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Three years in the Pacific; including notices of Tibullus, A. Poetical translation of the elegies of

Brazil, Chili, Bolivia, and Peru. Ph., 1834. Tibullus, and of the poems of Sulpicia; with 8o.


the original text, and notes by J. Grainger. Three years in the oth corps. g. T. Sievens

L., 1759. 2 v.

23-103 262_861 Tickell, T. Poetical works; with a life by S. JohnThree years on the Kansas border. By a clergy

B., 1854

2:3-437 man of the episcopal church. N. Y., 1856

(Bell's poets of G. B.)

23-488 26-309 (Sanford's Br. poets)

23-233 Thrilling adventures by land and sea. "J. o. Bray- Ticknor, C. Philosophy of living; or, the way to


enjoy life and its comforts. N. Y., 1858 Thring, E. Education and school. Camb., 1964

10-108 13-229 On the principles of graninar. oxi., 1868

Ticknor, G. Ilistory of Spanish literature. 4. Y., 1849. 3 y. 80

22-1248 22-251 Same. B., 1863. 3 v.

22-1249 Throat. Mackenzie, M. Use of the laryngoscope in Lite of William H. Prescott. B., 1864 30-1480 diseases of 10-734 Same. B., 1864. 4°

30-1480b Moschizisker, F. von. Diseases of:

10-512 Ticknor, 11. M. See Baker, B. F. Watts, R. G. Diseases of 10-881 Ticonderoga. G. P. R. James

18-1652 See Diphtheria.

Tides. Wilcocks, A. Essay on

12-28 Thrombosis of the cerebral sinuses. T. von Dusch Tieck, L. Gedichte. B., 1841

34-1100 10-099 Gesammelte novellen. B., 1852. 12 v. in 6 Throne of David. J. II Ingraham 18-1.569

34-595 Throop, M. H. The future: a political essay. N. The Elves

18–297 Y., 1864

26_661 Vittoria Accorombona. 2te aufi. Breslau, 1811. Throsby: 'John. Nicmoirs of the town and county 2 v.

34-619 of Leicester; displayed under an «pitome of Roscoe, T. German novelists v. 4 of 18-3783 the reign of each sovereign in the English Tiele, P. A. Mémoire bibliographique sur les jourhistory. Leicester, 1777. 6 v. in 3

naux des navigateurs néerlandais, et sur les 279-1144

anciennes éditions hollandaises, la plup:urt en Through Burmah io Western China. c. Williams

la possession de F. Muller, à Amsterdam. 281-790 Amst., 1867. 8°.

21-228 Through by daylight. iv. Ti Adams

18-4121 Tiffany, Osmond. Brandon; or, a hundred years Through night to light. F. Spichagen . 18-4293


18-3237 Thrupp, J. The Anglo-Saxon home; a history of Tiffany, Osmond, jr. Canton Chinese ;

or, the ile domestic institutions and customs of Eng. American's sojourn in the celestial empire. land, from the 5th to the 11th century. L.,

B., 1819

246-127 1862. 80 27_1149 Tiger hunter. Maine Reid :

18-2625 Thucydides . De bello peloponnesiaco libri VIII. Tiger-lilies. S. Lanier

18-3997 Recognovit G. Belme. Lips., 1857,8 Tiger prince. W. Dalton

18-807 34-342 Tiger slayer. G. Aimard

18-98 History. Newly translated ; with annotations Tighe Lytford

18-32-10 and a life of the author, by S. T. Bloomfield. Tigris river. Chesney, F. R. Survey of L., 1829. 3 v. 80 274_32:15

286-297,603 Ilistory of the Grecian war. Trans. by T. Tilbury Nogo. g. J. W. Melville

18-2179 Hobbes. L., 1812. 2 y. 8° 27_32:54 Tilehman, W. Golder, J. Life of

30-328 Same

v. 8,9 of 33-778 Tilley, H. A. Eastern Europe and western Asia ; Ilistory of the Peloponnesian war; trans., with political and social sketches on Russia, Greece, three preliminary discourses, to which is pre

and Syria. L., 1864

296-231 fixed the life and character of the translator. Japan, the Amoor, and the Pacific; with notices Ph., 1818. 2 v. 8°


of other places comprised in a voyage of circumSame; new and literal version, by 11. Dale. navigation in the imperial Russian “ Corvetto L., 1848

