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Pleading. Mansel, G. B. Introduction to

Plurality of worlds. Brewster, D. More worlds v. 20 of 2-55 than one

12-29 Pleasant art of money-catching. Ph., 1848 33-416 Flammarion, c. Pluralité des mondes habites Pleasant peregrination. P. H. Nicklin 205-160,620

34-5.60 Pleasants, H. R. See White, P. S.

Les mondes imaginaires et les mondes séris Pleasants, Julia. Callamura 18-4147

34-3531 Pleasures of imagination. M. Akensiile 23-354 Whewell, w. Essay on

12-26 Pleasures received from literary compositions, es- See Stars. says on sources of

22-729 Plutarch. Vitæ parallelae. Recognovit C. Sin. Plenary council (second) of' Baltimore, 1866; ser- tenis. Lips., 18:2,3. 4 v. .

34-333 mons, pastoral letter of the hierarchy of the Lives. The translation called Dryden's; corU. S. ; papal rescript and letters of convoca

rected from the Greek, and revised, by A. H. tion; complete list of dignitaries and officer's; Clough. B., 1859. 8

30-431 and introductory notice. Balt., 1866 32–2441 Same; trans. from the original Greek; with Pleyel, I. Six sonatas for the piano-forte or harpsi- notes and a life of Plutarch, by J. and W. chord; with an accompaniment for the flute

Langhorne, L., 1823. 6 v. 8° 30-430 or violin, and violoncello. L. 4° 5-871 Same; with corrections and additions, by F. Plinius Secundus, C. Naturalis historiae libri

Wrangham. N. Y., 1816. 8 v. 30-430 XXXVII. Recog. L. Ianus. Lips., 1854-9. See Clough, A. H. ; Parry, J. H.; Taylor, 11.


C. Naturalis historine libri xxivii,

Plutology. W. E. Hearn

3-118 mentariis et adnot. Hermolai Barbari, Scag- Plymouth. Baylies, F. Historical memoir of liri, et variorum. Lugd. Batav. Rotero.

262-11 dami, 1669.

34-4.75 Banvard, J. Plymouth and the pilgrims 26-276 – Historie of the world; commonly called the

Bradford, W. History of P. plantation 26-360 naiurall historie. L., 1601. fo. 9-1261 Cheever, G. B. Journal of the pilgrims Natural history. Trans., with copious notes

20-43 and illustrations, by the late J. Bostock and Hunter, J. The founders of New P. 261-412 H. T. Riley, L., 1855.

9-9.58 Moore, J. B. Lives of the governors of Plinius Cæcilius Secundus, C. Letters of Pliny the

30-100 consul; with occasional remarks, by W. Mel

Mourt, G. Journal of a plantation settled in moth. B., 1809.


26-357,8 Panegyrick upon the Emperor Trajan. Trans. Russell, w. s.' Guide to

20"-330 from the Latin by G. Smith. 2d ed.

Thacher, J. History of .

262_307 1730

30-1680 Young, A. Chronicles of the pilgrim fathers Plot in private iife.' w. w. Collins 18-686

20-233 Plotinus. Opera ; recognovit A. Kirchhoff. Lips.,

See Massachusetts ; Pilgrims. .

34-332 Plymouth church. Abbott, W. Our Sunday. Plots and crimes of the great conspiracy. J. S. Dyc school.

32-118 26-867 "Plymouth pulpit.'' Beecher, h. w. sermons Ploughman or Plowman, Pierce. See Piers Plough

32-2529 Moore, A. Notes from

32-156 Plowden, F. Historical review of the state of Ire- Plympton, G. W. See System of instruction.

land, from the invasion of that country under Pneumatics. Lardner, D. Treatise on 11-39,40
Henry II to its union with Great Britain. Stephensou, R. Report on atmospheric railway
Pl., 1805,6. 3 v. 8 .


6-1029 History of Ireland, from its union with Great Tomlinson, c. Pneumatics for beginners Britain. Dub., 1811. 3 v.


11-299 Plowden, W. C. Travels in Abyssinia and the Pneumatology. Jung-Stilling, J. H. Theory of Galla country; with an account of a mission

to Ras Ali, in 1848. Ed. by T. C. Plowden. – See Spiritualism.
L., 1868. 80


Bennett, J. H. Restorative treatment Plu-ri-bus-tah: a song that's by no author. M. M.

