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Man's harmonious development: five lectures. '05 (Ag5) 12°, pap., 50 c. Jennings. Winter Evening Reading Club. The secret of Table Rock: a composite tale, written by members of the Winter Evening Reading Club, Saint Albans, Vt. '05 (Mr4) 12°, pap., 25 c.

Winter's tale. See Shakespeare, W:
Winton, G: Beverly.


New era in old Mexico. '05 (Je3) por. D. $1. Pub. Ho. M. E. Ch., So. Wire and wireless telegraphy. Moore, E. B. $1; 50 c. E. B. Moore.

WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY. Collins, A. F: Wireless telegraphy. $3. McGraw. Moore, E. B. Wire and wireless telegraphy. $1; 50 c. E. B. Moore. United States. Inter.-Departmental Bd. on wireless telegraphy. Wireless telegraphy: rept. 5 c. Gov. Pr. Wisconsin cumulative index-digest: Wis. sup. ct. repts. from v. 106 to v. 121, incl., by R. H. Wilkin. '05 (N4) O. shp., $5.

Fiske & Co. Wisconsin. Legislature. Charter of the city of Milwaukee; comp. and annot. by C: E. Estabrook. '05 (Mrii) 8°, $5. Keogh. Wisconsin. Supreme_ct. Repts. v. 120; (C: F. Lamb and F: K. Conover.) '05 (F11); V. 121 (Je3); v. 122 (07); v. 123 (D9) O. shp., ea., $2.75. Callaghan.


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Wishart, Alfr. Wesley.

Primary facts in religious thought: seven essays. '05 (D2) D. *75 c. net.

Wisser, J: Philip, and Gauss, H: C., comps. Univ. of Chic. Military and naval dictionary. '05 (Ap8) 12°, bds., 50 c. Hamersly.


Antrim, Mrs. M. T. Knocks, witty, wise,


**75 c. net.


Archbald, A., and Jones, G. The fusser's book. 75 c. Fox.

Barber, E. D. Confessions of an M, D.: semi-humorous letters from a doctor to his son. $1.15; 50 c. Hudson. Beard, T., comp. Arkansaw cracker Jack. 25 c. Rhodes & McC. Clemens, S: L. Editorial wild oats. $1. Harper. Clemens, S: L. King Leopold's soliloquy: a defense of his Congo rule. 25 C. Dumont, F. Phunny puns. Flagg, J. M.

Warren Co. 50 c.

"If": a guide to

75 c. Goodhue, I. ** *50 c. net;

Witmark. bad manners. Life Pub. Co.

Good things and graces. **$1.25 net; **$1.75 net.

P. Elder.

Hobart, G: V. Get next.-Silly syclopedia. -You can search me.

ea., †75 c. G: W. Dillingham. Irwin, W. A. At the sign of the dollar. +$1. Fox. Kemble, J: R., ed. Four hundred laughs:

cyclop. of jests, toasts, etc. 75 c. Burt. Klein, J. Good things. 50 c. Witmark. Lent, E: B. Being done good: [humorous] comments on advance made in treatment of rheumatism. $1.50. Cupples & L. Loomis, C: B. I've been thinking. $1; $1.50. Pott. Meader, H. L. Motor goose rhymes for motor ganders. **75 c. net.

Grafton Press. Merk, F. Fish balls. $1. F. Merk. Mumford, E. W. Joke book note book. **75 c. net. P. Elder. Nye, E. W. On the "shoe-string" limited with Nye and Riley. 25_c.

Thompson & T. Schofield, R. J., comp. Drummers' yarns and funny jokes. 25 c. Excelsior. Taylor, B. L., and Gibson, W. C. Log of the Water Wagon. 75 c.; $1.50.

Caldwell. worth telling.

That reminds me: tales
**75 c. net; **$1.50 net.
Waterman, N., and others.
nack for 1906. 75 c.
Webb, R: Me and Lawson. 50 c.

Foolish alma-
J: W. Luce.
G: W. Dillingham.
Wilder, M. P. People I've smiled with
50 c.; $1.-Smiles I've caused. IO C.
J. S. Ogilvie.
Wurdz, G. Foolish finance. 75 c.
J: W. Luce.
Cartoons; - Epigrams;

See also Caricature;

Wit and humor of the American bar. '05 (S9) por. S. (Wit and humor ser.) **50 c.

net; limp leath., **80 c. net.


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With Shelley in Italy. net; $10 net. With spurs of gold.

Garis, H. R. 50 c.

J. S. Ogilvie. Shelley, P. B. *$1.40 McClurg. Greene, F. N. $1.50. Little, B. & Co. Warne. Carl, K. A. Century Co.

With the Beggars of the sea. Pickering,

E. $1.50.

With the Empress Dowager.

**$2 net.

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Rough Notes.


Sword of Islam. '05 (My13) 8°, *$3_net.

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Allen, Mrs. M. W., and Stall, S. What a young woman ought to know. **$1 net.