Rynda." L., 1861. 8°

296-192 Thugs, illustrations of the history and practices of Tillier, Claude. Mon oncle Benjamin ; suivi de L., 1851.


comment le chanoine eut peur, le Prof. du Slecman, W. H. Thugs; or, Phansigars of India

rhetorique en Province. B. and L., 1854. 284_47

34-4182 Thunder and lightning. w. de Fonvielle 11-332 Tillotson, J. 'Works. L., 1757. '12 v: 8, 32-214 Thunderstorms. W. S. Ilarris

11-310 Tilsley, II. Digist of the stamp acts and the judi- See Meteorology.

cial decisions on the siamp laws; with tables Thurlow, T. J. II. Soe Hovel- Thurlow.

of all the stamp duties. Continued by E. H. Thurman, W. C. Non-resistance; or, the spirit of Tilsley. L., 1865. 8o

2-378 Christianity restored. Charlottesville, 1862 Tilt, E. J. Diseases of menstruation and ovarian in


flammation, in connexion with sterility, pelvic Ordinance of 'feet-washing, as instituted by tumors, and affections of the womb. N. Y., Christ, defended and restored to its original


10-307 purity. Ph., 1864

32-1314 Elements of health, and principles of female Scaled book of Daniel opened. 2d ed. Ph., hygiene. Ph., 1858

10-1:9 1861. 8°

32-1335 Tilton, T. The sexton's tale, and other poems. Thurstan, H. J. Passionate pilgrim 18-3234

N. Y., 1867.

2:5-975 Thurston, D. Brief history of Winthrop, Maine. Tim Bobbins Tummus and Meary, &c. 's. Bimtora Portland, 1855 26_041

92-9:3 Thurston, E. A. Mosaics of human life. F., 1966 Tim Bunker papers; or, Yankee farming. w. Cliit 33-858

4-316 Thurston, G. H. Direciory of Pittsburgh and Alle Timber trees. ' Description and history of 6-834 gheny cities. Piusb., 1867. 8° . 2.5-160 Bleakarn, J. British timber trees .

9-13 " Thy poor brother.” Mrs. Sewell 32-1.139 Springer, J. S. Forest life

4-5,5 Tbynne, F. (See E. E. T. S. pt. 9] v. 5 of 22-1043 Timboo and Fanny. J. Abbott v. 3 of 18-15 Ti. Ping revolution. See Tai-ping.

Timboo and Joliba. J. Abbott v. 3 of 18-15 Tiara and the turban. S. S. Hill .

270-821 Timbs, J. Anecdote biography. L., 1860. 2 v. Tibet. See Thibet.

30-1263 2-321

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2 v.


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2 v.

Timbs, J. Ancestral stories and traditions of great Timour. Gonzalez de Clavijo, R. Embassy to the families; illustrative of English history. L.,

court of

289-561 1869

21-1156 Timperley, c. 1. Dictionary of printers and printcentury of anecdote, (1760-1860) Ľ., 1864.

ing; with the progress of literature, ancient 33-1145 and modern. L., 1839. 80

21-365 club life of London; with anecdotes of the Songs of the press ; original and selectel. L., clubs, coffee-houses and taverns of the me


23-977 tropolis, during the 17th, 18th and 19th centu- Timpson, T. "Memoirs of British female missionries. L., 1866. 2 v.


aries; withi a survey of the condition of wo. Curiosities of history.". 1., 1857


men in heathen countries. L., 1841 30-1609 Curiosities of London. New ed. L., 1868. So Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Fry. N. Y., 1817 271-926

30-1-9 Things not generally known familiarly ex- Tin. Blinn, L. J. Workshop companion for 6-245 plained; curiosities of science, past and pres. Tin trumpet. P. Chatfield

18-622 ent. L., 1859, 60. 2 v.

