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Benedicite. G. C. Child

32-2272 Bennett, J. G. Bennett and his times. By a jour. Benefit of Christ's death. A. Palerio : 32-1955

nalist. N. Y., 1855

30-8:38 Benét, S. V. Treatise on military law and the prac- Bennett, John. Elements of stenography. L., 1825 'tice of courts-martial. N. Y., 1862. go 2-176

22-41 Benevolence. Church, P. Philosophy of 32–1901 Bennett, s. The Christian governess by G. B. BenSee Philanthropy.

30-2331 Benczet, A. Some historical account of Guinea, with Bennett, w. c. Songs by a song writer-first hunan inquiry into the rise and progress of the dred. L., 1859

23-530 slave trade. L., 1778. 8

28a_59 Bennett, William J. E. Last sermons preached at Bengal. Elwards, W. Reminiscences of a Bengal Saint Paul's, Knightsbridge, and Saint Barcivilian

nabas', Pimlico. L., 1851. go

32-861 Francklin, W. Tour from B. to Persia 284-61 Lecture sermons on the distinctive errors of Ro. Grandpre, L. de. Voyage in the Indian ocean

manism. 4th ed. L., 1842. go 32-860 and to B.

290-142 Bennett, W. S. May queen ; a pastoral cantata. Grant, C. Rural lite in B.


Words by II. F. Chorley. B., n. d. 8o 5-95) Lees, 'W. N. Tour through the tea districts, Bennison, W. The cause of the present money 1864-5


crisis explained, in answer to the pamphlet of Memoirs of the revolution in B.:


J. H. Palmer. 3d ed. L., 1837. 8° 1-28,5 See India.

Bensley. A story of to-day :

18–328 Bengel, D. J. A. Gnomon novi testamenti. Ed. 3a. Bentham, George. Handbook of the British Flora. Per M. E. Bengelium, quond. cur. quarto re

L., 1858. go

9-9 cusa adjuv. J. Steudel. Tubinya, 1855. 80 Bentham, J. Works, published under the superin.


tendence of his executor, John Bowring. E., See Critical English testament

1843. 11 v. 80

2-543 Benger, E. O. Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth IIamilton, Detence of usury; showing the impolicy of the

with a selection from her correspondence and present legal restraints on the terms of pecuni. other impublished writings. L., 1818. 2 v. ary bargains. Ph., 1841

1-12 80

30-1214 Rationale of punishment. L., 1830. 8. 2-342 Memoirs of the life of Anne Boleyn, queen of Benthamiana ; or select extracts from the works of Henry VIII. Ph., 1822. go


J. Bentham. Ed. by J. H. Burton. Ph., 1844 Memoirs of the life of Mary queen of Scots.

2-544 From the 2d London ed. Ph., 1851. 2 v.

Bentinck, Lord G. A political biography by B. D'Is30-605 raeli

30-1092 Memoirs of Mr. John Tobin. 1., 1820. Bentley, R. Dissertation on the epistles of Phalaris;


with an answer to the objections of the Hon. Benjamin of Tudela. See Early travels in Palestine C. Boyle. L., 1816. 8°

22-928 286-210 Bentley, S. Excerpta historica ; or, illustrations of Benjamin, J. J. Eight years in Asia and Africa from

English history. L., 1833. go 274_378 1816 to 1855. Hanover, 1859. 8° 286-322 Bentley's miscellany. American ed. v. 3-10. N. Benjamin, S. G. W. The Turk and the Greek.

Y., 1842. 80

17-21 N. Y., 1867 276-918 Tales from

18-3125 Bennet, G. " See Montgomery, James :

296-68 Benton, J. G. Course of instruction in ordnance Bennet, T. A brief history of the joint use of pre- and gunnery, for the use of the cadets of the composed set forms of prayer, with a dis

U. S. military academy. N. Y., 1861. 8° 6-567 course of the gift of prayer. Camb., 1708. Benton, T. II. IIistorical and legal examination of


the decision of the Supreme Court of the U. See Robinson, B.

