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Chanter, C. Ferny Combes ; a ramble after ferns Chapters of college romance. I. Butt . 18-533
in the glens and valleys of Devonshire. L., Chapters on man. C. S. Wake


9-24 Chapus, E. Manuel de l'homme et de la femme
Over the cliffs

comme il faut. P., 1861

Chantes évangeliques. in. Y.
34-5159 Character. Bain, A. Study of

Chanticleer. C. Matthews
18-613 Bucke, C. Book of human c.

Chants. Bird, G. One hundred single and double Chandler, M. G. Elements of

5-1010 Fernald, W. M. First causes of c. 10-525
Gregorian, and other chants
5–1077 Smiles, S. Self-help

Hayter, A. U. Selection of cathedral c. 5–1014 Character and characteristic men. E. P. Whipple
Chants du crépuscule. V. Hugo

Chants du siécle. A. Nicolas

34-4848 Character of the gentleman. F. Lieber 33-216,7
Chapeau, dit Desvergers. See Scribe, A.-E. Théâtre. Characteristics. Earl of Shaftesbury 15–133

Characteristics of men of genius. L., 1846. 2 v.
Chapeau d'un horologer. Mme. E. de Girardin

34-3361 Characters. Sir T. Overbury

Chapel of the hermits, and other poems. J. G. Whit- Characters and criticisms. J. Hannay 33-1297

23–331 Charades. Curo, M. L'art de jouer charades en
Chapel of St. Mary. By the author of "The rectory


of Moreland
18-615 Francis, J. Our charades

Chapelle et Bachaumont. Voyage de C. et de B. Frost, S. A.

34-3386 Hervey, T. K. Poems :

Chapin, A. B. Organization and order of the primi- Historical acting c.

tive church. N. H., 1842
32-2326 Praed, W. M. Poems, v. 2

Chapin, E. H. Characters in the gospels. N. Y., Charcoal sketches. J. C. Neal

32–362 Charicles. W. A. Becker

Extemporaneous discourses delivered in Broad- Charitable uses, law of. L. Shelford. V. 37 of 2-55
way church, N. Y. N. Y., 1860 32-711 Charities of Europe. J. de Liefde

Humanity in the city. N. Y.

32-1460 Charities of London in 1861. S. Low, jr. 274_748
Chaplains and clergy of ihe revolution. J. T. Head- Charity. Binney, T. Money


30–1477 Colwell, S.

New themes for the protestant
Chaplin, J. Evening of life. n. y., 1852 32–378


Chapman, A. W. Flora of the southern United Liefde, J. de. Romance of

States; the ferns by D. C. Eaton. N. Y., Rathbone, W., jr. Social duties 2-1012
1860. 80

9-23 See Benevolence; Philanthropy.
Chapman, B. History of Gustavus Adolphus and of Charity of the primitive churches. 8. Chastel 32-671
the thirty years' war. L., 1856. 8° 30-936 Charity Helstone. Mrs. C. Brock

Chapman, G. Treatise on education. 4th ed. L., Charke, C. Autobiography. v. 7 30-1878
1790. 8°

13-53 Charlemagne. James, G. Š. R. History of 30-624
and C. Marlowe. Hero and Leander

V. 3 of
Comyn, Sir R.

Western empire 27_3376
24-99 Legends of. T. Bulfinch

and J. Shirley
The ball
v. 3 of 24-97 Charlemont. W, G. Simms .


y. 6 of 24-97 Charles I. of England. Reliquiæ sacræ Caroline ;
Chapinan, G. T. See Tydings, R.

or, the works of that great monarch and glo.
Chapman, I. A. Sketch of the history of Wyoming; rious martyr, king Charles the I. Hague,
with a statistical account of the valley and ad-


jacent country. Wilkesbarre, 1830 264_437 Letters. Camden soc. pub. v. 63 272_195
Chapman, James. "Travels in the interior of South Abbott, J. History of

Africa ; comprising fifteen years' hunting and Aikin, L. Court of

trading. L., 1868.