10-661 Thompson

23–341 – La Roche; R. Supposed connection with anPluche, N. A. Spectacle de la nature; or, nature

tumnal levers

10-360 displayed. Trans. by Mr. Humphreys. L., Poacher, the Fr. Marryat

18-2017 1757. 6 v ..

9-1009 Pocahontas, and other poems. Mrs. L. H. SigourPlues, M. Pambles in search of towerless plants.


23-210 L., 1864. 80

9-71 Pocahonias. See Pokahontas. Rambles in search of wild flowers, and how to Pocket and stud. H. Hieover

20-473 distinguish them. 2d ed. L., 1864 9-72 Pocket cyclopædia. J. Guy

33-203 Pluie et le beau temps. L. Gozlan

34-3372 Pocket dictionary (a new) of the English and RusPlumbe, s. Practical treatise on the diseases of the

sian, and of the Russian and English lanskin. 4th ed. L., 1837. 8°

guages. Leip.

22-73 Plumer, W., jr. Life of William Plumer ; with a Pocket miscellany.

w. and R. Chambers 33-329 sketch of the author's life, by A. P. Peabody. Poco Mas. See Scenes and adventures in Spain. B., 1856. 80

30-2308 Pocock, I. The miller and his men. F's S. D. v. Plumer, W. S. Studies in the book of psalms. Ph., 25

24-291 1866. 89

32-2047 Rob Roy MacGregor. F's s. D. v:11 2+291 Plumptre, E. H. Master and scholar. L., 1866 The robber's wife. F's S. D. v. 32 24-221

23–978 Pocock, L. Familiar explanation of the nature, addPlumpton correspondence. Camden soc. pub. v. 4 vantages, and importance of assurances upon


lives, and the various purposes to which they Plunkett, 1. G. The minerali.' F's S. D. v. 19 may be usefully applied ; with a bibliographi.


cal catalogue of works on the subject. L., Plunkett, ' w. C., Lord.' Speeches at the bar and in 1842

2-116 the senate. Ed., with a memoir and histori. Pocock, W. F. Modern finishing for rooms; a cal notices, by J. C. Hoey. Dub., 1865

series of designs for vestibules, halls, stair. 279-1514

cases, dressing-rooms; with designs for villas Plurality of the human race. 'G. Pouchet

and porticos. L., 1811. 4°



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Pococke, E. India in Greece; or, truth in mythol. | Poetry. Art, philosophy, and relations.

ogy; containing the sources of the Hellenic Lessing, G. E. Limits of painting and poetry race; the colonization of Egypt and Pales

5-199 tine; the wars of the grand jama, and the

Metastasio, p.' Analisi e osservazioni sull'arte Bud'histic propaganda in Greece.

2d ed. ;

v. 14 of 34-2523 with a new introduction. L., 1856 284_155 Moir, G. Treatise on poetry and modern roet al. Early history of Greece, to the close of

22-1146 the Peloponnesian war; including a sketch of Montgomery, J. Lectures on

22-1145 the geography of Greece, and dissertations on Scott, W.C. Poetry and religion 32-613 Greek mythology, on the heroic age, early Vida, M. G. Art of

22-740 painters and sculptors, and social condition of History, criticism, and study. the Greek people. L., 1851

274-320.5 Aikin, J. Letters on a course of English poetry History of Greece, Macedonia, and Syria, from

22-903 the age of Xenophon to the incorporation of Baillet, A. Jugemens des savans sur les princithose states with the Roman empire. L., paux ouvrages des poétes v. 3,4 of 34-4979 1852

274_3206 Browning, E. B. Greek Christian and English Podesta's daughter, and other poems. G. H. Boker poets

22-949 23-308 Campbell, T. Essay on English poetry 23-911 Poe, E. A. Works; with 'à memoir by R. W. Cuvillier-Fleury, A. A. Historiens, poëtes, et Griswold, and notices of his life and genius romanciers

34-528.5 by N. P. Willis and J. R. Lowell. N. Y., Dennis, J. Evenings in Arcadia

22-1016 1850-6. 4 v.

33-294 De Quincey, T. Essays on the poets 30-1868 Eureka : a prose-poem.

n. Y., 1848 23-79 Guest, E. History of English rhythms 22-618 Poetical works. N. Y., 1859 .

Hazlitt, W.