S. in the Dred Scott case. N. Y., 1857. go Bennet, W. H. Biographical sketches from the

2-130 note-books of a law reporter. L., 1867. 89 Thirty years' views; or, a history of the work.


ing of the American government for thirty Proceedings in the master's office of the court years, from 1820 to 1850. N. Y., 1857. 2 v. of chancery. Ph., 1842. 80 V. 37 of 2-55


264_326 Bennett, Emerson. Border rover

18-316 Beowulf. The Anglo-Saxon poems, with trans., Bride of the wilderness


notes and glossary, by B. Thorpe. Oxf., Clara Moreland


22-929 Ellen Norbury

18-319 Beppo the conscript. T. A. Trollope 18-3313 The forged will

18-320 Béranger, P. J. de. (Euvres. P., 1858. 2 v. 31-33072 Kate Clarendon 18-321 (Euvres complètes. P., 1844

31-3073 Viola ; or adventures in the far southwest 18-322 Le Béranger des familles. P., 1859

34-3076 Bennett, G. Gatherings of a naturalist in Australa- Dernières chansons. Avec des notes de Bérsia. Observations on the animal and vegeta

anger. P., 1859

34-3074 ble productions of New South Wales, New Ma biographie. Ouvrage posthume; avec un Zealand, and some of the Austral islands. appendice et notes de Béranger sur ses chanL., 1860.


2ème ed. P., 1858. 80 34-4781 Bennett, G. B. The Christian governess; a memoir La même. Suivi d'un appendice. P., 1859 and a selection from the correspondence of Miss

34-3075 Sarah Bennett. L., 1862 30-2331 Memoirs, written by himself

. L., 1858. 80 Bennett, James. Elementary treatise on logic. L.,

30-1131 1852. 89

15-214 Songs in English, with a 'sketch of the author's - Theology of the early Christian church. L., lite. Ph., 1844

23-14 1855

32-2203 Songs of the empire, the peace, and the restoraSee Bogue, D.

tion; trans. into English verse by R. B. Bennett, J. II. Clinical lectures on the principles Brough. L., 1856

23-607 and practice of medicine. N. Y., 1860. 8° Two hundred of his lyrical poems done into

10-459 Restorative treatment of pneumonia.

English verse, by W. Young. N. Y., 1850 E.,

23-285 1866. 80


Janin, J. Béranger et son temps 34-3422 Bennett, J. C. Poultry book ; a treatise on breeding E. de Mirecourt

34-4402 and general management of domestic fowls. Berard, A. B. School history of England. N. Y., 1850


4-47 1862

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2 v.

2 v.


Berard, A. S. L. Essai bibliographique sur les edi- Bernard, St. Neander, A. Lite and times of 30–1220

tions des Elzevirs les plus précieuses et les Bernard the wise. See Early travels in Palestine plus recherchées. P., 1822. 8o. 21-10

281--210 Berber, a tale of Morocco. W. S. Mayo 18-2166

Bernard, A. de. Pauvre mathieu. (Hist. d'Atelier.) Beresford, J. Bibliosophia ; or, book wisdom. Ed. interdite. B. and L., 1855 34-4188 The twelve labors of an editor. L., 1810 Bernard, Ch. de. Les ailes d'icare. P., 1859 21-15

34-3079 Miseries of human life. N. Y. 1853

33-242 Un beau père ; et le veau d'or. Notice, par A. Berg, J. F. The second advent of Jesus Christ not

de Pontmortin. P., 1859. 2 v. . 34-3080 premillenial. Ph., 1859 32–1717 L'Ecueil. P., 1858 .