286-585 Cunningham, A. Life and times of 30-1664
Chapman, John. The cotton and commerce of India Disraeli, I. Life and reign

considered in relation to the interests of Great Forster, J. Arrest of the five members 272_409
Britain. L., 1851. 8°
1-286 Harris, W. Life and writings

Chapman, John, Archdeacon. See Morgan, T.

Hillier, G. Attempted escapes

Chapman, John, M. D. Diarrhea and cholera ; Memoirs of the reign of. Fairfax correspondence
their nature, origin, and treatment through

the agency of the nervous system. 2d ed. Spalding, J. Troubles in Scotland 274_1378
L., 1866. go

10–666 Stiles, E. History of three of the judges of
Chapman, J. G. The American drawing-book. N.

Y., 1858. 4

5-599 Warwick, P. Memoirs of the reign of 30–1580
Chapman, L. L. Principia ; or, nature's first prin- Williams, R. F. Court and times of 274_228

ciples. v. 1. 2d ed. Ph., 1855 11-242 Sec Long parliament; State papers.
Chaponé, Mrs. H. Letters on the improvement of Charles II of England. Abbott, J. History of
the mind. Ph., 1786

Chappe d'Auteroche,' J. Voyage to California to Carrel, A. Counter revolution

observe the transit of Venus, and voyage to Clayton, J. W. Personal memoirs of 30–1169

Newfoundland. L., 1778. 80 260-672 Fellowes, W. D. Historical sketches 274_390
Chappel, A. See Duyckinck, E. A.

Hamilton, A. Memoirs of Grammont 30-213,6
Chappell, W. Popular music of the olden time ; a Harris, W. Life and writings

collection of ancient songs, ballads and dance Hoskins, S. E. C. in the Channel islands 274_569
tunes, illustrative of the national music of Hughes, J. Boscobel tracts.

England; the airs harmonized by G. A. Mac- Jameson, A. Beauties of the court of 30-603
farran. L., n. d. 2 v. 4o.
23-1304 Pepys, S. Diary

Chapsal, M. Leçons et modèles de litérature fran- Sidney, H. Diary

çaise, ou Choix de morceaux en prose et en

Charles V ' of Germany. Autobiography; trans.
Nouv. ed. avec supplement.

from the Portuguese by F. Simpson.


Chaptal, J. A. chymistry applied to agriculture. Mignet, F. A.A. Avdication, séjour et mort
B., 1835

au monastère

Chapter on wives. Mrs. s. Ellis : 18-1006 Rivalité de Ch. V et de François I 34-4662

2 v.


N. Y.,

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Charles V. of Germany. Correspondence of the Charlevoix, P. F. X. de. History of Paraguay; Emperor Charles V. and his ambassadors at

including a full and authentic account of the the courts of England and France, from the establishments formed there by the Jesuiis. original letters in the imperial family archives L., 1769. 2 v.

269-442 at Vienna ; with a connecting narrative and · Letters to the Duchess of Lesdiguieres; giving biographical notices; ed. by W. Bradford. an account of a voyage to Canada, and iravels L., 1850. 80

through that country and Louisiana.

L., Murray, J. Select biography v. 1 of 30-1915


206-17 Prescott, W. H. Later life 274-2670 Charlie Codman's cruise. 1. Alger, jr. 1S-140 Robertson, W. Reign of 274_2668–70 Charlie Seymour. C. Sinclair

18-2892 Stirling, W. Cloister life of

30–756 Charley, W. Flax and its products in Ireland. L., Charles IX. Chronique du temps de: (Roman.) 1862

6-306 P. Mérimée.

34-5462 Charley, W. T. Law of London cabs and omniCharles XII. of Sweden. Voltaire, F. M. A. de. buses. L., 1867

2-320 Histoire de

34-3957 and v. 20 of 4868 Charlotte, princess of Wales. Huish, R. Memoirs History of


30–1966 Charles Jolin of Sweden [Bernadotte.] Meredith, - See Knight. Miss c. W. G. Memorials of .