Lectures on the English poets Tales 18-2517

22-1086 Tales of the grotesque and arabesque 18-2518 Huni, J. II. L. Imagination and fancy 33-71 Whitman, s. H. Edgar Poe and his critics Jones, Sir W. Commentarii v. 6 of 288_254

22-1281 Lowell, J. R. Conversations on the old poets Poems and parodies. P. Cary 23-366

22-1116 Poems of faith, hope, and love. P. Cary 23-976 Reed, .' Lectures on the British poets Poems of the heart. G. W. S. Nicholson 2:?-787

22-1171 Poems of the orient. B. Taylor


– Tuckerman, H. T. 'Thoughts on the poets Poems of religious sorrow, comfort, counsel, and

22-12.52 aspiration. N. Y., 1863

23-071 Warton, T. History of English poetry ©22–892 Poems of rural lite in the Dorset dialect. w. Barnes Collections.

23-771 American. Bryant, W.C. Selections from the Poems of the we G. H. Boker:

American poets

23-233 Putsche, T., and C. Goepp. New Rome; or, the Cheever, G. B. Common-place book of 23-50 United States of the world. N. Y., 1853

Coggeshall, W.T. Poets and poetry of the west 2-827

23-1306 Poeseos Asiaticæ commentariorum libri sex, cum De Leon, T. c. South songs

23-837 appendice; subjicitur Limon, sei miscella- Griswold, R. W. Poets and poetry of America neorum liber. Sir W. Jones v. of 282–254

23-107 Poésie française du XVIe siècle. C. A. Sainte-Beuve Hamilton, J. Drifted snow-flakes:

23-853 34-3995 Hows, J. W. S. Golden leaves from American Poésie Grecque dans les isles-Ioniennes. H. Ghika


23-752 31-4679 Kettell , s. Specimens of

23-136 Poésie provençale.' M. Fauriel

34-4536 Mason, E. V.' Southern poems of the war Poésies illyriques. P. Mérimée 34-3522

23-890 Poésies, recueil de, dédié à la jeunnesse Chretienne. May, C. American female poets 23-148 Fr. Walther

34-5185 Moore, F. Poetry and incidents of the war, Poetas Españoles y Americanos del siglo XIX A. north and south

264_804 Avelino de Orihuela 34-4 Out-croppings

23-816 Poeten der jetztzeit. J. Scherr

34-2105 Read, T. B. Female poets of America 23-281 Poëtes contemporaines en Allemagne. N. Martin Russell, W. S. Airs of the pilgrims 266-330

34-3919 Simms, W. G. War poetry of the south Poetical magazine.' v. 2. L., 1810. go 23-184

23-920 Poetical quotations. See Quotations.

White, R. G. Poetry of the civil war 23-838 Poetical tributes to the memory of Abraham Lincoln. British. Baynes, R. H. English lyrics Ph., 1805 23-656

23-809 Poetry. Bibliography.

Bell, J. Poets of Great Britain

23-475 to 501 Baillet, A. Jugemens des savans

Bethune, G. W. British female poets 23-16

v. 3,4 of 34-4979 Black-letter ballads and broadsides 23-961 – Griffitis, A. F. Bibliotheca anglo-poetica

Cabinet of poetry

23-688 21-302

23-36 Hazliit, w. c.' Handbook to poetical literature

Cambridge prize poems

Campbell, T. Specimens of the British poets of Great Britain 21-204

23-911 - Rimbault, E. F. Bibliotheca madrigaliana Dodsley, R. À collection of poems by several


23-502 Art, philosophy, and relations.

Elegant extracis

23-814,952 Aler, P. Gradus ad Parnassum

31-383 Ellis, G. Specimens of early English poets Aristotle. The poetic 15-6:22-600

23-461 Baillet. A. Jugemens des auteurs qui ont traité

Griswold, R. W. Poets and poetry of England de l'art poctique v. 3,4 01 34-4979

23-106 Beattie, J. Essay on

v. 5 of 33-1022 Halleck, F. G. 'Selections from the British poets Bysshe, E. Art of English poetry 22-615

23-259 Horace. De arte poetica ; with Italian transla- Halliwell, J. o. Nursery rhymes of England tion and notes by Metastasio

23-881 v. 14 of 34-2323 Hartshorne, C. H. Ancient metrical tales - Hunt, J. H. L. Imagination and funcy 33-71



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Poetry. Collections.

Poels and poetry of America. R. W. Griswold
British. Hazliit, W. C. Early popular poetry

of England.

