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Buxton, C. Slavery and freedom in the British Byron, Lord. Kennedy, J. Conversations on reli-
West Indies. L., 1860

gion with

Buxton, Sir T. F. Binney, T. Sketch of 30-876 Millingen, J. Anecdotes of : 274_3188
Buxton, C. Memoirs of
30-64 Moore, T. Life of

Mudge, Z. A. Christian statesman 30–1874 Trelawney, E.T. Recollections of

Buyers, W. Recollections of Northern India ; with Byron, J. Narrative of distresses on the coast of

observations on the origin, customs, and moral Patagonia, (1740-1746,) with a description of
sentiments of the Hindoos. L., 1848. 80

St. Jago de Chili. 2d ed. L., 1868. 89 266–12

281_450 | Bysshe, E. Art of English poetry : containing rules
Buzacott, A. Mission life in the islands of the Pacific.

for making verses; a dictionary of rhymes, and
L., 1866


a collection of the most natural, agreeable, and
Byberry. Martindale, J. c. ' History of 262_856

sublime thoughts that are to be found in the
Bye-lanes and downs of England; with turf scenes best English poets. L., 1705

and characters. By Sylvanus. L.,1850 20–318 Byzantine and Greek empires. G. Finlay 272–3126
By-roads and battle-fields in Picardy. G. M. Mus. Byzantium. See Turkey.

Byles, J. B. Law of bills of exchange, promissory C., A. O. See Into the light

notes, bank notes, etc. P., 1837. 8° v. 16 C., E. M. See Catlow, M. E.

& 61 of 2-55 Caballero, Fernan. [Pseud.] See Bohl de Arron.
Same. With notes by G. Sharswood. P., 1853. Cabanis, P. J. G. Rapports du physique et du


moral de l'homme. 3me ed. P., 1815. 2 v.
- Sophisms of free-trade and popular political 80

economy examined. 8th ed. With additions. Cabanon et chalet.

A. Dumas

L., 1851

3-32 Cabecillas et guerrilleros. G. Ferry 34-4517
Byram, J. H. Illustrated business directory of Phila- Cabell, J. L. Testimony of modern science to the
delphia for 1856. 4°


unity of mankind. N. Y., 1859 . 292_173
Byrn, M. L. Complete practical brewer ; including Cabin and parlor (under title of Courtenay Hall).
instructions for making Bavarian beer ; also,

J. T. Randolph

all the small beers. Ilust. Ph., 1852 6–302 Cabin book. C. Sealsfield

Complete practical distiller. Ph., 1860 6-303 Cabin boy's stories. J. A. Maitland 18-2027
Byrne, A. S. Uses and advantages of compressed Cabinet des fées. G. Gérard

peat. N. Y., 1841. 22 pp. v. 4 of 1-341 Cabinet lawyer. [Eng.)

Byrne, B. M. Essay to prove the contagious char- Cabinet minister. “Mrs. C. Gore

acter of malignant cholera ; with brief instruc- Cabinet of foreign voyages and travels. v. 1, for
tions for its prevention and cure. 2d ed. Ph.,

1825. L.

1855. 89


Cabinet of natural history and American rural sports.
Byrne, J. C. Twelve years' wanderings in the v. 1-2. Ph., 1830–32. 40

British colonies, 1835–47. L., 1848. 2 v. 89 Cabinet of poetry, containing the best entire pieces


to be found in the works of the British poets.
Byrne, o American engineer, draftsman, and ma- I., 1808.

6 v.

chinist's assistant. Ph., 1853. 4° 6-992 Caboche, Ch. Joinville

Dual arithmetic. A new art. With a complete Cabool. See Cabul.
analysis. L., 1864. go

14-69 Cabot, J. E. Narrative of a tour to Lake Superior
- First six books of Euclid ; in which colored dia- with Prof. Agassiz. B., 1850. 8° 266-205

grams and symbols are used instead of letters Cabot, S. Life of. C. Hayward, Jr. (S. A. B. 9)
for the greater ease of learners. L., 1847. 4°


Memoir of. With à review of the history of
Handbook for the artisan, mechanic, and en- maritime discovery. Ph., 1831. 8° 30-70
gineer. Ph., 1853. 8°

6-300 Cabul. Eyre, V. History of military operations at
- Pocket-book for railroad and civil engineers.