30-36 Charlotte, Queen. Delany's reminiscences of - Philippart, J. Memoirs and campaigns of

30-1346 30-37 Charlotte Ackermann. 0. Müller

34-590 Charles the bold of Burgundy. Kirk, J. F. "His- Charlotte Temple. Mrs. Rowson

18-3726 tory of 274_1766 Charmed sea, the. H. Martineau

18-3855 Charles the great and Orlando. T. Roda (trans.) Charms and counter-charms. M. j. M'Intosh 23-843

18-1972 Charles Edward the pretender. See Stuart, C. Charlotte's inheritance. M. E. Brandon 18-379 Charles, Mrs. Eliz. Chronicles of the Schönberg- Charnock, John. Memoirs of Lord Nelson. N. Y., colta family ; by two of themselves 18-650

30-1513 Cripple of Antioch, and other scenes 18-760

Charnock, R. 'S. Iudus patronymicus; or, the etyDiary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan


mology of curious surnames, L., 1868 22-3310 The Draytons and the Davenants. N. Y., - Verba nominalia ; or, words derived from proper 1866

L., 1866. 8°

22-76 The early dawn; or, skeiches of Christian life Charpentier, J. de. Les glaciers et le terrain erratin England in the olden time. N. Y., 1867 ique du bassin du Rhone. Lausanne, 1811. 18-3899

34-4718 Mary, the handmaid of the Lord. 'N. Y., 1865 Charron, P.

Charron, P. 'Of wisdom; the seconi and third 32-1636

books, with an account of the author. Made Tales and sketches of Christian life 18-3132

English by G. Stanhope, L., 1697 15–137 The martyrs of Spain and the liberators of Hol- Charter-house. Chronicles of

274_253 land

18-2119 Charters of the British colonies in America. Dub., Two vocations

1776. 80

26a_920 On both sides of the sea ; a sequel to the Dray. Chartism. T. Carlyle

2-591 tons and the Davenants

18-3971 Chartreuse de Parme.

H. Beyle

34-3823 – Voice of Christian life in song; or, hymns and Charts. Après de Mannevilleite's East India pilot hymn-writers of many lands and ages. N.

2.5–352 Y., 1865

32-1543 Mackenzie, M., sr. “Maritime survey of Ireland – Wanderings over bible lands and seas.

25–354 1866 28b-493 Spafarieff, L. Gulf of Finland

25-353 Winifred Bertram, and the world she lived in See Atlases; Maps.

18-3553 Chase, E. B. Teachings of patriots and statesmen; - The women of the gospels; the three wakings; or, the “founders of the republic" on slavery. and other poems. N. Y., 1867 23-889

Ph., 1860

264-662 Charles and Josiah; or, friendly conversations be- Chase, F. Gathered sketches from the early history

tween a churchman and a quaker. Dub., of New Hampshire avd Vermont. Claremont,


202596 Charles et Marie. M'me de Souza

34-4257 Chase, G. W. The Masonic harp: a collection of Charles Auchester. E. S. Sheppard 18-2826 odes, hymns, and songs, with music. B., 1858 Charles Chesterfield. Mrs. F. Trollope 18-3301

5-1082 Charles Hopewell. J. Patterson

18–2451 Chase, Heber. Final report of the committee of the Charles Norwood. M. Trowbridge


Philadelphia medical society on the construcCharles O'Malley. C. Lever


tion of instruments, and their mode of action Charles Tyrrell. G. P. R. James


in the radical cure of hernia. Ph., 1837. 8° Charleston. Gillmore, Q. A. Engineer and artil.

