Star Route and Air Mail Service, Alaska: For inland transportation by Star Route and Air Mail Service in Alaska, $400,000.

Powerboat service: For inland transportation by steamboat or other powerboat routes, including ship, steamboat, and way letters, $500,000.

Railroad transportation and mail messenger service: For inland transportation by railroad routes and for mail messenger service, $145,000,000: Provided, That separate accounts be kept of the amount expended for mail messenger service.

Railway Mail Service: For fifteen division superintendents, fifteen assistant division superintendents, two assistant superintendents at large, one hundred and twenty chief clerks, one hundred and twenty assistant chief clerks, clerks in charge of sections in the offices of division superintendents, railway postal clerks, substitute railway postal clerks, joint employees, and mail handlers in the Railway Mail Service, $74,000,000.

Railway postal clerks, travel allowance: For travel allowance to railway postal clerks and substitute railway postal clerks, $4,025,000.

Railway Mail Service, traveling expenses: For actual and necessary expenses, general superintendent and assistant genera! superintendent, division superintendents, assistant division superintendents, assistant superintendents, chief clerks, and assistant chief clerks, Railway Mail Service, and railway postal clerks, while actually traveling on business of the Post Office Department and away from their several designated headquarters, $61,300.

Railway Mail Service, miscellaneous expenses: For rent, light, heat, fuel, telegraph, miscellaneous and office expenses, telephone service, badges for railway postal clerks, rental of space for terminal railway post offices for the distribution of mails when the furnishing of space for such distribution cannot, under the Postal Laws and Regulations, properly be required of railroad companies without additional compensation, and for equipment and miscellaneous items necessary to terminal railway post offices, $420,600.

Electric-car service: For electric-car service, $235,000.

Foreign mail transportation: For transportation of foreign mails, except by aircraft, $400,000.

Balances due foreign countries: The unexpended balance of the appropriation "Balances due foreign countries, 1943" in the Treasury and Post Office Departments Appropriation Act, 1943, is hereby made available for the fiscal year 1946 and prior years.

Indemnities, international mail: For payment of limited indemnity for the injury or loss of international mail in accordance with convention, treaty, or agreement stipulations, fiscal year 1946 and prior years, $8,000.

Foreign air-mail transportation: For transportation of foreign mails by aircraft, as authorized by law, including the transportation of mail by aircraft between Seattle, Washington, and Fairbanks, Alaska, via intermediate points, $4,836,000.

Domestic Air Mail Service: For the inland transportation of mail by aircraft, as authorized by law, and for the incidental expenses thereof including travel expenses, and including not to exceed $74,000 for supervisory officials and clerks at field headquarters, $43,315,000.


Manufacture and distribution of stamps and stamped paper: For manufacture of adhesive postage stamps, special-delivery stamps, books of stamps, stamped envelopes, newspaper wrappers, postal cards, and for coiling of stamps, and including not to exceed $22,700 for pay of agent and assistants to examine and distribute stamped envelopes and newspaper wrappers, and for expenses of agency, $6,500,000.

Post, p. 427.

56 Stat. 165.

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