282-224 and 286-432
Ph., 1864

6-28 Burnes, A. Journey to Cabool 286_45
Practical mechanics. L., 1867 11-321 Elphinstone, M. Account of the kingdom of
Practical metal-worker's assistant; with applica-

Caubul, and its dependencies

tion of the art of electro-metallurgy to manu- Cacique, la. H. Rivière

facturing processes. Ph., 1851. 8° 6-301 Caddell,' c. M. History of the missions in Japan
Byrne, Mrs. W. P. Cosas de España. Illustrative and Paraguay. N. Y.

of Spain and the Spaniards as they are. L., Cadell, W. A. A journey in Carniola, Italy, and
1866. 2 v.


France in 1717,8. E., 1820. 2 v. 8° 276–830
Realities of Paris life. l., 1859. 3 v. 270–523 Cadet de Colobrières. Mme. C. Reybaud 34-3612
Byrom, J. Miscellaneous poems. Manchester, 1773. Cadet de famille. A. de Lavergne

2 v.
23–989 F. Soulie

– The universal English short-hand. Manchester, Cadet life at West Point

1767. 80
22-308 Cadix, de Paris à. A. Dumas

Byron, Lord. Works ; with his letters and Journals, Cadwalader pamphlets. See Smith, H. W. Nuts
and his life, by T. Moore. N. Y., 1836. 6 v.

for future historians

23–35 Caedmon. The fall of man; or, paradise lost.
Same. B., 1855. 4 v.


Translated in verse from the Anglo-Saxon.
Poetical works. B. 10 v.


By W. H. F. Bosanquet. L., 1860 23-62:
Same. With notes and memoir. Ph., 1856.80 Cæsar, Augustus. Becker, W. A.

Gallus ; or,
Roman scenes

Childe Harold's pilgrimage. A romaunt.

Blackwell, T. Court of

by T. Moore. Ph., 1856

23-559 Cæsar, C. J. Commentarii cum supplemen. A. Hirtii
- Don Juan. With life and original notes, by A. et al. Recog. Fr. Oehler. Lips., 1858 34–349
Cunningham. Ph., 1859

23-766 Commentaries. Trans. by W. Duncan. N. Y.,
Sardanapalus. F's S. D. v, 13


Werner. F's S. D. v. 9
24-221 Abbott, J. History of

Blessington, Lady. Conversations with 30–1084 Lamartine, A. de. Fin de la vie de 3444546
Dallas, R. C. Recollections of (1808–14) 30-68 Lewin, T. Invasion of Britain by Cæsar 27"-720
Hobhouse, J. Illustrations of the 4th canto of Napoléon III. Histoire de Jules César
C. H.


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Cæsar, C. J. Napoleon III. History of 270-2391,2
Surtees, S. F. Did he cross the channel ?

Williams, J. Life of

Cæsar Borgia. Jane Robinson

Cæsars, the. Champagny, F. de. Les Césars

De Quincey, T

Caffaro. See Defence of the drama

Catfraria. Kay, S. Researches

Cagnotte, la. Labiche et Delacour

Caillié, R. Travels through Central Africa to Tim-

bụctoo, and across the great desert to Mo-

rocco, 1824-1828. L., 1830. 2 v. 80 28b_499
Caines, G. An enquiry into the law merchant of

the United States. N. Y., 1802. 8° 2-21
Caird, A. Me. Mary Stuart: her guilt or innocence.
E., 1866. 8°

Caird, James. Prairie farming in America ; with
notes on Canada and the U. S. N. Y., 1859

Caird, John. Religion in common life. Ph., 1856.

Sermons. ' n. Y., 1858:

Cairnes, J. E. Character and logical method of
political economy. L., 1857

The slave power. L., 1862. 8° 264_481
Cairngorm mountains. J. H. Burton 276-817
Cairns, J. False Christs and the true; or, the gos-

pel history maintained in answer to Strauss
and Renan : a sermon. 4th ed. E., 1864.

Memoir of John Brown, D. d. E., 1860

Romanism and rationalism as opposed to pure
Christianity. L., 1866

Cairns, J. T. Recruit; a compilation of exercises

and movements of infantry, light infantry,
and riflemen. N. Y., 1858

Cairo. Journal from Grand c. to Mount Sinai and
back again

Poole, s. Letters from C.

Cairon, Stellwag von C. See Stellwag von.
Caithness. Prehistoric remains. Laing and Huxley

Cakes and ale. D. Jerrold

Cakes and ale at Woodbine. 'R. B. Colfin 18-4035
Calais. Calton, R. B. Annals and legends 274–1626
Calais, chronicle of. Camden soc. pub. v. 35 27–195
Calamy, E. The nonconformist's memorial ; an ac-

count of the ministers who were ejected or
silenced after the restoration ; abridged and
corrected; with further particulars by S.
Palmer, and an introduction containing a
history of the times and grounds of non-con-
formity. L., 1775. 2 v. 80

Calavar. R. M. Bird

Calcographiana. J. Caulfield

Calcott. See Callcott.
Calcraft, J. W. Bride of Lammermoor. F's S. D.

