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Biblical gleanings. T. Wemyss

32-2144 Bibliography. Periodical. Biblical repository. Sce American biblical repository American publisher's circular

21-293 and Bibliotheca sacra 32-1694 Bookseller, the

21-296 Biblical researches in Palestine. E. Robinson History of the works of the learned 17-221 286-574,5 Memoirs of literature

17-218 to 220 Bibliography. Introduction.

Philobiblion, the

21-235 Brunet, G. Dictionnaire de bibliologie catholique Publisher's circular, the

21-347 21-297 Quérard, le. (1855–56).

21-239 Guild, R. A. Librarian's manual 1-1888 Miscellaneous. Lalanne, L. Curiosities bibliographiques 212-6 Appleton's library manual

21-132 Petzhold, J. Bibliotheca bibliographia 21-233 Beloe, W. Anecdotes and scarce books Katechismus bibliothekenlehre 21-92

21-140 Tavlor, I. Transmission of ancient books to Berard, a. s. i. Editions des Elzivirs 21-10 modern times 21-118,9 Beresford, J. Bibliosophia

21-15 General.

Brydges, Sir E. Restituta

21-143 Allibone, S. A. Critical dictionary of English Burton, J. H. The book hunter 21-22,3 literature

21-294 Davis, W. Journey round the library of a Ames, J. Typographical antiquities 21-295


21-148 Barbier, A. A. Ouvrages anonymes et pseu.

Dibdin, T. F. Bibliomania, or book-madnes: donymes 21-134

21-155 Bauer, J. J. Bibliotheca librorum rariorum Bibliophobia

21-157 21-11 Goodhugh, W. Library manual 21-182 Bossänge, H. Ma bibliothèque française 21-17 Hamst, 0. Life and works of J. M. Quérard Brunet, G. La France littéraire au xve siècle

30-1980 21-135 Index librorum prohibitorum à Sixto V 21-353 Imprimeurs imaginaires, etc.

21-136 Merryweather, F. S. Bibliomania in the middle Brunet, J. C. Manuel du libraire 21-137


21-76 Bure, G. F. de. Bibliographie instructive – Nichols, J. Literary anecdotes and history

21-34 to 39
of the 18th century,

22–1159,60 Clarke, A. Dictionary of books in Latin, Greek, Putnam, G. P. Book-buyer's manual 21-234 Coptic, Hebrew, Samaritan, Syriac, Chaldee, Savage, J. The librarian

21-207 Æthiopic, Arabic, Persian, Armenian, etc. Techener, J. J. Bulletin du bibliophile 21-122

21-28 Walpole, H. Royal and noble authors 21-131 Miscellany

21-29 See Authors; Booksellers ; Catalogues; LibraClarke, W. Repertorium bibliographicum 21-348 ries ; Literature; Manuscripts ; Periodicals; Clement, D. Bibliotheque curieuse 21-312

Printing ; Writing ; and names of subjects Collier, J. P. Rare books, English 21-30

of bibliographical research, such as America, Dibdin, T. F. Bibliographical tour in France Biography. and Germany , 276–540 | Bibliopegia. "J. Hanett

6-495 Library companion

21-156 See Bookbinding. Ebert, F. A. General bibl. dictionary 21-170 Bibliotheca Americana Nova. 0. Rich 21-244 Fournier, F. J. Dictionnaire portatif 21-45 Bibliotheca Americana Vestustissima. Harrisse, H. Graesse, J. G. T. Trésor de livres rares et pré.

