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Increases Continued
6. Rental of space.-----

---- + $185, 000 Rental of space.------------ ------- $589, 000

Less: Cost of rented space at 214 Massa-
chusetts Ave., NE., and 2028 Duke

St., Alexandria, Va., will be assumed by
the General Services Administration in ;
fiscal year 1970. ----

- 404, 000

+165, 000

Net increase------

185, 000
It is necessary for the Library to request an additional
$185,000 for the rental of space including moving and related
costs, increasing the amount available for this purpose from
$813,000 to $998,000. This does not contemplate utilization
of any further space, only the use of space now under con-
tract or negotiation for the Library through the General

Services Administration.
7. Preservation of materials.-------

Restoration and preservation of books, manuscripts,

etc., increase of $73,000.
The program for restoration and preservation of books,
manuscripts, maps, and other paper materials in original
form by binding and laminating has been enhanced by the
addition of several experts in restoration techniques. A more
effective screening and identification process and increased
use of collections have resulted in a significantly larger
quantity of deteriorating materials to be preserved. This
request is for $73,000 and includes funds for preservation
supplies and materials, including storage boxes.
Preservation of deteriorating books, newspapers, etc., by

microreproduction, increase of $92,000.
Books too brittle to bind or which are in advanced stages
of deterioration must be microfilmed in order to preserve
them; $50,000 of this request will be used to expand the
Library's efforts for this purpose. With this increase approxi-
mately 5,000 more volumes could be microfilmed in fiscal
1970 than will be accomplished in fiscal 1969. In addition,
the Library's program to preserve current newspapers by
microfilming or by purchase of microfilm from available
sources has increased. An increase of $42,000 is also re-

quested to offset price increases. Office supplies.---------------------

An increase of $10,000 is requested to provide office supplies commensurate with program increases and increased

employment. No increase has been requested since 1967.
New positions requested (63)---
Processing Department (29):

To staff machine readable cataloging office (14):
1 GS-12; 1 GS-11; 3 GS-7; 2 GS-6; 1 GS-5;
5 GS-4 and 1 GS-3----

$92, 019
Contribution to retirement.

5, 981 Group life insurance.------------

307 Contribution to health insurance_




+439, 775

99, 147

To achieve and maintain currency in prepar-
ing cards and filing in the card catalogs of the
Library (9):
6 GS-5; 1 GS-4, and 2 GS-3.
Contribution to retirement.----
Group life insurance----------
Contribution to health insurance.

48, 737
3, 168


52, 607



Increases Continued
New positions requested— Continued

To achieve and maintain currency in catalog-
ing serial publications (6):
3 GS-7 and 3 GS-5-----
Contribution to retirement...
Group life insurance...
Contribution to health insurance...

$38, 139
2, 479


41, 105

Total Processing Department.-------------- 192, 859
Reference Department (28):

To meet increased demands for, and to provide
additional capabilities in reference and circulation
services, and to organize increasing amounts of
material to make it readily available to readers
ì GS-13; 1 GS-11; 6 GS-9; 1 GS-7; 1 GS-6; 9
GS-5; 4 GS-4 and 5 GS-3..---

183, 854
Contribution to retirement.-------

11, 951 Group life insurance-----------

613 Contribution to health insurance..

1, 680
Total Reference Department.------- ------ 198, 098
Administrative Department (6):

To provide additional positions due to increased
workload (6):
1 GS-13; 1 GS-9; 1 GS-7; 1 GS-4; 1 GS-3 and
1 WG-5...

45, 359
Contribution to retirement.--

2, 948 Group life insurance..

151 Contribution to health insurance..

360 Total administrative department.

48, 818 Net increases --------------------------- -------- 1, 360, 701 Mr. ANDREWS. Doctor, you are asking for an increase of $1,174,000 according to the justifications. It is an increase of $1,360,700, according to the committee print. Is that difference in the pay supplementa we mentioned earlier?

Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, sir.



Mr. ANDREWS. Item 1, page 7.
Explain that item where you show an increased request of $244,000

Dr. MUMFORD. This item, Mr. Chairman, is intended to take car of the normal in-grade increases which are required by law ani reallocations of positions where duties may change as a person assume heavier responsibilities.

Mr. ANDREWS. Increased in-grade promotions, would it includ that?

Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, sir.

Mr. ANDREWS. How closely is that amount computed and how di you compute it?

Dr. MUMFORD. I will ask Mr. Rossiter to speak to that.

Mr. RossITER. It is computed actually on the date each employee is entitled to a step increase, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. ANDREWS. All that is determined by or pursuant to law? Mr. RossITER. Yes, sir. Mr. ANDREWS. How much of the pay supplemental for 1969 did you absorb? Mr. RossITER. $423,900. Mr. ANDREWS. Last fiscal year 1968 you had, I believe, an unobligated balance of $113,000 under this appropriation. If you get the pey supplemental now pending, what do you think you will have at the end of this month unobligated, or the end of this year? Mr. RossITER. Possibly $25,000. Mr. ANDREWS. You can check further on that and correct the record.

Mr. RossiTER. Yes, sir.


Mr. ANDREWS. You say annualization. What is the full-year figure involved? We are speaking of item 2 on page 8, where you are asking for an increase of $89,000.

