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Equanimitas. Osler, W: *$2 net. Blakiston.

Bacon, G. Balloons, airships and flying
machines. *50 c. net.
See also Flying.

Brewer, K. Fanciful tales fr. legends of
the Adirondack Indians. $1. Neale.
New York. Forest, fish and game law.
50 c.
M. Bender.
Adirondack Murray. Redford, H. V. 50 c.;
B'way Pub.
Adjutant's manual. Nixon, C. $1. Wiley.
Adler, Cyrus, ed.

See American Jewish year book.
Adler, Elkan Nathan.

Jews in many lands. '05 (My6)_il. D. $1.25.
Jewish Pub.

Adler, Felix.

Essentials of spirituality. **$1 net.

Religion of duty. '05 (Je3) D. **$1.20 net.

Prometheus; with introd. by Jos. E: Harry. '05 (My6) il. D. (Greek series for colleges and schools.) $1.50; Text ed., pap., 30 c. Am. Bk. Prometheus bound; ed., with introd., tr. and notes, by Janet Case. '05 (J18) por. Tt. (Temple dramatists.) 45 c.; leath., 65 c. Macmillan.


Dignan, F. W. Idle actor in Eschylus.
*50 c. net.
Univ. of Chic.

'05 (028) 12°,

Marriage and divorce. '05

Pott. (Ap29) S. bds.,


**50 c. net.

McClure, P.

McClure, P.

[blocks in formation]


See Food adulteration.


[blocks in formation]

Advanced Christian culture courses.


-Mullins. Why is Christianity true?
Adventure for God. Brent, C: H: **$1.10

Adventures among books. Lang. A.

*$1.60 net. Longmans. Adventures of an office seeker. Porter, D. $1.25.


Adventures of Dr. Burton. Gunter, A. C. $1.50; 50 c.

Adventures of Harry Rochester.


Strang, H.



Adventures of Ned Minton.


Miller, E. J.

Adventures of Philip. See Thackeray, W:

Adventures of Princess Daintipet. Corbett,

Mrs. G: $1.25. Adventures of Punch.

Moncrieff, A. R. H.

*$2 net.
Adventures of Tommy Postoffice. Jackson,
Mrs. G. E..S. *75 c. net.
Adventurous life and heroic deeds of Theo-
dore Roosevelt; introd. by Murat Halstead.
'05(My13) il. pors. 12°, $1.50. Nat. Pub.

Calkins, E. E., and Holden, R. Modern
advertising. **$1.50 net. Appleton.
Powell, G: H: Practical advertiser; with
cyclop. of over 1000 useful advertisements.
G: H: Powell.

[blocks in formation]


Fables. '05 (F11) 4°, $2.50.
Fables: adaptation of the tr. from the Greek
by G: F. Townsend; introd. by Elisabeth
L. Cary. '05 (N18) il. O. **$2 net.

Puffer, E. D.

**$1.25 net.


Psychology of beauty.
Houghton, M. & Co.

See also Fine arts;-Music.

[blocks in formation]

Fitzgerald, S. In the track of the Moors: sketches in No. Africa. *$6 net.

Dutton. Geil, W: E. Yankee in Pigmy land. $1.50. Dodd.

Loyson, Mme. E. J. B. M. To Jerusalem through the lands of Islam. $2.50.

Open Court. McLean, C: Contemporary Europe, Asia and Africa.

See Wright, J: H:, ed. Hist. of all nations, v. 20. Parsons, E. C. Christus liberator: outline study of Africa. **50 c. net; **30 c. net. Macmillan. Schillings, C. G. With flash-light and rifle: photographing the wild animal world of equatorial Africa. **$2 net. Harper. See also Barbary;-Congo Free State;-East African Protectorate; Masai; Moors; Sahara desert; Somali language; Soudan; South Africa;-Transvaal.

[blocks in formation]

AGRA, India.