Defence of the stage. Dub., 1839. g. 24–174
Calculating machines. Babbage, C. Passages from
the life of a philosopher

Nystrom, J. W. Description of

Calculus. Boucharlat, J. L. Calcul differentiel et

Church, A. E. Diff. and int.


c. of varia-

Courtenay, E. H. Diff

. and int. c., and c. of

Cox, H. Integral-rudimentary 14-205
De Morgan, A. Differential and integral 14–164
Gregory, D. F. Examples—ditf. and int. 14-178
Haddon, J. Examples--diff.

Hann, J. Examples-int.

Lacroix, F. S. Calcul differential et c. int.

Loonis, E. Elements, diff. and int. 14-45
Peirce, B. Differential and integral 14-86

Calculus. Spare, J. Differential

Todhunter, J. Calculus of variations 14-28
Young, J. R. Differential c.


See Differential equations.
Calcutta. Dunne, J. H. From C. to Pekin 286_375

Johnson, G. W. Three years in C. 286-8
Calcutta directory. Almanac for 1818 and C. d. 17-2
Calcutta review. v. 1-24. Calcutta, 1844-55 17-497
Calder, F. Memoirs of Simon Episcopius. L., 1838.

Calderon de la Barca, P. de. Teatro escogido.

[Tesero del teatro Esp., arreg. por E. de Ochoa.
v. 3]

- L'Héraclius Espagnol ou la comédie fameuse.
Trad. par Voltaire

v. 9 of 34-3897
– Trench, R. C. Life; with specimens of his plays

- See Ulrici, 1.

Calderon, the courtier. E. L. Bulwer 18-483
Caldwell, C. Autobiography. Ph., 1855. 8° 30–817
Thoughts on physical education. B., 1834

Caldwell, H. 'Art of doing our best, as seen in the

lives and stories of some thorough workers.
L., n. d.

Caleb Field. “Mrs. M. Oliphant

Caleb in the country. J. Abbott

Caleb in town. J. Abbott

Caleb Williams. W. Godwin

Calef, R. Wonders of the invisible world; or, Sa-
lem witchcraft. B., n. d..

More wonders of the invisible world. Roxb.,

Calendar of the church :

Calendar of nature

Calf bill, J. Answer to J. Martiall's treatise of the

Ed. for the Parker society by R.
Gibbings. Camb., 1846. 80

Calhoun, J. C. Works. Ed. by R. K. Cralle.

Charleston and N. Y., 1851-6. 6 v. 8° 262_950
Disquisition on government, and a discourse on

the constitution and government of the U. S.
Ed. by R. K. Cralle. Columbia, 1851. 8°

Jenkins, J. S. Life of

Thomas, J. P. Carolina tribute to 30–1871
Calico printing. Bancroft, E. Philosophy of per-
manent colors

O'Neill, C. Chemistry of

Dictionary of

Practical treatise on

Calicots, les. P. Avenel

California. Bartlett, J. R. Explorations with U.

S. and Mexican boundary commission 261-270
Borthwick, J. D. Three years in C. 266_360
Browne, J. R. Sketches of adventure 266-501
Bryant, E. What I saw in C. Journal 266–7,8
Buffum, E. G. Six months in the gold mines

Capron, E. s. History, etc. : 264318
Cassin, J. Birds of c.

Chappe d'Auteroche. Voyage to 266-672
Colton, G. W. Map

Colton, w. Three years in C.

Cutts, J. M. Conquest of—1846,7 262_882
Dunbar, E. E. Discovery of gold 262-914
Fremont and Emory. Reports

Golden dreams and leaden realities 266-2.55
Greenhow, R. Ilistory of Oregon and C.

Hittel, J. S. Resources of c.

Hutchings, J. M. Scenes of wonder 266_585
Letts, J. M. California illustrated 266-244
McIlvaine, J. W. Scenery and adventure in

Marryatt, F. Mountains and mole hills 260-283
Norman, L. Youth's loistory

Palmer, J. W. The new and the old 296_159
Parkman, F., jr. C. and Oregon trail 201-99

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V. 23

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California. Public instruction. First biennial re-
port, 1864,5

Revere, J. W. Tour

Robinson, A. Life in C.