23-744 Pocts and poetry of ancient Greece. A. Mills
Hows, J. W. S. Goiden leaves from the British


23-737 Poets and poetry of England. R'W. Griswold
Hunt, J. H. L. Imagination and fancy 33-71

Lewis, M. G. Tales of wonder

23-901 Poets and poeiry of Europe.' 11. W. Longfellow
Morley, H., (ed.) The king and the commons

2:- 39
23-1012 Poets and poetry of Germany. L. Davéziin ole
Percy, T.' Ballads, romances and songs 22–174 Pontès.

Reliques of ancient English poetry 23-713 Poets and poetry of Greece and Rome. w Peter
Ritson, J. Poems relating to Robin Hood

23-324 Poets and poetry of the west. w.T. Coggeball
– Sheldon, T. Minstrelsy of the English border

2:-315 Poggiali, G. See Dante

Miscellaneous. Book of humorous p. 23-979 Pohlman, J. G. Chess rendered familiar by tabular
Dana, C. A. Household book of


demonstrations of the various positions and
Dexter, C. Versions and verses


movements as described by Philidor; with
Frothingham, N. L. Metrical pieces 2:3-517

many other critical situations and moves, and
The garland. (Religious]


a concise introduction to the game. L., 1919.
Griffith, R. T. H. Specimens of old Indian p. go

23-601 Poictiers, battles of. Sce Cressy.
– Hooper, L. Lady's book of towers and poetry Poignée de verités. A. Karr

9-50 Poinsett, J. R. Notes on Mexico, made in the su-
- Longfellow, H. w. Poets and poetry of Europe tumn of 1822. Ph., 1824.

26 -10:
23-583 Poinsinet, A. A. II. Le cercle.

C. A. c. v. 6
Lovers' Jictionary

Ludlow, J. M. Popular epics of the middle ages Point of honor

23-823 Poirson, C. G., dit Delestre.

Un Ladre; Recit
M'Keever, H. B. Children with the poets

d'un vieux professeur émérite. 2me ed. P.


Melodies for childhood

23-791 See Scribe, A. E. Théâtre, com. -v.
Parton, J. Humorous poetry

23-421 Poisoning. Amos, A. Trial of the earl of Somerset
Poems of religious sorrow, comfort, counsel, and


23-671 Poisons. Stephenson, J. Medical zoology and
Poetical tributes to the memory of Abraham mineralogy



Taylor, A.S. Poisons in relation to medical
Poetry of the age of fable. By T. Bulfinch

jurisprudence and medicines

23-711 Wormley, T. G. Micro-chemistry of 8-114
Rural poetry of the English language 23-1803 Poisot, C. Histoire de la musique en France, P.,
Ryan, R. Poetry and poets


Smith, C. W. Book of recitations 23-984 Poisson, s. D. Traité de mécanique. 2me éi P..
String of diamonds


1833. 2 v. 80
Testimony of the poets

23-683 See Magnetism of ships.

23-342 Poitevin, P. Cours théorique et practique de la
See Ballads; Bards; Belles lettres; French ; langue française, adopté par le Conseil de

German ; Greek; Hebrew; Hungary; Hymns; l'instruction ; grammaire complète, théorie et
Italian ; Japanese ; Latin ; Literature ; Lyra; application. P., 1863 .

Prosody ; Rhyming ; Rhythm ; Songs; Son-


nets ; Spanish ; Versification ; and the names Pokahontas; a historical novel. J. Davis

of poets.

See Pocahontas.
Poetry and mystery of dreams. C. G. Leland 23–689 Poland. Allen, J. Autocracy in

Poetry and poets. R. Ryan

30-1571 Anderson, F. L. M. Residence in Russian P.
Poetry of the age of fable. Collected by T. Bultinch.



Birkbeck, w. L. Leiter on present condition of
Poetry of the civil war. R. G. White :

Poetry of flowers. F. S. Osgood .


Day, 'w. A. Russian government in ;
Poetry of Germany. A. Baskerville
2:3-4,59 Dunham, S. A. History of

Poetry of life. S. S. Ellis

3:3-11.15 Edwards, H. S. Polisli captivity 27041
Poetry of the Magyars. J. Bowring 2:1-866

Private history of an insurrection in
Poetry of observation, and other poems. W. A.


