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Publications of CHRISTOPHER SOWER COMPANY, Philadelphia.



D BROOKS, A. M., Ph.D., PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF PHILADELPHIA. ordinary success, and is used in very many of aries and Public Schools in the country. Wner. he highest commendation.

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of the Science. It consists of four books:
rmal Primary Arithmetic.
Elementary Arithmetic.

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Part 2.

Part 3. it the pupil may obtain a ar with the application of a mere nominal one, but


plties, presented with the ent a master of the theory d in counting-houses, as ley, *$1.25.

Publications of CHRISTOPHER SOWER COMPANY, Philadelphia.

Brooks's Normal Geometry and Trigonometry.

By the aid of Brooks's Geometry the principles of this beautiful science can be easily acquired

in one term. It is so condensed that the amount of matter is reduced one half, and yet the chain of logic is preserved intact. The subject is made interesting and practical by the introduction of Theorems for original demonstration, Practical Problems, Mensuration, etc., in their appropriate places. The success of the work is very remarkable. Key, $1 05i.

Brooks's Plane and Solid Geometry. Complete. In this new work the subject has been fully developed with all the clear reasoning, broad

analyses, and lucid explanation for which the author has become famous. Colleges and schonls of the highest grade will find it a work they have been wanting,

Brooks's Normal Algebra.

The many novelties, scientific arrangement, clear and concise definitions and principles,

and masterly treatinent contained in this work make it extremely popular. Each topic is so clearly and fully developed that the next follows easily and naturally. Like the Elementary Geometry and Trigonometry, it can be readily mastered in one term. It only needs introduction to make it indispensable. Key, $1.05*,

Peterson's Familiar Science. 12mo.
Peterson's Familiar Science. 18mo.

This popular application of science to every-day results is universally liked, and has an im

mense circulation. No school should be without it. Inexperienced teachers have no difficulty in teaching it. The 18ino edition is an abridgment.

Griffin's Natural Philosophy.

BY LA ROY F. GRIFFIN, PROF. OF NATURAL SCIENCES AND ASTRONOMY, LAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY, ILL. Professor Griffin presents his subject so simply, clearly and logically, his definitions are so

brief and yet clear, and his experiments so vivid and impressive, that the subject is easily mastered and firmly impressed on the student. All the latest applications of the science to Electric Liglsts, Telephone, Graphophone, Electro-Plating, Magnetic Engines, Telegraphing, etc., are lucidly explained.

Griffin's Lecture Notes on Chemistry.

These notes save much labor to students in taking down lectures.

Sheppard's Text-Book of the Constitution.
Sheppard's First Book of the Constitution.

The ablest jurists and professors in the country, of all political views, have given these works

their most unqualified approval. Every young voter should be master of their contents.

Montgomery's Industrial Drawing.

This consists of a series of Drawing Books, comprising a Primary and Intermediate Course.

The system is self-teaching, is carefully graded and is easily taught.

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