34-3082 Old paths; or, a sketch of the order and discip- Gentilhomme campagnard. P., 1858. 2 v. line of the reformied church before the reform

31-3083 ation as maintained by the Waldenses, Ph., Gerfaut. P., 1856:

31-3085 1813 32-1471 Ilomme serieux. P., 1879

34-3086 The stone and the image; or, the American re- Le noud Gordien. P., 1860

34-3087 public the bane and ruin of despotism; an ex- Le paratonnere; la peine du talon; le pied position of the fifth kingdom of Daniel's d'argile. P., 1862

34-3088 prophecy and of the great wonder in Le Paravent. P., 1859

34-3089 heaven' of the apocalypse. Ph., 1856 32–615 La peau du lion; et la chasse aux amants. P., and J. Barker. Full report of discussion on


34-3090 the authority and inspiration of the holy Le portrait de la marquise. P., 1858

34-3078 scriptures. Ph., 1854

32-1669 Bernard, C. E. Arithmetical perspective. L., 1839. Berger, E. [Pseud.] See Sheppard, Eliz. P.


5-613 Berger (le) et le postcrit. J. Porchat 34-5112 Bernard, F. Versailles. 30 vignettes et 3 plans. P., Bergh, A. An essay on the causes of periodic inun


34-3944 dations of low lands. L., n. d. 8° 11-282 Bernard, J. Retrospections of the stage. B., 1832. Berington, J. Literary history of the middle ages.

24-132 L., 1846 22-931 Same. L., 1830

24-175 Berjeau, J. P. Early Dutch, German and English Bernard, M'me L. Mythologies de tous les peuples. printer's marks. Parts 1-3. L., 1866,67.

7'me ed. P., 1867

34-3084 80

21-300 Bernard, M. Dix ans de prison. Lond. et Brux: Berkeley, E. ' The world's laconics; or, the best 1854

34-3081 thoughts of the best authors, in prose and The Schleswig-Ilolstein question. Oxford, 1864. poetry. N. Y., 18.53


274_2744 Berkeley, G. Works; with an account of bis life, Bernard, T. Comforts of old age; with biographical by G. N. Wright. L., 1843. 80 15-82

illustrations. L., 1817

33-348 Same, with life. L., 1734. v. 1. 40

15-501 Bernard, T. D. The progress of doctrine in the Berkeley, G. F. A month in the forests of France.

new testament. From 2d Lond. ed., with L., 1857

improvements. B., 1867

32-2287 My life and recollections. L., 1865. 2 v. go Bernard, 'W. B. The dumb belle. F's M. D.


24-113 Berkeley, G. M. Literary relics; containing original Evil genius. F's S. D. v.

21-221 letters from Charles II., James II., the queen The middy ashore. F's M. D. v. 13 24-113 of Bohemia, Swift, Berkeley, Addison, Steele, The mummy. F's M. D. v. 27

24-113 Congreve, the duke of Ormond, and bishop The nervous man. F's S. D.

24-221 Rundle; and an inquiry into the life of dean The passing cloud. F's S. D. v. 11 24-221 Swift. L., 1792. go 33-1205 Bernard Lile. J. Clemens

18-656 Berkeley, M. J. Hand-book of British mosses. L., Bernays, A. J. Household chemistry ; or, rudiments 1863. 80


of the science applied to every-day life. 3 ed. – Introduction to cryptogamic botany. L., 1857. L., 1854

8-46 9-11 Science of home life. Based on the 3d ed. of Outlines of British fungology; containing char- “Household chemistry.” L., 1862. 80 8447 acters of above 1000 species of fungi. L., 1860. Bernhard H. von Sachsen-Weimar. Sec Saxe


Berkeley the banker. H. Martineau 18-3855 Bernthal; or, the son's revenge.

Mrs. C. Mundt Berlepsch, H. The Alps; or, sketches of life and na

18–3823 ture in the mountains. Trans. by L. Stephen. Berquin, A. L'ami des enfants et des adolescents. L., 1861. 8°

P., 1851. 2 v. 80.

