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Campbell, George, D. D. Lectures on ecclesiastical Campbell, T., Poetical works. Ph., 1847. 8° 23–173

history; with life of the author, by G. S. Same. Ed. by E. Sargeant. B., 1854 23-360
Keith. L., 1800. 2 v.

32-1733 Specimens of the British poets; with notices,
Philosophy of rhetoric. N. Y., 1844 22–621

and an essay on English poetry. L., 1819.
Campbell, Hugh. The love letters of Mary Queen

of Scots to Jaines, Earl of Bothwell ; with Redding, c. Literary reminiscences and me
her love sonnets and marriage contract. L., moirs of

1824. .80

30-2332 Campbell, T. Memoirs by A. Campbell 30-1481
Campbell, James. Excursions, adventures, and field- Campbell, Walter. My Indian journal. E., 1864.
sports in Ceylon ; its commercial and military

importance. L., 1843. 2 v. 80 284-393 The old forest ranger; or, wild sports in India.
Campbell, Jane. Campbell, A. Brief memoir of 2d ed. L., 1845. 80

30-1481 Campbell, Wm.'w. Annals of Tryon county; or,
Campbell, Jane c. 'Money-maker; and other tales. the border warfare of New York during the

revolution. N. Y., 1831. 8°

, John. '[Bookseller of Philadelphia.] Same. N. Y., 1849

Negro-mania ; an examination of the falsely- Historical sketch of Robin Hood and Captain
assumed equality of races. Ph., 1851. 80


292_224 - Life and writings of DeWitt Clinton. N. Y.,
Campbell, John, D. D. Conquest of England; let- 1849. 80

ters to the prince consort on popery, Pusey. Campbell's foreign monthly magazine. v. 1 and 2
ism, neology, infidelity, and the aggressive in 1. Ph., 1842. go

policy of the church of Rome. L., 1861 Campe, J. H. Columbus; or, the discovery of

– John' Angell James; a review of lis history,

America, as related by a father to his children.
L., 1828

character, eloquence, and literary labors. Camper, P. See Dowie, J.
L., 1860

30–1306 Camperdown; or, news from our neighborhood;
- Popery, ancient and modern; with warnings being sketches by the author of "Our neigh-
and counsels to the people of England. L.,



32-1673 Campin, F. Practical treatise on mechanical en.
Campbell, John. (Feringhee Bacha.) Lost among gineering; comprising metallurgy, moulding,

the Affghans; being the adventures of John casting, forging, tools, workshop machinery,
Campbell, related by himself to H. 0. Fry. mechanical manipulation, manufacture of the
L., 1862


steam-engine, and the analysis of iron and
, John, Li. D.' Lives of the British admi- iron ores. Ph., 1864. 8°

rals, and naval history of Great Britain ; con- Camping. See Encamping.
densed. L., n. d.

30–1150 Campkin, J. Edwin May's philosophy. . L., 1864
- A political survey of Britain. L., 1734.2 v.


25-307 Can wrong be right Mrs. s. c. Hall : 18-1337
, John, Là. lives of the chief justices

Can you forgive her. A. Trollope

of England. Ph., 1851-7. 3 v. 80 30-666 Canada. Bonnycastle and Alexander. Canada as
Lives of the lord chancellors of England till the it was, is, and may be .

reign of George IV. Ph., 1847,8. 7 v. 80 Bouchette, J. Topographie ; remarques; rela.

tions avec les états-unis

Shakspeare's legal acquirements considered. L., Charlevoix, P. de. Description of 266-16
1859. 80

24-85 Chesshyre, H. T. N. C. in 1864 366-527
Campbell, Gen. John. Personal narrative of thir- Christie, R. Lower C.

teen years service among the wild tribes of Day, S. P. English America

Khondistan for the suppression of human sac- Duncan, J. N. Travels in 1818-9 266-639
rifice. L., 1864. 8°
28-430 Fidler, J. Observations on

Campbell, Rev. John. Travels in South Africa; Garneau, F. X. History of

undertaken at the request of the inissionary Geikie, J. C. Life in the woods 26_505
society. And., 1816.