Havel, E. B. Hdbk. to Agra and the Taj Sikandra, etc. *$1.50 net. Longmans. AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY.

See Fertilizers. AGRICULTURE.

Bailey, L. H. Outlook to nature. **$1.25 net. Macmillan. Burdick, L. D. Magic and husbandry: folk-lore of agriculture. $2. Otseningo. Jackson, C. R., and Daugherty, Mrs. L. S. Agriculture through the lab'y and school garden. *$1.50 net. Judd. Shepperd, J: H., and McDowell, J. C. Elements of agriculture. $1. Taylor, H: C: Introd. to the study of agricultural economics. *$1.25 net.



See also Bacteria; - Botany; - Corn; — Dairy; -Domestic economy;-Farms and farming;Fertilizers; Fruit;-Gardens and gardening;Insects;-Irrigation;-Poultry;-Soils;-Trees.

Ainger, Alfr., Canon.

Lectures and essays. '05 (D23) 2 v., 12°. *$5 net.

Ainslee, Kathleen.

Lady Tabitha and us.
bds., †50 c.

Ainsworth, W: Harrison.

Guy Fawkes: a romance.


'05 (D16) obl. T. Stokes.

'05 (F25) 12°, +$1; (Je17) 2 v., il. 12°, +$1.80. Burt. Jack Sheppard. '05 (Je17) 2 v., il. 12°, +$1.80. Burt.

Tower of London: historical romance. '05 (F18) 12°, +$1. Burt.

Windsor Castle: historical romance. '05 (F18) 12°, +$1; (Je17) 2 v., 12°, +1.80. Burt.


Burgess, E. 20th cent. triple air brake questions and answers. $1.50.

[blocks in formation]

McLain, J: S. Alaska and the Klondike. **$2 net. McClure, P.

Alaska Club's 1905 almanac. Ist annual. '05
(Jl1) maps, 8°, $1.
Alcetis. Wiley, S. K.
Alcott, Louisa May.

Alaska Club.




'05 (S30) D.

[blocks in formation]

Jack and Jill. [New il. ed.] +$2.

Modern Cinderella. '05 (Je24) (Holly-tree ser.) 50 c. Under the lilacs. [New il. ed.] '05 (S30) D. †$2. Little, B. & Co. Alcuin Club collections. Q. Longmans. -Eeles and Brown, eds. Edwardian inventories for Bedfordshire. $1.50. Alden, Mrs. Isabella Macdonald, [Mrs. G. R. Alden; "Pansy."]

David Ransom's watch. +$1.50.

[blocks in formation]

E. Burgess.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

McShane, C. New York and Westinghouse air-brakes. *$1.50 net.


See Fans;-Ventilation.


See Aerial navigation.

Akin, Eliz. Hall.

[blocks in formation]

Alabama. Department of Archives and History. Check list of newspaper and periodical files; comp. by T: M. Owen. '05 (Je3) O. (State of Alabama, Dept. of Archives and Hist., Bull.) pap., 50 c. Brown Pr. Co. Alabama. Supreme ct. Repts., (Coleman). '05 (Je10) v. 140. O. shp., $3.75.

Brown Pr. Co. Alabama. Supreme ct. Repts. 2d ed., unabr. Bk. 44, cont. a verbatim repr. of v. 69, 70 of the Ala. repts. '05 (F11); Bk. 43, repr. of v. 67, 68 (My13); Bk. 42, repr. of v. 65, 66 (Je3); Bk. 41, repr. of v. 63, 64 (Jero); Bks. 36-40, repr. of v. 53-62 (Jl22); Bk. 35, repr. of v. 51, 52 (Ag5) O. shp., per v., $6; (for set of 49 bks., $294.) (Sold only in complete sets. Repr. backwards.)

[blocks in formation]

Jimmy Brown trying to find Europe. '05 (Je17) D. +60 c. Harper.

Alderman's wife. Scott, H: E. 50 c. Laird. Alderson, W: A.

