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[blocks in formation]


Dozier, Orion Theophilus...
Draftsman, The...
Drake, Frederick J., & Co.

Dramatic Publishing Co. (C. H. Sergel,

Dubuque Enterprise Publishing Co...


.Birmingham, Ala. ...Cleveland, O.

.211 E. Madison St., Chicago. Prest.),

358 Dearborn St., Chicago. .Dubuque, Ia.

Dufresne, Frank P. (succeeded by Lawyers' Co-operative Publishing


Dulles, C: Winslow.

Dunn & Turk..

Dunne, M. W..

Du Pre Book Store.
Dutton, E. P., & Co..
Earle, James H., & Co.

East St. Louis Publishing Co.
Eastern Publishing Co...
Eastside Publishing Co.
Eaton & Co.

Eaton & Mains..
Eckler, Peter.

Economic Publishing Co.
Editor Publishing Co...
Edminster, Clothier Franklin.
· Edmunds. Albert J....
Educational Company.
Educational Publishing Co.
Eger, Alexander...

Eisele T., (present address not Elder, Orville..

Elder, Paul, & Co.

Electrical Review Publishing Co.
Elias, S. P..

Elliott, A. R., Publishing Co.
Ellis, George H., Co....
Ellsworth & Brey..

Elston Press (Clarke Conwell).
Elysian Fields Publishing Co..

.Rochester, N. Y.

.17 Park Row, New York. 135 Fifth Ave., New York. .Spartanburg, S. C. 31 W. 23d St., New York. 178 Washington St., Boston .East St. Louis, Ill. .61 Court St., Boston. Washington, D. C. .203 Michigan Ave., Chicago. .150 Fifth Ave., New York. .35 Fulton St., New York. .St. Louis.

.150 Nassau St., New York. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. .3231 Sansom St., Philadelphia.


.323 Dearborn St., Chicago.

.50 Bromfield St., Boston. .34 E. Van Buren St., Chicago. .formerly Chicago. ...Chicago. .238 Post St., San Francisco. ..4 Park Row, New York. .202 Sansome St., San Francisco. ...66 Nassau St., New York. .272 Congress St., Boston. .Detroit, Mich. Pelham Road, New Rochelle, N. Y.

Emerson College of Oratory, Pub. Dept.
Emeth (The) Publishers.
Engelhard, George P., & Co.
Engineer Publishing Co...
Engineering and Mining Journal.
Engineering News Publishing Co.
Erbés, Kate O...

Estes, Dana, & Co..

Ethnological Survey (Albert E. Jenks).
Evans, Charles.

Evans, Zella.

Everett Press.

Evolution Publishing Co..

Excelsior Publishing House.

Excelsior Printing Co..

Farm-Poultry Publishing Co...

. Chicago. .Boston. Oberlin, O.

358 Dearborn St., Chicago.

. Chicago.

.505 Pearl St., New York. .220 Broadway, New York. Chicago.

.208 Summer St., Boston Manila, P. 1. .1045 Pratt Ave, Chicago. Fort Wayne, Ind.

.74 India St., Boston.

.P. O. Box 75, Atlantic City, N. J. .8 Murray St., New York.

Farnham, A. B., Printing and Stat'y Co..
Federal Book Co..

Fenno, R. F., & Co..

Ferris & Leach..

Fidelity Trust Co..

Field Columbian Museum.

Fink, Ernest A.

Fischer, Carl..

Fish, Pierre Augustus.

Fisher, George Bacheldor. Fisher, Mary A..

Fisk, W. C.

Fiske & Co..

Fitchett, C. E., Press of. Flagg, Gordon, Co. Flanagan, A., Co... Fleming, Patrick Henry.

.Eona, Va. .Boston Minneapolis, Minn.

.52-58 Duane St., New York. .18 E. 17th St., New York. .29 S. 7th St., Philadelphia.

Philadelphia. ...Chicago.

[blocks in formation]

.2450 Grand Ave., Fordham Heights, New York. .442 W. 7th St., Topeka, Kan.

.Springfield, Ill.

57 Warren St., New York. Springfield. Mass.

.266-268 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

.Elon College, N. C.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

. Police Gazette Bldg., 340 Pearl St., New York. W. 13th St., New York. Rutland, Vt. .Detroit, Mich. .65 Ivy St., Atlanta, Ga. Superior St., Toledo, O.

