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Africa. Andersson, C. J. Explorations in Central A. Africa. Robertson, G. A. Notes on A. 295-541

281-381 Robinson, H. B. Voyages to explore shores of Lake Ngami


286-93 Backhouse, J. Visit to south of 286_40 St.

Marie, Ct. 'Visit to French possessions in A. Baines, T. Explorations in southwest A. 286_455

286–331 Barron, J. Booshuana nation, 1801-2 296-520 Scoti, a. M. Prot. Epis. mission at Cape PalBarth, H. Travels in 284-241

286-269 Beechey, F. W. & H. W. Expedition to ex. Shaw, W. Mission in southeastern A. 289-383 plore northern coast. 1821-22 286-917 Shooter, J. Kaffirs of Natal

280-273 Benjamin's eight years in


Taylor, B. Journey to central A. 286-180 Bey, A. Travels in

286_41 Thomas, C. W. West coast of 280-336 Bowen, T. J. Missionary labors in A. 280-245 Tams, G. Visit to southwestern A. 286_106 Bridge, H. African cruiser 286-163 Thompson, G. Labors in A.

286-166 Bruce, J. Travels. 1768–1773 286-905 Tristram, H. B. _Wanderings in 286-367 Burton, R. F. Lake regions of central 281–346 Tuckey, J. K. Expedition to Zaire 286_915 Footsteps in east A.

286-226 Valdez, F. T. Six years in western A. 280_366 Caillie, E. Travels through central (1824-28)

Wanderings in west A. .

286_420 285-499 Williams, C. Narratives and adventures of Campbell , J. Travels in south A. 280-50


280-326 Carnes, J. A. Voyage to west coast of 286_171 Wilson, J. L. History and prospects of w. A. Casalis, E. Twenty-three years in south 280-403

281-554 Cave, L. T. The French in A.

284_166 See names of the several parts of A. Chapman, J. Interior of south A. 286-585 Africaine, L'. G. Meyerbeer & E. Scribe 5-932 Clapperton, H. Second expedition into interior African language. Barth, H. Vocabularies 22–364

286-906 - Payne, J. Dictionary of the Grebo language Same 286-53

22-344 Cooke, G. w. Conquest and colonization in African literature. 'Burton, R. F. 'Wit and wisdom north A.

from A.

22-953 Cooley, W. D. Inner A. laid open 281-382 African slaver. B. Mayer

286_198 Crummel, A. Future of 286-387 African wanderers. Mrs. R. Lee.

18-1828 Cummings, R. G. Hunters' life in south A. After dark. W. Collins

18-679 286-141 After icebergs with a painter. L. L. Noble 261_404 Damberger, c. F.' Travels in interior of A.

After long years. Mrs. M. Daniel 1843815 & 813 1781-1797 286-534 After the storm. J. E. H. Skinner

266_665 Denham, D., & H. Clapperton. Travels and After the war. W. Reid

266-575 discoveries in A.

286-229 Afternoon of unmarried life. ' n. Y., 1859 33-722 Same 281-36 Against wind and tide. Miss Parr

18-2431 Discovery and adventure in A. 286–34 | Agassiz, E. C. First lesson in natural history. B., Drayson, A. W. Adventures in southern A.


9_504 281-399 and A. 'Seaside studies in natural history; Sporting scenes among the Kaffirs 286-263

marine animals of Massachusetts bay; radi. Du Chaillu, P. B. Aslango land . 281-569

ates. B., 1865. 80

9-672 Explorations in

286-380 Agassiz, L. J. R. Bibliographia zoologiae et geoDu Couret, L. Recollections of travel in A. logiae. A general catalogue of all books,


tracts and memoirs on zoology and geology. Duncan, j. Travels in Western A.