281-50 Gourlay, R. General introduction to statistical
Campbell, J. F. Frost and fire, natural engines, account of U. C.

tool-marks and chips; with sketches taken at

Statistical account

home and abroad. E., 1865. 2 v. 8° 9-993 Hall, F. Travels

Popular tales of the West Highlands orally col. Head, F. B. Emigrant

lected; with a translation. 4 v. . 18-549 Henry, A. Travels and adventures 26-48
Campbell, J. L. A manual of scientific and practi- Hogan, J. S.

cal agriculture. Ph., 1859

4-104 Holly,'0. L. Picturesque tourist and guide
Campbell, J. W. History of Virginia till 1781; with

through C.

biographical sketches of the most distinguished Jameson, A. Winter studies and summer ram-
characters. Ph., 1813 .


Campbell, Maria. Revolutionary services and civil King, w. R.

Sportsman and naturalist in
life of Gen. William Hull; prepared from his

manuscripts; with the history of the campaign Kohl, J. G. Traveis in c.

of 1812, and surrender of the post of Detroit, La Rochefoucault's travels, 1795-7 266-1005
by his grandson J. F. Clarke. N. Y., 1848. Logan, W. E. Report on geology . 9-251

30-1088 Macgregor, J. Our brothers and cousins 266–355

, St. G. Ti statement and brief on behalf Martin, R. W. Upper and Lower C. 266-609
of complainant in case of Sanford and Ans- Michelant, H. et A. Ramé. Voyage de Cartier.
pach vs. Catawissa r. r. co. 1854. 8° 2-231

Documents inédits sur le C. 34-3539,3543
Campbell, T. Life of Mrs. Siddons. N. Y., 1834 Moodie, S. Life in the clearings 266_271

Roughing it in the bush

- (Ed.) Frederick the

great and his times ; with Picken, A. Canada for colonists and capitalists
an introduction. Ph., 1842. 2 v. 30-180

Same. 2d ed. L., 1844. 2 v.

30-868 Russell, W. H. Defences, condition, and re-
Same. 2d series. Ph., 1843. 2 v. 30–182

Letters from the South ; written during a jour-

Silliman, B. Tour between Hartford and Que-
ney to Algiers. Ph., 1836 .

bec, 1819


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Canada. Shaw, J. Ramble through 266_635 Canterbury tales. H. and S. Lee

Smith, M. View of

32-239 Canton. Ljungstedt, A. Description of 284-21
Strickland's twenty-seven years in C. West See China.
265-367 Canvassing. Miss Martin

Stuart, c. Emigrant's guide to Upper C. 266_155 Cap sheaf, a fresh bundle. G. c. Hill

Talbot, E. A. Five years residence 266_579 Capacelli, A. Novelle morali. See Soave, F.
Trail, C. P. Backwoods of C.

Tremen heere, H. S. Notes on public subjects La tarantola

26"-454 Capadose, A. Recollections of my visit to Spain
Warburton, E._conquest of C. 26&_261

and its prisons in 1863. Trans, from the
Weld, J., jr. Travels in, 1795–7 266-641

German. L., n. d.

See Great Britain-colonies; New Brunswick; Cape Cod. H. D. Thoreau

New Foundland; Nova Scotia ; Saguenay Cape of Good Hope. Notes on


Capefigue, B. H. R. Gabrielle d'Estrées, et la pol-
Canadian Crusoes. C. P. Traill


itique de Henri IV. P., 1859 34-5402
Canadian naturalist. P. H. Gosse

1 9-1036 La ligue et Henri IV. 3me ed. P., 1843
Canadians. Morgan, H. J. Sketches of 30–1688

Canals. Chesapeake and Delaware canal co. Re- – La reforme et la ligue. 3me ed. P., 1843
ports, tolls and towage, 1864

Davis, C. H. Inter-oceanic c.