21-314 cieux 21-313 Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica

21-302 Hain, L. Repertorium bibliographicum 21–196 Bibliotheca Biblica. W. Orme

21-230 Hamst, Olphar. Handbook to fictitious names Bibliotheca Cantiana. J. R. Smith

21-265 21-202 Bibliotheca Heraldica. T. Moule

21-335 Hatin, E. Bibliographie de la presse periodique Bibliotheca Madrigaliana. E. F. Rimbault 21-248 française

21-205 Bibliotheca Medico-Chirurgica. T. C. F. Enslin Hazlitt, W. c. Catalogue of early English

21-42 miscellanies, formerly in the Harleian Bibliotheca Parriana

21-463 library. Camden Soc. pub., v. 87 278-195 Bibliotheca Sussexiana. T.

j. Pettigrew

21-359 Popular literature of G. B. to the restoration Bibliotheca sacra. v. 3--6, 8, 9, 11, 18, 21-4. And.,


32-1695 Kavser, c. g.' Bücher-lexicon 21-323 Bibliotheca Scota-Celtica. J. Reid

21-240 Kelley, J. Catalogue of American books Bibliotheca selecta de litteratura española. [P. Men


dèbil y M. Silvela.) Burdeos, 1819. 4v. 89 Lowndes, w. T. Manual of English literature

34-) 21-70 Bibliothèque de mon oncle. R. Töpffer 34-3870 Maittaire, M. Annales typographici 21-328 Bibliothèque des mémoires relatifs à l'histoire de Martin, J. Books privately printed 21-330

France pendant le 18e siècle. J. F. Barrière Ettinger, E. M. Bibliographie biographique

34-5502 21-341 Bibliothèque des Merveilles. See Marion, F. Osmont, J. B. L. Dictionnaire des livres rares

34-3509 21-88 Bibliothèque des villages. A. Berquin 34-4598 - Panzer, G. W. Annales typographici 21-343 Bibliothèque épistolaire. Lettres des femmes céléQuérard, J. M. • La France littéraire 21-237

bres du siècle de Louis XIV. Rec. par A. et al. La litt. Française contemporaine Delanone, P.

34-4015 21-238 Roorbach, o. A. Bibliotheca' Americana

Bichat, X. Physiological researches upon life and

death. Trans. from the French by T. Wat. 21-252 kins. Ph., 1809. 80

10-16 Stevens, H. Catalogue of my English library Bickerstaff

, 1. Bickerstaff

, I. The hypocrite. D. L. T. v. 5 21-113

24-107 Trübner, N. Guide to Am. lit.


Same. Altered from Cibber.' M. B. D. v. 4 Ventouillac, E. The French librarian 21-284

24-142 Watt, R. Bibliotheca Britannica. 21-370 Same: [Altered from Cibber's Nonjuror.) B. D. Weller, E. Die falschen und frugirten Druck

v. 1

24-143 21-287 The hypocrite.' comedy. Altered from Cibber. Wheeler, w. A. Dictionary of the noted names S. B. T. v. 6

24-191 of fiction

21-130 - Same. Adapted by S. Smith. v. 14 of 24-221


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2 v.

comic opera.

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Bickerstaff, I. Lionel and Clarissa ; a comic opera. Bigelow, J. R. Ainerican's own book; or, the I. B. T. v. 13


constitutions of the several states in the Love in a village. D. L. T. v.7 : 24-107

Union. N. Y., 1849. 8°

2-545 Same. M. B. D. v. 5

24-142 Bigelow, L. J. Bench and bar; a complete digest Love in a village ; comic opera. S. B. T. v. 14 of the wit, humor, asperities, and amenities

of the law. N. Y., 1867

30-1974 Same. B. B. T. v. 33

24-71 Bigg, H. H. Orthopraxy; the mechanical treatThe maid of the mill; comic opera. B. B. T.

ment of deformities, debilities, and deficienv. 33


cies of the human frame. L., 1865 10–596 Same. D. L. T. v. 7

24-107 Bigland, J. Geographical and historical view of Same. I. B. T. v. 6


the world ; the natural and artificial features Same. M. B. D. v. 5


of each country; with notes by J. Morse. The padlock. D. L. T. v. 9

Ph., 1812. 5 v. 8

25-10 Same. M. B. D. v. 5

24-142 History of England, to the close of the year Same. B. D. v. 1

1812. L., 1813.

274_80 Same; a farce." S. B. T. y. 16

24–191 Letters on the study and use of ancient and The plain-dealer ; comedy; altered from Wych- modern history. L., 1804