10-24 lery operations against defences of C. harbor Treatise on the radical cure of hernia by instru

Ph., 1836. 8°

10-23 – Mercantile library association ; constitution Chase, Henry, and C. W. Sanborn. The north and 1851 ; report of annual meeting of 1855.

the south; a statistical view of the condition Wilkinson, E. Letters during invasion of C.

of the free and slave states. B., 1856 260-602

264_86 Chase, L. B. History of the Polk administ alon. Charlesworth, M. L. England's yeoman 18-616

N. Y., 1850. 8.

204_207 Ministering children

18-617 Chase, P. E. Intellectual symbolism; a basis for Ministry of lite

science. Ph., 1863. 4°

15-504 A sequel to ministering children 18-619 Sanscrit and English analogues. L., 1860. 80 Charlevoix, P. F. X. de. Historical journal (part

22-57 relating to Louisiana). (French, B. F., See Mann, H. liist. col. v. 3]

262_79 Chase, S. P. Trowbridge, J. T. Ferry.boy and Journal of a voyage to North America ; con- financier

18-1074 taining the geographical description and Chase, T. Hellas; her monuments and scenery. natural history of that country, particularly Camb., 1863

276-018 Canada ; in a series of letters to the Duchess Chase, W. S. See Vericour, L. R. M. oi Lesiliy uieres. L., 1761. 2 v. 80 201-16 Chase, the. Wm. Somerville

v. 3 of 23-688

N. Y.,



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poems of

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Chasles, V. E. P. Anglo-American literature and Chatham, E. Burke, and T. Erskine. Speeches.
N. Y., 1852

Ph., 1840. 80

2-931 Études sur l' Espagne. Littérature espagnole Chatillon, 'A. de, et L. Enault. Frantz Müller, suivi en France et en Italie. P. .


du Rouet' d'Or et de Axel, par Énault P., Études sur W. Shakspeare, Marie Stuart, et 1862

31-3119 l'Arétin, P.

34-5421 Chatiments
. V. Hugo

3+4327 Michel de Cervantes—sa vie, son temps, son

Chatrian, A. See Erckmann-Chatrian.
@uvre politique et littéraire. P., 1866. 8° Chattaway, E. D. Railways; their capital and divi.

dends. L., 1855, 6

6-33 - Notabilities in France and England, with an Chatfield, P. Tin trumpet

18-622 autobiography. N. Y., 1853

270-308 Chatterton, T. Poetical works. With notices of his Chasse au lion, la. J. Gérard


life, a history of the Rowley controversy, a Chasse au roman. J. Sandeau


selection of his letters, notes, and a glossary. Chasse aux amants. C. de Bernard

B., 1863. 2 v.

23-47 Chasseaud, G. W. Druses of the Lebanon; their Poems supposed to have been written at Bristol

manners, customs, and history. With a trans- in the 15th century, by Thomas Rowley. lation of their religious code. L., 1855. 8° Camb., [1794.] 80

23-929 286-264 Same. 3d ed., with an appendix tending to Chasseur de plantes. Mayne Reid 34-3516

prove that they were writt by T. Chatterton Chesseurs de chevelures. Mayne Reid 34-4644

(by T. Tyrwhitt). L., 1778.80 23-928 Chastel, S. Charity of the primitive churches. Supplement to the miscellanies of T. C. L., Trans. by G. A. Matile. Ph., 1857 32-671

1784. go

23-930 Chastellux, F. J. Travels in North America in Byrant, T. Observations


the 1780-2. Translated from the French. N. Y., T. Rowley. L., 1781. 8°

23-931 1827. 80

266-18 Fell, J. Remarks on the appendix of the editor Chat-qui-pelote. H. de Balzac

of Rowley's poems

23-930 Chateau d'Issy, le. A. Esquiros .