260-657 Capel, c. E. Victorian enigmas, a series of acros-
Frisi, P. Essay on

6-852 tics, enigmatically propounded. L., 1861
New York. Annual report of state engineer

and surveyor, for the year 1862. Alb., 1863. Capel, Arthur, Lord. Lewis, T. Life of. v. 1 & 2 of


, le c'te. Depense et produit des can- Capell Brooke. See Brooke, A. de Capell.
aux et de chemins de fer
34-4739 Capelle, Marie. See Lafarge

Schuylkill navigation company report

Capendu, E. Le Chevalier du Poulailler. N. Y.
Strickland, W. Reports to Pennsylvania so.


ciety for internal improvement 6-1023 Les Colonnes d'Hercule. P., n. d.: 34-3110
- Tanner, H. S. C. and railroads in the U. S. Le mat de fortune. 8°

25-40 See Barrière, T.

Canals vs. railroads. Knighi, J. ' Report and doc- See Montépin, X. de


6-406 Capgrave, J. Book of the illustrious Henries; trans.
Candamo, F. B. de. Por su rey y por su dama. from the Latin by F. C. Hingeston. L., 1858.
T. T. E. v. 5


Candler, J. Brief notices of Hayti: with its condi. Capitaine Curebourse. P. A. de Ponson du Terrail
tion, resources, and prospects. L., 1842

266-669 Capitaine fracasse, ie. T. Gautier

Candles. 'Faraday, M. Chemical history of 8–51 Capitaine Paul, le. A. Dumas 34-3203,4954
Kurten, P. Manufacture of
6-500 Capitaine Richard, le. A. Dumas

Morfit, C. Chemistry applied to manufacture of Capital and labor; an address

8-18 Capital punishment. Lord Hobart
Candlish, R. S. Life in a risen Saviour. Ph., 1858 See Punishment.

32-764 Cappell, Marie. See Lafarge.
Scripture characters. L.; 1857

32-690 Capper, B. P. Topographical dictionary of the
Cañizares, J. de. El Dómine Lucas; El picarillo united kingdom. L., 1808.

en España. T. T. E. v. 5

34-2 Capper, C. Port and trade of London, historical,
Canler (ancien chef du service de sureté). Mé- statistical, local, and general. L., 1862. 8°
moires. P., n. d.

Canne de jonc. A. de Vigny

34-4570 Capper,

j. The three presidencies of India ; a his-
Canning, G. Select speeches; with a biographical tory of the rise and progress of the British

sketch, and extracts from his writings; ed. Indian possessions. L., 1853. 80 282_109
by R. Walsh. Ph., 1841. 8°

33-626 Capps, Edward. National debt financially con-
Bell, R. Life of

sidered. L., 1859

Bulwer, H. L. Historical characters 30-2336 Capron, B. Holden, F. A. Genealogy of descend-
Rede, N. N. Memoirs of life of. 2 v. 30–74

ants of

Stapleton, A. G. George Canning and his Capron, E. S. History of California ; comprising


also a full description of its climate, surface,
Political life of :


soil, rivers, towns, beasts, birds, fishes, state
Cannon, C. J. Dramas. N. Y., 1857 24-198

of its society, agriculture, commerce, mines,
Cannon, J. S. Lectures on pastoral theology. N. and mining; with a journal of a voyage to
Y., 1853. 80


San Francisco and back. B., 1854 264_318
Canoe and the saddle. T. Winthrop 266_428 Capron de Dole, F. Blues and carmines of
Canoe voyage up the Minnay Sotor. G. w. Feath-

indigo; a practical treatise on the fabrication


of every commercial product derived from
Canon Muratorianus. S. P. Tregelles 32-2106

indigo. Ph., 1863

Canova, A. Memes, J. S. Memoirs of 30–76 Captain Blake. W. H. Maxwell

Missirini, M. Della vita di C.
34-2508 Captain Brand. H. A. Wise

Cantabs. Sketches of; by John Smith of Smith Captain Canot; or, twenty years


an African

slaver. B. Mayer

Cantara. Nash and Bristow
5-1053 Captain Clutterbuck's champagne

Cantatas. Baker, B. F. Burning ship 5-956 Captain Dangerous. G. A. Sala

Bennett, W. S. May queen

Captain Geo. Carleton. D. De Foe

Bree, J. B. von. Saint Cecilia's day 5-959 Captain Hall in America ; by an American. Ph.,
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. The hymn of praise

