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In this catalog the books are recorded under (1) author, in Clarendon type; anonymous books having Clarendon type for the first word; (2) title in Roman; (3) subject-heading in SMALL CAPS; (4) name of series in Italics. The figures in parentheses are not the imprint date, but refer to the date of "The Publishers' Weekly" in which full title entry will be found and not to the day of publication, for which information should be sought in the full tille entry thus indicated. Where not specified, the binding is cloth.

Since July, 1902, the prices of net books published under the rules of the American Publishers' Association are preceded in this list by a double asterisk **, and the word net follows the price. The prices of fiction (not net) published under the rules are preceded by a dagger . The prices of net books not covered by the rules, whether published by members of the American Publishers' Association or not, are preceded by a single asterisk, and the word net follows the price.

The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Augustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charles; D: David; E: Edward; F: Frederic; G: George; H: Henry; I: Isaac; J: John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; T: Thomas; W: William.

Lizes are designated as follows: F. (folio: over 30 centimeters high); Q. (4to: under 30 cm.); O. (8ro: 25 cm.); D. (12mo: 20 cm.); S. (16m0: 171⁄2 cm.); T. (24mo: 15 cm.); Tt. (32mo: 121⁄2 cm.); Fe. (48mo: 10 cm.). Sq., obl., nar., designate square, oblong, narrow books of these heights. In cases where the record is not made directly from the books, the designations 4to, Svo, 12mo, etc., are used.

Months are abbreviated as follows: Ja January; F February; Mr March; Ap April; My May; Je June; J July; Ag August; S September; 0 October; N November; D December.

The full name of publisher and address will be found in the Directory of American Publishers, pp. xv-xxxvi.



Of Books recorded January 1 to December 31, 1905, with descriptive annotations, arranged alphabetically by Authors

Abbot, H: Larcom. Problems of the Pan- | ity School students, embody Dr. Abbott's conclusions ama canal; including climatology of the isthmus, physics and hydraulics of the river charges, cut at the Continental Divide, and discussions of plans for the waterway. N. Y., Macmillan, 1905. [Ap12.] c. 10+ 248 p. map, 12°, cl., **$1.50 net.

Abbott, Alex. Crever. The principles of bacteriology: a practical manual for students and physicians. 7th ed., enl. and rev. Phil., Lea Bros. & Co., 1905. c. 17-689 p. il. (partly col.) diagrs., 8°, cl., $2.75. Abbott, Jacob. The Rollo books. New ed., rev. by the author. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., 1905.. 14 v., il. 16°, cl., ea., 50 c. Contents: v. 1, and 2, Rollo learning to read, ea., 180 p.; v. 3, Rollo at work, 192 p.; v. 4, Rollo at play, 192 p.; v. 5, Rollo at school, 198 p.; v. 6, Rollo's vacation, 192 p.; v. 7, Rollo's experiments, 180 p.; v. 8, Rollo's museum, 188 p.; v. 9, Rollo's travels, 190 p.; v. 10, Rollo's correspondence, 190 p.; v. 11, Rollo's philosophy: Water, 192 p.; v. 12, Air, 192 p.: v. 13, Fire, 192 p.; v. 14, Sky, 192 p. Abbott, J: Stevens Cabot. Napoleon Bonaparte and his campaigns; abridged from the "Life of Napoleon Bonaparte," by J: S. C. Abbott. Chic., W. B. Conkey Co., [1905.] 224 p. sq. S. (Childhood classics.) cl., 50 c. Abbott, Lyman, D.D. The Christian ministry. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1905. [My.] C. 19+317 p. D. cl., **$1.50 net.

In place of discussing "Why do people not go to church" as ministers constantly do, Dr. Abbott suggests that it is equally pertinent to ask "How do any people ever go to church?" The object of this work is to furnish an answer to this question. to indicate to priests and preachers what it is which induces half the population of New York city to lay aside their commecial pursuits and gather in their churches every seventh day; to interpret to themselves, the men and women who form these congregations, and explain to them what it is that they are often unconsciously seeking; and to indicate to those who rarely or never go to church the advantage which they might secure if they were, in this respect, to conform to the custom.

Abbott, Lyman, D.D. The great companion, New ed. N. Y., Macmillan, 1905. [Mr.] c. 160 p. 12°, cl., **$1 net.

Abbott, Lyman, D.D. The industrial problem: being the William Levi Bull lectures for 1905. Phil., G: W. Jacobs & Co., 1905. [My.] c. 4-196 p. D. cl., **$1_net.