Ed. by H. E. Strickland. Vol. I., containing English, G. B. Expedition to Dongola 281–58 periodicals and the alphabetical list from A to Foote, A. H. A. and the American flag 286–174

21-133 Forbes, F. E. Six months service in the African Contributions to the natural history of the U. blockade


8. Vols. 1-3. B., 1857-60. 4° 9-1258 Gerard, J. Adventures in

286-223 Essay on classification. L., 1859, 8° 9-903 in A. Geological sketches. B., 1866

9-199 Goodrich, 9. G. Lights and shadows of African

Lake Superior, its physical character, vegetation history


and animals, with narrative, by J. E. Cabot. Grant, S. A. Walk across

B., 1850

266-205 Grout, L. Zulu land

28b_453 Methods of study in natural history. B., 1863 Harris, W. C. Adventures in 286-537

9-902 Wild sports of

286-63 Structure of animal life. N. Y., 1866. 80 Krapf, J. L. Eighteen years in eastern A. 286–344

9-675 Latrobe, C. J. Visit to south A. 280_79 – and E. c. A journey in Brazil

. B., 1868. go Le Vaillant, F. Travels in interior of A. 286_82

260-673 Leonard, P. Western coast of A. 286-80

and A. A. Gould." Outlines of comparative Livingstone, D. Discoveries in 286-268

physiology ; touching the development of the Missionary travels in south 286-252 races of animals. L., 1855 .

9-505 Expedition to the Zambesi

286_497 See Harris, T. W. and Smyth, T. Macbrair, R. M. Africans at home 286-406 Agatha Beaufort; or, family pride

18-73 McLeod, L. Travels in eastern A. 286-341 Agatha's husband. Miss D. M. Mulock 18-2285 McQueen, J. Geographical memoir 32-1568 Agathe et Cécile. A. Karr

34-3426 Martin, R. M. British possessions in 286-565 Age of chivalry. T. Bulfinch


18-467 Moffatt, R. Missionary labors and scenes Age of fable. T. Bulfinch

18-468 32–2246 | Age of gold, and other poems. G. Lunt 23-144 Murray. H. African continent-discovery and

Age of reason, the. T. Paine. Vol. 3 of 33–1188 adventure

285–550 | Age, the; a colloquial satire. P. J. Bailey 23-503 Park, M. Mission to the interior of A. 286-95 Agency, Story, J. Law of .

2-147 Petherick, J. Sixteen years travel in 286–370 Agents, Paley, w. Law of principal and A. Vol. Reade, W. W. Savage A.

28 of

2-55 Richardson, J. Mission to central A. 280_436 Agincourt, Seroux d'. See Seroux d'Agincourt. Riley, J. Narrative of loss of American brig Agincourt. G. P. R. James

18-1601 Commerce, on western coast of A. 286-98 Agincourt. Nicolas, N. H. Battle of: 274877 Robbins, A. Loss of brig Commerce 286-99 Agnel, H. R. Book of chess. N. Y., 1853 20-1

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2 v.

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Agnes. J. Abbott

18–5 | Agriculture. Stewart, F. L. Sorghum, and its
Agnes. Mrs. M. Oliphant


Agnes Grey. Anne Bronte
18-426 Steam in the farm-yard

Agnes Hopetoun. Mrs. M. Oliphant 18-2371 Stephens, H. Book of the farm

Agnes de Mansfeldt. T. C. Grattan 18-3863 Stöckhardt, J. A. Lectures

Agnes Sorel. G. P. R. James
18-1602 Thaër, A. D. Principles of

Agnes of Sorrento. Mrs. H. B. Stowe 18-3041 Tongue, C. Hints .

Agonistes; or, philosophical strictures. A. Lyall Vegetable substances used for the food of man.

L. E. K.

Agony point. J. Pycroft
18-2559 Ville, G. Lectures on

Agouit, C'sse d'. Ésquisses morales et politiques. Wilson, J. British farming

P., 1849

344297 Wilson, J. W. (ed.] Rural cyclopædia 4–509
Histoire de la révolution de 1848. 2'me ed.

Youatt, w. Complete grazier

P., 1862. 2 v.