34-3300 Hickford, R. Observations on the poems atChateau des désertes. Mme Dutlevant 34-3683

tributed to Rowley. L., n. d. 89 23-930 Chateau des Pyrenées. F. Soulié

34-3761 Malone, E. Cursory observations on the poems Chateau Frissac. 0. Logan .


attributed to Rowley. L., 1782. So 23-930 Chateau St. Ange. F. Buloz

34-5242 Warton, T. Inquiry into the authenticity of the Chateaubriand, R. F. A. de. Atala ; René. Brux., poems attributed to T. Rowley. L., 1782.80 1829 34-3113,4

23-930 Atala ; Réné;

Réné; Le dernier Abencerage; Moïse, Tyrwhitt, T. Vindication of the appendix 10 tragédie; Poésies. P., 1838

34-5411 the poems called Rowley's, with further obAventures du dernier Abencerage. P. 34-3112 strvations on those poems. L., 1782. The congress of Verona ; comprising a portion

23-930 of the memoirs of his own times. L., 1838. Chaucer, G. Poetical works. Ed. by R. Bell L., 2 v. 80

1854-56. 8 v.

23-676 Génie du Christianisme. P., 1838. 3 V. 34-5412 (Bell's poets of G. B.)

23-470 Le même. Suivi de la defense, et da la lettre Fables from, by J. Dryden

23-74 à M. de Fontanes. P., 1841. 2 v. 34-3115 Legende of goode women. Edited, with an inGenius of Christianity ; or, the spirit and beauty troduction and notes, by H. Corson. Ph., of the Christian religion, with a preface, bio


23-710 graphical notice, and notes by C. J. White. (Sanford's Br. poets)

v. 1 of 23-18 Bali., 1856. 8° 32-641 Select poetical works

23-270 — Itinéraire de Paris à Jerusalem. P., 1838. 2 v. Tales from. J. Dryden 23-74; v. i of 272"; 476 34-5408 Godwin, W. Life of

30-2003 - Les martyrs. P., 1838. 2 v.:

34-5414 Thynne, F. Animadversions upon. E. E. T. S., Le meme, suivi des remarques. P., 1852 34-3117 p't 9

v. 5 of 22-1043 The martyrs; or, the triumph of the Christian Chaude, S. P. See Piranesi

34-4975 religion

18-621 Chauffour-Kestner, M. V. Ulrich von Hutten, imMélanges politiques. P., 1838. 2 v. 34-5409

perial poet and orator; the great knightly reMémoires d'outre-tombe. N. Y. et Ph., 1848. former of the 16th century. Trans. by A. 2 v. 8°

Young. E., 1863

32-1163 Memoirs, letters, and authentic details relating Chaumière indienne, la. B. de Saint Pierre 34-4211

to C. F. d'Artois, duke De Berry. Trans. Chauncey, C. See Hopkinson, J.
from the French. L., 1821.

30-35 Chaussée, la. See La Chaussée. Les Natchez. P., 1838. 2 v.

34-5415 Chauvenet, W. Manual of spherical and practical Le meme, suivi de la description du pays des astronomy; embracing the general problems Natchez. P., 1856


of spherical astronomy, the special applications Les quatre Stuarts; Mémoires sur le duc de

to nautical astronomy, and the theory and Berry. P., 1838


use of fixed and portable astronomical instruRecollections of Italy, England, and America, ments. With an appendix on the method of

with essays in morals and literature. Ph., least squares. Ph., 1863. 2 v. 80 12-150 1816. 80

270-136 Treatise on plane and spherical trigonometry: Travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt, and Bar- 5th ed. Ph., 1862. 8°

14-31 bary, in 1806,7. N. Y., 1814. 8° 291-11 Chazotte, P. S. The best method of teaching foreign Voyage en Amérique

languages. Ph., 1817

32-2339 Voyages en Amérique, en Italie, etc. P., 1838. Checkmate

18-025 2 v.

34-5413 Cheetham, J. Life of Thomas Paine. N. Y., 1809. Robertson, J. B. Life, writings, and times of 80

30-1.567 274-3530 Cheever, G. B.

American common-place book of Chateaux de France. L. Gozlan : 31-3367

poetry ; with notes. Ph., 1841

23-50 Chatfield, C. Teutonic antiquities; or, historical and The guilt of slavery demonstrated from the Hegeographical sketches of Roman and barba

brew and Greek scriptures. N. Y., 1860 2-607 rian history, L., 1828. 8°.