31-4596 Berlin. Lander, S. W. Spectacles for young eyes Le livre de famille, suivi de la bibliothèque des in.


villages; et d'un choix de lectures. P., 1858 Berlin and sans-souci. Mrs. C. Mundt 18-2278

34-4598 Berlioz, H. A travers chants-Etudes musicales, Berr, Rosa, ou la piété filiale

34-5174 adorations, boutades, et critiques. P., 1862 Berrian, W. Facts against fancy; or, a true and


just view of Trinity church. N. Y., 1855. - Soirées de l'orchestre. '2'me ed. P., 1854 89

32-1518 34-3077 Historical sketch of Trinity church, New York. Bermingham, J. Memoir of the Very Rev. Theo N. Y., 1847. 89

32-27 bald Mathew; with an account of the rise and Berries. Fuller, A. s. Small fruit culturist 4-273 progress of temperance in Ireland. N. Y., Berry, C. F. d'Artois, le duc de. Chateaubriand. 1841

Mémoires sur la vie

37-5407 Bermuda. Godet, T. L. B. its history, geology Memoirs, letters and authentic details relating to and climate

the life and death of

30-35 Bermudez, J. Nise lastimosa ; nise laureada. T.

Berry, Miss F. M. See Whitcher.
T. E.

34-2 Berry, M. Comparative view of social life in Eng. Bernadotte. See Charles John of Sweden.

land and France, from the restoration of Bernan, W. History and art of warming and ven

Charles II. to the present time. New ed. L., tilating rooms and buildings. L., 1845. 2 v.

971-76 6-10 Extracts from journals and correspondence from Bernard, St. Gurney, J. H. Biography of 30-1970 1783 to 1852. Ed. by Lady T. Lewis. L., - Morison, J. C. Life and times of . 30–1495

1844. 2 v.

1866. 3 v. 80

30–1703 31-3034

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v. 5,

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Berryer, P. A. Leçons et modèles d'éloquence judic- Bethune, G. W. British female poets; with bio-
iare. P., 1858. 4°


graphical and critical notices. Ph., 1848.
Bertha. W. B. MacCabe

Bertha and her baptism. N. Adams. B., 1857 Expository lectures of the Heidelberg catechism.

N. Y., 1864. 2 v.

Bertha and Lilly. E. o. Smith

18-2934 Guide for the inquiring. Ph., 1848 32-23
Bertha Percy. M. Field

18-1077 Lays of love and faith, with other fugitive poems.
Berthet, Élie. Antonia. P., n. d.

Ph., 1848. 8°

La Bête du Gévaudan. P., 1862 34-3092 Memoirs of Mrs. Joanna Bethune ; with extracts
La dernier Irlandais, P., 1860


from her writings. N. Y., 1863 30-1416
L'enfant des bois. P., 1865

34-3914 - Orations and occasional discourses. N. Y., 1850
Le garde-chasse. N. Y., 1853. 80 34-4191

Le nid de cigognes. B., 1847. 2 v. 34-4190 Sermons.' Ph., 1846. go

L'Oiseau du désert. N. Y., 1863. 8° 34-4622 Van Nest, A. R. Memoir of

La peine de mort. 1866
34-3917 Betise humaine. J. Noriac

La roche tremblante; le premier hareng; le Betrothed, the. A. Manzoni

chasseur de marmottes; les deux mourants. Betrothed, the, Sir W. Scott

P., 1859

34-3091 Betsey Jane Ward, hur book of goaks 18-455
Une maison de Paris
34-4733 Better covenant. F. Goode

Berthollet, C. L. and A. B. Elements of the art of Better days for working people.

W. G. Blaikie
dyeing ; with a description of the art of bleach-

ing by oxymuriatic acid. Trans., with notes, Better land. A. c. Thompson

by A. Ure. L., 1824. 2 v. 8°

6-281 Bettine, von Arnim. See Arnim, Bettine v.
Bertie Bray. Mrs. P. Cudlip. (Annie Thomas) Beulah. A. J. Evans

18-3686 Beule, C. E. La jeunesse de Phidias 34-4007
Bertini, H. Progressive method for the piano-forte. Murillo et l'Andalousie

Cleveland. 4°

5-989 Bevan, W. L. See Manual of geographical science
Bertram, J. G. Harvest of the sca; a contribution

to the natural and economic listory of the Beveridge, H. Comprehensive history of India, civil,
British food fishes. L., 1865. 80 9-676

military, and social. L., 1859–62. 3 v. 80
Bertram, J. M'G. Hatfield, E. F. Missionary life


32-376 Beveridge, J. Epistolæ familiares et alia quædam
Bertram Noel.' E. J. May


miscellanea. Translations into English verse
Bertrams. A. Trollope .

by different hands. Ph., 1765

Bertrandon de la Brocquière. Sce Early travels in Beveridge, W. Private thoughts upon religion and a


Christian life. N. Y., 1857. 2 v. 32-1394
Berville, M. de. See Bayard.

