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Birmingham: Hudson and Son, Þrinters, Bull Street.

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“Red Rose."


JOHN LANCASTER, styled Admiral of the Party.

ROBERT LANCASTER, Vice-Admiral of the Party.
SAMUEL LANCASTER, the Knight of the Party.

JOSEPH HANNAH, the Senior of the Party,

CHARLES MARKHAM, the Critic of the Party.

JAMES THOMPSON, the Señor Don of the Party.

ROBERT WILSON, the Fine Old English Gentleman

of the Party.

SAMUEL LLOYD, the Historian of the Party.


(with a Crew of seventeen

all told)

of the Yacht Ceres, belonging to His Grace the Duke of St. Alban's.

Cruise of the “Red Rose.”

(APRIL AND MAY, 1880.)

BAY OF BISCAY—Monday, April 12th. At breakfast this morning, Mr. Lancaster proposed that a Journal of our voyage should be kept, and that I should be the historian.

In obedience to these commands it is commenced, and the reader is requested to go back in imagination to Falmouth, our starting point.

FALMOUTH-Saturday, April 1oth. As we think of the voyage we are going to take in Mr. Lancaster's Yacht we may well ask, Where is there a better instance of the triumph of science than in a modern steam yacht, in which, as if by the wand of an enchantress, the occupants are wafted to whatever distant land they may desire ? And how, we may ask, could a voyage be commenced more auspiciously than the present one?

The chief of our party was one who was at home upon the sea, able to combat with the forces of nature, and one of the most honourable members of the Royal Yacht Squadron, entitled to carry the White Ensign, and by length of service to be Commander of his vessel, and moreover to have the same honour and respect paid to it everywhere as the largest man-of-war afloat.

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