11-142 Tingry, P. F. Painter and varnisher's guide. L., Eccentricities of the animal creation. B., 1869

1804. 80

6-030 9–714 Tinnevelly mission. G. Pettitt

32-11.35 English eccentrics and eccentricities. L., 1866. Tip-top; or, a noble aim. L. C. Tutbil

133.5.) 2 v. 274_1152 Tipografia española. F. Mendez .

21-322 Illustrated book of wonders, events, and dis- Tipu Sultan) Hussein Ali. History of the reign of coveries. L. 6-929

28427 Industry, science and art of the age; or, the Tiraboschi, G. Storia della letteratura italiana. international exhibition of 1862, popularly de

Firenze, 1805. 9 v. in 11. 8 31-9707 scribed. L., 1863

6-426 Same. Vilano, 1822–26. 16 v. So 34-2.307* Knowledge for the people; or, the plain why Tirailleurs au Mexique. Mayne Reid . 31-16:34 and because, familiarizing subjects of useful Tirelire de Thérèse. C. Hugo

34-1112 curiosity and amusing research. B., 1832 Tiroir du diable; le diable à Paris. A. L. A. D.


Dudevant, F. Soulie, H. de Balzac, et al. P., Lives of wits and humourists. L., 1862.2 v.


:34-3943 30-1371 Tirso de Molina. See Tellez, G. - London and Westminster ; city and suburb.

Tischendorf, C. When were our gospels written? L., 1868. 2 v. 80


an argument; with a narrative of the discor. Nooks and corners of English life.' 2d ed. L.,

ery of the Sinaitic manuscript. N. 1., 1866 1867 279-1153

32-9402 Notable things of our own time: a supplement- Tissot, s. A. Essay on diseases incidental io literary volume of “Things not generally known.'

ary and sedentary persons. L., 1768 10-166 L., 1868

11-71 Tissues. Beale, L. S. Structure and growth of – Popular errors explained and illustrated." L.,

10-126 1841 33-70 Titan. J. P. F. Richter

18-2649 Romance of London ; sirange stories, scenes, Titan Agonistes

18_3241 and remarkable persons of the great town. Titanja. A. Linden

18_3555 L., 1865. 3 v.

27b_793 Titcomb, Timothy. Pseud. See Holland, J. G. School-days of eminent men; sketches of the Titcomb's letters to young people. J. G. Holland progress of education in England, and early

33-711 lives of celebrated British authors, etc. Titian. Northcote, J. "Life of

30-1197 Columbus, 1860 30-1357 Titien. Dumas, A. Trois maitres

34-3250 Stories of inventors and discoverers in science Titmarsh, M. A. Pseud. See Thackeray, W. M. and the useful arts. L., 1860 6-928 Title hunting. E. L. Llewellyn

18-1926 Strange stories of the animal world ; a book of Title deeds of the church of England. E. Mall curious contributions to natural history. L.,

332-1006 1866

9-716 Titles. Atkinson, s. Essay on marketable't. Walks and talks about London. L., 1865 270-746

2-338 [Ed.] Year book of facts in science and art; Moore, 1. Instructions for preparing abstracts exhibiting the most important discoveries and


2-373 improvements in mechanics, natural philoso. See Conveyancing; Property. phy, etc. L., 1839-69. 31 v.

11-257 Titus. Barnes, A. Notes on epistle to 32-702 Timbuctoo. Adams, R. Narrative of a sailor

Calvin, J. Commentary on

99-1972 286_902 Van Oosterzee, J. J. Commentary on 32-2033 Caillie, R.' Travels to 281-499 Tiw. W. Barnes

22-30 Time and tide. A. S. Roe

18–2679 Tizard, W. L. Theory and practice of brewing. Time and tide. J. Ruskin

4th ed. L., 1857. 89.

6-423 Time, the avenger. Mrs. A. Marsh

18-2110 To be, or not to be? H. C. Andersen. 18-148 Times, the. Index to. L., 1863. 80 17-494 To-day. R. B. Kimball

18-1715 Timmins, S., (ed.) The resources, products, and To love and to be loved. A.'s. Roe

18-2680 industrial history of Birmingham and the To seem and to be. M. J. McIntosh 18-1979 midland hardware district; reports by the Toasts and sentiments. L.

20-207 local industrial committee of the British asso- Tobacco. Coles, L. B.