Fletcher, J. History of

Poetry of ihe pentateuch. J. H. Caunter 22-955 Hordynski, J. Late revolution in 27_0924
Poetry of science. R. Hunt

11-31 Jolinston, R. Travels through
Poet's corner. J. C. M. Bellew

23-1043 Kryczynski, J. N. Recovery of 972-009
Poet's journal. B. Taylor

23-669 Leiters on the concert of princes 2721967
Poets. Bell, R. Lives of the English p. 30-434 Love of country. By Trauermantel

Cary, I F. Lives ot' English p.. 30-2377 O'Brien, A. P. Scenes in Warsaw 3:-s
Cibber, T. Lives of

30-2322 Regnard, J. F. Voyage de Pologne
Houssaye, A.
Poètes du 18me siècle. v. 3 Rousseau, J. J. Gouvernement de Pologne.

v. 5

Howitt, W. Homes and baunts of British p. Saxton, L. c. History of

30-1658 Wilson, W. R. Travels in
- Jameson, A. M. Memoirs of the loves of

Polar seas and regions. Leslie, J., et al. Discovery
22-1103, 4
and adventure in .

Johnson, S. Lives of English poets 30-385 Wrangell, F. V. Expedition to the Polar ***
Phillips, E. Theatrum poetarum anglicanorum

See Arctic regions.
Ryan, R.
Poetry and poets
30-1571 Polar world, the. G. Hartwig

Southey, R. Lives of uneducated poets 30-500 Polarized light. J. Pereira :



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Pole, W. See Jeaffreson, J. C.

Political economy.

Müldener, W. Bibliotheca-
Polehampton, A. Kangaroo land. L., 1862 296–199 geographico-statistica .

Polemon. See Porta, G. B.

Newman, F. W. Lectures on

Police of London ; a treatise on. Ph., 1798. go

Newman, S. P. Elements of

274_752 Notes on, by a southern planter

Police record of the spies, smugglers, and rebel Opdyke, c.Treatise on

em:ssaries in Tennessee; being selections Perry, A. L. Elements of

from the “Annals of the army of the Cum- | Potter, A. Objects, uses, and principles of 3-181
berland ;" by John Fitch. Ph., 1864.

Purves, G. Population and production 3–185
204_511 Rae, J. New principles on

Polish captivity. ll. s. Edwards
276-451 Rau, K. II. Lehrbuch der p. e.

34-2320 to 22
Politeness. Lunettes, II. Gentleman's guide to

Ricardo, D. Works

33-645 Rickards, G. K. Population and capital 3-197
Chesterficia, p. D. Stanhope, cari of.
Works Rights of industry

33–1217,8 Rogers, J. E. T.' Manual, for schools 3-198
- Sce Etiquette.

Rousseau, J. J. (Euvres. V. 4

Political and social science. W. R. Greg 2-688 Ruskin, J. Essav's on

Political biography and genealogy. Almanach de Sargant, W.L. Économy of the laboring classes

Bulwer, H. l.' Historical characters

science of social opulence

Sullivan, W. Familiar letters
264-812 Say, J. B. Treatise on

See Congress; Parties ; Reform ; Statesmen; Scrope, G. P. Principles of

and names of countries, particularly England Sedgwick, T. Public and private economy
and United Sates.

Political class-book. W. Sullivan


Senior, n. w. Political economy 3-218
Political economy. Aristotle. Politics and economics Sismondi, J. (. L. de. Essays on

Smith, A. Wealth of nations

Atkinson, W. Principles of
3-9 Smitli, E. P. Manual of

Bailey, S. Dissertation on value
3-13 Social science review

Leiters on value
3-14 Spence, W. Tracts on

Barhylt, D. P. Industrial exchanges 3-18

Steuart, J. Works

Bastint, F. (Euvres complètes

34-5400 Stewart, D. Works v. 8 and 9 of 15-103
Harmonies économiques

34-1011 Tucker, G. Political economy for the people
Harmonies of

Batbie, A. Nouveau cours d'économie politique

Vethike, il. Principles of


Mélanges d'économie politique

Waiker, A. Science of wealth
34-4926 Wayland, F. Elements of

3-2 19
Boileau, D. Introduction to .