34-5238 See Animals, Cattle, Climate, Cotton, Drainage,
Agreement of the customs of the East Indians with Gardening, Grape culture, Flax, Fruit culture,

those of the Jews and other ancient people. Horticulture, Indian corn, Landed property,
L., 1705. 80


Peat, Rural life.
Agricultural botany. W. Darlington

8,32 Agrippa von Nettesheim, C. C. Morley, H. Life
Agricultural chemistry. Anderson, T. Elements

4134 Aguecheek. See Fairbanks, C. R.

Cameron, c. A. chemistry of A.
4-172 Aguilar, Grace. Days of Bruce.

Chaptal, J.A. Chemistry applied to


Essays and miscellanies. Phila., 1853 32-425
Davy, ú. Lectures on

Home influence; a tale .

- Johnson, J. F. W. Applications of chemistry Home scenes and heart studies

452 The Jewish faith ; with brief reasons for many
Liebig, J. Lectures


of its ordinances and prohibitions. London,
Petzholdt, A. Lectures to farmers 4-62



4-43 Mother's recompen


sequel to home influ
Solly, E. Rural chemistry.

Agricultural engineering. Andrews, G. H. Trea- Same

tise on .

4-202 The vale of cedars; or, the martyr 18-80
Agriculture. Allen, R. L. American farm book 4-3 Woman's friendship

Brown, R. Treatise on .

4-6 The women of Israel. N. Y., 1851.2 v. 32-319
Burn, R. S. Tour in Belgium, Holland, and Aguilar, G. de. El mercader amante

the Rhine

4-174 Ahasuerus; a poem. By a Virginian. R. Tyler 23–240
4-119 Ahasverus. H.C. Andersen

Caird, J. Prairie farming

4-98 Ahn, F. Praktischer Lehrgang zur schnellen und

J. L. Manual of practical A. 4-104 leichten Erlernung der französischen Sprache
Colman, H. European A.

ler Cursus. Köln, 1858. 8°

Daubeny, C. Roman husbandry 4-115 Introductory practical course to the French
De Bow, J. D. B. Industrial resources 1-150 language. Trans. and arranged by J. C.
Dictionary of country affairs .
4–292 Oehlschlager. N. Y., 1866. 80

Donaldson, J. Clay lands and loamy soils Aide-de-camp, the. J. D. McCabe, Jr. 26_1950
4–261 Aide, H. Carr of Carrlyon .

- Fessenden, T. G. Complete farmer 4-51 Confidences

Fife, W. W. Practice of
4-118 Rita; an autobiography

Jackson, T. Survey of Rhode Island 9-241 Aids to faith; a series of theological essays; by sev-
Kennedy, J. C. G. Statistics of 8th census

eral writers—a reply to "essays and reviews."

4-500 Ed. by W. Thompson. N. Y., 1862 32–982
Liebig, J. Letters on modern A. : 4-99 Aids to reflection. S. T. Coleridge

Maclure, W. Geology of U. 8.

9-339 Aiken, G. L. Uncle Tom's cabin. F's S. D., vol.
Martineau, H. Health, husbandry, and handi. 28


33-895 Aikin, A. Historical account of the invasion of
Our farm of four acres

4-117 Egypt by the French. N. Y., 1803. 2 v. 80
Mapes, J. J. Working farmer

Miller, P. Gardener's dictionary 4-208 Aikin, J. Annals of the reign of George III.-
Monteath, R. Improving waste lands 4-287

1760-1815. Lond., 1816. 2 v. go 274_10
Morton, J. C. Farmer's calendar. 4-147 Calendar of nature. See Howitt, M. 20-384
Olcott, H. S. Lectures at Yale college 4-121 Letters on literature, and on the conduct of life.
Olmsted, F. L. Am. farmer in Eng. 4-65

Phila., 1794. 8°

Parkinson, R. American system. 1798. 266–659 Letters to a young lady on a course of English
Penn, agr. society. Memoirs

poetry. L., 1807

Penn. state agr. society. Transactions 4-114 - Lives of J. Selden, and archbishop Usher.
Phil. soc. for promoting A. Memoirs 4-2

1812. 80

Periodicals. Commercial and agr. magazine Vocal poetry; or a select collection of English
for 1800


songs; with an essay on song-writing. L.,
Jour. of A. Edinburgh


Pennsylvania farm journal

4-502 - and Barbauld, A. L.' Evenings at home. Re-
Skinner's monthly journal


vised by C. Hartley. London, 1853 33–1277
Quincy, J. Soiling of cattle .
4279 Same. N. Y., n. d.