294_55 erly. B. B. T. v. 20

24-71 Bigland, R. Observations on marriages, baptisms, The recruiting sergeant. 'B. D. v. i 24-143

and burials, as preserved in parochial regisSchool for fathers; or, Lionel and Clarissa ;

ters. L., 1864. 4°

274_4053 B. B. T. v. 33

Biglow papers. J. R. Lowell

23-876,7 The sultan. M. B. D. v. 5

24-142 Bigsby, R. Old places re-visited, or the antiquarian The sultan ; comedy. S. B. T. v. 3


enthusiast. L., 1851. 3 y. 8° 27482 and S. Foote. Dr. Last in his chariot. M. B. Bijou littéraire. C. V. Martin

34-5172 D. v. 5

24-142 Bilderbuch ohne Bilder. H. C. Andersen 34-612 Bickerstaff, 1. [Pseud.] See Steel, R.; Swift, J. Bill Arp—so called. [Pseud.) See Smith, C. H. Bickersteth, E. Treatise on the Lord's supper; de

18-3712 signed as a guide and companion to the holy Billiards. Hardy, F. The Å. B. c. of

20-186 communion. Ph., 1862 32–1395 Mingaud's noble game of b.

20-196 Birks, T. R. Memoir of.

30-664 Pardon, G. F. (Capt. Crawley.) The billiard Bickersteth, E. H. Water from the well-spring


20–171 for the Sabbath hours of afflicted believers. Phelan, M. Billiards without a master 20-201 N. Y., 1854

32-481 White, W. Theory and practice of b. 20-209 Bickham, W. D. Rosecrans campaign with the

Billing, 9. Law of awards and arbitrations. Ph., fourteenth army corps, or the army of the 1846. 8°

v. 51 of 2-55 Cumberland ; with official reports of the bat- - and A. Prince. The law and practice of patents. tle of Stone river. Cin., 1863 264_498

L., 1845. 8°

2-313 Bicknell, A. Life of Alfred the great. L., 1777. Billings, Josh. [Pseud.) See Shaw, H. W. 8° 30-13

18-3704 Bicknell

, W.J. See Illustrated London 270-420 Billings; R. W. The power of form applied to Biddle, O. Young carpenter's assistant; or, a sys. geometric tracery. E., 1851. 8° 5-600

tem of architecture adapted to the style of Billington, J. Architectural director. L., 1848. building in the U. S. Ph., 1805. 4° 5–700


5-31 Bidpai. See Pilpay.

Bills of exchange. Byles, J. B.

Law of Bielfeld, J. F. Elements of universal erudition ;

v. 16 and 61 of 2-55 trans. by W. Hooper, L., 1770. 3 v. 8°

Treatise on

2-221 33-683 Chitty, J. Treatise on

2-16,7 Bien (le) et le mai qu'on a dits des enfants. É.

Cunningham, T. Law of

2-27 Deschanel

34–4029 Roelker, B. Manual for use of notaries Biernatzki, J. C. 'The hallig; trans. by Mrs. G.


1-249 P. Marsh

18-331 Story, J. Commentaries on the law of 2-148 Bigelow, A. Leaves from a journal; or, sketches Binding the sheaves. By the author of “ Win and of rambles in north Britain and Ireland. B.,


18-3773 1821

276_132 Bingham, C. Young American's speaker. Ph., 1861 Travels in Malta and Sicily, with sketches of

33-566 Gibraltar, in 1827. B., 1831. 80 270-64 Bingham, P. 'Law and practice of judgments and Bigelow, E. B. Tariff

question considered in regard executions. Ph., 1836. 80 v. 13 of 2-55 to the policy of England and the interests of Bingley, W. Animal biography; or, authentic the U. s., with statistical and comparative anecdotes of the lives, manners and economy tables. B., 1862. 4°


of the animal creation. L., 1805. 3 v. 8o Bigelow, Jacob. 'Brief expositions of rational medi.