Franklin Printing and Publishing Co........
Franklin Printing and Engraving Co......321

Fredericksen, Ditlev Monrad...
Free Methodist Publishing House.
Free Press Association.
Freeman, Rev. James E.
Freight Publishing Co.
Fretz, Abraham James.
Freygang-Leary Co.
Friedenwald Co..
Fruit-Grower Co.
Fuller, Harvey A.
Funk & Wagnalls Co..
Furbush, A. R.
Furst, J. H., Co.
Gammel-Statesman Publishing Co.
Gammel, H. P. N...

Garrison, Isaac Logan.
Garver, William Lincoln.
Gas-Engine Publishing Co.
Gas Power Publishing Co.
Gaston, Athelston..
Gebbie & Co....

Gedalius, Mrs. Jeanette.

General Council Publication House..
Georgia State Library.

German Literary Board.
Germania Publishing Co..

Germantown Independent Gazette.

Gernerd, Jeremiah Meitzler Mohr.
Gerrard, Ernest Allen..
Gettemy, Mrs. M. E. F.

Gibson, C. R., & Co.
Gifuni. Joseph..

Gill, J. K., Co.

Gilliss Press.

Gilson, F. H., Co...

Gilson, Charles Llewellyn.
Ginn & Co

Giordano, A., & Co..

Globe School Book Co.
Gnostic Publishing Co.

Gold, P. D.. Publishing Co....
Gold, Theodore Sedgwick.

Goodspeed, Charles E..
Goodwin, Harry Manly.

.Ann Arbor, Mich. .14 N. May St., Chicago. .Burlington, Vt. Yonkers, N. Y.

116 Nassau St., New York. .Milton, N. J. .San Francisco.

.3 S. Eutaw St., Baltimore, Md. .St. Joseph, Mo. .Hillsdale, Mich.

.44-60 E. 23d St., New York.

Machias, Me. .Baltimore, Md.

.Austin, Tex. .Austin, Tex. Fredonia, Kan. ...Chillicothe, O.

.153 Blymes Bldg., Cincinnati, O. St. Joseph, Mich. Meadville, Pa. .1710 Market St., Philadelphia. .939 Howard St., San Francisco. .1522 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

.Atlanta, Ga. .Burlington, Ia. Milwaukee, Wis. .Germantown, Pa.

[blocks in formation]

Gorham, Edwin S. (Supplies books of The S. P. C. K.),

[blocks in formation]

285 Fourth Ave., New York. Moundsville, W. Va. .2272 Stark St., Portland, Ore.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Goupil & Co. (Manzi, Joyant & Co.).

Government Printing Office..
Gowdy-Simmons Press.
Grafton Press...

Grant Gear Works, Inc.
Granville Festival Association.
Gratiot County Herald.
Graves, William Whites.
Gray, Stanley D...

Gregory's Book. Store..
Green, Samuel Abbott.
Greenstone, Julius H.
Gregory, Charles Noble.
Griffith & Rowland Press.
Griffith, Frank Carlos.

Grimsley, George Perry,
Gritman & Sullivan.
Grolier Club..


.170 Fifth Ave., New York. . Washington, D. C. .Colorado Springs, Col. .70 Fifth Ave., New York.

Boston. Granville, O. Ithaca, N. Y. .St. Paul, Kan. .Bucksport, Me. .Providence, R. I. .Groton, Mass. Philadelphia.

Ann Arbor, Mich.

.1630 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

South Poland, Me.

.Lansing, Mich. ...Chicago.

.29 E. 32d St., New York.

Grosset & Dunlap, 11 E. 16th St. After May 1, 52 Duane St., New York.

Grover, E. M...

Grumman, William Edgar.
Guarantee Publishing Co.
Guaranty Trust Co..
Guide Publishing Co..
Hackney & Moale Co.
Hall & Williams.

Hamersly, Lewis R., Co.
Hamilton, Mrs. G. B..

Hammersmark Publishing Co.
Hammond, Caleb S., & Co..
Hammond Publishing Co., Ltd.
Hamory, G. V...
Hanifen, Michael.
Harding, Robert, Co...

Harding, Samuel Bannister.
Harland, George, Co..
Harman, M....

Harmon, W: H. Harper.

Harmon, William Herbert.

Harper & Bros.