Report of the U. S. commissioner of A. for the Memoir by L. Aikin ; with selection of his mis-

years 1862–66. W., 1863–67. 5 v. 8° 4-158 cellaneous pieces. Phil., 1824. 80 30_7
For reports of previous years, see Patent office. Aikin, L. Life of J. Addison. Phila., 1846 30-6
Rham, W. L. Dictionary of the farm 4262 Memoirs of the court of Charles I. 2d ed.
Rodgers, M. M. Scientific A.

Lond., 1833. 2 v. 8.

J. E. T. A. and prices in England 1-274

Queen Elizabeth. B., 1821. 2. v. 80 30-150
Seller, W. and H. Stephen. Physiology at the James I. B., 1822. 2 v. 8


4267 Memoir of J. Aikin. Phila., 1824. 8° 30–7
Somerville, J. 'Dissertations on the growth and Memoirs, miscellanies, and letters. Ed. by P.
produce of sheep and wool .

H. Le eton. L., 1864


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Aikman, J. See Buchanan, G.

Akerman, J. Y. Spring-tide; or, the angler and Aikman, W. The moral power of the sea. Phila.,

his friends. . 2d ed. L., 1852 . 20-294 1863 32-2161 Wiltshire tales

18-129 Ailes d'Icare. . c. de Bernard 34–3079 Akers, E. Poems. B., 1866

23-872 Ailey Moore; a tale. By Father Baptist 18–287 Al’Abri. N. P. Willis

33-12399 Aimard, G. Adventurers

18-88 Alabama. Baldwin, J. G. Flush times 18–247 Bee-hunters 18-107 Gosse, P. H. Letters

266-398 Border rifles

18-89 “Alabama," the, the official correspondence on the The freebooters


claims of the U. 8. in respect to. L., 1867. The gold-seekers


264_860 The Indian chief

18–92 Proceedings

of the chamber of commerce, N. Indian scout

Y., respecting damage by

1-210 Last of the Incas

18-94 Semmes, R. Cruise of thé A. and the Sumter Loyal hearts, or the trappers 18–95

26a-570 Pearl of the Andes . 18–96 Alain family.' A. Karr:

18-1707 Pirates of the prairies 18-97 Alamance

18-130 Prairie flower 18-98 Alamontade. H. Zschokke

18-3643 Queen of the Savannah

18-99 Alarcon, J. Ruiz de. La Verdad sospechosa ; GanarRed track


amigos; Las Parades oyen; El Tejedor de Smuggler chief

Segovia. T. T. E., v. 4

34-2 Stoneheart 18-106 Alba. L. Enault

34-3295 Stronghand.


18–108 Albach, J. R. Annals of the West. Pittsb., 1858. Tiger slayer


264_567 Trail hunter 18–102 Alban. J. V. Huntington

18-1547 Trapper's daughter

18-103 Albania. Hobhouse, J. Ć. Journey through White scalper 18–104

276-123 Aimé-Martin, L. Education des mères de famille. Walker, M. A. Through Macedonia to the 6 me. ed. P., 1857. 2 v.

Albania lakes

276-839 Aimée. P. Féval .

34-3324 Albany. Catalogue of N. Y. State library 21-380 Aims and obstacles. G. P. R. James

18-1602 Transactions of Albany institute. Vols. 3, 4, 5. Aimwell stories. W. Simonds 18-2881 to 2886

Alb., 1855, '58, '67

11-207 Ainée et cadette. A. Ricard

34-4824 Young men's association. Annual report. 1852, Ainsi soit-il. A. Dumas


'62-67. Charter and by-laws, 1865. Ainsworth, Robt. See Morell, T.

