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Petheram, J. Historical sketch of the progress and Pettitt, G. The Tinnevelly mission of the church

present state of Anglo-Saxon literature in missionary society. L., 1851 32-1455 England. L., 1840.89

22-1169 Petty, Sir Wm. Political anatomy of Ireland ; with Petigru, J. L. Grayson, w. J. Life of


the establishment for that kingdom when the Petit carême. J. B. Massillon


late duke of Ormond was lord lieutenant; Petit courrier des dames, journal des modes. P.,

with an account of the expenses of England. 1832-44. 17 v. 8o (not consecutive] 34-4922

L., 1691

270-18 Petit hermite. E. Jouy

34–5545 Petty annoyances of married life. ' H. de Balzac Petit mouton. C. Schinid 34-4242

18-272 Petit théatre bouffon. Pièces jouées sur les théatre Petzholdt, A. . Leciures to farmers on agricultural de Paris, recueillies par Eugène le Gai. P., chemistry. L., (n. d.)

4-62 1859

34-4181 Same. N. Y., 1846. 8° Petite comtesse. o. Feuillet

34-4049 Petzholdt, J. Bibliotheca bibliographica. Kritisches Petite Fadette. Mme Dudevant


verzeichniss der das gesammtgebiet der bib. Petite pecheuse. H. Lucas


liographie betreffenden litteratur des in-und Petites emigrés. Mme de Genlis

auslandes. Leip., 1866. 80

21-233 Petites misères de la vie conjugale. H. de Balzac Hand-buch Deutscher bibliotheken. Halle,

1853. 80

21-91 Petites nouvelles

34-5200 Katechismus der bibliothekenlehre. Leip., 1856 Petits artistes peintres et musiciens. E. Foa

21-92 34-4599 Peuple, le. J. Michelet

34-4123 Petits fils de Lovelace. A. Achard 34-4001 Peveril du pic. Sir W. Scott

34-4997 Petits guerriers. Mme E. Foa

34–4740 Peveril of the peak. Sir W. Scoti 18–2760,8 Petits mystères de Paris. P., 1844

34-4351 Peyrac, Mme de. Comment on parle à Paris ; or, Petits mystères du quartier latin. E. Robert 34-4417 French as spoken in Paris.

1856 Petits princes et princesses. E. Foa 34-4600

31-5014 Petits poètes et litiérateurs. E. Foa 34-4601 Peyton, J. L.' The American crisis; or, pages from Peto, S. M. Resources and prospects of America, the note book of a state agent during the civil ascertained during a visit to the states in 1865.

L., 1867. 2 v.

26-917 L., 1866. 8°

269-563 Pfannenschmidt, Frau. See Burow, J. Taxation ; its levy and expenditure, past and Pfeiffer, I. Journey to Iceland, and travels in Swe.

future; being an enquiry into our financial den and Norway. Trans. by C. F. Cooper,
policy. N. Y., 1866. go*

N. Y., 1852.

270-263 Petöfi, A. "Translations from Alexander Petöfi the A lady's voyage round the world; a selected Magyan poet, by J. Bowring. L., 1866

translation from the German, by Mrs. P. Sin. 23-936 nett. N. Y., 1852

296-91 Petra. Laborde, L. E. S. J. de. Journey to 284_92 A lady's second journey round the world. x. Petrarch, F. Rime. Avignone, 1812. 2 v. 34-2525

Y., 1856

290-132 Sonnets, triumphs, and other poems; translated Last travels ; inclusive of a visit to Madagascar ;

into English verse; with a life of the poet, by with an autobiographical memoir. Trans. by
T. Campbell, L., 1859

H. W. Dulcken. N. Y., 1861

290-187 Dobson, Mrs. S. Life of

30-421 Visit to the Holy Land, Egypt, and Italy. L., Petrarque et son siècle. A. Rastoul de Mongeot


281-159 34-4127 Voyage à Madagascar. Traduit de l'Allemand, Petrie, G. siokes, W. Life and labors of 30-2433 et précédé d'une notice historique sur Mada.

et al. Ireland illustrated; with descriptions by gilscar, par F. Riaux. P., 1862 31-3969 G. N. Wright. L. 49

276-1228 Voyage d'une femme autour du monde. Tr. de Petritactions and their teachings. 'G. A. Mantell

l'Allemand. 2me ed. P., 1859. 31-3968

9-258 A woman's journey round the world ; an un. See Fossils.

abridged translation from the German. L., Petroleum. Bone, J. H. A. Petroleum wells 6–287

296-93 Eaton, S. J. M. History of .