[blocks in formation]

Harper & Brother.

Harris, C. B.

Harrison, Henry, Co.

Harrison & Smith Co.

Hart, Edwin Kirkman. Hartshorn, W. N...

.Syracuse, N. Y. .Hartford, Ct. .4 W. 29th St., New York. .28 Nassau St., New York. Providence, R. I. .Arden Park, Asheville, N. C. .1742 Stout St., Denver, Col.

.49 Wall St., New York. .217 State St., Bangor, Me. .151-153 Wabash Ave., Chicago. .163 Broadway, New York. .Lansing, Mich. Youngstown, N. Y.

.Ottawa, III. .Richmond, Va.

.Bloomington, Ill. Detroit, Mich. . Chicago.

. Beverly, Mass.

.Franklin Sq., New York.

1330 S. Alden St., Philadelphia. ..321 Pine St., St. Louis.

.Broadway and Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

[blocks in formation]

. Minneapolis, Minn. ... Philadelphia.

120 Boylston St., Boston. . Cambridge, Mass. Cambridge, Mass. Cambridge, Mass. .Chicago.

Portland, Ore. .Washington, D. C. New York.

.27 Thames St., New York.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Hessling, Bruno Co....
Hewes, Virgil H.
Hill, Edwin C...
Hill, J. A., & Co....
Hill Publishing Co..
Hill, Walter M..

Hinds, Noble & Eldredge.

Hints Publishing and Supply Co.
Hipple Printing Co.............
Historical Publishing Co...
Historical Society of Delaware.
Hobart Co...

Holder, Edward Singleton.
Hollenbeck Press.

Hollingworth, Edward Everett.
Holmes, Charles H.
Holmes, Robert J.
Holst Publishing Co.
Holt, Henry, & Co....
Holzapfel, G.

Home Publishing Co...

Home Protection Publishing Co.
Honeyman & Co..

Hord, W. D., Co..
Houghton, Mifflin & Co.


.64 E. 12th St., New York. .245 W. 107th St., New York. .160 Fifth Ave., New York. .44 E. 23d St., New York. .505 Pearl St., New York. .823 Marshall Field Bldg., Chicago. .31-35 W. 15th St., New York. .53-57 Bible House, New York. .Pierre, S. Dak.

[blocks in formation]

36 James Ave., Toronto, Can.
Wilmington, Del.

114 Fifth Ave., New York.
..New York.
.Indianapolis, Ind.
..Columbia, S. C.

.2303 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O.

[blocks in formation]

1014-1016 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. .150 Nassau St., New York.

.Athens, Ga. Lynchburg, Va.

. Wheaton, Ill.

. Marshalltown, Ia.

.234 E. 36th St., New York. Watertown, N. Y. Atchison, Kan.

.311 Wharton St., Philadelphia.

.204 Worthington St., Springfield, Mass. -395-399 Broadway, New York.

Hygeian Chemical and Research Laboratory.
Hyland, J. S., & Co...

Independent Publishing Co.

Hyatt, H. A..

Hygeian Chemical.

Indiana Boys' Sch.

Indiana Boys' School.

Indiana University..


Industrial Publishing Co..

Indust. Pr.

Industrial Printing & Publishing Co.

Indust. Pub.

Industrial Publishing Co... . . . .

Inland Printer Co..

Inland Publishing Co.

[blocks in formation]

Inland Pr. Inland Pub.

Int. Bibliophile.
Int. College.
Int. Family.
Int. Press.
Int. Ref. Bu.
Int. Surg.
Int. Textbk.
Interstate Pub.
Ipswich Hist.
Irving Co.
Irwin, M. M.
Jackson, T: W:

James. J. S.

Janisch, J. F.

Jarvis, G: M.

Jenkins, W: R.

International College of Languages.

.Boise, Id.

.St. Louis. .Chicago.

[blocks in formation]

International Family Record and Genealogy Bureau.

International Press..

International Reform Bureau.

International Journal of Surgery Co.
International Textbook Co.
Interstate Publishing Co....
Investigation Committee..
Ipswich Historical Society.
Irving Co...

Irwin, Mabel McCoy.
Jackson, Thomas William.
Jacobs, George W., & Co.
James. Joseph Summerlin.

Janisch, J. F., Supply House.
Jarvis, George Millen.
Jenkins, William R..

