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Wundt, Wilhelm Max. Principles of physiological psychology; fr. the 5th Germ. ed., by E: B. Titchener. v. I. pt. I. '05 (F18) il. 8°, *$3 net. Macmillan. Wurdz, Gideon, [pseud. for C: Wayland Towne.]

Foolish finance. '05(Jlı) il, nar. O. (Foolish ser.) 75 c. J: W. Luce.


Maxwell, L. In Suabia-land (Würtemberg). 40 c.; 60 c. Honeyman.

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Yale studies in English; ed. by A. S. Cook. O. pap. Holt. -Chapman. Index to the old English glosses of the Durham hymnarium. 75 c. -Jonson. Bartholomew Fair. $2.-Devil is an ass. $2.50; $2.-Poetaster. $2.50; $2.-Staple of news. $2.50; $2. -Scaliger. Select trans. from Poetics. 75 c. Yale University. Yale insurance lectures. 1, Life insurance. '05 (My20) 12°, $2.15. Yale Alumni. YALE UNIVERSITY, New Haven, Ct. Bacon, W: P., comp. Bibliog. of class books and class records, 1792-1905. gratis. Yale Univ.


Yankee in Pigmy land. Geil, W: E. $1.50.

Yates, Kath. Merritte.
At the door. '05 (O14) D. leatherette, 50 c.
K. M. Yates.

Yates, Lucy H.

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See Almanacs and annuals;-Calendars and year. books.

Year in Europe. Moore, W. W. *$1.25_net.
Presb. Pub.
Barton, G:

Year's wandering in Bible lands.
A. $2.
Yeats, W: Butler.

Land of heart's desire. '05 (F18) 12°, (Ly-
ric garland, no. 1.) on Van Gelder hand-
made pap., *50 c. net; on Japanese vel-
lum, *$1 net.
T: B. Mosher.

Yechton, Barbara, pseud.
See Krausé, L. F.
Yellow cat and her friends.
**$1.50 net.


Tabor, G: R. The fever in Texas. Yellow journalist.

Dwight, G. V. Appleton.

1903 epidemic of yellow gratis. Univ. of Tex. Michelson, M. $1.50. Appleton.

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Yellow war. O, pseud. **$1.20 net.

McClure, P.

Yerington, C: W:

B'way Pub.


Anabasis. Bks. 1-4; with introd., notes and vocab. by C: Foster Smith, C. Bonner and F: S. Morrison. '05 (Jero) (Twentieth cent. text-bks., classical section; ed. by J: H: Wright, B. Perrin and A. F. West.) $1.50. Appleton. Memorabilia of Socrates; fr. the Greek; with explan. notes by J. S. Watson. '05 (Ja7) por. 16°, (Temple classics.) 50 c.; leath., 75 c. Macmillan.


Clark, A. H. Hist. of yachting, 1600-1815. *$5 net. Putnam. Day, T: F. Hints to young yacht skippers. Rudder. Model sailing yachts. 50 c. Spon.

$1. Marshall, P.

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Simple Simon. '05 (D16) por. 12°, $1.50.

YEZD, Persia.

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Yolanda, maid of Burgundy.

Yoppy. Clifford, Mrs. M. L. $1.50.


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York lib. See Macmillan's.
Yorke prize essay. See Carr, C. T.

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Young, Janet, comp.

See Psychological year book.

Young, Jesse Bowman.


The hungry Christ: sermons preached in Walnut Hills M. E. Church, Cincinnati. 05(Ja28) por. 12°, (Methodist_pulpit.) *50 c. net. Jennings.

Young, Mrs. Ma. Stuart, [Mrs. L: G. Young.] The Griffins. '05 (Ja28) 12°, $1.50. Neale. Young, Oscar E.

Back from the Philippines: Irish farce. '05 (S2) 12°, pap., 15 c.. Dick. Won by a wager: a farce.

15 c.

'05 (028) S. pap.,

Penn Pub. Co.

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Young man and the world. Beveridge, A. J. **$1.50 net.

Young man with a program. *50 c. net.

Young man's guide. Lee, J.

Appleton. Eckman, G: P.



*$2 net. J. W. Burke.

Young man's religion and his father's faith. Waters, N. M. Crowell.



*90 c. net.

Beveridge, A. J. Young man and the world. **$1.50 net. Appleton. J. W. Burke. Strong, J. The times and young men. 35 C. Baker & T. Waters, N. M. Young man's religion and his father's faith. **90 c. net. Crowell. Watson, D: Heritage of youth. $1.

Lee, J. P. Young man's guide. *$2.

Jennings. See also Boys; - Career; Conduct of life; Culture;-Success;-Young people.

Young men who overcame. Speer, R. E. *$1 net. Revell. YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. Kallengberg, H: F., ed. Gymnastic nomenclature of the Y. M. C. A. 50 c.

Y. M. C. A. Morse, R: C. Fifty years of federation of the Y. M. C. Assocs. of No. Am. *60 c. net. Y. M. C. A. YOUNG MEN'S MERCANTILE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, Cincinnati, O.

Merrihew, M. E. Early hist. of Young Men's Mercantile Lib. Assoc. gratis. Young Men's Mercantile. Young missionary. Rasmussen, Mrs. H. 75 c. S. B: Shaw. Young of heart ser. 12 Estes.

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Pilgrim Press.

McClure, P.

Wagner, C: On life's threshold. **$1 net.

See also Boys;- Children;-Education;-Girls;-Woman;-Young men.

Young people and world evangelization.
Goucher, J: F. *25 c. net.

Young people's history
Northrop, H: D. $1.50.
Young people's Imitation
Thomas à Kempis.
Young people's life of
il. 8°, $1.
Young people's pastor.


Jennings. the world. Nat. Pub., Co.

of Christ. See

Christ. '05 (Mr11) Nat. Pub. Co. Wells, A. R. 75 c.


YOUNG PEOPLE'S SOC. OF Clark, F. E: Year-book.

Un. Soc. C. E.

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