6-321 Phædon ; or, the death of Socrates. M. MendelsErni, H. Coal oil and petroleum


32-1692 Gesner, A. Practical treatise on

0-335 Phalaris. Bentley, R. 'Dissertation on epistles of Morris, E. "Derrick and drill” 6-372

22-929 Wright, W. Oil regions of Penna. 6-152 Phantasmagoria. Dircks, H. Illusions produced by Pets, book of .

the Direksian p.

24-169 Petticoat government. Mrs. Trollope : 18-2329 Phantasmata. R. R. Madden

15-158 Pettigrew, T.J. Bibliotheca Sussesina; a descrip- Phantastes. G. McDonald

18-1966 tive catalogue, accompanied by historical and Phantom bouquet. E. Parrish

5-215 biographical notices of the manuscripts and Phantom flowers; a treatise on the art of producing printed books contained in the library of skeleton leaves. B., 1864

5-318 the Duke of Sussex. L., 1827. 2 v. 80 Phantom ship. Fr. Marryat

18-2085 21-359 Phantom world. A. Calmet

32-1134 Chronicles of the tombs; a select collection of Pharaoh of the Exodus. D. W. Nash : 28_204

epitaphs, preceded by an essay on epitaphs Pharmacy. See Materia medica, therapeutics and
and other monumental inscriptions. L., 1857 pharmacy.
292_252 Pharsalia. M. A. Lucan

23-394, 482 History of Egyptian mummies, and an account Phases of faith. F. W. Newman

32-1026 of the worship and embalming of the sacred Phasis of matter. T. L. Kemp

8-71 animals of the Egyptians; with remarks on Phèdre. J. Racine

34-3121 the funeral ceremonies of different nations. Phelan, M. Billiards without a master. `N. Y., 1870. L., 1834. 80.


20-201 Memoirs of the life of Vice-Admiral Lord Vis- Phelps, A. The new birth. B., 1867

32-2296 count Nelson. 2d ed. L., 1849. 2 v. 8°

The still hour; or, communion with God. B., 30-398 1800

32-1666 Superstitions connected with the history and Park, E. A., and D. L. Furber. Hymns and practice of medicine and surgery. L., 1844. choirs. Andover, 1860

32-92:7 80

10-481 Phelps. Mrs. A. L. The fireside friend; or, female Same. Ph., 1844. go

student. N. Y., 1847 .


n. d.




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Phelps, Mrs. A. L.

Hours with my pupils; or, educational addresses. N. Y., 1859 13-167 · Our country, in its relations to the past, present

and future; a national book, consisting of original articles in prose and verse, contributed

by American writers. Balt., 1864 33–1148 Phelps, C. A. Life and public services of Gen. U. S.

Grant, and a biographical sketch of Hon.
Schuyler Colfax. B., 1868 .

30-2387 Phelps, Mrs. E. S. Manse of Sunnyside 18-2486 Peep at Number five

18-2485 The tell-tale

18-2187 Phelps, Miss E. S. ' The gates ajar 18-2488 Men, women, and ghosts

18-2489 Phelps, S. Analysis of human nature; or, an inves.

tigation to improve the condition of the poor. L., 1818. 2 v. 8°

2-829 Phemie Keller. Mrs. J. H. Riddell

18-3605 Phenomena and laws of heat. A. Cazin 11-171 Phenomena of plant life. L. H. Grindon 9-104 Phidias, la jeunesse de. C. E. Beulé 34–4667 Phil. Purcell, and other tales. W. Carleton

18-592,3051 Philadelphia. "Law and government.