These lectures, delivered to the Philadelphia Divin

on industrial problems after five years' investigations conducted not only in the library, but also in mills, factories, etc. His aim is to apply the principles or the spirit inculcated by Jesus Christ to our present industrial questions. The sub-titles of the four lectures outline the argument: 1, The industrial prob. lem; 2, The political solution-regulation; 3, The economic solution-reorganization; 4, The ethical so


Abbott, Lyman, D.D. One who loved his fellowmen: an appreciation. [N. Y., Gilliss Press,] 1904. c. 8°, cl. (privately printed.) The subject of the paper is C: Baszillai Spahr, 1860-1904.

Abbott, Lyman, D.D. The personality of God. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1905. F.] c. 2-29 p. D. (What is worth while ser.) leatherette, 30 c.

This little book aims to be a compact presentation of the views concerning the personality of God, which Dr. Abbott has for many years expressed in his sermons and writings.

Abbott, T: Kingsmill, D.D. Catalogue of fifteenth century books in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, and in Marsh's Library, Dublin; with a few from other collections. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1905. 6+225 p. il. O. cl., $3.25. Alphabetical catalogue of the incunabula of these two collections. Appended, a chronological index, Index of printers and places, Index of watermarks and Index of former owners.

Abel, W. J. School and home hygiene. New ed. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1904. 27 p. S. pap., 10 c.

Abhedananda, Swami. Vedanta philosophy; self-knowledge (atma-jnana). N. Y., The Vedanta Society, [1905.] c. 178 p. por. D. cl., $1.

Abraham, W. H., D.D. Church and state in England. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1905. 10319 p. D. (Oxford library of practical theology; ed. by W. C. E. Newbolt and Rev. Darwell Stone.) cl., *$1.40


Abrahams, L: Barnett. A manual of Scripture history, for use in Jewish schools and families; rev. and adapted for American use. N. Y., Bloch Publishing Co., 1905. c. 6+186 p. maps, D. bds., 50 c.

Abrams, Albert. The blues (splanchnic neurasthenia); causes and cure. 2d ed., enl.

[blocks in formation]

N. Y., E. B. Treat & Co., 1905. 3-254 p. il. Adams, Maurice Bingham, ed. Modern cot8°, cl., $1.50. Bibliography.

Acton, J: Emerick E: Dalberg-Acton, [Lord Acton.] The Cambridge modern history, planned by Lord Acton; ed. by A. W. Ward, G. W. Prothero, Stanley Leathes. In 12 v. v. 3, The wars of religion. N. Y., Macmillan, 1905. [Ja18.] c. 29+914 p. 8°, cl., **$4 net.

Acworth, W: Mitchell. The elements of railway economics. N. Y., Oxford University Press, (American Branch,) 1905. 159 p. D. cl., 70 c.

Adam, G: Concepts of the electrical phenomena of planetary systems: a monograph applying a fundamental hypothesis to astronomical facts. San Francisco, G: Adam, [San Francisco News Co.,] 1905. c. 84 p. il. 12°, cl., 75 c.

Adam, Graeme Mercer. Life of General Robert E. Lee. N. Y., A. L. Burt Co., 1905. 321 p. 12°, (Franklin ser.) cl., $1.

Adams, Andy.

The cutlet; il. by E. Boyd Smith. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1905. [Ap.] C. 10+370 p. D. cl., †$1.50.

In his former books "The log of the cow-boy" and "A Texas matchmaker" the hero, Tom Quirk, told the story of cattle on the drive and on the range, and he here relates his experiences in finding a market for a herd. At the close of the Civil War the need for a market for the surplus cattle of Texas was as urgent as it was general. Texas did not mature the cattle into marketable form, but after they had been driven north and double-wintered they became very valuable. The part the railroads played in solving the problem what to do with the immense herds of Texas cattle in the early 70's is vividly brought out.