1830. 80

5-821 Captain Singleton. D. De Foe

Cantate. ` A. Werner

5-1058,9 Captains of the old world. H. W. Herbert 291_63
Canterbury. Solner, w. Antiquities of 27-4013 Captive in Patagonia. B. F. Bourne 206-538
- Stanley, A. P. Historical memorials of 32-1048 Captive orphan. S. H. Tyng

Canterbury tales. G. Chaucer
23-470 Captives of Abb's valley. Moore

2ầu. p.

2 v.

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Captivity Japan. W. Golownin

Carey, M.

Examination of the pretensions of Captivity and adventures in France and Flanders. New England to commercial pre-eminence, E. Boys


with a view of the causes of the suspension Captivity of two Russian princesses. Verderevsky of cash payments at the banks. Ph., 1814 281-332

1-17 Caracciolo, H. (of the princes of Forino, ex-Bene- Letters to the directors of the banks of Philadeldictine nun) Memoirs.—Mysteries of the Nea

pbia. Ph., 1816

1-271 politan cloister. From the Italian. L., 1864 Pamphlets, containing extracts from the Olive


Branch, the Crisis ; an appeal to the good Caractères. La Bruyère


sense of the nation ; thoughts on penitentiar. ('arafas of Maddaloni. A. de Reument 274_2445

ies; spirit of Jacksonism, etc. Ph., 1827–35. Caravan journey. J. P. Ferrier


3-59 Card-drawer. G. Griffin

18-3680 Pamphlet, containing 'parts of the Olive Card-making. Manuel du cartonnier et du cartier Branch, account of the malignant fever, etc.,

Ph., (about 1793–1826.) 80

3-64 Cardan, G. Morley, H.' Life of:

30-1057 Philosophy of common sense. Practical rules Cardell, w. S. The boy of principle, the man of for the promotion of domestic happiness. Ph., honor; or, the story of Jack Halyard 18–563


33-443 Cardinal Pole. W. H. Ainsworth

18_126 Short account of the malignant fever lately Cardozo, J. N. Notes on political economy. Char- prevalent in Philadelphia. 4th ed. Ph., 1794. leston, 1826. 80


10-21 Cards. One thousand tricks with c. 20-204 Carey, M. L. M. Four months in a dahabëéh; or, Taylor, S. History of playing c. 20-206

a narrative of a winter's cruise on the Nile. See Games and names of particular games.

L., 1863. 80

286-525 Cardwell, E. Lectures on the coinage of the Greeks Carey, W. Marshman, J. Ć. Life and times of and Romans. Oxf., 1832. 80 274_3087

30-1124 Carême de ma tante, la. A. Ricard 34-4820 Carey. See Cary. Carew, G, Lord. Letters, 1615–17.

Camden soc. Caricature moderne, hist. de la. J. Fleury 34-4054 pub. v. 76 27_195 Carl and Jocko. Jac. Abbott

v. 10 of 18-15 Carew, P. Hooker, J. Life and times of 30-1235 Carl Werner. W. G. Simms

18-2857 Carew, T. (Sanford's Br. poets)

23-69 Carlen, E F. Un an de mariage. Tr. de Suedois Carey, A. Full and true statement of the examina- par 0. Squarr. P., B., et L., 1854 34-4018 tion and ordination of. N. Y., 1843. 8° Bride of Omberg

18_575 32-1428 The brother's bet

184033 Carey, c. B.' Narration of the late war in New La Demoiselle de la Mansarde. Tr. de Suedois, Zealand. L., 1863


par Mölle Willy Wohl-Fann. Brux., 1855, 2 v. Carey, H. Dramatic works.' L., 1743. 40 24–159

34-4193 Chrononhotonthologos. M. B. D. 5 24-142 Deux jeunes femmes; ou un an de mariage. The contrivances. M. B. D. 5


Trad., M’lle M. Souvestre. P., 1866 34–4018a Carey, H. C. Essay on the rates of wages; with The guardian. 3 v.