Digest of the ordinances of the corporation, and

of the acts of assembly relating thereto. Pub. lished by authority of the councils. Ph., 1834. 80

2-94 Digest of the acts of assembly relating to. Ph., 1860. 80

2-237 Digest of Laws relating io, 1854-63 2-238 A further supplement to an act entitled an act

to incorporate the city of Philadelphia, passed Jan. 31st, 1854; with further acts passed in 1854-9. Ph., 1859. 8°

2-318 A further supplement to an act entitled an act

to incorporate the city of Philadelphia, passed

Jan. 31st, 1854. Ph., 1854. 8o. 264_793 Ordinances and joint resolutions, 1863,7,8. Ph., 1864-9. 3 v. 8°

2-284 Minutes of the common council of the city of

Philadelphia, 1704–76. Ph., 1847. 8° 26°-924 Journals of select and common councils, 1835-48. 13 v. 89

264_794 Journal of the select council, from Nov. 19th, 1857, to July 1st, 1864, 1867,8. 17 v. 8°

264_796 Journal of the common council, May 1211, 1856,

to June 30th, 1861, 1867,8. 18 v. 8° 294-795 - Message of the mayor; with accompanying

documents, 1859-62. 4 v. 8° 264-887
Department reports.
Fairmount park commissioners 26_1052
Fire marshal, 1865

208-889 Gas works. Annual report, 1867 264_890

Reports of the trustees of the Philadelphia gas works to the select and common council. Ph., 1838. 8

6-165 Report of special commitiee to investigate the management and affairs; with an answer thereto. Ph., 1867. 80

264-1000 Water department Annual report of chief en

gineer, 1843, 1860–65,7,9. 9 v.: 8° 264–741 Public schools. Annual reports of controllers. Ph., 1864-8. 7v. 89

13-168 Report of the committee on revision of studies;

with the graded course of instruction approved

March 10th, 1868. Ph., 1868. 80 13-180 - Report of special committee on introducing music. Pl., 1860. go

33-1391 Reports of committee on central high school

13-289 Libraries. American philosophical society. Catalogue

21-466 - Apprentices' library. Catalogue 21-469 Aihenæum. Charier, catalogue, by-laws, etc.

21-172 Library co. of P. Catalogue


Philadelphia. Libraries.
Library of friends. Catalogue

21-47.5 Loganian. Catalogue

21-482 Mercantile library company.

Annual reports, 1840-69

21-489 Catalogues :

21-487 to 94 Pennsylvania hospital, catalogue of medical library

21-498 Almslouse, catalogue of medical library 21-463 Board of Trade.

Annual reports, 1858–61,5-9. Ph., 1859-67. 8 v. 80

1-93 Report of the committee on island transportation, on the commerce of the lakes, etc. Ph., 1858. 80

1-210 Report of a special committee in relation to the life-saving stations upon the coast. Ph., 1860. 80

1-210 Report of a special committee upon the law of collisions at sea, etc. Ph., 1861. 8° 1-210

Kimber, T. Railroad map of the southern states, showing connections with Phila.,(1862)

25-348 Directories. 1806,7. J. Robinson

25-137 1813. J. A. Paxton

25-151 1817. E. Dawes

25-143 1818, 19. J. A. Paxton

25-151 1820. E. Whitely

25-151 1824,28–31,35-37. R. Desilver

25-152 1837,39-67. A. McElroy

25-153 1850. J. H. Byram ; illustr. business (1. 25-311 1860-61. W. I. Boyal; business d. 25-129 1867-9. I. Costa. [Gopsill's]

25-157 Maps and guides. Bowen, D. History, designed as a guide

261-604 Guide to Laurel Hill cemetery

200-535 Hexamer, E. Barnes' map

25-364 Mease, J. Picture of

260-60.5 Smedley, S. L. Atlas of .

25-357 Smith, R. A. Philadelphia as it is, 1852 266_533 Toudy, H. J. New map of

25-37,5 Views of

266-1009 Miscellany. Belisle, D. W. History of Independence hall

26a-436 Carey, m. Account of the malignant fever

10-21 Duché, J. Observations on a variety of sub. jects

32-1969 First troop cavalry, by-laws, etc. 264-993 Freedley, E.T. P. and its manufactures 6–331 Lee, J. H. History of riots

264-55.3 Martindale, J. C. History of Byberry and Moreland

264_856 Minutes of committee of defence, 1814,15

v. 8 of 26-137 Minutes of the proceedings of the committed

appointed on the 14th Sept. 1793, by the citi. zens, to alleviate the sufferings of the afflicted

with malignant fever. Ph., 1848. 8° 10-43 Ritter, A. Philadelphia and her merchants

266-371 Simpson, 1. Lives of Philadelphians 30-1170 Watson, J. F. Annals of

264_220,319 Wines, E. C. Peep at China ; Chinese museum

286-559 Winslow, s. N. Biographies of successful merchants

30-1534 - See Carpenters hall; christ church; Eastern

penitentiary; Friendly sons of St. Patrick; House of refuge; League island; Pennsyl. vania ball; St. James'; St. Peter's; and the

following titles. Philadelphia alms-louse. Catalogue of the medical

library, prepared by E. F. Rivinus. Ph., 1831. 8o.