274_3375 Lectures on the life, genius, and insanity of CowChatham, W. Pitt, earl of. Correspondence. Ed. per. N. Y., 1856

32-584 by W. S. Taylor and J. H. Pringle. L., 1838. The pilgrim in the shadow of the Jungfrau Alp. 4 v. 80

N. Y., 1848

274_119 8-501

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N. Y.,



Cheever, G. B. The hill difficulty, and some expe

riences of life in the plains of ease; with other miscellanies. N. Y., 1849

32-52 - Journal of the pilgrims at Plymouth, in New

England, in 1020 ; reprinted from the original volume; with historical and local illustrations of providences, principles, and persons. N. Y., 1819

26443 Powers of the world to come; and the church's stewardship as invested with them. N. Y., 18.53

32-175 – Prose writers of America. A collection of extracts. N. Y., 1853

33-127 Punishment by death: its authority and expediency. N. Y., 1842

2-608 Right of the bible in our public schools. N. Y., 1854

32-497 Wanderings of a pilgrim in the shadow of Mont Blanc. N. Y., 1848

270–118,19 and J. E. Sweetser. Christian melodies: a se

lection of hymns and tunes for social and private worship. N. Y., 1851

5-1024 Cheever, Rev. Henry T. Autobiography and memo

rials of Captain 0. Congar. N.Y., 1851 30-661 - Island world of the Pacific ; narrative and results

of travel through the Sandwich or Hawaiian
islands, and other parts of Polynesia.

296-87 Life and trials of a youtiful Christian as devel

oped in the biography of Nathaniel Cheever, M. D. N. Y., 1851

30-882 Life in the Sandwich islands; or, the heart of the Pacific as it was and is. N. Y., 1851

296-90 – Voices of nature to her foster-child, the soul of N. Y., 1852

32-380 Reel in a bottle

18-026 Cheever, N. Biography by II. T. Cheever 30-882 Chefs d'ouvre de morale. H. Lemaire 31-5160 Chets d'auvre dramatiques de la langue française

34-4231 Chefs d'euvre des auteurs comiques. P., 1845,6. 8

34-3132 to 9 Chefs d'æuvre des auteurs tragiqiies. "P., 1843–5.

34-3140 Chellis, M. D.' oid Sunapee

18-3872 Chemical and physical geology. Bischoff, G. Ele ments

8-56 Chemical news,

13, 14, in one. "L., 1866. 40

8-500 Chemical physics. "Cooke, J. P. Elements 8-48

Sanders, J. M. P. of chemistry. (See Gregory,

8-112 Chemical technology. F. Knapp

8–13,42 Chemin le plus court. A. Karr

34-3427 Chemistry.-Analytical.

Galloway, R. Qualitative analysis 8-117
Noad, H. M. Chemical analysis

8-19 Reports on the use of lead pipe

8-118 Rose, H. Manual of

8-37 Scott, R. H. Volumetrical analysis 8-80 Slater, J. W. Hand-book of

Bibliography and history of.
Brown, s. .Essays, scientific and literary 8-44
Liebig and Kopp. Progress of c.

8-27 Thomson, T. History

Zuchold, E. A. Biblioth. chem. (1840–58) 21-292
Piggot, A. S. C. applied to dental surgery 8–43
Watt, G. C. in reference to dental surgery 8-116
See Dentistry,
General and miscellaneous.
Brande, W. T., and A. S. Taylor

8-67 Elliot, C. W., and F. H. Storer. Inorganic c.

8-115 Fararlay, M. Experimental researches 11-316 Fownes, G. Rudimentary c.

8-102 Frankland, E. Lecture notes for students 8–108 Gibbs, W., and F. A. Genth. Ammonia-cobalt bases

Chemistry. Gmelin, L. Hand-book

8-:5 Graham, T. Elements

8-41,87 Reports and memoirs

844 Gray, A. Elements

8-95 Gregory, W. Inorganic c.