Adams, C: Laban. Mechanical drawing;
technique and working methods for tech-
nical students. Bost., C: L. Adams, 1905.
[Mr20.] c. 4+204 p. il. diagrs., Q. cl., $3.
"A thorough preparation in drawing for a course
in engineering or in architecture should include the
study of descriptive geometry or the principles of
representation; the training of the sense powers to
give precision and facility in the technique of draw-
ing; and instruction in practical freehand drawing.
This book, treating of the second of the requirements
named and of technical methods in execution, has
been prepared for use in the first-year courses in
drawing and descriptive geometry at the Massachu-
setts Institute of Technology."-Preface.
Adams, E: Francis. A critique of socialism;
read before the Ruskin Club, of Oakland,
California. San Francisco, Paul Elder &
Co., [1905.] c. 27 p. 8°, bds., **75 c. net.
Adams, F: Upham. John Henry Smith: a
humorous romance of outdoor life; il. for
Mr. Smith by A. B. Frost. N. Y., Double-
day, Page & Co., 1905. [Je.] c. 13+346 p.
D. cl., +$1.50.

John Henry Smith, a devoted golf player, has leased 200 acres of land in the vicinity of New York city to the Woodvale Golf and Country Club. He is also interested in Wall Street and is friendly with a millionaire railway magnate who first despises golf and then becomes infatuated, as do the several other characters. The millionaire has a daughter who wins a $15,000 automobile from her father playing golf. All the events of the plot depend on speculation, golfing and automobiling.

Adams, H: Saxton. A little brown book of
Dutch bulbs, 1905. Jamaica Plain, Mass.,
H: S. Adams, 1905. C. 32 p. il. 16°, pap.,

tage architecture; il. from works of wellknown architects; ed., with an introductory essay on cottage building and notes on the subjects, by Maurice B. Adams; fifty examples reproduced from drawings, with the plan of each. N. Y., J. Lane, 1904. 29 p. il. plans, pls., f°, cl., $1.50.

Adams, Oscar Fay. A dictionary of American authors. 5th ed., rev. and enl. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1905. c. '04. 8+ 587 p. O. cl., $3.50.

In the present issue of this work, errors and misprints noted in earlier editions are corrected, while the supplement has been extended sixty-five pages by the insertion of thirteen hundred and twenty names in excess of those included in the fourth edition. Wherever needful the entries in this portion of the volume have been materially amplified, while throughout the book have been supplied many dates of deaths happening since the first issue of the dictionary, in 1897.

Adams, R: Calmit. The ancient religion of the Delaware Indians and observations and reflections. Wash., D. C., Law Reporter Printing Co., 1904. C. 5-43 p. 8°, pap., $1. Adams, T: Sewall, and Sumner, Helen L. Labor problems: a textbook. N. Y., Macmillan, 1905. 15+579 p. 8°, cl., *$1.60 net. Adams, Washington Irving Lincoln. In the dawn, and other verses. N. Y., Styles &

Cash, 1905. 63 p. por. 16°, cl. (privately printed.)

Adams, W: Taylor, ["Oliver Optic," pseud.] Do something. N. Y., Hurst & Co., 1905. 220 p. 12°, (Home ser. for girls.) cl., 50 c. Adams, W: Taylor, ["Oliver Optic," pseud.] Isles of the sea; or, young America homeward bound: a story of travel and adventure. Bost., Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., [1905.] c. 374 p. front., pls., 12°, (Young America abroad, 2d ser.) cl., +$1.25.

Adams, W: Taylor, ["Oliver Optic," pseud.] Just his luck. Bost., Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., [1905.] c. 335 p. 12°, (American boy's ser.) cl., +$1.

Adams, W: Taylor, ["Oliver Optic," pseud.] Little merchant. N. Y., Hurst & Co., 1905. 224 p. 12°, (Young American lib. for boys.) cl., 50 c.

Adams, W: Taylor, ["Oliver Optic," pseud.] Proud and lazy. N. Y., Hurst & Co., 1905. 224 p. 12°, (Home ser. for girls.) cl., 50 c.

Adamson, J: W: Pioneers of modern education, 1600-1700. N. Y., Macmillan, 1905. 22+285 p. 12°, cl., *$1.50 net.

Addison, Jos. Selections from the writings of Joseph Addison; ed., with introd. and notes, by Barrett Wendell and Chester Noyes Greenough. Bost., Ginn, [1905.] [S7.] c. 61+346 p. por. 12°, (Athenæum Press ser.) cl., 80 c.

"The text is precisely that of Tickell's edition of 1721, except for the correction of misprints."Preface. Bibliography.

Addison, Jos. Sir Roger de Coverley, and other essays from the Spectator; il. by H. W. Brock. N. Y., Dutton, 1905. 310 p. 12°, cl., $1.25.