21-465 Philadelphia book; or, specimens of metropolitan literature. Ph., 1836


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n. S.

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Philadelphia college of pharmacy, journal of the. Philippians. Barnes, A. Notes on

Edited by B. Ellis, et al. v.1.00. Ph, 1830-35. Philippine islands. Bowring, J. Visit to 281-359
Continued as the American journal of phar- La Gironiere, P. P. de. Twenty years in
macy. Ed. by Grillith, et al. v. 1-17.

Ph., 1835–51.

23 v.

10-873 Lavolléc, c. Les Philippines 311659
Philadelphia, Easton and Water-Gap railroad com- See Manilla.
pany, [now North Pennsylvania railroad co.] Philips, A. (Bell's poets of G. B.)

Reports of directors, with act of incorpora- The distrest mother; tragedy. Trans. froin
tion. 1852-62


the Andromaque of Racine. B. B. T. v. 5
Philadelphia medical society. Report on quack

medicines. Pl., 1828. 8°

Same. D. L I. v. 4

Philadelphia monthly magazine; devoted to general Same. I. B. T. v. 12

literature and the fine arts.

V. 1-4.
Ph., Same. M. B. D. v. 1

1828,9. 80
17-88 Same. S. B. T. v. 11

Philadelphia photographer. v. 1-5. Ph., 1864-9. 5 v.

Philips, F. Exposure of the calumnies against the


magistrates and the yeomanry cavalry of
Philadelphia and Reading raiironii company. An- Manchester and Salford. 4th ed. L. So
nual reports of the president and managers.

Ph., 1844, 4.5, 48-62. go
1-353 Philips, J. (Bell's poets of G. B.)

Philadelpbia register and national rec
recorder. v. 1,2. (Sanford's Br. poets)

Ph., 1819. 8°

17-195 Philips, S. Voice of blood, in the sphere of nature
Philadelphia society for alleviating the miseries of and of the spirit-world. Ph., 1864 32-1418

public prisons. Annual report of acting com- Philips. See Phillips.
mittee. Ph., 1833. 80

2-991 Phillimore, J. G. History of England during the
Philadelphia society for promoting agriculture. reign of George III. v. 1. L., 1863. go
Memoirs. Pl., 1815-18. 4 v. 80 4-2

Philadelphia society for the promotion of national Principles and maxims of jurisprudence. L.

industry. Carey, M. Addresses 3-57

18.56. 80

Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore railroad - Private law among the Romans. From the
company. Investigation into the alleged Pandects. L., 1863. 80

official misconduct of the late superintendent. Phillimore, R. Commentaries upon international
Ph., 1854,5. 2 v. 8


law. Pl., 1854,5. 8° v. 85,90 of 2-55
Philalethes. See Morgan, T.

Judgment in the cases of Martin vs. Mackunochie,
Philanthropic economy.
Mrs. M. Loudon 3-149

and Flamank v8. Simpson. Ed. by W. G. F.
Philanthropic results of the war in America. N.

Phillimore. L., 1868. 80

Y., 1864

2014-870 Law of domicil. Ph., 1847. 8° v. 57 of 2-55
Phileleutherus Dubliniensis. 'See Delaney, Patrick, Phillimore, R. M. See Dupanloup, in supplement.
in supplement.

Phillippo, J. M. Jamaica ; its past and present state.
Philemon. Barnes, A. Notes on

Ph., 1843. 80

Oosterzee, J. J. van Commentary on 32–20:33 Phillips, Miss. My life, and what shall I do with it?
Philco, C. W. Twice married

By an old maid. L., 1860 .

Philidor. [Pseud, for F. A. Danican.] Studies of Phillips, C. Recollections of Curran and some of
chess. 5th ed. L., 1817. 8°


his cotemporaries. N. Y., 1818. 89 30-125
Allen, G. Life of

30-1440 Curran and his contemporaries. N. Y., 18.51
See Easy introduction ; Pohlman, J. G.