Beverley, R. M. Letter to the archbishop of York
Bescherelle, L. N. L'instruction popularisée par on the present corrupt state of the church

l'illustration. L'armé, esquisses et croquis of England. Beverley, 1831. 80 32-2503
militaires. 80

34-4863 The tombs of the prophets; a discourse on the
Les beaux-arts illustrés. go


corruptions of the church of Christ, 2d ed.
Les grands guerriers des croisades. 8°34-4860

Beverley, 1835. 80

Histoire des ballons et des locomotives aëri- Beverly, M. Romantic passages in English history

• 34-4867

Les marins illustrés. 80


Î. Early history.
Mythologie Grecque et Romaine. 8° 34-4857 III. Native Indians. IV. Present state of
Besenval, P. V., baron de. Mémoires. v. 4 of 34–3519 country. With introduction by C. Campbell.
Bessé, A. de. The Turkish empire: its historical, Richmond, 1855. 80

statistical, and religious condition. From the Beverly, Mass. Stone, E. M.

Beverly, Mass. Stone, E. M. History of

History of 262-640
4th German ed. With additions by E. J. Bewick, T. General history of birds and quadru-
Morris. Ph., 1854

peds. Ph., 1824. 80

Besser, W. F. St. 'Paul the apostle ; a biblical por- Bey, Ali, el abassi. See Badia.

trait. Trans. by F. Bultman; with an intro- Beyle, H. (De Stendhal.) La Chartreuse de Parme.
ductory notice by Rev. J. S. Houson. N. Y., P., 1857


32–1304 Chroniques et nouvelles. P., 1855 34-3825
Best, Mrs. Abroad; and how to live there. A nar- De l'amour. P., 1863

rative of three years' residence in Germany and Promenades dans Rome. P., 1855. 2 v. 34-3824
Switzerland. L., 1860

La rouge et le noir. P., 1858

Best, T. Concise treatise of the art of angling. L., Vie de Rossini. P., 1854

1808. 8th ed.

20-311 Vies de Haydn, de Mozart et de Metastase. P.,
Best, W. M. Presumptions of law and fact; with


thic theory and rules of presumptive or cir- Beyminstre. By the author of “The silent woman.
cumstantial proof in criminal cases. Ph., 184.5.

v. 47 of 2-55 Beyond the lines. J. J. Geer

– Principles of evidence and practice as to proofs in Beyond the Mississippi. A. D. Richardson 208–622
courts of common law. Phila., 1849. 89 Bhagavad-Gita, the. Translated with copious notes,

v. 66 of 2-55

an introduction on Sanskrit philosophy, and
Best things. R. Newton


other matter, by J. C. Thomson. Hert., 1855.
Beste, J. R. The Wabash ; or, adventures of an


English gentleman's family in the interior of Bhilsa topes. 'A. Cunningham

America. L., 1855. 2 v.
266-574 Bianca. E. Maturin

Bête du gévaudan. É. Berthet

34-3092 Bianca Capello. A tragedy. L. Osborn 24-227
Bêtes et gens. J. Hetzel

34-4109 Biard, M'me. Un mariage en province. P., 1857
Betham, w. Etruscan literature and antiquities

investigated ; or, the language of that people Nouvelles: – Étienetie ; silvère ; Le Secret

. P.,
identified with the Iberno-Celtic. Dub., 1842.


22-408 Une place à la cour, comédie :

Bethany Macduff
, J. R. Memories of

32-678 · Voyage d'une femme au Spitzberg. 2me ed.
Bethune, M. de. See Sully.

P., 1855



2 v.

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Bible. Text and versions.