Beauties and deformities ciation at Birmingham in 1865. L., 1866. 8°

10-724 6-424 Fiske, J. Tobacco and alcohol

10_820 Timms, S. Family topographer; being a compen- Griscom, J. H. Use and evils of 10-818 dious account of the antient and present Lane, B. 1. Mysteries of

10-72 state of the counties of England. L., 1832–43. Liza's, J. Use and abuse of :

10-199 274_1157 Mussey, R. 1). Influence of .

204-115 Timon. [Pseud.] See Cormenin.

Prescott, II. P. Adulterations of 10-803 Timoneda, J. de. Los Ciegos y el Mozo; Los Me- Steinmetz, A. History and adulterations of T. T. E. v. 1 34-2

10_636 Timothy. Barnes, A. Notes on epistle to 32-702 See Smoking Calvin, J. Commentary on 32-1252 Tobias Wilson. J. Clemens .

18-6.59 Van Oosterzee, J. J. Commentary on. [See i Tobin, J. The honey-moon : a co

comedy. F-S1). Lange) 32-2033


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v. 1

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Tobin, J. The honey-moon ; a comedy. I. B. T. Todhunter, I. History of the mathematical theory
v. 17


of probability from the time of Pascal to that
The school for authors: a comedy. 1. B. T. of Laplace. Camb., 1867. 8°

V. 25

24-141 History of the progress of the calculus of varia-
Benger, E. O. Memoirs of


tions during the 19th century. Camb., 1861.
Tobold. A. Chronic diseases of the larynx ; with


special reference to laryngoscopic diagnosis Plane co-ordinate geometry as applied to the
and local therapeutics. Trans. and ed. by G.

straight line and the conic sections. 3d ed.
M. Beard. N. Y., 1868. 80

Camb., 1862.

Tocqueville, A. de. American institutions and their Plane trigonometry for the use of schools and

influence; with notes by J. C. Spencer. N. colleges. 3d ed. Camb., 1864 14-142
Y., 1851.

264_283 Spherical trigonometry for the use of schools and
L'Ancien régime et la révolution. 4me ed. P.

colleges. 2d ed. Camb., 1863. 14-145
18.59. 80

34-4565 See Euclid.
De la démocratie en Amérique. 14me ed. P., Todleben. See Russell, W. H.
1867. 3 v. 8°

34-4562 Toes. Annandale, T. Malformations, injuries, and
Democracy in America. Trans. by H. Reeve. diseases of

N. Y., 1839. 2 v. 89

264-58 See Foot.
Same; edited, with notes; the translation re- Together. By author of "Olie"

vised, and, in great part, re-written, and the Tohtut-ul-Mujahideen. Zein-ud-Deen : 284-39
additions made to the recent Paris editions Toilers of the sea. V. Hugo

now first translated, by F. Bowen. Camb., Toilet. Beauty's mirror

1802. 2 v. 80
264_584 Book of health and beauty

The old regime and the revolution. Trans, by

Cooley, A. J. Toilet and cosmetic arts
J. Bonner. N. Y., 1856

Memoirs, letters, and remains. Trans. from the Freeling, A. Gracefulness

French; with large additions [of G. de Beau- Montez, L. Arts of beauty

mont, ed.] Camb., 1861. 2 v. 30-1309 Thornwell, E. Lady's guide to perfect gentility
Laboulaye, E. Essai sur

Rémusat, C. de. De l'esprit de réaction

See Perfumery.
34-4677 Toils and triumphs. H. W. Ellis .

Todd, A. Parliamentary government in England. Token of friendship N. Y. .

v. 1. L. 80

274_1155 Toland, J. Art of governing by partys. L., 1701
Toda, 11. J. See Lathai, R. G.

Todd, J. Angel of the iceberg


Life of John Milton; containing also several
The daughter at school. Northampton, 1854

extraordinary characters of men, and books,

sects, parties, and opinions; with Amyntor;
The moral influence, dangers, and duties con- or, a defence of Milton's life. L., 1761. 80
nected with great cities. Northampton, 1841

32-274 Told in the twilight. s. Daryl

The sabbath-school teacher ; designed to aid in Tolfrey, F. The sportsman in France; comprising

elevating and perfecting the sabbath-school a sporting ramble through Picardy and Nor-
system. Northampton, 1856


mandy, and boar shooting in lower Brittany.
Serpents in the dove's nest.