9-513 cine; and the paradise of doctors-a fable. Musical biography; or, memoirs of the most B., 1858


eminent musical composers and writers of Collection of plants of Boston and its vicinity, Europe. 2d ed. L., 1814. 2 v. 8° 30–1976

with their generic and specific characters and Binney, H. Inquiry into the formation of Washing. principal synonyms. B., 1824. 80 9-1207

ton's farewell address. Ph., 1859. 8° 22–935 * · Elements of technology, taken chiefly from a – Privilege of the writ of habeas corpus under the

course of lectures on the application of the constitution. Ph., 1865. 8°
sciences to the useful arts. B., 1829. 80 Binney, T. Lights and shadows of church life in

Australia. L., 1860 .

32-954 Modern inquiries, classical, professional and Money: with remarks on stewardship and miscellaneous. B., 1867


systematic beneficence. L., 1865 32-1665 Nature in disease ; illustrated in various dis- – Study for young men ; or a sketch of Sir T. F. courses and essays, with miscellaneous writ

Buxton. B., 1856

30-876 ings. N. Y., 1860

10–214 Binney, W. G. Land and fresh water shells of Bigelow, John. Jamaica in 1850. B., 1857

North America. Parts II and III. W., 1865. 266-212 8° [Sm. Misc. Col., v. 7]

11-188 Life and public services of John Charles Fre

Binning, R. B. M. Journal of two years' travel in mont. N. Y., 1856

2 v. [Ed.] Autobiography of Franklin 30-2303

Persia, Ceylon, etc. L., 1857.


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2-0. p.

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Binns, J. Digest of the laws and judicial decisions

of Penna., touching the authority and duties

of justices of the peace. Ph., 1840. 8° 2,9
Recollections, written by himself, with anec-

dotes, political, historical and miscellaneous.
Ph., 1854

Binns, R. 'W. A century of potting in the city of

Worcester-a history of the royal porcelain

works, 1751 to 1851. L., 1865. 8° 5-364
Binns, W. s. Course of geometrical drawing. L.,

Binny, J. See Mayhew, H.
Biographia literaria. S.T. Coleridge 22-984
Biographical anecdotes of the founders of the French

republic, and of other eminent characters of

the revolution. L., 1798. 2 v. 8° 30-186
Biographical history of England to the revolution.
J. Granger

Biographical reminiscences. 'W.P. Lennox 30–1467
Biography and criticism-essays. P. Bayne 33-402
Biography and criticism ; a second series of “Emi.

nent men and popular books." L., 1860 33–771
Biography, bibliography of. E. M. Ettinger 21–344
Stanfield, J. T. Essay on

Adams, W. H. D. The steady aim ; examples
from modern b.

Alger, W. R. Sketches of ioneij characters

– Allen, w. American biographical dictionary

American biographical and historical dic-

Anderson, W. Self-made

Hunt & Clark's collection

Bagehot, 'w.. Englishmen and Scotchmen

Belknap, J. American i.

Biographie moderne; avec un précis historique

des evenémens de la revolution ; portraits

nonbreuses. P., 1816. 3 v. 8° 34-4465
- Blake, J. L. Biographical dictionary 30–2005

Bogart, W. H. Who goes there? 30-1817
Brightwell, C. L. Annals of industry and

By-paths of b. :

British Plutarch

Bruce, J. Classic and historic portraits 30–777
Buckley, T. A. Dawnings of genius 30-781
Bungay, G. W. Off-hand takings 30–1719
Caldwell, H. Art of doing our best 30-1265
Cates, W. L. R. Dictionary of general b. 30–1704
Caulfield, J. Portraits, memoirs and characters

Chalmers, A. General biographical dictionary

Chambers, R. Eminent Scotsmen 30–1694,5
Characteristics of men of genius 30-1820
Children's story book of good and great men

Craik, G. L. Pursuit of knowledge under difti-

30–1801 to 4

G. G. History of England in the
lives of Englishmen

Curiosities of b.