.1000-1016 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Washington, D. C

.100 William St., New York.

. Scranton, Pa.

.Spokane, Wash.
.Davenport, Ia.
Ipswich, Mass.
.Oxford, N. Y.

.14 W. 104th St., New York. .Chicago. .1216 Walnut St., Philadelphia. .Douglasville, Ga. .Kirksville, Mo. 1823 Aldine Ave., Chicago. .851 Sixth Ave., New York.

Jenks, Albert E. See Ethnological Survey.

[blocks in formation]


Jennings & Graham, Agts.....


220 W. 4th St., Cincinnati, O.

Jewish Publication Society of America. .608 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Johns Hopkins Press...

Johnson, B. F., Publishing Co.

Johnson, T. & J. W., Co.
Jones, J. S. William.

Jones, W. E.

Journal Press..

Judd, Orange, Co...
Judd & Detweiler.
Judge Co..

Kansas City Jeweler and Optician.
Karr, Margaretta Ayres.
Kauffman, Abram H.

Keefe-Davidson Law Book Co.
Keener, W. T., & Co....
Keith Co.

...Baltimore, Md.

.901-905 Main St., Richmond, Va. .535 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.. .Chestertown, Md.

.Richmond, Va. ...Lewiston, Me.

.52 Lafayette Pl., New York. Washington, D. C.

.225 Fourth Ave., New York,
.Kansas City, Mo.
..New York.

Grand Rapids, Mich.
.St. Paul, Minn.

.90 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

.917 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.

Keller Printing and Pub. Co...

Kellogg, E. L., & Co. (now A. S. Barnes & Co.),

Kendrick Book and Stationery Co....

Kenedy, P. J., & Sons.

Kenfield Publishing Co.

Evansville, Ind.

61 E. 9th St., New York. Denver, Colo.

.5 Barclay St., New York. .15 Wall St., Chicago.

Kent, George H. See Sever, Charles W., & Co.

Kenyon Printing and Mfg. Co......507-509 Locust St., Des Moines, Ia.

Keogh Press..

Keowee Courier Presses.
Keppler & Schwarzmann.

Keramic Studio Publishing Co.
Kerr, Charles H., & Co....
Keystone (The)..
Kiernan Printing Co..
Kilbourn, Dwight C..
Kilner, H. L., & Co.
Kimball, Sophie Burt.
King Bros..

King, Moses.
Kirk, Thomas J..

Milwaukee, Wis.
Walhalla, S. C.

Elm, cor. E. Houston St., New York.

.Syracuse, N. Y.

.56 Fifth Ave., Chicago.

. 19th and Brown Sts., Philadelphia.

.New Haven, Ct.

.Litchfield, Ct.

.824 Arch St., Philadelphia. ...Chicago.

.413 E. Lexington St., Baltimore, Md. .225 Fourth Ave., New York. Sacramento, Cal.

Kirkland, Thomas J., and Kennedy, Robert M.
Klebold Press.
Knapp, Emeline A.
Knapp, Michael A...
Knickerbocker Press.

Knowlson & Müller..
Knowlton, William Smith.
Koch Bros. Printing Co..
Koelling & Klappenbach.
Koepsel, Louis Herman.
Kromer, Erhard.....
La Beare, Clemence de.
Laird & Lee..
Lakeside Press..

Landes, Elmer Stouffer.
Lane, John. Co., Bodley Head.
Languages Printing Co..
La Salle Publishing Co.
Laning. Printing Co...
Law Reporter Printing Co..
Lawrence, Charles.

Lawson, Victor Emanuel.

. Camden, S. C.

42 Bond St., New York. .450 W. Adams St., Chicago. Minneapolis, Minn.

.29 W. 23d St., New York.

.Room 4, Eagle Bldg., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Lawyers' Co-operative Publishing


Lea Bros. & Co.

Leamon, Mrs. Sarah Cannon.

Lee, Charles W..

.Foxcroft, Me. .Des Moines, Ia.

100 Randolph St., Chicago. Erie, Kan.

.217 E. 59th St., New York. Sacramento, Cal. .263 Wabash Ave., Chicago. ... Portland, Me.

[blocks in formation]

Lee & Shepard (now Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.).

Leeds & Biddle Co....

Lefavor-Tower Co..

93 Federal St., Boston.

.1019 Market St., Philadelphia.

Portland, Me.

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