18-582 an examination of the causes of the differences Home in the valley .

18-577 in the condition of the laboring population

Ivar and the lover's stratagem

18-578 throughout the world. Ph., 1835. 8° 3–48 Ein launenhaftes weib; roman. Aus dem The French and American tariffs compared, in Schwedischen. Stutt., 1856. 2 v. 34-578 a series of letters addressed to M. Chevalier. One year; a tale of wedlock

18-580 Ph., 1861. 80

3-55 Six semaines. Tr. de Suedois par Aug. Couvreur. Harmony of interests, agricultural, manufactur- B. & L., 1855

34-4192 ing, and commercial. 2d ed. N. Y., 1856. Carleton. [Pseud.] See Coffin, C. c. go

3-50 Carleton, Capt. Geo. See De Foe, D. – Letters on international copyright. 21 ed. Carleton, G. W. Our artist in Cuba. Fifty drawN. Y., 1868. 80


ings on wood. Leaves from the sketch-book Letters to S. Colfax on the paper question. Ph., of a traveller during the winter of 1864,5. 1864. go


5-385 Miscellaneous works. Pl., 1865. go 3-54 Carleton, J. H. Battle of Buena Vista, with the Past, present, and future. Ph., 1848. 80 3-51

operations of the “army of occupation " for Principles of political economy. Pts. 1, 3, 4. one month. N. Y., 1848

264_36 Ph., 1837. go 3-49 Carleton, J. W. See Sturges

20-208 Principles of social science. Ph., 1858. 3 v. Carleton, W. Evil eye .

18-586 80 3-52 Fardarougha, the miser

18-1058 – Reconstruction; industrial, financial

, and politi- Phil Purcel, and other tales of Ireland 18-3651 cal. Letters to the Hon. H. Wilson. Ph., Squanders of Castle Squander

18_589 1867

3-55 Tales and stories of the Irish peasantry 18–587 The slave question. (Extract from

Willy Reilly

18-588 plough, the loom, and anvil.”'] 1849. pph. Carlier, A. Histoire du peuple Américain et ses go


rapports avec les Indiens. P., 1864. 2 v. 8° Slave trade, domestic and foreign.' Why it ex

344577 ists, and how it may be extinguished. Ph., Le mariage aux états-unis. P., 1860 34-3958 1856

2-588 Marriage in the United States. Trans. by B. J. Carey, J. Practical English prosody and versifica- Jeffries. B., 1867

260-613 tion. L., 1816

22–616 Carlisle, G. W. F? Howard, earl of. [L'd MorCarey, M. Addresses of the Phila. society for the peth.) Diary in Turkish and Greek waters. promotion of national industry. Ph., 1819 B., 1855.

276_374 go

3-57 Two lectures on the poetry of Pope, and on his - Autobiographical sketches, containing a view of own travels in America. Leeds, 1850 264–292 the rise and progress of the American system. Same. N. Y., 1851

266-293 Ph., 1829

30–1685 Carlisle. Jefferson, s. History and antiquities of; Essays on political economy; or, the most cer- with an account of the gentlemen's seats in tain means of promoting the wealth, power, the vicinity

274_201 resources, and happiness of nations. Ph., Carlist war.

Furr, T.' Rambling reminiscenses 1822. go 3-58


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N. Y.,

6. The

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2 v.

Carlist war. Henningsen, C. F. Campaign with Carpenter, M. Our convicts and their treatment.