Davenport, R. A. Dictionary of b. 30-1708
De Quincey, T. Biographical essays 30-644
Dictionary of contemporary b.

Distinguished men of modern times. 30-1982
Same. Selections

Dix, J. Lions-living and dead 30–798
Dunton, J. Contemporaries of 30-1296
Duyckinck, E. A. National portrait gallery

Edgar, J. G. Boyhood of great men 30--1258
Footprints of famous men

Edwards, B. B. Self-taught men 30–144
English cyclopædia of b.

French, B. F. Biographia Americana 30-39

Biography. Famous boys, and how they became
great men

Favorite passages in modern Christian b.

Floyd, T.' Bibliotheca biographica 30-1701
Fuller, T. Worthies of England 30-192
Georgian era

Godwin, P. Hand-book of universal b. 30–1702
Goodrich, S. G. Curiosities of human nature

Famous men of ancient times 30-1924
Lives of benefactors

Lives of celebrated women

Gorton, J. General biographical dictionary

Grant, J. Cavaliers of fortune

Greene, G. W. Biographical studies 30–1257
Grinsted, T. P. Relics of genius 30-1244
Hall's memoirs of eminent persons 30–811
Hardie, J. New universal biographical dic-

Hazlett, 'w. Spirit of the age 30-1718
Herbert, H. W. Persons and pictures from the

history of France and England 30-789
Hildreth, S. P. Memoirs of the early pioneer

- Historic gallery of portraits and paintings

Hole, C. Brief biographical dictionary 30–1793
Horne, R. H. New spirit of the age 30-241
Houssaye, A. Men and women of the eigh-
teenth century

Howie, J. Scotch worthies

Jerdan, W. Men I have known 30–1916
Judson, L. C. Sages and heroes of the revolu-

Knapp, s. L. Biographical sketches of emi.
nent lawyers, statesmen and men of letters

Lamartine, A. de.' Heroic characters of the

Memoirs of celebrated characters 30–800

C. P. Galerie historique 34-5143
Larkin, Ed. True effigies

Lemprière, J. Universal b.

Lives of eminent individuals (American) 30–322
Lives made sublime

Lives of eminent persons

Longacre, J. B., and J. Herring: National
portrait gallery of distinguished Americans

Lossing, B. J. Our countrymen 30-1017
Macaulay, T. B. Biographies contributed to
the encyclopædia Britannica

New biog. of illustrious men

McClure, A. W. Translators revived 30-751
MacNevin, T. Lives and trials of eminent Irish-

Madden, R. R. Lives of the united Irishmen

Mangnali, 'R. Selection for young people 29-153
Memorials of early genius

Men of the time

Morgan, H. J. Sketches of celebrated Canadi.

Myers, F.' Lectures on great men 30-1666
New and general biographical dictionary 30–1693
Noble deeds of the great and brave 30-1572
Nouvelle biographie générale

Osgood, S. Studies in Christian b. 30-628
Pantheon of the age

Parker, H, F. Morning stars of the new world

Parry, J. i. Cambrian Plutarch 30-409
Parton, J. Famous Americans 30-1903
Plutarch's lives

Plutarch. Vitæ parallelæ

Public characters and public events, 1783–1815

Public characters of 1800–1801


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Biography. Public characters, or cotemporary b. Bird, George. (Ed.) One hundred single and double


chants, for four voices. B., n. d. 5-1010 Quintana, m. j. Lives of celebrated Spaniards Bird, Golding. Elements of natural philosophy:


an experimental introduction to the study Rank and talent of the time


of the physical sciences. Ph., 1848 11-8 Rivers, D. Memoirs of living authors 21-70 Lectures on electricity and magnetism in their Rogers, T. J. Amer. biographical dictionary physiological and therapeutical relations.