Schætfer, L. M. Sketches

Soule, F. Annals of San Francisco 264-328
State register

Taylor, B. Eldorado

Thornton, J. Q. Oregon and C.-1848 261-127
Tyson, P. T. Geology and industrial resources

Whitney, J. D. Geological survey 9-1209,10
Wilkes, C. C. and Oregon

Willard, E. History of .

Woods, D. B. Sixteen months at the gold

Caliste. °C. P. Colardeau

Calisthenics. See Gymnastics.
Calixtus, G. Dowding, W. C. Life and correspond-
ence of.

Calkins, N. A. Primary object lessons for a grad-
uated course of development. N. Y., 1861

– and W. T. Adams. Universal speaker. B.,

Call to the unconverted.' R. Baxter

Calkins, W. Sketch of the life of M. W. Baldwin

Callan, J. F. Military laws of the United States re-

lating to the army and to bounty lands and
pensions; with a synopsis of the military
legislation of congress during the revolution-
ary war. Ph., 1863. 8°

Callcott, J. W. Grammar of music. 5th ed. L., n. d.

Callcott, M. Essays towards the history of painting.
L., 1836

Histoire de France du petit Louis. Londres, 1866

- Little Arthur's history of England. L., 1859

Short history of Spain. l., 1828. 2 v. 279-2009
Callcott, W. H. See Rossini, G. Semiramide 5–886
Called to account. A. Thomas (Mrs. Pendler Cud-

Callender, J. "Historical discourse on the civil and
religious affairs of the colony of Rhode Island

Callery and Yvan. History of the insurrection in

China; with notices of the Christianity, creed,
and proclamations of the insurgents. Trans.,
with a supplementary chapter, by John Ox-
enford. L., 1853

Callicot, T. C. Hand-book of universal geography;
a gazetteer of the world. N. Y., 1853. 86

Calmet, A. Great dictionary of the holy bible, his-

torical, critical, geographical and etymologi.
cal; with "fragments illustrating scripture,
"scripture illustrated,” and “sacred geog-
raphy,” by E. Wells.' Charlestown, 1812–17.
5 v. 4°

The phantom world; history and philosophy of

spirits, apparitions, &c. ; with preface and

notes by H. Christmas. Ph., 1850 32-1134
Caloric: its agencies in nature. S. L. Metcalfe 11-513

See Heat.
Calpe, A. The two fathers

Calsabigi, R. de. Dissertazione sulla poesie dram-

matiche di Metastasio v. 15 of 34–2523
Calton, R. B. Annals and legends of Calais; with

sketches of émigré notabilities and memoir of
Lady Hamilton. L., 1852

Calvary ; à tragedy. L. Osborn

Calvert, F. Law respecting parties to suits in equity.
Ph., 1837

v. 17 of 2-55
Calvert, G. Universal restoration ; a poem. L.,
1861, 2 v.

Calvert, G. H. Arnold and André ; an historical
drama. B., 1864

Calvert, G. H. First years in Europe. B., 1866

The gentleman. B., 1863

Introduction to social science. N. Y., 1856

Scenes and thoughts in Europe. B., 1863 270-269
Same. 2d series. N. Y., 1852

Calvert, J. See Williams, T.

Calvert, L. G. W. Burnap. "Life of. (s. A. B. 19)

Calvin, J. Commentary on the first book of Moses

called Genesis. Trans. by J. King. E.,
1847-50. 2 v. 80

Commentary on the four last books of Moses

in the form of a homily. Trans. by C. W.

Bingham. E., 1852–55. 4 v. 80 32–1236
Commentary on Joshua. Trans. by H. Bever-

idge. Tholuck's dissertation, and opinions
and testimony as to the value of Calvin's
writings. E., 1854. 8

Commentary on Psalms. Trans. by J. Ander-
E., 1845–49. 5v. 80

Commentary on Isaiah. Trans. by W. Pringle.
E., 1850–53. 4 v. 8

Commentary on Jeremiah and the Lamenta-

tions. Trans. by J. Owen. E., 1850-55.
5 v. 80

Commentary on the first twenty chapters of

Ezekiel. Trans, by T. Myers. E., 1849–50.
2 v. 80

Commentary on Daniel.' Trans. by T. Myers.
E., 1852,3. 2 v. 80

Commentary on the twelve minor prophets.
Trans. by J. Owen. E., 1846–49, 5 v. 8°

Commentary on the harmony of the evangelists
Matthew, Mark, and' Luke. , Trans. by W.