Practical treatise on the law of receivers as applicable to individuals, partnerships, and corporations. '05 (Ap8) O. shp., $6. Baker, V. & Co. Aldin, C: Windsor, il. Gay dog. '05(021) 4°, $1.50. Aldis, Janet.


Madame Geoffrin, her salon and her times.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Alexander, W:

'05 Royal.

The Chadwick case: [a love story.] (F25) il. 12°, pap., 25 c.

Alexander, W:, (Secretary of Equitable Life Insurance Co.)

Life insurance company. '05 (My13) D. (Business ser.) **$1.50 net. Appleton. Alexander & Co.'s hub coin book: encyc. of rare coins. New ed., enl., rev. and il. [13th ed.] '05 (Ap29) sq. S. pap., 25 c. Alexander. Alexandre, Arsène.

Puvis de Chavannes. '05 (N18) il. Q. (Newnes' art lib.) bds., $1.25. Warne.


See Seaweeds.




Clay, C: M. Examples in algebra. *90 c. Macmillan. Fine, H: B. College algebra. $1.50. Ginn. Hawkes, H. E. Advanced algebra. $1.50. Marsh, W. R. Elem, algebra. **$1 net. Scribner. Newson, H: B. Graphic algebra for secondary schools. IO C. Ginn. Payne, E. L. Natural methods in algebra.

60 c. Crane. Rankin, A. R. Argument in symbols il. algebraic factoring by explanations of problems. 15 c. Flanagan. Schultze, A. Elem. algebra. *$1.10 net. Macmillan. Short, R. L: Supplementary algebra. 10 C. Heath.

Smith, D: E. Algebra for beginners.-
Grammar school algebra. ea., 50 c.
Somerville, F: H. First year in algebra.
60 c.; Answers. IO C.
Am. Bk.

Stone, J: C., and Willis, J. F. Essentials
of algebra. $1.20. B: H. Sanborn.
Tanner, J: H. Key to Elementary algebra.
Am. Bk.

See also Equations.

Fairy in the wold. '05(S16) 12°, (Alger Hurst. ser.) 35 c.

Hector's inheritance. '05 (N18) 12°, (Al

ger ser.) 35 c.


Helping himself. '05 (S16) 12°, (Alger ser.)

35 c.

Herbert Carter's legacy.

(Alger ser.) 35 c.

Hurst. '05(014) 12°, Hurst.

In a new world. '05 (O14) 12°, (Alger ser.) 35 c. Hurst. Jack's ward. '05 (O14) 12°, (Alger ser.) 35 c. Hurst. Jed, the poorhouse boy. '05 (S16) 12°, (Alger ser.) 35 c. Hurst.

Mark Manning's mission. '05 (Ag5) 12°, (Alger ser.) +$1.


Shifting for himself. '05 (014) 12°, (Alger ser.) 35 c.


Sink or swim. '05 (S16) 12°, (Alger_ser.)

[blocks in formation]


All by wire; a telegraphic explanation of a telepathic union of hearts told solely by 100 facsim. telegrams. '05 (D16) 12°, bound in messenger boy's case, $1. J: W. Luce. All countries and all periods exhibited on 100 plates. Dolmetsch, H. $13. Hessling. All the holidays. Denton, C. J. 25 c. Flanagan. All the year round: a nature reader. In 4 pts. pt. 1-3, by Fes. L. Strong; pt. 4, by M. A. L. Lane and Marg. Lane. '05 (J115) il, 16°, ea., 35 c. Ginn. Allbutt, T: Clifford, M.D.

Historical relations of medicine and surgery to the end of the 16th cent. '05 (Je3) 12°, *$1 net. Macmillan.

-, ed. System of medicine, by many writers. New cheaper ed. '05 (F18) 9 v., 8°, subs., per set, *$25 net. Macmillan. -, and Rolleston, Humphrey Davey, M.D., eds. System of medicine, by many writers. New ed., rev., with add. v. 1. '05 (D30) il. 8°, *$5 net. Macmillan.