Ph., 1854

10–783 Romantic b. of the age of Elizabeth 30_516 Bird, I. Martyr of Lebanon, Assad Shidiak B., Russell, W. Eccentric personages


30-1590 Extraordinary men

30-774 Bird, R. M. 'Calavar; or, the knight of the conSabine, L. American loyalists


18-332 Sargeant, C. E. Self-reliance 30-711 Hawks of hawk hollow

18-333 Savage, J. Living representative men 30-1029 Nick of the woods; or the Jibbenainosay 18-334 Sears, R. Bible biography 32-190 See Sheppard Lee

18-2834 Senior, N. W. Biographical sketches 30–1489 Birds. Adains, H. G. Birds of prey 9-502 Seward, W. Anecdotes of distinguished persons

Birds of song

9-503 30-809 Game and water birds

9-501 - Seymour, C. C. B. 'Self-made men 30-802 Architecture of. [L. E. K.]

9-711 Sigourney, L. H. Examples from the 18th and Atkinson, J. C. Eggs and nests of 9-905 19th centuries

British eggs and nests of

9-506 Examples of life and death

30-1955 Bechstein, J. M. Cage and chamber birds 19-511 Simpson, H. Lives of eminent Philadelphians Bewick, T. History of birds

9-512 30-1170 Birds' nests. L., n. d.

9-677 Sketches of living characters of France 30-536 Browne, D. American bird-fancier

4-217 Small beginnings 30-1266 Cassin, J. Birds of California

9-1214 Smiles, S. Brief biographies

30-1202 Dixon, E. S. Dovecote and the aviary 9-539 Smith, W. Dictionary of Greek and Roman b. Giraud, J. P., jr. Birds of Long Island 9-551

30-1705 Jennings, C. Eggs of British birds, with deSmyth, G. L. Biographical illustrations of St. scription of birds


Jolins, C. A. British birds in their baunts Soule, F. Memoirs of prominent citizens of

9-570 California

26_328 Laisliley, R. British birds' eggs 9-576 Sparks, J. Library of American b.

30–497 Malan, S. C. Catalogue of eggs of British birds Sprague, W. B. Visits to European celebrities

9-688 30-824 Malings, É. A.' Song birds and how to keep Taylor, W.c. Modern British Plutarch 30-513 them

4-216 Timbs, J. Anecdote b.

30-1263 Masius, H. Studies from nature 9-1038 School days of eminent men

30–1357 Rennie, J. Faculties of birds. [L. E. K.] Traits of character 30-1344

9-709 Triumphs of perseverance and enterprise 30–797 Habits of birds

9-710 Tuckerman, H. T. Studies of character 30-944 Samuels, E. A. Among the birds 9-725 Upcott & Shoberl. Dictionary of living authors Stanley, E. Familiar history of birds 9-635

21-125 Woods, J. G. My feathered friends 9-602 Vapéreau, G. 'Dict. universel des contempo- See Game; Ornithology. rains 34-4097 Birds of prey. M. E. Braddon

18-2350 Walford, E. Men of the time 30-1710 Sequel to. M. E. Braddon

18-379 Waller, J. F. Imperial dictionary of universal Birkbeck, W. L. A letter on the present condition b.

of Poland. L., 1864. 8°

274_2878 Whipple, E. P. Characteristic men 33-255 Birkenhead iron clads. Correspondence between Whittier, J. G. Old portraits


her majesty's government and Messrs. Laird Wills, J. Lives of illustrious Irishmen 30–749

Bros. L., 1864. 80

27 -0. p. Yonge, C. D. Parallel lives of ancient and Birkinbine, H. P. M. Report upon the fire-plugs modern heroes


of the city of Philadelphia to the committee You have heard of them. By' Q. : 30-803

Ph., 1865. 80

20*-0. D. Youth's historical cabinet

30-629 Birks, T. R. Exodus of Israel ; its difficulties See Actors; Artists; Authors; Clergymen; examined and its truth confirmed, with a reply

Dramatic biog. ; Explorers; Genealogy; to recent objections. L., 1863. 32-1513 Indians; Jacobites; Kit-cat club; Lawyers; Memoir of the Rev. E. Bickersteth. N. Y., 1857. Linguists ; Literary and scientific men ; Mer

2 v.