L., 1841. 2 v. 8°

Student's manual: designed to 'aid in forming Toliver, E. Our folks at home; or, life at the old
the intellecinal and moral character and habits

manor house

of the student. Northampton, 1835 13-230 Sequel to Our folks at home

18-2 104
Summer gleanings; or, sketches and incidents of Tolla. E. About

a pastor's vacation. Northampton, 1852

[in Englislij

33-879 Tolstoi, N. Childhood and youth

Sunset land; or, the great Pacific slope. B., Tom Brown at Oxford. T. Hughes 18-1529
269-716 Tom Burke of "Qurs." C. Lever

The young man. Northampton, 1844 33-466

Tom Cringle's Jog. F. Chamier 18-608, 3650
Todd, J. H. St. Patrick, apostle of Ireland ; a Tom Crosbie and his friends. S. Lover 18_1948
menoir of his life and mission; with an in- Tom Jones. H. Fielding

troductory dissertation on some early usages Tom Pouce. J. Ileizel

of the church in Ireland, and its historical po. Tom Somers in the army. W.T. Adams 18-65
sition. Dub., 1864.
32-1107 Tom Somers in the navy.

W. T. Adams 18-69
Todd, Lawrie. Thorburn, G. Flowers from the Tom Thumb. See Travels of

garden of
30-527 Tom Tiddler's ground. C. Dickens

Todd, R. B. Clinical lectures on paralysis, disease Tombeaux de la cathédrale de Rouen. A. Deville
of the brain, and other affections of the ner-

vous system. Ph., 1855. 8°

10-449 Tombs, J. W. Metaphysical analysis; revealing in
- (ed.) Cyclopædia of anatomy and physiology. the process of the formation of thought a new
L., 1837–59. 6 v. 80

doctrine of metaplıysics. L., 1816.

and W. Bowman. Physiological anatomy and

physiology of man. Ph., 1857. 10-224 Tomes, R. Americans in Japan; an abridgment of
Todd, s. E. Country homes, and how to save the government narrative of the U. S. expedi-

money to buy a home; how to build neat and tion, under Com. Perry. N. Y., 1857
cheap cottages; and how to gain an independ-

ent fortune; with a description of the agricul- Battles of America, by sea and land. N. Y.,
rural and horticultural advantages of New

1861. 3 v. 4°

Jersey. N. Y., 1868

4-310 - The champagne country. N. Y., 1867
Young farmer's 'manual. N. v., 1867. 2 v.

4-285 Panama, in 18:15; an account of the Panama
Todhunter, I. Algebra for the use of colleges and railroad ; with sketches of life and character
schools. 3d ed. Camb., 1862


on the Isthmus. N. Y., 1855 209-285
Analytical statics. 3d ed.' L., 1866 11-295 - The war with the south; a history of the great
Examples of analytical geometry of three di-

American rebellion. N. Y., 1867. 3 v. 4°
mensions. 2d ed. Camb., 1864. 14-143


B., 1867


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Tomline, G. Introduction to the study of the bible; Tooke, J.JI. Graham, J. A. Memoirs and identi. containing proofs of the authenticity and in

fication with Junius

30-16:3 spiration of the holy scriptures, a summary of Stephens, A. Memoirs of

30-C05 the history of the Jews, &c. 1912 ed. L., 18-16 See Junius.

32-458 Tooke, T., and 11. Newmarch. A history of priers, Memoirs of the life of the Right lion. William and of the state of the circulation, from 1798 to Pitt. Ph., 1821. 2 v. 80.

1836. 1., 1978-iñ. ( v. So

1-1:37 Scoit, T. Remarks on refutation of Calvinism Tooke, W. Life of Catharine II, empress of a.) ile

. v. 6,7 of 32-189
Russias. Ph., 1:02. 2 v.