Philip of Macedon, lite and reign of. T. Leland - The Emerald isle ; a poem. `N. Y., 1813

Philip II of Spain. c. Gavarre

274_2026 Curran and Grattan, speechies of; with the

, W. II. History of reign of 272_2019 appeal of Robert Emmett, at the close of his
Watson, R. History of reign of 274_2088

trial for high treason. Ph., 1810. So 33-636
Philip III, of Spain. Watson, R., and W. Thomson. Phillips, E. Theatrum poetarum Auglicanorum;

containing the names and characters of all the
Philip, chief of the Wampanoags.' Abbott, J. s. c.

English poets from the reign of Henry III, to
Ilistory of


the close of the reign of Queen Elizabeth ;
Philip, A. P. W. Treatise on protracted indiges- first published in 1675, and now enlarged by
tion and its consequences. Ph., 1813. 80

additions, by Sir E. Brylges. Canterbury,

Philip, Mrs. H. Above her station 18-2191 Phillips, Henry. Musical and personal recollections
Philip, R. Devotional guides; with an introductory during half a century. L., 1864. 2 v. 5–1025

essay by A. Barnes. N. Y., 1837. 2 v. 32-175 Phillips, Henry, F.H.S. Companion for the orchard;
Eternity realized; or, a guide to the thoughtful. an historical and botanical account of fruits
B., 1833


known in Great Britain. L., 1831. 8o 4-198
Life and times of Rev. George whitefielä. N. Phillips, Henry, jr. Historical sketch of the paper
Y., 1838

30-564 money issued by Pennsylvania. Ph., 1802. 8
, and characteristics of John Bunyan.

N. Y., 1839.

30-57 Historical sketches of the paper currency of the
Philip Augustus. G. P. R. James


American colonies. Roxbury, 1965,6. ? .
Philip, adventures of. W. M. Thackeray 18-3197


Philip Brantley's life work, and how he found it. Phillips, G. s. [January Searle.] The gypsies of
By M. E. M.

Danes' Dyke

Philip Colville. Grace Kennedy v. 6 of 18-3876 Memoirs of William Wordswortli. L., 1872
Philip Earnscliffe. A. B. Edwards

Philip Morton. Mrs. P. Cudlip

18-3708 Phillips, John: Life on the eartii, its origin and
Philip Thaxter. C. A. Washburn

18-2 192
succession. Camb., 1860

Philippart, J. Campaign in Germany and France, Manual of geolovy, practical and theoretical.
1813,14. L., 1814. 2 v. 80

L., 18.55

Memoirs and campaigns of Charles John, prince Treatise on geology L; 1857. V.

royal of Sweden. L., 1814. 80

30-37 Phillips, J. A. Gold-mining and assaying ; a scien-
Philippe de Reims. The romance of Blonde of Ox-

tific guide for Australian emigrants. 211 ed.
ford, etc. Camden soc. pub. v. 72 274195

L., 1853


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Phillips, J. A. Manual of metallurgy; or, a prac- Philosophical magazine, comprehending the various

tical treatise on the chemistry of the metals. branches of science, the liberal, and the fine L., 1854


arts. 1st series. v. 1-68. L., 1798-1826. 80 Mining and metallurgy of gold and silver. L.,

11-265 1867. 80


- 20 series. Philosophical magazine; or, annals Phillips, J.B. The evil eye. F'S M. D. v. 19

of chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, natural 24-113

history, and general science, v. 1,2,5-11. Phillips, P. Musical leaves for sabbath schools. L., 1827-32. go

11-265 Cin., 1805

General index. L., 1835. ' 80

11-265 Phillips, Sir R., [Ed.] Addisoniana. 1., 7804.

3d series. London, Edinburgh, and Dublin 2 v.


philosophical magazine and jownal of science. Memoirs of the public and private life of Sir v. 1-27,30,31,:3-6. L., 1832-50. 8° 11-265 Richard Phillips. By a citizen of London. 4ih series. Same.

v. 28-36. L., 1864-9. 80 L., 1808 30-425

11-265 Phillips, Watts. Camilla's liusband. F's S. D. v. Philosophical miscellanies. v. cousin 15-37 41 24-221 Philosophical strictures. A. Lyall

15-241 The wild tribes of London

18-3977 Philosophical theories and philosophical experience. Phillips, Wendell. The constitution a pro-slavery C. F. Cornwallis .