Biblia hebraica, sec. ult. ed. J. Atbiæ, a J. Leus

den recog., recens. variisque notis illust. ab Van der Hooght. Ed. nov. rec. et emend. a

J. D'Allemand. L., 1836. 8° 34-2925 English. The holy bible with the apocryphal

books, in the carliest English versions made from the Latin vulgate by John Wycliffe and bis followers; ed. by J. Forshall and F. Madden. Oxford, 1850. 4 v. 40 32–2041 The holy scriptures. Trans. by M. Coverdale—1535. L., 1838. 4°

32-2012 The holy bible trans. from the Latin vulgate; The old testament first published at Doway, 1609; and the new, at Rheims, 1582. With annotations. Ph., 1850. 8° 32-1734

See Fulke, W. Confutation of Rhemish testament

32-1720 The holy bible: with the apocrypha. Translated by command of King James I. Indexes and Brown's concordance. Oxford, 1829. 4°

32-1839 - See Ward. Errata of the protestant bible

32-1744 The holy bible according to the authorized version. Printed phonetically. L., 1850. 80

32–1978 French. La sainte bible. Revue sur les origin.

aux par D. Martin. N. Y., 1859 34-3963 Italian. La sacra biblia ; tr. da G. Diodati. L., 1825

34-2506 Lalin. (A small octavo copy, without title-page,

text occupying 500 leaves, numbered, interpretatio and index, 25 leaves, not numbered. Sig. a-z, A-Z and Aa-Xx, chapters not divided into verses)

34-449 - See Apocrypha ; Commandments; Creation ;

Jasher; Pentateuch ; Prophets ; and names
of special books of the old testament.
New Testament.
Polyglott. Nov. test. pollyglottum Bagsterian.

um: Græcè, Latinè, Anglicanè, Galice, Italicè,
Hispanicè, Germanice, Syriacè. L., n. d. 46

32-2019 Greek. Alford, H. v. 1-Gospels' 32-806 Nov. test. Græce. P. Buitman. Lips., 1856

34-347 J. J. Griesbach. Cantab., 1809. go

34-275 Ex antiquissimo codice vaticane edidit. A. Maius. L., 1859. 8°

34-276 English. The new testament of our Lord and

Saviour Jesus Christ. By W. Tyndale, the first vernacular trans. from the Greek : with memoir. To wbich are annexed variations of other translations, by J. P. Dabney. And., 1837 .

32-2375 The new testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ; trans. out of the Latin vulgate, and first published by the English college of Rheims, 1582. N. Y., 1834. go 32–1721

The new testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; with devotional reflections by John Gillies

32-93 The new testament, in Comstock's perfect alphabet. Ph., 1848. go

32-1977 Å new and corrected version of the new testament; with notes by R. Dickinson, B., 1833. go

32-2046 The new testament. Trans. by L. A. Sawyer, B., 1858

32-1148 [American bible union's version-with King James' version and Greek text in parallel columns; with notes.) (9) The gospel by Matthew. [Ed.) by J. T. Conant. N. Y., 1860. 40

32–2060 (9) The gospel according to Mark; Acts of the apostles; The epistles to the Thessalonians: The epistle to the Hebrews. N. Y., 1850-8. 40

Bible. New Testament.

English. (3) Acts of the apostles. N. Y., 1858. 4°

32-2064 - **) The second epistle of Peter, the epistles of John and Judas, and the Revelation.

N. Y., 1854. 40

32-2070 Swedish. Nya testamentet ; [with notes. 40, no title-page.]

34-2998 See Acts of the apostles; Epistles ; Gospels;

Parables ; Revelations; and the names of the

writers of the gospels. Introduction. Alexander, A. Canon of the old and n. t.

32-1371 Alford, H. How to study the n. t. 32-1916 Bacheler, O., and R. D. Owen. Discussion on the authenticity of the b.

32-1566 Barry, A. Study of the o. t.

32–1798 Cellerier, J. E. Authenticity of the n. t. 32–44 Curtis, T. F. Human element in inspiration

32-2325 Davidson,'s. Introduction to the n. t. 32-800 De Wette, W.M. L. Critical introduction to the 0. t.