Zouave cadets to the Rochester union blues. Ainsworth, W. F. Travels in the track of the ten Alb., 1866. 40

26_865 thousand Greeks. L., 1844

28a_132 Albemarle, Duke of. See Monk, G. Ainsworth, W. H. Cardinal Pole

18-126 Alberoni, Card. J. Life by G. Moore . 30–367 Constable of the tower

18-110 Albert, Prince Consort of England. Speeches and Crichton.


addresses, with outlines of his character. L., Flitch of bacon

1862. 80

33-682 Guy Fawkes 18–125 Grey, C. Early years of

30–1983 Jack Sheppard

1&_127 Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. Cornwallis, K. Lancashire witches

Visit to America .

266-396 Lord mayor of London 18–114 Albert Hastings. M. S. Whitaker

18-4056 Mervyn Clitheroe

18-115 Albert-Montemont. See Montemont, Å. Miser's daughter 18-116 Albert Nyanza. S. W. Baker

286-511 Old St. Paul's

18-117 Albigenses. See Waldenses. Ovingdean grange 18-118 Albine. A. Dumas

34-3218 Rookwood 18-119 Album, the comic

5-605 St. James's 18-120 Album poëtique des jeunes personnes.

M'me A. Spendthrift


34-3910 Star chamber. 18-122 Alchemist. H. de Balzac

18-269 Tower of London

18-123 Alchemy and the alchemists. E. A. Hitchcock Windsor castle 18-124

15-114 Airy, G. B. Lectures on astronomy. 4th ed. L. Sequel to

15–170 go

12-55 Alchemy. See Hermetic philosophy. - On sound and atmospheric vibrations, with the Alciphron, a poem. T. Moore

23-158 mathematical elements of music. L., 1868 Same. V. 10 of

23-345 11-291 Alcock, R. Capital of the tycoon ; a narrative of a Partial differential equations. L., 1866 14–169 three years residence in Japan. N. Y., 1863 Theory of errors of observations. Camb., 1861

28b-414 12-52 Alcohol. Carpenter, W. B. Use and abuse of alUndulatory theory of optics. L., 1866 11-290 coholic liquors

10-521 Aitchison, W. Bush, C. P. Life and observa- Marcot, W. Alcoholic intoxication 10-815 tions of 30-1746 Miller, J. Its place and power

10-192 Aitken, W. Science and practice of medicine. 3a Youmans, E. L. Alcohol and the constitution ed. L., 1864. 2 v. go

of man.

10-144 Akber. Ayeen Akbery; or the institutes of the Em- Alcott, L. M. Hospital sketches. B., 1843 205-477 peror Akber. From the Persian. By F. Moods

18-134 Gladwin. L., 1800. 2 v. 8°

2-507 Alcott, W. A. Confessions of a schoolmaster. Akenside, M. Poetical Works. L.

Reading, 1856

13-4 Akerman, J. Y. Ancient coins of cities and princes – Forty years in the wilderness of pills and pow. geographically arranged-Hispania, Gallia, ders. B., 1859

10-196 Brittania. L., 1846. 8°

274_3350 Gift book for young ladies. 'Letters on their - Introduction to the study of ancient and mod. acquaintances, employments, friendships, &c. ern coins. L., 1848

Buff., 1852

33-438 Numismatic manual. L., 1840. go 294_120 Home book of health and medicine. Phil., 1860 Remains of pagan Saxondom. L., 1855. 4

10–229 274_4040 The house I live in. 7th ed. 'B., i840 10-3





Alcott, W. A. The laws of health ; or, sequel to Alexander, J. A. Isaiah translated and explained,
"The house I live in." B., 1857 10-269

abr'gd. N. Y., 1864. 2 v.

Lectures on life and health ; or, the laws and Notes on New Testament literature and eccle-

means of physical culture. B., 1853 10–140 siastical history. N. Y., 1863 32–1378
Young housekeeper; or, thoughts on food and The psalms translated and explained. N. Y.,
cookery. B., 1838

1863. 3 v.