Pringle. E., 1845, 46. 3 v. 8° 32-1244
Commentary on the gospel of John. Trans. by

W. Pringle. E., 1847.. 2 v. 80 32-1245
Commentary on the acts of the apostles. Trans.

by H. Beveridge. E., 1844. 2 v. 8° 32-1246
Commentary on the epistle to the Romans.

Trans. by H. Beveridge. E., 1844. 8° 32–1247
Same. Trans. by J. Owen. E., 1849. 8° 32-1248
Commentary on the epistles to the Corinthians.

Trans. by J. Pringle. E., 1848. 2 v. 8° 32-1249
Commentary on the epistles Galatians and

Ephesians. Trans. by W. Pringle. E., 1854.

Commentary on the epistles to the Philippians,

Colossians, and Thessalonians. Trans. by J.
Pringle. E., 1851. 89

Commentary on the

epistles to Timothy, Titus,
and Philemon. Trans. by W. Pringle. E.,
1856. 80

Commentary on the epistle to the Hebrews.

Trans. by J. Owen. E., 1853. 8° 32-12:3
Commentary on the catholic epistles. E., 1855.

- Institutes of the Christian religion.

A new
translation by H. Beveridge. E., 1845. 3 v.

Institutio Christiane religionis

. Genev., 1583

Letters compiled from the original manuscripts

and edited with historical notes by J. Bonnet,
and trans. by D. Constable. E., 1855–7. 2 v.

Tracts relating to the reformation; with life
by T. Beza. Trans. by H. Beveridge. E.,
1841-51. - 3 v. 8

Audin, J. M. V. Life of

Blackburn, W.M. College days of 30–1875
Young C. in Paris

Bungener, F. Calvin, sa vie, son æuvre, et ses

Life, labors, and writings of 30-1863
Dyer, T. H. Life of

Henry, P. Life and times of



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Calvin, J. Scott, J. C. And the Swiss reformation

32-1556 - Tholuck, T. A. G. 'Calvin as an interpreter of the holy scriptures

32–1383,1237 Tweedie, W. K. Calvin and Servetus 32-1542 Waterman, E. Memoirs of the life and writings

3C-72 Life of, for young persons. L., [1864] 30–1552 Calvinism. Scott, T. Remarks on Tomline's refutation

v. 6–7 of 32-189 Camaroons mountains. Burton, R. F. Exploration in

28b-429 Cambist . Kelly, P, Universal c. 1-504

1-114 Cambodia. Mouhot, H. Travels in 280_442 Cambray, Archbp. of. See Fenelon. Cambrian Plutarch. J. H. Parry

30–409 Cambridge, W. G. Mechanic's bride 18-543 Cambridge (Eng.) See Cambridge university. Cambridge essays ; contributed by members of the

university. L., 1855-8. 4 v. go. 33-383 Cambridge lectures. D. Livingstone 281-208 Cambridge prize poems; being a collection of the

English poems which have obtained the chancellor's gold medal in the university of Cambridge. n. ed. L., 1847

23-36 Cambridge (U. S.) Harris, W. T. Epitaphs from the old burying-ground in

264809 See Harvard college. Cambridge university. Bristed, C. A. Five years in.

13-39 Cooper, C. H., and i. Athenæ cantabrigienses

30-1707 Dyer, G. Privileges of :

13-62 Everett, W. Lectures on

13-82 Hartshorne, C. H. Book rarities 21-203 Report of her majesty's commissioners appointed

to inquire into state, discipline, studies, and revenues. L., 1852. 1°

13-501 Sketches from Cambridge. By a Don 13-208 Student's guide to

13-217 Whewell

, W. On a liberal education 13-238 Worsley, T. Drift of Cambridge work 32-1788 Camden, W. Britannia; or, a chorographical de

scription of Great Britain and Ireland, with the adjacent islands. 2d ed. L. 2 v. fo

276_1219 Remaines, concerning Britaine, but especially

England, and the inhabitants thereof. Third impression. L., 1623

274_190 Camden society. [Publications of early historical and literary remains.] L., 1838-65. 91 v. 4°

274-195 [N. B. Å descriptive catalogue of the first eighty volumes

follows No. 80.] (1) Historie of the arrivall of Edward IV. in England, and the finall recoverye of his kingdomes from Heury IV.,

Ed. by J. Bruce. (2) Kinge Johan. A play. By John Bale. Ed. by J. P.