30-664 chants ; Military and naval history ; Misers; On matter and ether, or the secret laws of physiMissionaries; Monks; Negroes; Non-confor- cal change. Camb., 1862

11-224 mists; Orators; Philosophers; Physicians ; Birmal. See Burmah. Poets; Political biog. ; Portraits; Presidents; Birmingham. Burrett, E. Walks in the black Puritans; Recollections ; Reformers; Sover

270-822 eigns ;

Travelers; Wits; Women; and Langford, J. A. A century of B. life 27-706 Worthies.

Timmins, S. (Ed.) Industrial history 6-424 Biography of the British stage; being correct Catalogue of the library, laws, and list of the narratives of the lives of principal actors and proprietors. Birm., 1849. 80

21-390 actresses. N. Y., 1824

30-1451 Biron, le duc de [Lauzun.] Le ton de Paris. Biology. Spencer, H. Principles of b. 9-986

Le Texier

4,34-4832 See Life.

Birrell, c. M. Life of the Rev. R. Knill, of St. Biran, F. P. G. de. See Naville, E.

Petersburg. N. Y., 1860

30-1358 Birch, Samuel. The adopted child. F's M. D. Birthday, the. C. Southey

33-55 V. 28 24-113 Birthright. Mrs. C. Gore

18-1211 Birch, Samuel

, F. S. A.' History of ancient pottery. Bisani, Alex. Picturesque tour through part of EuL., 1858. 2 v. 8°


rope, Asia and Africa. L., 1793. 4° 296_81 Birch, S. B. Constipated bowels; the various Bischof, G. Elements of chemical and plıysical causes and the rational means of cure.


geology ; trans. by Benj. H. Paul and J. ed. L., 1863. 8°

Drummond. L., 1854. 3 v. 89 8-36


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on water.

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3 y.

3 v.

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Bischoff, J. Comprehensive history of the woollen Blackford, Mrs. Scottish orphans

and worsted manufactures, and the natural Blackie, J. S. Homer and the Iliad. E., 1860.

4 v.
and commercial history of sheep. L., 1842.


2 v. 80
6–282 Lyrical poems.' E., 1860

Bishop, F. Illustrated London cookery book, with On democracy. A lecture. 5th ed. E., 1867.
useful hints on domestic economy. L., 1852.



Blackie, w. G. Imperial atlas of modern geography';
Bishop, J. See Hamilton, J. A.


an extensive series of maps. L., 1860. 40
Bishop, J. L. History of American manufactures

from 1608 to 1860. Ph., 1861–6.

80 Blackley, W. L. See Critical English testament.
6-283 Blacklock, T. (Walsh's Br. poets)

Bishop, s. (Walsh's Br. poets)

23-62 Blackmore, J. London by moonlight mission ; with
Bishops. Hook, W. F. Lives of archbishops of

a brief memoir of the author. L., 1860 32-931

30–1353 Blackmore, Sir R. (Sandford's Br. poets) 23-1994
Strickland, Å. Lives of the seven b. committed Blackmore, R. D. Cradock Nowell

to the tower in 1688

30-1841 Blackstone, Wm. Commentaries on the laws of
See Clergymen ; Episcopacy.

England. With notes, and a life of the author,
Bisset, A. History of the commonwealth of Eng-

by George Sharswood. Ph., 1859. 2 v. go
land from the death of Charles I. to the ex-

pulsion of the long parliament. L., 1864,7. Commentaries, abridged and adapted to the pres.
2 v. 80


ent state of the law by J. M. Kerr. L., 186.7
On the strength of nations. L., 1849 29a_116

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J. G. Holland 23-512

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the expenditure of the civil list, the robbery of


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