3-26 Weyland, J., jr. Principles of population and
Bowen, F. Principles of


Byles, J. B. Sophisms of free trade 3-32 Whately, R. Lectures on

Cairne, J. E. Character and logical method of Willson, M. Civil polity and p. e. 2-918

3-40 See Corn laws; Employer and employed ;
Cardozo, J. n.' Notes on


Free trade and protection ; Finance; Gold ;
Carey, H. C. Past, present and future 3-51

Industry; Labor; Paper question ; Political
Principles of


science; Poor; Poor laws; Population ;
Social science


Property ; Revenues ; Wages; Working
Carey, M. Essays on


people; and names of countries.
Chalmers, T. Political economy and society Political enquiry. T. Wortman

3-72 Political ethics. Lieber, F. Manual of

Colquhoun, p.' Treatise on indigence 3–74 Political experience of the ancients. H. S. Tremen-
Colton, (. Public economy for the U. S. 3–76


Cooper, T. Elements of

3-79 Political history. See Political biography ; Political
Craig, J. Remarks on


science and politics.
De Quincy, T. Logic of

3-87 Political instructions for the use of gentlemen ; or,
Ganill, C. Inquiry into the various systems of the art of rising at court; together with maximis


and reflections on the art of war.
Gibbon, A. Principia, and errors in 3-301

Good, W. W. Political, agricultural and com- Political justice. w. Godwin

mercial fallacies

3-110 Political history of U. S. during the great rebellion.
Hamilton, R. Resources of a nation

E. Macpherson

Hlearne, W. E. Plutology

3-118 Political literature. Blakey, R. iristory of 92–938
Hodeskin, T. Popular political economy 3-122 Political manual for 1866. E. McPherson 26-8:32
Jones, A. Distribution of wealth, and sources Political parties in New York. Hammond, J. D.
of taxation

History of

Lectures and tracts on

3-127 Political science and politics. Adams, John. Works.
Knight, C. Knowledge is power

V. 4-6,

Laing, S., jr. Prize essay on national distress Almanachi de Gotha

3-131 American register

Lauderdale, J. M. Public wealth:
3-1:35,6 Annual register

List, F. National system of .

Aristotle. Polities and economies.

Loudon, Mrs. M. Philanthropic economy 3-1 19 Barlow, J. Advice to the privileged orders
M'Culloch, J. R. Principles of

M’Kean, K. Manual of .

Barnes, W. II.' The body politic 2-530
Maclure, W. Opinions on various subjects

Bentham, J. Works

2-779 Bolingbroke, 11. St. John, lord. Letters 2-551
V'Vickar, J. Outlines of

3-153 Brougham, II. Political philosophy 2-105
Malurus, T. R. Principles of


Speeches on public rights, duties and interests
Marcet, J. Conversations on

Miil, J. Elements of

3-158 Brown, D. P. 'The the politicians, and
Mill, J. S. Principles of
3-161,21 the judiciary


L., 1708


[blocks in formation]




Political science and politics. Burlamaqui, J. J. Political songs of England. (John to Edward II.)
Principles of natural and politic law 2-192

Camden soc. pub. v. 6

Calhoun, J. C. Works
26_9.30 Political survey. M. E. G. Duff

Cicero, M. T. Offices

33-187 Political text-book. M. W. Cluskey 262-6633
Political works

2-613 Political text-book for 1860. H. Greeley and H. F.
The republic


Cluskey, M. W. Political text-book 264-663 Politician's register. See Tribune almanac.
Cobden, R.
Political writings

2-620 Politics for American christians. S. Colwell 32-401
Comte, A. Systéme de politique positive Politics of the Georgium sidus. By a late member


of parliament. 2d ed. L., 1807 2-826
Congdon, c. T. Tribune essays 33-685 Politique positive, système de. A. Comte 34-49:30
Cousin, V. Discours politiques 34-5260 Politzer, A. Membrana tympani in health and dis.
Dove, P. E. Elements of

N. Y., 1869

Duff, M. E. G. Political survey 29-273 Polk, James K. Chase, L. B. History of the ad-
Fröbel, J. Theorie der politik

ministration of

Godwin, P. Political essays

264-670 Jenkins, J. S. History of administration of
Godwin, W. Political justice

Gordon, T. Cato's letters


See Mexican war.
Greeley, H. Recollections of

a busy life

Polko, E. Musical sketches. Trans. from 6th Ger-

and F. Cleveland. Political text-book

man ed., by Fanny Fuller. Ph., 1864 5-1026

Reminiscences of F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy ; a

socia! and artistic biograplıy; trans. by Lady
Greg, w. R. Political and social science 2–688 Wallace, with additional letters addressed 10
Hililreth, R. Theory of politics