L., 1864. 2 v. 89

Carlo Broschi. E. Scribe


Reformatory schools for children of the dangerous
Carlyle, A. Autobiography; containing memorials classes, and for juvenile offenders. L., 1851
of the man and events of his times. · E., 1860

30–1341 Six months in India. L., 1868. 2 v. 281-588
Carlyle, T. Critical and miscellaneous essays. B., Carpenter, S. C. Journey over land to India, partly
1838. 4 v.


by a route never gone before by any European.
- Same. B., 1860. 4 v.


By Donald Campbell. Ph., 1807.89 286-49
- French revolution. B., 1838. 3 v. in 2270_1628 Memoirs of Thomas Jefferson ; with a view of
- Same. Leip., 1851. 3 v.


the progress of French influence in America.
German romance

N. Y., 1809. 2 v. 8°

History of Friedrich II of Prussia, called Fred- Select American speeches, forensic and parlia-
erick the great. 2d ed. L., 1858–65. 6 v.

mentary. Ph., 1815. 2 v. 80


Same. N. Y., 1858-66. '6 v.

Carpenter, W. B. Mechanical philosophy, horo-
logy, and astronomy. L., 1844

Latter-day pamphlets. B., 1850


The microscope, and its revelations. L., 1856
– Life of Friedrich Schiller; comprehending an

examination of his works. B., 1833 30–474 Principles of comparative physiology. From
Same. N. Y., 1846

4th Lond. ed. Ph., 1854.80

Life of John Sterling. B.,

1851 30-675 Principles of human physiology. 3d Am. from
Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches ; with

last Lond. ed., with notes and additions by
elucidations. L., 1857. 3 v.

M. Clymer. Ph., 1847. 8°

Same. N. Y., 1845. 2 v. 80


Principles of human physiology, with their chief
On the choice of books. Inaugural address; applications to psychology, pathology, thera-
with memoir. L., 1866


peutics, hygiene, and forensic medicine, from
- On heroes, hero worship, and the heroic in his. last London ed. Ph., 1860. 8o. 10–22a
tory. N. Y., 1841
33–177 Animal physiology. L., 1851

Past and present. B., 1843


Use and abuse of alcoholic liquors in health
Same; with “Chartism." N. Y., 1862 2–591a

and disease. B., 1851 .

Sartor resartus. N. Y., 1862


Vegetable physiology and systematic botany.
Translation from the German

Ed. by E. Lankester. L., 1858

See Alexander, P. P.


Zoology ; a systematic account of the general
Carlyon's year. By the author of “Lost Sir Mas.

structure, habits, instincts, and uses of the
singberd." go

Carmichael, w. m. The early Christian fathers;

principal families of the animal kingdom, and

of the chief forms of fossil remains. L., 1845.
or, memorials of nine distinguished teachers,


including their testimony to the three-fold Carpenter, W. H. Regicide's daughter

ministry of the church. N. Y., 1844 32–1461

and T. S. Arthur. Lippincott's cabinet histo-
Carmina Yalensia. F. V. D. Garretson 5–968

ries. Ph., 1857–60. 12 v. Viz. :
Carnarvon, H. J. G. H., Earl of. Recollections of
the Druses of the Lebanon, and notes on

Connecticut, C and A.

Georgia, A. and C.,
their religion. L., 1860

286_362 Minois, C. and A.
Carne, J. Lives of eminent missionaries. L., 1835. Kentucky, A. and C.


Massachusetts, C.

New Jersey, C. and’A.
Recollections of travels in the east. A contin-
uation of the Letters from the east. L., 1830 Ohio, C. and A.

Pennsylvania, C. and A.

Tennessee, C.
Carné, L. de. La chute du grand empire 34-4660 Vermont, C. and A.
Carnes, J. A. Journal of a voyage from Boston to

Virginia, A. and C..
the west coast of Africa ; with a full descrip- Carpenter, W. W. Travels and adventures in Mex-
tion of the manner of trading with the natives ico. N. Y., 1851

on the coast. B., 1852

28b-171 Carpenter's ball. Reminiscences of, and extracts
Carniola. Cadell, W. A. Journey in . 276_830

from the ancient minutes of the proceedings of
Carnival de mon père. A. Ricard


the Carpenter's company of Philadelphia.
Carnot, M. See Douglas, H.