[blocks in formation]

Addison, Julia de Wolf. The art of the Na-
tional Gallery: a critical survey of the
schools and painters as represented in the
British collection. Bost., L. C. Page & Co.,
1905. [S.] c. 10+389 p. il. plan, D. (Art
galleries of Europe.) cl., **$2 net.

By the author of "The art of the Pitti Palace."
Follows as far as possible the arrangement of the
National Gallery in which the various schools appear
Gives a floor plan of the
in their historic order.
Gallery and about fifty of the most celebrated pic-
tures produced in duogravure from photographs.
Cover decorated with
Bibliography (2 p.). Index.
English coat of arms in gold and colors.


Adler, Elkan Nathan. Jews in many lands.
Phil., Jewish Publication Society of Amer-
ica, 1905. 3-259 p. il. D. cl., $1.25.
An account of visits made by the author to Jewish
Contents: Egypt in 1888;
centres in the old world.
From Jaffa to Jerusalem; Jerusalem; The environs
of Jerusalem; Hebron, the Dead Sea, and the
Jordan; Agricultural colonies in Palestine; Palestine
revisited in 1895; Salonica; Smyrna; Aleppo; The
schools of Tetuan; Persian Jews; Zakaspie; A visit
to Moisesville; A visit to the Knowno Rav.
Adler, Felix.

The essentials of spirituality.

N. Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 1905. 92 p. 12°, cl.,
**$1 net.

Adler, Felix. Marriage and divorce. N. Y.,
McClure, Phillips & Co., 1905. c. 5+59 p.
S. bds., **50 c. net.

Two lectures delivered by Prof. Adler before the Society for Ethical Culture of New York City. They embody his views as to the chief aim in marriage, and his opposition to divorce.

[My.] c.

Adler, Felix. The religion of duty. N. Y.,
McClure, Phillips & Co., 1905.
8+201 p. D. cl., **$1.20 net.

The leading thoughts from Dr. Adler's writings have been gathered into this volume, and arranged connectedly under the following headings: First steps toward religion, Changes in the conception of God, The teachings of Jesus in the modern world, The religion of duty, Standards of conduct based on ethical religion, The ethical attitude towards pleasure, The ethical attitude towards suffering, The consolation of the religion of duty, The essential difference between the ethical societies and the churches.


150 p. 8°,

Adler, Harry, and Cannon, T. Harris.
manual for the clinical laboratory. Balt.,
J. H. Saumenig & Co., 1904. c.
cl., *$3 net.
Adventurous life and heroic deeds of Theo-
dore Roosevelt; with an introd. by Murat
Halstead. Phil., National Publishing Co.,
1905. c. 17+304 p. il. pors. 12°, cl., $1.50.
Aeschylus. Prometheus; with introd., notes
and critical appendix by Jos. E: Harry. N.
358 p. I
Y., Amer. Book Co., [1905.] c.
il. D. (Greek series for colleges and
schools.) cl., $1.50.

Aeschylus. Prometheus; ed. by Jos. E:
Harry. Text ed. N. Y., Amer. Book Co.,
[1905.] c. 59 p. D. (Greek series for col-
leges and schools.) pap., 30 c.

bound of
Aeschylus; ed., with introd. tr. and notes,
by Janet Case. N. Y., Macmillan, 1905.
153 p. por. Tt. (Macmillan's Temple dram-
atists.) cl., 45 c.; leath.. 65 c.

Aesop. Fables; with about 100 new and orig-
inal il. expressly designed by Maude Clarke.
N. Y., Cassell & Co., 1905. 4°, cl., $2.50.


Aesop. Esop's fables: an adaptation of the
tr. from the Greek by Rev. G: F. Town-
send; with an introd. by Elisabeth Luther
Cary; il. by J. M. Condé. N. Y., Moffat,
Yard & Co., 1905. [N.] c. 2-275 p. O.
cl., **$2 net.

A handsome edition of a classic, with many colored
page illustrations.
Lectures and es-

Ainger, Alfred, (Canon.)

2 V., 14+

says. N. Y., Macmillan, 1905.
407; 5+533 p. 12°, cl., *$5 net.
Ainslee, Kathleen. Lady Tabitha and us. N.
Y., F: A. Stokes Co., [1905.] obl. T. bds.,
+50 c.

Describes a Christmas party for Dutch jointed
dolls. The text is printed in a child's handwriting
and the full-page pictures are colored.