8–1:2 Hare, R. Course in med. dep't univ. Penna.

8-61 Pamphlets on calorimotor, blowpipe, and cudiometer

10-79 Hofman, A. W. Introduction to modern c. 8–91 Hunt, R. Light in its chemical relations 8–60 Johnson, W. R. Scientific class-book 11-2 Kemp, T. L. Phasis of matter

8-71 Laurent, A. Chemical method, notation, classification, and nomenclature

8-57 Liebig, J. Complete works

8-26 Ludlow, J. L. Manual of examinations 10-375 Mansfield, C. B. Theory of salts

8-8 Miller, W. A. Elements

8-76 Morfit, C. Chemical manipulations 8-38 Porter, J. A. Principles of

8-68 Prout, W. C., meteorology,


11-59 Regnault, M. V. Elements

8-29 Roscoe, Å. E. Elementary c.

8-99 Schedler, F. Book of nature

11-322 Sharples, S. P. Tables .

8-109 Silliman, B. Elements

8-22 Silliman, B., jr. First principles

8-40 Solly, E. Syllabus of course of lectures 8-82 Steele, J. A. A fourteen weeks' course 8-113 Storer, F. H. Dictionary of solubilities 8-79 Thomson, R. D. Dictionary

8-107 Ure, A. Dictionary

8-86 Watts, H. Dictionary

8-100 Williamson, A. W. C. for students 8-105 Youmans, E. L. Chemical atlas

8-502 Class-book.

See Chemical physics.
Boussingault, J. B. C. and agriculture 4-148
Kemp, T. L. Discoveries and applications 8–71
Liebig, J. Familiar letters 8-14, and 18-36.52
Mackenzie, C. 1000 processes and experiments

6-8804 Morfit, c. c. applied to soap and candles 8–1š Muspratt, J. S. C. as applied and relating to the arts and manufactures

8-89 Nichols, J. R. Farm and sea

8-110 Parnell, E. A. C. applied

8-20 Payen, A. Chimie industrielle

34-4895 Stöckhardt, J. A. Field lectures

4-131 See Agricultural chemistry; Metallurgy; Pho

Organic, physiological, and medical.
Brande, W. T. Lectures

8-45 Day, G. E. c. in its relations to physiology and medicine

8-52 Gardner, D. P. Medical c.

8-84 Griffin, J. J. Summary of organic c. 8-10 Lehman, C. G. Chemical physiology 8-35 Physiological chemistry

8-36 Liebig, J. Chemistry of food

8-16 Animal c.

8-15,26 Traité de chimie organique 34-4533 Löwig, (. Organic and physiological c. 8-70 Mulder, G. J. C. of vegetable and animal phys.

8-83 c. of wine

8-111 Odling, W. Animal c.

See Adulterations ; Food; Physiology ; Poisons.
Bernays, A. J. Household c.

8-16 Bryant, Mrs. Conversations on c., 8-4,5 Ellis, R. C. of creation

Ewell, E. Modern c. (1806)
Faraday, M. Chemical history of a candle 8–.51
Griffin, J. J. Recreations

8-10 Griflith, T. C. of the four seasons

8-9 Jolinston, J. F. C. of common life

8-33 MacAdam, S. C. of common things


2 v.



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w. c.


1-1. p.
1-0. P.

Chemistry. Piesse, G. W. S. Chymical, natural,
and physical magic

Laboratory of chemical wonders 8-73
Science made easy

Timbs, J. Knowledge for the people 11-70
Religion and
Cooke, J. P.

Fownes, G. C. as

c. as exemplifying the wisdom of

- Pront,
with reference to natural theology

Chénier, A. See André Chénier:

Chénier, L. J. G. de. Vie du maréchal Davout. P.,
1866. go

Chenier, L. S. de. 'Present state of the empire of

Morocco ; with a history of the dynasties since
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Children of light

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Easy introduction to

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See Auscultation ; Bronchitis ; Consumption ;

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Thirty-nine men for one woman

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