English correspondents. N.Y., 1869 30–446
Hobart, Ld. Political essays

2-718 Pollard, E. A. Lee and his lieutenants. N. Y., 1867.
Holmes, J. The statesman


Hume, D. Philosophical essays

15-37 The lost cause ; a new southern history of the
Lewis, G. C.
Observation and reasoning in

war of the confederates. N. Y., 1866. 8°

Use and abuse of political terms 2-764 The lost cause regained. `N. Y., 1868 26-1016
Lieber, F. Legal and political hermeneutics

Observations in the north; eight months in prison

and on parole. Rich., 1865. 80 204_180
Manual of political ethics

2-177 - Southern history of the war. [First, second,
Machiavelli, N. Political discourses 33-1041

and third years. ] N. Y., 1863-j. 3 v.
Maclure, W. Opinions on various subjects 2–779

McPherson, E. Political manual 264-832 The southern spy ;

the policy and in
Martin, Fr. Statesman's year-book 299-194

auguration of the Lincoln war. Rich., 1862
Mazzini, J. Life and writings

Montesquieu, C. Esprit des lois 34-3572 Pollock, C. E. Power of couris of common law to
See Tracy


compel the production of documents. Ph.,
Napoléon III. Des idées Napoléoniennes

1853 89

v. 79 of 2-55
34-3600 Pollock, J. E. Elements of prognosis in consump-
Napoleonic ideas


tion ; with indications for the prevention and
Paine, T. Political works

treatment. L., 1865. go

Common sense and rights of man 33-1188 Pollock, T. C. Ivanhoe masonic quarteites. N. Y..
Paley, W. Political philosophy

1867. 80

Plelp, S. Analysis of human nature 2-829 Pollok, R. Course of time. B.,

i828 :

Political instructions for the use of gentlemen Same. See Crabbe, G.

2-1095 Scoit, J. Life, letters and remains of 30-435
Politics of the Georgium Sidus

2-826 Polo, Marco. Travels ; the translation of Marsden
Putt, C. Essay on civil policy


revised, with a selection of his notes. Ed. by
Ramsay, G. Moralist and politician 33-1275

T. Wright. L., 1854 .

Rousseau, J. J. Euvres. v. 5 34-4841 Polson, A. Principles of the law of nations; with
Ruskin, J. Time and tide


practical notes and supplementary essays on
Senior, N. W. Historical and philosophical the law of blockade and on contraband of


war; to which is added Diplomacy, by T. H.
Smith, s. s. Lectures on political philosophy Horne. 2d ed. L., 1859

15-199 Same. Ph., 1853. 80

V. 80 of 2-55
Standard cyclopædia of :

2-873 See Horne, T. H.
Struve, G. v. Grundzüge der staatswissenschaft Poltock. See Pultock.
34-2295 Polwhele, R. Essays. L., 1863 .

Sullivan, w. Political class-book: 2-883 Polyanthea ; a collection of interesting fragments in
Taylor, H. The statesman


prose and verse. L., 1804. 2 v. So 33–539
Tremenheere, H. S. Political experience 2–896 Polybius. General history of the wars of the Ro-


mans. Trans. from the original Greek, by
, F. M. A. de. Politique et législation Mr. Hampton. L., 1812. 80 274_2419

v. 26,7 of 34-4868 Polydore Marasquin, emotions de. L. Gozlan
Washington, G. Farewell address 2-1:02,3

Whewell, W. Elements of morality 15–74 Polydore Vergil's English history. Camden soc.
Wortman, T. Political enquiry

pub. v. 29 and 36

Young, A. W. Citizens' manual

2-921 Polygamy: Delany, P. Reflections upon 32-69
See Ballot; Church and state; Colonies ; Con. See Marriage.
gress; Constitution ; Convention ; Corn laws; Polyglott reader. J. Roemer

Democracy; Diplomacy; Elections; Free Polynesia. Ellis, W. Researches

government; Happiness; International law ; Melville, H.' Typee; a peep at Polynesian lite
Judicial history ; Parties; Paupers ; Political

economy; Prisons; Punishment; Reform ; Pritchard, w. T. Reminiscences of 296-9.16
Republic; Representation; Revenue; Slavery; Turner, G. Nineteen years in

Sociology ; Sutfrage; Taxation ; also, names See Fiji; Hawaii; New Zealand;

Pelew islands;
of countries, and of parties.

South Sea islands.

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