Vir Pub. Beach, S. C. Daughters of the Puritans: biogs. [of Cath. M. Sedgwick, Mary L. Ware, Lydia M. Child, Dorothea L. Dix, Marg. Fuller, Harriet B. Stowe, Louisa M. Alcott.] *$1.10 net. Am. Unitarian. Cooley, Mrs. W. H. New womanhood. $1.25. B'way Pub. Douthit, M. O., ed. Souvenir of Western women. $1; 50 c. M. O. Douthit. Dunbar, A. B. C. Dict. of saintly women. 2 V. ea., *$4 net. Macmillan.

Fyvie, J: Women of wit and beauty in the time of George IV. **$3 net.


Girls' hdbk. of women; views of Eliza A. Starr, Madeleine J. Dahlgren, and others. 80 c. Herder. Haines, J. D., comp. Sovereign woman versus mere man. **75 c. net; **$2 net. P. Elder. Halpin, P. A. Young woman's problems. *60 c. net. Wagner. Herron, B. M. Progress of labor organization among women. $1. Univ. of Ill. Howe, Mrs. J. W. Sketches of representative women of New England. $10.

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Woggle-bug book. Baum, F. L.

75 c. Reilly & B.

Shearer, W: J:

[blocks in formation]

Richardson, S.

See also Actors and actresses;-Authors;- Beauty; -Children;-Convents; Divorce;-Domestic economy; Etiquette; Family; Generative Gynecology; Hysteria:-



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12°, (Eagle Street & S. '05 (D30) 12°. (Eagle Street & S.

lib.) pap., 10 C. Were they married? lib.) pap., 10 C. Wood, H: Arbitrary price-making through the forms | of law: points bearing upon the proper limits of governmental supervision or interference in railroad transportation. '05 (F25) S. pap., 10 c. Lothrop, L. & S. Life more abundant; scriptural truth in modern application. '05 (S9) D. **$1.20 net. Lothrop, L. & S.

Wood, H: A. Wise.

Book of symbols. '05 (F4) 16°, pap., 50 c. W. J. Ritchie. Wood, Horatio Curtis and Horatio Curtis, jr. Therapeutics. 12th ed., rev. and adpt. to the 8th (1905) ed. of the U. S. Pharmacopœia. '05 (S23) il. 8°, $5; shp., $6. Lippincott.

Wood, Lydia Cope.
For a free conscience. '05 (My13) 12°, $1.50.

Wood, Martha C., comp.

Tales of old times in Rhode Island. '05 (Ja21) il. pls., 12°, $1. G. Rice.

Wood, Mary Ellen, comp.

Laurence and Eleanor Hutton; their books
of association, catalogued, comp. and coll.
'05 (Ap15) il, por. 8°. (privately pr.)
De Vinne.

Wood, Rev. Nathan Robinson.
The witness of six: a theodicy. '05 (Do)
12°, *$1 net.

See also Decoration and ornament;-Furniture;Woodwork.

Wood fire in No. 3. Smith, F. H. $1.50.



Wood folk ser. il. 12°.
-Long. Little brother to the bear. 50 c.
Woodberry, G: E:

Swinburne. '05 (D2) por. S. (Contemporary men of letters ser.) **75 c. net.

McClure, P. The torch eight lectures on race power in literature. '05 (O14) D. **$1.20 net. McClure, P.

Woodburn, Ja. Alb. See Johnston, A. Woodbury, C: Levi. Genealogical sketches of the Woodbury family, its intermarriages and connections; ed. by his sister, E. C. D. Q. Woodbury. '05 (Ja28) 8°, $3. J: B. Clarke. Woodbury, Ellen Carolina De Quincy. Dorothy Quincy, wife of John Hancock, with events of her time. 2d ed. '05 (021) pors. 12°, $1.50.


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Word rambles. 15 c.

I: L. Garrison. Folk and their word-lore. Dutton. Word studies. 18 c.

WORDS. Garrison, I: L.

Palmer, A. S. *75 c. net. Sheppe, E. S.


B. F. Johnson.

See also Abbreviations;-Articulation;-Pronunci ation; - Spellers; also names of languages.

Words of life for 1905. Salter, W: $1. McClurg.

Words of the wood. Bell, R. H. **$1 net.


Wordsworth, W: Prelude; introd. and notes by B. Worsfold. '05 (S16) 16°, (King's poets.) bds., $2. Dodge. Resolution, and Independence. '05 (Ap8) il. sq. 16°, (Flowers of Parnassus.) **50 c. net; leath., **75 c. net. Lane. WORDSWORTH, William.

Tomlinson, M. Sound and motion in Wordsworth's poetry. *50 c. net. Badger. "Work" handbooks. il. nar. 16°, 50 c. Cassell; McKay. -Hasluck, ed. Beehives and bee keepers' appliances.-Clay modelling and plaster coating. Electro-plating. - Knotting and splicing ropes and cordage.

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Work of our hands. Keays, Mrs. H. A. M. +$1.50.

Work of preaching.



McClure, P.


Hoyt, A. S. **$1.50

See Labor and laboring classes.


Davies, J: L., ed. Working Men's College, 1854-1904. $1.25.


Workshop mathematics. Castle, F. 65 c.