30-79 Tomlinson, c.' Cyclopaedia of useful arts; with an View of the Russian empire during the reign of

introductory essay on the great exliibition of Catharine II, and to the close of the 18th (in). 18.11. L., 18.52. 2 v.


tury. 2d ed. L., 1800. 3 v. So The dew-drop and the mist : an account of the See Kelly, W. K.

phenomena and properties of atmospheric Töpffer, R. Nouvelles Genevoises. P., 1959
Vapir. L. .

34-3570 Experimental essays on the motions of camphor, Le Presbytere.' P. 1959

34-3873 and on the theory of dew. L., 1863 11-302 Reflexions et menus propos d'un peintre GéneThe frozen stream; an account of the formation

vois. P., 18,78

34-37: and properties of ice. L.

11-223 Rosa et Gertrude ; précécié de notices sur la vie Introduction to the study of natural philosophy. et les ouvrages de l'auteur, par Sainte-Beure 6th ed. L., 1879.

et de La Rive. P., 18.15

3+371 Pneumatics for beginners. 3d ed. L., 1858,9 and H. Zschokke. Julius, and other tales 11-2.99

18_1705 Pottery. See History of the processes, &c. 6-343 Topham, E. Life of John Elwes, (the miser.) L., and snow storm. L.

n. d. Eo

30-475 Rudimentary mechanics. 6th ed. L., 1862 Topographer, the ; containing a variety of original


articles illustrative of the local bistory and Rudimentary treatise on the construction of antiquities of this kingdom. Ed. by Sir E. cloor locks. L., 1858,9


Brydges, and S. Shaw. Jan. and June, 17.11. Rudimentary treatise on warming and ventila- L. go tion. · L., 1850

6-90 Topographical bureau, U.S. Reports of the secretary Same. 3d ed. L., 1864


of war; with reconnaissances of routes from and A. Anderson. 'Gaslight. See llistory of the San Antonio io El Paso, by Brevet Licut. Col. ,


J. E. Johnston, Lieut. W. F. Smith, Lieut. Tomlinson, L. Recreations in astronony. 5th ed. F. T. Bryan, Lieut. II. N. Michler, and Capt. L., 18.58


S. G. French; also, the report of Capt. R. B. Tomlinson, W.P. Kansas in 1858; a history of the Marcy's route from Fort Smith to Santa Fe, recent troubles. N. Y., 1859


and report of Lieut. J. H. Simpson of an expe. Tommiebey shootings. T. Jeans .


dition into the Navajo country, and the report Tommy Try and what he did in science. . C. 0. G. of Lieut. W. II. C. Wbiting's reconnaissances Napier.


of the western frontier of Texas. W.. 18.10. Tonal system. J. iv. Nystrom


269-1-1 Tone, T. W. Mimoirs, written by himself; com- Report of, for the year 1861. W., 1861. * prising an account of the rebellion of 1798,

204-161 with selections from his diary. Ed. by W.T. Topographie de bas Canadı. J. Bouchette 34–4741 W. Tone, L., 1837. 2 v. 8° 30-1042 Topography of Rome. W. Gell

2.-19 Toner, J. M. Maternal instinct; or, love. Balt., Topography of Troy. W. Gell

281-023 1864

10-747 Topograplıical map of the road from Missouri to Tonga grammar. W. Mariner

Oregon. C. Preuss

2.7-351 Tonga islands, the. W. Mariner 29–108,9 Topographical drawing. Smith, R. s.' Manual of Tongue, C. Stab'e practice; or, hints on training

3-611 for the turf, the chase, and the road. By Tor lill. ' Horace Smith

18-2944 Cecil. 2d ed. L., 1857

4-290 Tories. Sce Parties. Tongue of fire. W. Arthur . 32–9:14 Torpedo war. R. Fulton

6-597 Tongue of time. W. Harrison

32-250 Torrens, 11. D. Travels in Ladik, Tartars, and Toma, Mrs. C. E. Count Raymond of Toulouse, and Kashmir. L., 1862. 8°

the crusade against the Albigenses. N. Y., Torrens, R. Essay on the external corn trade. L.,

1815. 8

3-2:8 Floral biograpliy; or, chapters on flowers. N. Torrey, J. Flora of New York; comprising a Y., 1840