With catalogue of library. Ph., 1858. 80
Carolana. See Coxe, Daniel
v. 2 of 264_79

Carolina tribute to Calhoun. J. P. Thomas Carpentry. Biddle, o.' Young carpenter's assist-

Carolinas. Lee, H. Campaign of 1781 in 264_125 Bell, w. E. c. made easy

- See North Carolina ; South Carolina.

Browning, H. B. System of valuation 6-19
Caroline, queen of George II. of England. Thomp- Hatfield, R. G. American house-carpenter 5–34

son, A. T. Court and times of . 30–1091 Our workshop. A guide to the amateur 6-68
Caroline, queen of George III. of England. See See Architecture; Building:

Thompson, Mrs. A. T. Memoirs of Vis- Carpmael, W. Law of patents familiarly explained.
countess Sundon .

4th ed. L., 1846. 8°.

Caroline, queen of George IV. of England. See Im- Carr, J. The stranger in Ireland ; or, a tour in the
partial historical narrative


southern and western parts of that country, in
See also Bury's diary

274_173 to 5
1805. 3d ed. N. Y., 1807

Caroline Matilda of Denmark. Smyth, Mrs. G. Tour through Holland, along the banks of the
Historical memoir of


Rhine, to the south of Germany, in 1806. Ph.,
Wraxall, C. F. S. Life and times of 30–1787

1807. 8°

Caroline. J. Abbott

Caroline Mordaunt. Mrs. Sherwood v. i3 of 18-2837

Carr of Carrlyon. H. Aidé :

Carra, M. Histoire de la Moldavie et de la Valachie.
Caroline Perthés. Ch. Monnard

34-3545 '(Éd. augmentée par M. de Baur.) Neucha.
Carpenter, F. B. Six months at the white house tel, 1781

with Abraham Lincoln. N. Y., 1866 30-1832 Carraud, 'Mme Z. Contes et Historiettes a l'usage
Carpenter, J. E. Songs and ballads. L., 1844 des jeunes enfants. 4me ed.

P., 1860

Carpenter, L. See Shepherd, w., et al.

Maurice, ou le travail. P., 1853


3 y.

New York, C. and A.





[blocks in formation]

Carrel, N. A. History of the counter-revolution in Cary, A. A Jover's diary. B., 1868 23-970

England, for the re-establishment of popery, Lyra, and other poems. N. Y., 1854 23–313
under Charles II and James II. L., 1846 Married, not mated

273-206 Pictures of country life

Carrera, D. Pietro.' Treatise on the game of chess ; Cary, Henry. Law of partnership. Pl., 1834. go
trans., with notes and remarks, by W. Lewis.

v. 5 of 2-55
L., 1822

20-8 Cary, Rev. Henry. Memoir of the Rev. H. F.
Carrie Emerson. Mrs. C. a. Hayden 18-1381

Cary; with his literary journal and letters.
Carrie Hamilton. Mrs. M. A. Denison 18-835

L., 1847. 2 v.

Carrington, C. E. Inquiry into the law relative to Memorials of the great civil war in England,
public assemblies of the people. 2d ed. L.,

from 1646 to 1652. Edited from original let.
1819. 80


ters in the Bodleian library. L., 1842. 2 v.
Carroll, B. R. Historical collections of South Caro- 80

lina ; embracing pamphlets and other docu- Cary, H. F. The early French poets, a series of
ments relating to the history of that state, to notices and translations; with a sketch of the
1776. N. Y., 1836. 2 v. go

264-427 history of French poetry by H. Cary. L.,
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with exercises by J. R. Beard. L., n. d. 22-65
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sacred history, and in its influence on the

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