Young husband; or duties of man in the mar. Sermons. 3d ed. N. Y., 1862. 2 v.

riage relation. B., 1839

33-454 Alexander, J. E. Excursions in western Africa,
Young mother; or, management of children in and narrative of a campaign in Kaffir-land.
regard to health. B., 1839.

L., 1840. 2 v. 89

– Young wife; or, duties of woman in the mar- Expedition of discovery into the interior of Af.
riage relation. B., 1839

rica. Phil., 1838. 2 v.

Young woman's book of health. B., 1850 10–126 Trans-atlantic sketches, comprising scenes in
Alcove, the. J. Abbott. Vol. 8 of


N. and S. America. Phil., 1833. 8° 266–159
Alcuin. Lorenz, F. Life of

30–10 Salmon fishing in Canada by a resident. L.,
Alda Gray


Alden, H. N. See Guernsey, A. H.

See Bonnycastle, R. H.
Alden, J. Christian ethics. N. Y., 1866 15-302 Alexander, J. H. Universal dictionary of weights

Elements of intellectual philosophy. N. Y., and measures, reduced to the standards of

the U. S. Balt., 1850. 8°

- The science of government in connection with Report on the manufacture of iron. Annap.,
American institutions. N. Y., 1866 2-508

1840. 8o. V. 6

Alden, W. The human eye; its use and abuse. Alexander, J. W." The American Sunday-school
Cin., 1866. 80

and its adjuncts. Phil.

Alderbrook. Mrs. Judson

18–1698 Consolation, in discourses on select topics, ad.
Aldine editions. See Renouard, A. A. 21-243

dressed to the suffering people of God. N. Y.,
Aldis, W. S. Elementary treatise on solid geome-

1853. 89

try. Camb., 1865. 80

14-119 Faith ; a series of discourses. N. Y., 1862
Aldrich, H. Artis logicæ rudimenta. With notes

and marginal references. By H. L. Mansel. Forty years familiar letters, constituting, with
4th ed. Oxford, 1862. 8o.


the notes, a memoir of his life. Edited by J.
Aldrich, T. B. Daisy's necklace

Hall. N. Y., 1860. 2 v.

Out of his head

18-132 Life of A. Alexander. N. Y., 1854 8. 30–872
– Pampinea and other poems. N. Y., 1861 Alexander, P. P. Examination of J. S. Mill's doctrine


of causation. With an occasional discourse
Poems. N. Y., 1863


on Sauertieg, by Smelfungus. Edin., 1866
Alec Forbes of Howglen. G. Macdonald 18-3915

Aleman, M. See Roscoe, T. Spanish novelists. Alexander, W. See Stirling.
Vol. 1 of

18-3786 Alexander, Wm. History of women from the ear-
Alembert, A. d'. Flanerie parisienne aux Etats- liest antiquity. L., 1779.2 v. 4° 294_403
Unis. P., 1856

Alexander, W. L. Memoirs of the life and writings
Alembert, J. C.'R. d'. Correspondence avec Vol-

of Ralph Wardlaw. Edin., 1856 80 30-917

34-4868 · Connection and harmony of the Old and New
- Frederick II. Correspondence with. Vol. 11 Testaments. L., 1853

and 12 of
33-36 Same. 1841. 80

Aleppo. Russel, R. Natural history of 286-909 Alexander Menzikoff. G. Nieritz:

Alexander the great. Abbott, J. History of 30–614 Alexandria. Tarbox, I. N. Tyre and Alexandria
Arrianus. De expeditione

- Expedition of

274_3052 Alexandrow, F. Method of learning the Russian
Curtius Rufus, Q. Life and reign 274_3104

language. L., 1867

Lamartine, A. de Alexandre le grand 34-4546 Alfieri, V. Autobiography. Translated by C. E. Les.
Williams, J. Life and actions of . 30-11

N. Y., 1845

Alexander, A. Canon of the Old and New Testa- Tragedie. Italia, 1808–7. 6v. 40

ments ascertained. Phil., [1851] 32-1371 Tragedies, from the Italian by C. Lloyd. L.,
- Brief outlines of the evidences of the Christian

1815. 3 v.

religion. Phila., 1829

32-7 Copping, E. Lives and adventures of A. and
- Evidences of the authenticity, inspiration and Goldoni

canonical authority of the holy scriptures. Alfio Balzani. Minelli.