Ainsworth, W: Harrison. Guy Fawkes: a
romance of the Gunpowder treason. N. Y.,
A. L. Burt Co., 1905. 52+588 p. 12°, cl.,

Ainsworth, W: Harrison. Guy Fawkes; or,
a historical ro-
the Gunpowder treason:
mance. N. Y., A. L. Burt Co., 1905. 2 v.,
530 p. il. 12°, cl., +$1.80.
Ainsworth, W: Harrison. Jack Sheppard.
N. Y., Á. L. Burt Co., 1905. 2 v., 559 p. il.
12°, cl., $1.80.

The Tower of
London: a historical romance of the times
of Lady Jane Grey and Mary Tudor. N.
Y., A. L. Burt Co., 1905. 588 p. 12°, cl.,
Ainsworth, W: Harrison. Windsor Castle:
a historical romance. N. Y., A. L. Burt
Co., 1905. 2 v., 349 p. 12°, cl., +$1.80.
Ainsworth, W: Harrison. Windsor Castle:
a historical romance of the reign of Henry
VIII., Catharine of Aragon, and
Boleyn. N. Y., A. L. Burt Co., 1905. 424 p.
12°, cl., +$1.

Ainsworth, W: Harrison.


Nina Hilt: [a story.] Akin, Eliz. Hall. Princeton, Ky., George Cattell, 1904. 182 p. S. cl., 75 c. Alabama. Department of Archives and History. Check list of newspaper and periodical files in the Department of Archives and History of the state of Alabama; comp. by the director, T: M. Owen. Montgomery, c. 65 p. Ala., Brown Printing Co., 1904. O. (State of Alabama, Department of Archives and History, Bulletin.) pap., 50 c. Reports of cases Alabama. Supreme ct. during the Nov. term, 1903-1904; by Phares Coleman, state rep. v. 140. Montgomery, Brown Print, Co., 1905. 792 p. O. shp., $3.75. Alabama. Supreme ct. Report of cases. 2d ed., unabridged; with notes and references by the editorial corps of the national reporter system. Books 35-44; cont. a verbatim reprint of vs. 51-70 of the Ala. reports. O. shp., St. Paul, West Pub. Co., 1905. c. ea.. $6. (Sold only in complete sets. printed backwards.) Alarcón, Pedro A. de. Novelas cortas escogidas; ed., with notes and vocabulary, by Alfred Remy. Bost., Heath, 1905. c. 6+ 155 p. S. (Heath's modern language ser.) cl.,

50 c.

c. 24+


[blocks in formation]

Alaska Club's 1905 almanac. Ist annual. Seattle, Wash., Alaska Club, 1905. C. 132 p. maps, 8°, cl., $1. Alcott, Louisa May. Jack and Jill: a village story; il. by Harriet Roosevelt Richards. [New il. ed.] Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1905. c. '80, '05. 6+334 p. D. cl., †$2. Alcott, Louisa May. A modern Cinderella; or, the little old shoe; il. from original drawings by Winfield S. Lukens. H: Altemus Co., [1904.] c. 96 p. 12°, (Altemus' Holly-tree ser.) cl., 50 c. Alcott, Louisa May. Under the lilacs; il. by Alice Barber Stephens. [New il. ed.] Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1905. c. '78, '05. 5+302 p. D. cl., †$2.


Alden, Mrs. Isabella Macdonald, [Mrs. G. R. Alden; "Pansy," pseud.] David Ransom's watch; [il. by Ernest Fosberry.] Bost., Lothrop Publishing Co., [1905.] c. 6+ 354 p. D. cl., +$1.50.

David Ransom, a western farmer, a man of integrity, loyalty and simple piety, has a wayward brother who drifts to the East where, after becoming engaged to a New England woman several years his senior, he spoils his own future by amusing himself with a pretty, uneducated girl, whom he eventually marries. Their child, through a series of tragic and mysterious events, is adopted by her uncle, David Ransom. The story tells how the girl at length finds out her relationship to her adopted parents and how she is brought in contact with her father's old love and her adopted son.

Alden, Mrs. Isabella Macdonald, [Mrs. G. R. Alden; "Pansy," pseud.] Four girls at Chautauqua. Bost., Lothrop Publishing Co., [1904.] C. 474 p. 12°, (Pansy books.) cl., +$1.50.

Alden, Mrs. Isabella Macdonald, [Mrs. G. R. Alden; "Pansy," pseud.] The Randolphs. Bost., Lee & Shepard Co., [1904.] c. 440 p. 12°, cl., $1.50.