[blocks in formation]

Allen, C: Dexter. American book-plates: a guide to their study. with examples; bibliog. by Eben N. Hewins. New ed. '05 (014) il. 8°, **$2.50 net. Macmillan.

Allen, E. T.

See Day, A. L.

Allen, E: Archibald, and Hawkins, W: J. Grammar of the Eng. language, with exercises in composition. Rev. ed. '05 (My20) 12°, (School course in Eng.) 50 C. Heath. Pract. language book. Rev. ed. '05(My6) il. 12°, (School course in Eng.) 35 c.

Heath. Allen, Emory Adams. Planter's guide. Rev. ed. '05 (My20) il. 12°, $2.50. Central Pub.

Allen, Fk. Waller.

Back to Arcady. '05 (N18) il. sq. O. †$1.25.

Allen, Gardner Weld.
Our navy and the Barbary corsairs. '05
(Mr11) il. maps, D. **$1.50 net.
Houghton, M. & Co.

Allen, J:
Confessions of John Allen, and other
poems. '05 (N18) il. por. D. $1.25.


Allen, J: R.
Notes on heating and ventilation. '05 (D23)
S. $2.
Domestic Engineering.
Allen, Marcus De Lafayette.

Siamene home treatment. '05 (My6) il. 12o, $5; mor., $6. Siamene. Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-, and Stall, Sylvanus. What a young woman ought to know. New rev. ed. '05 (Ap22) (Self and sex ser. for women.) **$1 net. Vir.

Allen, Orrin Peer.
Allen memorial, Ist series; descendants of
E: Allen of Nantucket, Mass., 1690-1905.
'05 (028) pls., pors. 8°, $2.50. O. P. Allen.
Allen, Willis Boyd.

The north Pacific: a story of the Russo-
Japanese war. '05 (D9) 12°, †$1.50..


Allen, O. P.


Allen memorial, Ist ser. ;

O. P. Allen.


Alaska Club's 1905 almanac. $1.

Alaska Club. Annual register: review of public events at home and abroad, 1904. *$6 net.


Brooklyn Daily Eagle almanac, 1905. 50 c.; 25 C. Brooklyn Eagle. Catholic home annual for 1906. 25 c.

Benziger. Collier's self-indexing annual, 1905. $5.20. Collier.

Hawaiian almanac and annual, 1905. 75 c. Thrum. Laird & Lee's diary and time-saver, 1906. 25 c. Laird. Little folks' annual, 1905. 10 c. Benziger. Living church annual for 1906. 35 c. Young Churchman. Statesman's year-book, 1905. *$3 net.

Macmillan. Stokes' children's annual. $1.50. Stokes. Tribune almanac and political register, 1905.

25 C. Waterman, N., and others. ack for 1906. 75 c. Whitaker and Sons, comps.

*$1.25 net..

Tribune Assoc. Foolish almanJ: W. Luce. Almanac, 1905. Scribner.

World almanac and encyclopedia, 1905.

25 c.

Press Pub.

See also Calendars and year-books;-also under special subjects.

Almonte library of popular fiction. '05 (D16) 100 v., 12, ea., 50 c. Hurst.

Almost a genius. Rouse, A. L. †75 c. Burt.

[blocks in formation]

descendants of E: Allen of Nantucket, Mass., 1690-1905. $2.50.

Alling, Arth. Nathaniel, and Griffin, Ovidus

[blocks in formation]

See also Handwriting;-Inscriptions;-Penman.

See Tyrol. Alston, Leonard.

Modern constitutions in outline: introd. study in pol. science. '05 (Mr25) O. 90 c. Longmans.

All's well that ends well. Shakespeare, W: Altemus' Banbury Cross ser. il. sq. 16°, hf. 56 c. Allsop, F: C.

Am. Bk.