Collier. (3) Alliterative poem on the deposition of king Richard II.,

Ricardi Maydiston de concordia inter Ric. II. et civi

tatem. London, Ed. by T. Wright. (4) Plumpton correspondence. A series of letters, chiefly

domestick, written in the reigns of Edward 4th, Richard

3rd, Henry 7th, and Henry sth. Ed. by T. Stapleton. (5) Anecdotes and traditions, illustrative of early English

history and literature, derived from MS. sources. Ed.

by W. J. Thomas. (6) The political songs of England, from the reign of John

to ihat of Edward 2nd. Ed. and trans, by T. Wright. (7) Annals of the first four years of the reign of Elizabeth,

by Sir J. Hayward. Ed. by J. Bruce. (8) Ecclesiastical documents ; viz., 1. A brief history of the

bishoprick of Somerset to the year 1174. 2. Charters from the library of Dr. Cox Macro. Ed, by the Rev.

J. Hunter. (9) Speculi Britanniæ pars: an historical and chorographic

cal description of the county of Essex, by J. Norden,

1594. Ed. by Sir H. Ellis. (10) A chronicle or the first thirteen years of the reign of Ed

ward 4th, by J. Warkworth. Ed. by J. 0. Halliwell. (11) Kempix nine daies wonder; performed in a daunce from

London to Norwich. Ed. by A. Dyce. (12) Egerton papers ; public and private documents, chiefly

illustrative of the times of Elizabeth and James I. Ed.

by J. P. Collier. (13) Chronica Joceliai de Brakelonda de rebus gestis Samsonis bulls wobesterii S. E

Ed. by J. G. Rokewode.

Camden society-continued. (14) Narratives illustrative of the contests in Ireland in

1641-90 Ed. by T. C. Croker. (15) The chronicle of William de Risbanger of the barons'

wars; the miracles of Simon de Montfort, Ed. by J.

0. Halliwell. (16) The Latin poems commonly attributed to Walter Mapes.

Ed, by J. Wright. (17) The second book of the travels of Nicander Nucius. Ed.,

with English trans., by J. A. Cramer. (18) Three early English metrical romances. With an intro

duction and glossary. Ed. by J. Robson. (19) The private diary of Dr. John Dee, and the catalogue of

his library of manuscripts. Ed. by J. 0. Halliwell. (20) An apology for Lollard doctrines, attributed to Wicliffe.

Ed. by J. H. Todd. (21) Rutland papers. Original documents illustrative of the

courts and times of Henry VII. and Henry VIII. Ed.

by W. Jerdan. (22) The diary of Dr. T. Cartwright, bishop of Chester, Aug.,

1686-Oct., 1687. (23) Original letters of eminent literary men of the 16th, 17th,

and 18th centuries. Ed. by Sir H. Ellis. (24) A contemporary narrative of the proceedings against

dame Alice Kyteler, prosecuted for sorcery in 1324. Ed.

by 'T. Wright. (25, 64, 69) Promptorium parvulorum sive clericorum, lexicon

Anglo-Latinum princeps, auctore fratre Galfrido gram.

matico dicto. Recensuit A. Way. 3 vols. (26) Three chapters of letters relating to the suppression of

monasteries. Ed. by T. Wright. (27) Correspondence of R Dudley, earl of Leycester, during

bis government of the low countries, 1583, 86. Ed.

by J. Bruce. (28) Croniques de London, depuis l'an 44 Hen. III., jusqu'à

l'an 17 Edw. IIL Ed. by G. J. Aungier, (29) Three books of Polydore Vergil's English history, com:

prising the reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and

Richard III. Ed by Sir H. Ellis. See, also, vol. 36.] (30) The Thornton romances. The early Eoglish metrical

romances of Perceval, Isumbras, Eglamour, and Deg

revant, Ed. by J. O, Halliwell, (31) Verney papers. Notes of proceedings in the long parlia

ment. Printed from original pencil memoranda taken

in the house by Sir R. Verney. Ed. by J. Bruce. (32) The autobiography of Sir J. Bramston. (33) Letters from James, earl of Perth, lord chancellor of

Scotland, etc., to his sister, the countess of Erroil, and

other members of his family. Ed. by W. Jerdan. (34) De antiquis legibus liber. Cronica majoruin et vice

comitum Londoniarum (1178-1274.) Cur. T. Stapleton. (35) The chronicle of Calais in the reigns of Henry VII. and

Henry VIII., to 1510. Ed. by J. G. Nichols. (36) Polyvore Vergil's English history. vol. 1, containing

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[blocks in formation]


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