32-1420 Dobie, D. Key to the bible :

32–182 Fairbairn, P. Hermaneutical manual 32–793 Garbeit, E. God's word written 32-2284 Gaussen, L. Canon of the holy scriptures in the light of history

32–1403 Plenary inspiration of the scriptures 32-90 Gerard, G. Institutes of biblical criticism 32-91 Griffin, G. The gospel its own advocate 32-301 Havernick, H. A. Č. Introduction to the o. t.

32–1421 Henderson, E. Divine inspiration 32-594,2199 Horne, T. H. Introduction to holy scriptures

32-737 Infidel objections against the b. 32-1670 Jones, J. Canonical authority of the n. t.

32–1352 Kurtz, J. H. The bible and astronomy 32-680 Lee, W. Inspiration of holy scripture 32-654 Lewis, T. Divine human in the scriptures

32–1574 Liber librorum; its structure, limitations and purpose

32-2059 Lord, E. Plenary inspiration of the holy scrip

32-1469 -Verbal inspiration

32-1470 M'Clelland, A. Canon and interpretation 32–968 M'Whorter, G. C. Hand-book of the n. t. 32–1181 Nicholls, B. C. Help to reading the b. 32–2243 Sailer, G. F. Biblical hermeneutics 32-942 Scrivener, F. H. Contributions to the criticism of Greek t.

32-1001 Silver, A. The holy word in its own defence

32-1075 Symbolic character of the sacred scriptures

32-1071 Tomline, G. Introduction to the study of the bo

32-488 Tregelles, S. P. Canon Muratorianus 32-2106

Historic evidence of the authorship and transmission of the n. t.

Watson, R. Apology for the b. 32-225
Commentaries and Dictionaries.
Bengel, D. J. A. Gnomon Novi Testamenti

34-491 Bible cyclopædia. 1., 1841. 2. v. 4.

32–2020 Brown, J. Dictionary of the b. 32-1619 Butterworth, J. Concordance to the scriptures

32-1621 Calmet, A. Dictionary of the holy bible 32–2021 Calvin, J. Commentaries on the old and new testament

32-1235 to 54 Coinprehensive commentary

32-1512 Creighton, J. Dictionary of scriptural proper

32-1867 Critical English testament based on Bengel's gnomon



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Bible. Commentaries and Dictionaries.

Cruden, A. Complete concordance 32-1622
D'Oyly, G., and R. Mant. New testament, with

notes explanatory and practical 32-2018
Eastwood, J., and W. A. Wright. Bible word-

Jones, J. Notes on scripture : 32-1629
Kitto, J. Cyclopædia of bib. Jit. 32-1623
Lange, J. P. Com., critical, doctrinal, and ho-

miletical, on the holy scriptures 32–2025 to 39
M'Clintock and Strong's cyclopædia of bib. lit.

Olshausen, H. Biblical com. on the n. t. 32–1522
Parkhurst, J. Greek and English lexicon to
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Hebrew and English lexicon

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- See Pentateuch ; Prophets ; Gospels; and the

different books of the bible.
History and Literature.
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– Westwood, J. o. Palæographia sacra pictoria

Illustrative Works.
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Biblical reason why; a family guide to scrip-

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students. N. Y., (1859]

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the general history of the world . 32-1613
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holy scriptures

Burder, s.' Oriental customs


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Duns, J. Natural science

Ellet, E. F.
Family pictures from the bible

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places of the holy land

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practice of Christians—a collection of texts

Bible. Illustrative Works.

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Bible biography

Pictorial illustrations of the b.

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Old testament history

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Practical and miscellaneous.
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Alford, W. oid and new testament dispensa-
tions compared

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Bible in the family

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Women of the scriptures

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the bible

See History, sacred ; Infidelity; Christianity, evi-

dence of; Prophecy ; Symbolism ; Theology.
Bible alliance. T. H. Stockton

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wards b. r. and Princeton rev.] vols. 3-9.
18-21, 24-26, 28, 29, 37–39. Ph., 1831-67. 8



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