32-20 description of all the indigenous and natural. The flower garden. 'x. Y., 1840


ized plants discovered in the state; with Judaea Capta. N. Y., 1845


remarks on their economical and medicinal Judali's lion


properties. Alb., 1813. 2 v. 40 9-1324 Second causes; or, up and be doing. N.Y., 'Totemwell. G. Payson

18_2465 1843

33-2.733 Tott, F., baron de. Memoirs ; containing the state Personal recollections. N. Y., 1842


of the Turkish empire and tie Crimea during Works; with an introduction by Mrs. H. B.

the late war with Russia ; 2d ed., with stricStowe. N. Y., 1852. 2 v. 89. 33-995

tures of M. de Peyssonnel. L., 1786. 2 v. Se Tonty, II. de. See Falconer, F.

296-20.3 Tony Butler. C. Lever

18-1889 Totten, B. J. Naval text-book. N. Y., 1802 6-709 Tony Starr's legacy. S. S. Robbins 18-3256 Toubin, C. Le paysan d' Alaise

34-1676 Too bright to last 18-32.74 Toucharıl-Lafosse, G. Chroniques

de l'Eil-deToo much alone. Mrs. J. 11. Riddell


Bæut des petits appartements de la cour et Too strange not to be true. G. Fullerton 18-1114

des salons de Paris sous Louis XIV, la régence Too true; a story of to-day :

Louis XV, et Louis XVI.

Nouv. ed. aug. Tooke, A. Panibcon of the heathen gods, and mentée du règne de Louis XIII. P. 2 v. in 5. illustrious heroes. Balt., 18.59


34-4815 Tooke, J. H. Epea pteroenta ; or, the diversions of Toudy. 11. J. 'New map of Philadelphia. PL. 19%.

Purley. Ph., 1800,7. 2 v.' 80 22-2.54
Richardson, C. Esposition of 22-210 Toulmin, c. Partners for life



[blocks in formation]


Tour in England and Scotland, in 1785. T. Newte Townley, Rev. James. Illustrations of biblical litera


ture ; exhibiting the history and fate of the Tour in England, Ireland, and France. H. L. II. v. sacred writings. L., 1821. 3 v. 8° 32-215 Pückler-Muskau . 270-186 Townley gallery. II. Ellis

5-7 Tour in Zealand. A. Andersen

276-765 Townsend, A. A. Brief memoir of Jolin Jackson. Tour of Dr. Syntax in search of the picturesque.

30-981 W. Combe

23-75 Townsend, Calvin. Analysis of civil government; Tour round my garden.' A. Karr


including a topical and tabular arrangement of Tour-du-pin, la C'sse de la. Ancres brisées. P., 1860 the constitution of the U. S. N. Y., 1869 34-3926

2-376 Tourguereff

, 1. s. Fathers and sons 18-3890 Townsend, G. The life and defence of Edmund Scènes de la vie russe; nouvelles Russes. Tr. Bonner; in which is considered the best mode par X. Marmier. P., 1838. 2 v.. 31-3970

of again changing the religion of this nation, Tourist's conversational guide. J. T. Loth 22-156 by a tractarian British critic. L., 1812. 86 Tourist's grammar. T. D. Fosbroke 5-313

32-1983 Tourlourou, un. C. P. de Kock

Townsend, G. A. Campaigns of a non-combatant. Tours. See Guide books; Summer resorts.

N. Y., 1866.

20^-774 Tourte-Cherbuliez, Mme.

Comédies de société; Townsend, G. H. Manual of dates. L., 1862 recreations dramatiques pour la jeunesse.

292-179 Geneve and P., 1861

31-5023 Townsend, Joseph. Etymological researches; where Tourtelle, E. Principles of health ; or, a treatise on in numerous languages apparently discordant

the influence of physical and moral causes on have their affinity traced so as to lead to the man; from the 20 French ed., by G. William

conclusion that all languages are radically Balt., 1819. 2 v. 89

one. Bath, 1824. 4° .