Phil., [1836]

32-1370 Alford, H. Greek Testament, with a critically re-
- History of colonization on the western coast of vised text; a digest of various readings; mar-
Africa. 2d ed. Phila., 1849. 8° 292_203

ginal references to verbal idiomatic usage;
History of the Israelitish nation from their ori. prolegomena, and a critical and exegetical
gin to the destruction of Jerusalem. Phil., commentary.

1859. Vol.1. 80
1853. 80

Outlines of moral science. N. y., 1852 15-105 How to study the New Testament. Lond., 1866,
Practical sermons, to be read in families and

67. V. 1, 2

social meetings. Phil. 8°

32–1369 Letters from abroad. 2d ed. L., 1865 270-904
Practical truths. N. Y.
32-658 Poetical works. B., 1853

Thoughts on religious experience. Phila. [1844] The queen's English ; stray notes on speaking

and spelling. L., 1864

– Biographical sketches of the founder and prin- See Moon, G. W.

cipal alumni of the log college. Princeton, Alford, W. Old and New Testament dispensations
30–15 compared. L., 1862

Life by J. w. Alexander

30–872 Alfred the great. Bicknell

, A. Life of 30-13
Alexander, J. A. Acts of the apostles explained. Giles, J. A. Life and times of

3d ed. N. Y., 1862. 2 v.
32-1377 Great and good

Gospel according to St. Matthew explained. N. Haller, A. V. Life and maxims

Y., 1862


Pauli, R.
Life of

– Gospel according to Mark explained. N. Y., Poems, by M. F. Tupper


32–1376 See Orosius, P.

v. 62.

N. Y.,

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Alfred; an heroic poem. J. Cottle

23-533 Alimentary canal. See Digestion. Alfred Hagarth's household. A. Smith 18-2921 Alione, J. G. Poésies françoises. Notice par J. C. Algarotti, F. Essay on the opera. L., 1767 5–1043 Brunet. P., 1836. go

344848 Algebra. Alsop, s. Treatise on

14-46 Alison, Alex. The philosophy and history of civiliBland, M. Problems

zation. L., 1860. 8o.

294_128 Bourdon, P. L. M. Elémens d'algèbre 34–4795 Alison, Sir A. Essays on the nature and principles Bridge, B. Theory of equations 14-186

of taste. Hart., 1821. 8°

15-5 Davies, C. Elements

14-43 Free trade and a fettered currency. Edin., 1847. Day, J. Introduction 14-93

1-211 De Morgan, A. Elements 14-54 History of Europe (1789–1815.) 7th ed. Edin

. Double A. .

1853. 20 v.

274_3353 Fenn, J. System of


N. Y., 1844. 4 v. 80. 274_3354 Greenleaf, B. Treatise on


Vols. 1 and 2. Paris, 1841. 8. 272_3357 Hackley, C. W. Treatise on


Abridged by E. 8. Gould. N. Y., 1845 Haddon, J. Key and companion to rudiment

274_3358 ary


(1815–1852). n. Y., 1855-'60. 4 v. 8° 274_3355 Hill, P. H. Elements


Atlas, by A. K. Johnston . 274_3356 Hirsch, M. Problems

14-12 Miscellaneous essays. Phil., 1848. 8o 33–372 Kirkman, T. P. First mnemonical lessons 14–156 Principles of population, and their connection Lacroix, S. F. Elemens d'algèbre 34_4775

with human happiness. L., 1840. 2 v. 8° 3-4 Elements of

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