Practical electric light fitting. 6th ed., rev. and enl. '05 (Ap1) il. 12°. *$1.50 net. Macmillan.

Allyn & Bacon's ser. of German texts. 16°, 50 C.

-Picard. Der neffe als onkel.

vellum, 50 c.
—Arabian nights' entertainments: Ali Baba.
Altemus' Bo-Peep ser. il. 4°, 50 c. Altemus.
-Little Bo-Peep, and other good stories.

Little Miss Muffet, and other good stories.
Mary had a little lamb.
Allyn & B.-Mary, Mary, quite contrary.
-Polly, put the kettle on.

[blocks in formation]

Maycock, W. P. Alternating current circuit and motor. $1.


[blocks in formation]

Scott, A. C. Investigation of rotations pro--Cleveland. Relation of auditing to public duced by current from a singlephase alter

nator. 50 C.

Univ. of Wis.

control. 25 C.

Crawford. Development of park systems

Thompson, S. P. Polyphase electric current in American cities. 25 c.

motors. $5.

Townsend, F. Short course in alternating

[blocks in formation]

Devil's trip on earth: satire on society in
rhyme. 05 (D30) il. 12°, pap., 25 c.

Lawson, T: W: Frenzied finance. v. I,
Crime of Amalgamated. $1.50.

Amanda of the mill. Van Vorst, M. +$1.50.

Amateur emigrant. Stevenson, R. L: $1; **$1.25 net.

25 C.

Municipal nomination reform.

-Fairlie. Recent extension of municipal functions in the United States. 25 c. -Hall, and others. Educational organization and progress in American cities. 50 c. -Hammond. American commercial interests in the Far East. 15 c.

-Hancock. Situation in Santo Domingo. 15 C.

Huebner. Federal supervision and regulation of insurance. 35 c.

Johnson. Responsibilities of international leadership. 15 c.

-Jones. The manufacturer and the domestic market. 25 c.

Kaneko. Japan's position in the Far East.

15 C.

--King. Reform movement in Chicago. 25 c.
Knapp. National regulation of railroads.

25 C.

-Kramer. Securities of public service corScribner. porations as investments. 25 c.

Amateur fruit growing. Green, S: B. 50 c.;-Larrinaga. Conditions in Porto Rico. 15 c.

[blocks in formation]

North America;-Pilgrims; South America;--Outerbridge. Specialization in manufacSpanish colonies;-United States.

America to England. [poems.] Savage, M.

American Abelard and Heloise.

J. **$1.35 net.

M. I. +$1.50.


ture. 15 c.

-Rodgers. Extent to which the navy of the
United States should be increased. 25 c.
Rowe. Reorganization of local government
in Cuba. 25 c.

Todd, Mrs.
Grafton Press.
American Academy of Political and Social
Science. Government regulation of banks
and trust companies: addresses at the 8th-Stevenson. Underwriting. 15 c.
annual meeting, and papers by W: B.
Ridgely, F: D. Kilburn, F. A. Cleveland
and others. '05(07) 8°, (Pubs. of the Am.
Acad, of Pol, and Soc. Science.) pap., 50 c.
Am. Acad. Pol. Sci.
American Academy of Pol. and Soc. Science
pubs. O. pap.
Am. Acad. Pol. Sci.
-Anderson. Distribution of surplus in life
insurance. 25 c.

-Smith, C: E. Internal situation in Russia. 15 C.

-Beehler. Needs of the navy. 25 c.

-Stockwell. Appraisements. 25 c.
-United States as a world power. $1.25; $1.
-Veiller. Housing problem in American
cities. 35 c.

-Wald. Medical inspection of public schools.

15 C.

-Warne. Miners' union. 25 c.

-Williams. Europe and the United States in the West Indies. 15 c.

-Bigelow. Constitutional difficulties of trust-Wilson. Settlement of political affairs in

regulation. 15 c.

the Far East. 25 c.

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