Alden, W: Livingston. Jimmy Brown trying to find Europe; written by himself and edited by W: L. Alden. N. Y., Harper, 1905. [My.] c. 4+164 p. D. cl., +60 c. In this new Jimmy Brown book, Jimmy is sent to live with his married sister, where he is soon up to his old pranks. Finally, in company with Mike, an Irish boy, he sets out to find his parents, whose only address is "Grand Hotel, Europe." Adventures many and surprising lead to the reunion of the Brown family in Paris.

Alderson, W: A. A practical treatise on the law of receivers as applicable to individuals, partnerships, and corporations; with extended consideration of receivers of railways and in proceedings in bankruptcy. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co., 1905. c. 71+ 659 p. O. shp., $6.

Aldin, C: Windsor, (il.) A gay dog; pictured by Cecil Aldin. N. Y., Dutton, 1905. [S.] 52 p. 4°, hf. cl., $1.50.

Aldis, Janet. Madame Geoffrin, her salon and her times. N. Y., Putnam, 1905. 16+ 372 p. 8°, cl., *$2.75 net.

Aldrich, J: Merton. A catalogue of North American diptera, (or two-winged flies.) Wash., D. C., Smithsonian Institution, 1905. c. 680 p. 8°, (Smithsonian miscellaneous collections.) pap., $1.25.

Based upon Osten Sacken's Catalogue of North American Diptera, second edition, 1878, published as Smithsonian miscellaneous collections, v. 16, no. 270.


Aldrich, R: A guide to The ring of the Nibelung, the trilogy of Richard Wagner; its origin, story, and music. Bost., Oliver Ditson Co., [1905.] c. 13+125 p. 12°, cl., $1.25.

Alexander, Mrs. Lucia, comp. Il libro d'oro, of those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life; tr. by Mrs. Francis Alexander. Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1905. [N.] c. 11+489 p. O. cl., **$2 net. The translator has in this remarkable volume given to the English-speaking world a priceless collection of more than one hundred and twenty miracle stories and sacred legends, written by fathers of the church and published in Italy in the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. The collection is derived from four books: "Selections from the Lives of the Holy Fathers, together with the Spiritual Field," Venice, 1623; "Selections from the lives of the Saints and Beati of Tuscany," Florence, 1627; "Selections from the Wonders of God in His Saints," Bologna, 1593; "Flowers of Sanctity," Venice, 1726. Alexander, Taylor. Wina: a love story. St. Paul, Minn., Taylor Alexander, [1904.] C. 3-94 p. 12°, pap., 25 c.

Alexander, T:, and Thomson, A. W. Graphic statics: a graduated series of problems and practical examples; with numerous diagrams all drawn to scale. N. Y., Macmillan, 1905. 50 p. il. 8°, limp cl., *50 c. net. Alexander, T:, and Thomson, A. W. Twenty-six graded exercises in graphic statics, some in two colours and with skeleton data to practice upon, and including the application to roofs, girders, retaining walls, masonry arches, Levy's steel arches, Levy's weight tables, moving locomotives, (original constructions;) with an essay on graphic statics in the form of a running commentary on the exercises, each of which has full instructions printed on its face, the whole forming a Supplement to the author's "Elementary applied mechanics." N. Y., Macmillan, 1905. obl. f°, pap., *$2.50


Alexander, W: The Chadwick case: [a love story.] Phil., Royal Publishing Co., 1904. C. 21-120 p. il. 12°, pap., 25 c. Alexander, W: The life insurance company. N. Y., Appleton, 1905. [My.] c. 9+ 290 p. D. (Appleton's business ser.) cl., $1.50.

The fundamental principles upon which life insurance is based and the manner in which these principles are applied in practice, are illustrated by the building up of an imaginary company. Three facts underlie all life insurance: 1. All life insurance costs money to the company that grants it; 2. This cost can be accurately determined; 3. That this cost need not be taken for granted, but can be readily grasped by any person of ordinary intelligence. The morey secured by life insurance in the world to-day amounts to almost $25,000,000.000. The author is secretary of Equitable Life Insurance Company and not to be confounded with the author of "The Chadwick case."

Alexander & Co.'s hub coin book: an encyclopædia of rare coins. New ed., enl., rev. and il.; containing complete lists of rare U. S. and colonial coins, fractional currency; with much miscellaneous information regarding coins and coinages, both American and foreign. [13th ed.] Bost., Alexander & Co., [1905. Mr.] 137 p. sq. S. pap., 25 c.


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