Mr. RossITER. What this would do is to provide the money for 1970; that is, from July 1 to those dates that these several increases became effective in fiscal 1969.

Mr. ANDREWS. Are these items mentioned on page 8 all included m the pending supplemental?

Mr. ROSSITER. Yes, sir.

INCREASE FOR RECLASSIFICATION OF GUARD POSITIONS Mr. ANDREWS. As to Public Law 90-610, what was the reclassification of guard salaries? From what to what?

Dr. MUMFORD. As you know, we have several grade levels for guards, Mr. Chairman. This law changed the private from GS-3 to GS 5.

Could we put this in the record?
Mr. ANDREWS. Supply that for the record.
Dr. MUMFORD. The sergeants went to GS-6.

Mr. ANDREWS. Put that in the record, if you will, and also the salaries of the different grades.

Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, sir.


APPROVED OCT. 21, 1968, EFFECTIVE OCT. 21, 1968

[blocks in formation]


GS-3 and GS-4.... $4,600 to $6,684.

$5,145 to $6,684 GS-5..

$5,732 to $7,456 GS 6.-

$6,321 to $8,221 GS-8......... ... $7,699 to $10,012


$5,732 to $6,498.
$6,321 to $7,166.
$6,981 to $7,913.
$7,699 to $8,727.
$8,462 to $9,590


Mr. ANDREWS. How do your salaries now compare with the Supreme Court and GSA guards, also with the Capitol Police?

Dr. MTVFORD. They are somewhat lower.
Vr. ANDREWS. Supply that for the record.

Dr. WCYFORD. There was a very great discrepaney between the salaries of the Capitol Hill Police and the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress.

(The information follows:)

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Mr. ANDREWS. Did the reclassification law make it mandatory that this be updated effective on the date poo indicated, or did it merely authorize the updating subject to availabuity of funds with which to do it?

Dr. VOUFORD. I interpreted it to be mandatory. Wr. Chairman. It reads that the Librarian of Congress may designate employees of the Library of Congress special police for duty in connection with the policing of Library of Congress buildings and grounds and shall fix teir rtes of basic par as follows

Mr. ANDREWS. I think it shal" is in the law it is mandatory.

EXHTTIVE PAT BILL INCRELSE What positiins were affected by the executire par bill. How much of the $89.000 is attributed to that:

Mr. ROSSITER There was the Librarian and the Deputy Librariar and all GSIS positions and some lide positions. The ceiling Was rised on these. Also sme Pobl Law 313 SINCS which cover scientific and technial natans Wr. ANDREWS S ur a list for the record Mr. ROSSITER All right The information follows

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On item 4 postage what w*the


n vier Note Larr gi is in this budget finns teambunment.

Mr. RossITER. In four of our appropriations we have requested an
increase for postage. Last fiscal year we requested an increase based on
a study which determined increased usage. This budget asks for an
increase due to the increased postage rates. We have a lump-sum
agreement with the Post Office Department to pay them $110,000 a
year for all postage in the Library of Congress. This will increase it by
Mr. ANDREWS. To $132,000?
Mr. ROSSITER. Yes, sir.

Vr. ANDREWS. In other words, you pay the Post Office $132,000
and send all the mail you want to?

Mr. Rossiter. That is right.
Mr. ANDREWS. Do you get a bargain or do you know?

Mr. RossiTER. We have to be fair to them. If there is a substantial
increase in usage we acknowledge it and pick it up in the following year.

Vr. ANDREWS. Voluntarily or at their request?
Mr. ROSSITER. Voluntarily.
Dr. MUMFORD. We make periodic surveys to determine that.
Mr. ANDREWS. It is not so voluntary after all?
Mr. RossiTER. It is on our shoulders.


Mr. ANDREWS. Item 5, page 9.

You are asking for $34,000 for "Centrex phone service.” How does
that compare with the present system?

Dr. MUMFORD. We have a justification explanation of that on page
88. I would like to ask Mr. Rohlf, Director of the Administrative
Department to explain that.

Mr. ANDREWS. Tell us briefly.
Mr. RohlF. Centrex is the new telephone service instituted
throughout the Government. It is now in the House and Senate. It
will relieve the Library of the necessity of having its own switching
equipment because the telephone company will provide it in the build-
ing located south of Capitol Hill.

Mr. ANDREWs. Is this the system where you press the buttons?
Mr. Rohlf. Yes, sir. It will also allow us to use the telephone for
certain computer applications for which we can not use the regular dial
switching equipment. The telephone instrument is basically a small

Mr. ANDREWS. What is your telephone bill now?
Mr. ROHLF. Mr. Rossiter?
Mr. RossITER. It is about $190,000.
Mr. ANDREWS. That is just local service?
Mr. RossiTER. Yes, sir.
Mr. ANDREWS. It does not include long distance?
Mr. ROSSITER. It does include FTS long distance service.

Mr. ROHLF. Part of this increase requested here is for approxi-
mately $9,700 for initial changeover. That cost will not recur.

Mr. ANDREWS. Is this $34,000 a full additional cost; is it recurring?

Dr. MUMFORD. As Mr. Rohlf just indicated, the $9,700 would not
be recurring. It would relate to installation.

Mr. ROHLF. That is right.

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