*85 c. net; *70 c. net. Murray, M. W: Problems in woodworking. 75 c. Manual Arts. See also Carpentry;-Manual training;-Turning; -Wood-carving.

Woodworth, Jay Backus.

Pleistocene geology of Mooers quadrangle; being a portion of Clinton Co., incl. parts of the towns of Mooers, Champlain, Altona, Chazy, Dannemora and Beekmantown, N. Y. '05 (N11) maps, 8°, (N. Y. State Museum bulletin, Geology.) pap., 25 c. N. Y. State Educ.

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See Universe.


World almanac and encyclopedia,_1905. '03 (Ja14) D. pap., 25 c.

Press Pub.

World as intention. Gratacap, L: P. *$1.25 Eaton & M.


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Constructive work; its rel. to number, literature, hist. and nature work. Rev. and enl. ed. '05 (O21) il. 8°, $1. Mumford. Worsted man. Bangs, J: K. 50 c. Worth of service. Hodges, L. M.

Harper. $1.25; $2. Dodge. Training of the efficient soldier. '05. 8°, (Am. Acad. of Pol. and Soc. Sci. pubs.) pap., 25 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci.

Wotherspoon, W. W.

Wray, J. E:, ed.

How to catch '05 (Jero) il. 16°, (Spalding's athletic lib.) pap., to c. Am. Sports. How to play first base. '05 (Jero) il. 16°, (Spalding's athletic lib.) pap., 10 c.

Am. Sports. How to play second base. '05 (Jero) il. 16°, (Spalding's athletic lib.) pap., 10 c. Am. Sports.

How to play shortstop. '05 (Je10) il. 16°, (Spalding's athletic lib.)

How to play third base.
(Spalding's athletic lib.)

pap., 10 c.

Am. Sports. 05 (Jero) il. 16°, pap., 10 c.

Am Sports. How to run the bases. '05 (Je10) il. pors. 16°, (Spalding's athletic lib.) pap., 10 c. Am. Sports.

Wrecker (The). Stevenson, R. L: $1; **$1.25 net. WRESTLING.


Toombs, F: R., ed. How to wrestle. 10 c. Am. Sports.

Wright, Adam H:

Text-book of obstetrics. '05 (Jero) il. 8°, $4.50.

Wright, Anna Potter.


Rosa's quest. '05 (D30) il. 12o, 50 C.

Revell. Wright, Mrs. D. Giraud, [formerly Miss Louise Wigfall.]

Southern girl in '61: war-time memories of a Confederate senator's daughter. '05 (S16) il, pors, O. **$2.75 net.

Wright, Harry And., ed.

Indian deeds of Hampden Co., Mass. '05 (D9) 8°, $10. H. A. Wright.

Wright, H: Collier.

Bossism in Cincinnati. '05 (028) pors. 12°. $1; pap., 50 c. Cincinnati News. Wright, Ja. North. Where copper +$1.50.

was king. '05 (021) D. Small. Wright, Ja. Osborne, and Shipman, Carolyn, comps.

Catalogue of books by English authors who lived before the year 1700, forming a part of the lib. of Robert Hoe '05 (Je3) 5 v., il. facsim., 8°, pap., ea., $20.

G: H. Richmond

Wright, J: H:, ed. History of all nations. In 24 v. V. I-5, Antiquity; v. 6-10, Middle ages; v. II-20, Modern history; v. 21-23, America; v. 24, Index. '05 (Ap22) F. subs. (App. to pubs. for price.)


Contents: v. 1, Egypt and western Asia in antrouity, by Ferdinand Justi, and others; v. 2, Central and eastern Asia in antiquity, by Ferdinand Justi, and others; v. 3, Ancient Greece, by Gustav Hertzberg and W: Nickerson Bates; v. 4, Republican Reme, by Gustav F. Hertzberg; v. 5, Imperial Rome, by Gustav Hertzberg; v. 6, The great migrations, by Julius von Pflugk-Hartung; The early middle ages, by Julius von Pflugk-Hartung; v. 7, The early middle ages by Julius Pflugk-Hartung; v. 8, The age of Charlemagne, by Hans Prutz; v. 9. The age of feudalism and theocracy, by Hans Prutz; v. 10, The age of the Renaissance, by Hans Prutz; v. 11, Age of the Reformation, by Martin Philippson; v. 12. The religious wars, by Martin Philippson; v. 13. The age of Louis the Fourteenth, by Martin Philipp son; v. 14, The age of the European balance of power, by Martin Philippson; v. 15. The age of Frederick the Great, by Martin Philippson; v. 16, The French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon, by Theodore Flathe; v. 17, The Napoleonic Empire, by Theodore Flathe; v. 18, The Restoration and Revolution, by Theodore Flathe; v. 19, The reconstruction of Europe, by Theodore Flathe; v. 20, Contemporary Europe, Asia and Africa, by C: McLean; v. 21, Colonization of the new world, by J: Fiske; v. 22, The independence of the new world, by J: Fiske; v. 23. Modern development of the new world, by J: Fiske; v. 24, Index.

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Doubleday, P.


Penmanship; Typewriting. Stevenson, R. L: $1; **$1.25 Scribner.

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