22-550 Tousard, L. de. ”American artillerist's companion, – Journey through Spain ; with particular atten.

v. 3; containing the plates and their explana- tion to the agriculture, manufacture,commerce, tions. Ph., 1813. 40.


population, taxes and revenue of that country. Touscy, S. Papers from over the water: a series of 3d ed. Dub., 1792. 2 v. 80

270_117 letters from Europe. N. Y., 1869 270-962 Townsend, J. K. Narrative of a journey across the Tousez, A. La vie de Napoléon. P. T. B.

Rocky mountains to the Columbia river and 34-4181

a visit to the Sandwich islands, Chili, &c. Toussaint r Ouverture; poëme dramatique. A. de Ph., 1839. go

266-129 Lamartine

34–3477 Townsend, L. T. Credo. B., 1809 32-24191 - See L'Ouverture, T.

Townsend, R. Chapters on the modern geometry Tower of London. Bayley, J. History and antiqui. of the point, line, and circle. Dub., 1863, 5. ties of

2 v. 80

14-105 - Dixon, W. H. ' Her majesty's tower 27-337 Townsend, T. The lost slip). F's s. D. v. 39 London prisons . 279-336

24-221 - De Ross, Memorials of

272-331 Townsend, v. F. Battle-fields of our fathers Tower of London, the. W. H. Ainsworth 18–123

18-3264 Towers, J. L. Illustrations of prophecy; with ex- Larryl gap; or, whether it paid 18–3258 tracts from numerous commentators. L., The Hollands.

18-3262 1796. 2 v. go 32-1321 Janet Strong

18-3259 Towers and temples of ancient Ireland. M. Keane

Joanna Darling ; or, the home at the breakwater 274_1463

18-3261 Towgood, M. ' Dissent from the church of England Temptation and triumph; with other stories fully justified ; three letters, in answer to let

18-3260 ters of Rev. John White; with an appendix, While it was morning

18-3263 illustrative of the history, principles and pres- Townsend, W.C. Memoirs of the house of commons, ent state of the presbyterian church. 15th ed.

from the convention parliament of 1688,9 to Newry, 1816


the passing of the reform bill, in 1832. 2d ed. Towle, G. N. Glimpses of history. B., 1866

L., 1844. 2 v. 80

279-1160 29_227 Townshend, Charles, wit and statesman. P. FitzHistory of Henry V, of England. 'N. Y., 1866. gerald

30-1917 80

274_1158 Townshend, C. H. Facts in mesmerism; or, animal Towle, N. c. History and analysis of the constitu- magnetism. B., 1841 .

10-110 tion of the United States; with a full account Townson, R. Travels in Hungary; with a short of the confederations which preceded it. B., account of Vienna. L., 1797. 4° 271-1204 1860

26–749 Toxicology. See Poisons. Towler, J. American photographic almanac, for Toxophilus. R. Ascham

20-307 1864 ; being an annual appendix to Hum. Toynbee, J. Diseases of the ear; their nature, phrey's journal of photography. N. Y., 1864 diagnosis, and treatment. Ph., 1860. 8° 6-953

10-288 The silver sunbeam; a practical and theoretical Trachea. See Larynx.

text-book on sun drawing and photographic Tracks of McKinlay and party across Australia. J.
printing. 3d ed. N. Y., 1864


29b-210 Dry plate photography; or, the tannin process. Tract magazine, the, and Christian miscellany, 1865. N. Y., 1865 :


32-1880 Town, S., and N. mi. Holbrook. Progressive fourth Tractarianism. Adventures of a gentleman in search rcader. B.

of the church of England

32-1857 Progressive fifth, or elocutionary reader. B. Andrews. Via media

32-1291 33-535 Anthon, H. True churchiman warned 32-1428 Town and country brewery book. w. Brande 6-474

Brown, J. Claims of Puseyite episcopalians Town and forest. Miss A. Manning 18-2049

32-1508 Town lyrics. C. Mackay

23-158 Brown, J. B. Idolatries, old and new 32-2347 Townend, w. The descendants of the Stuarts. 2d Campbell, J. Conquest of England 32-1409 ed. L., 1858. 8°

30-1989 Carey, A. Examination and ordination of Townley, James, M. D. Parturition without pain

32-1428 or loss of consciousness. 4th ed. L., 1864

Goode, w. Divine rule of faith 32-1707 10-413

Reply to letter of Dr. Pusey 32-12:1

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