30-1557 compact; or, extracts from the Madison Philosophie de la musique. C. Beauquier 34-4426 papers, etc. N. Y., 1856 26a-072 Philosophie morale. J. Droz

34-4285 Speeches, lectures, and letters. B., 186333-516 Philosophie morale. P. Janet

34-3493 Phillips, Willard. Propositions concerning protec- Philosophie proverbiale. M. F. Tupper 34-5167

tion and free-trade. B., 1850 3–179 Philosoplıy. History, lexicography, and critiPhillips, William. Conquest of Kansas, by Missouri cism.

and her allies; a history of the troubles in Bayle, P. Dictionnaire historique et critique Kansas, from the passage of the organic act

34-4974 until the close of July, 1876. B., 1856 264-348

Butler, W. Archer. ' History of ancient p. Phillips, W. B. Diamond cross 18–2495

15-115 Phillips. See Philips.

Chalybaus, 11. M. Speculative philosophy, from Philly and Kit. C. Chesebro?

Kant to Ilegel

15-109 Philo Judæus. Works. Trans, by c. D. Yonge. Cory, J. P. Metaphysical inquiry. 15-309 L., 1854,5. 4v, .

32-550 Cousin, V. History of modern p. 15-102 Philobiblion, the: a monthly bibliographical jour- - Histoire de la philosophe.

34-3167 'nal. v. 1,2. N. Y., 1862,3. 4° 21-235 Enfield, W. History of .

15-29 Philological grammar.

W. Barnes
22-31 Epitome of history of

15-35 Philological museum. v. 1,2. Camb., 1832, 33.

Ferrier, J. F. Lectures on

15-138 22-486 Fleming, W. Vocabulary of .

15-143 Philoiogical proofs of the unity of the human race. Goodrich, S. G. Glance at

1.5-275 A. B. Jolines

22-458 Grote, J.' Exploratio philosophica 15-265 Philological society, transactions 1864,5. L.2 v. Ilampden, R. D. Philosophy of the middle


1.5-127 Philology. Bayly, a. Introduction to languages Lewes, G. H. 'Biographical history of 15-113 22-36 Masson, D. Recent Britislı p.

19-266 De vere, M. s. Outlines of comparative p. Maurice, F. D. Ancient and modern p. 22-415

15-222 to 5 Dwight, B. w. Modern p.

22-431 Morell, J. D. Speculative p. of Europe 15-49 Garnett, R. Philological essays 22-413 Saisset, E. Philosophie et la religion 34-5004 · Gibbs, J. W. Philological studies . 22-418 Schwegler, A. History of

15-104 - Harris, J. Philological inquiries 22-1081 Tennemann, W. G. History of 15-110 Key, T. H. Philological essays 22-461 Tyler, S. Progress of

15--155 Latham, R. G. Elements of comparative p.

Vinet, A. Outlines of

33-1368 22–462 Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Dictionnaire philosophique Müller, F. m. 'Languages of the seat of war in

34-4496 the east

22-479 Whewell, w. 'Philosophy of discovery 15-165 Lectures on language

22-478 Systems of. Townsend, J. Etymological researches 22–550 Bacon, F. Works.

15-7,500 Welsford, H. Essay on language 22-502 Berkeley, G. Works

15-82 Young, T. Languages. [Misc. works, v. 3] Bolingbroke, H. St. John, Lord. Works 15-9

11-307 Bolton, M. P. W. Inquisitio philosophica See Comparative grammar ; Language; and

15-300 names of languages.

Brann, H. A. 'Curious questions : 15-291 Philosophe sous les toits. É. Souvestre 34-3799 Brown, T. Works

15-13 Philosophers of Foufouville. By Radical Freelance Cousin, V. Philosophy of Kant :

15-174 18-4146 Craik, G. L. Bacon and his pliilosophy 15–166 Philo-Socrates W. Ellis 33-112 Culverwell, N. Light of nature

15-146 Philosopher's stone. R. Lully

8-121 Descartes, R. Meditations and principles of Philosophers. Diogenes Laertius. Lives and opin

15-230 ions of 15-184 Fischer, K. Realistic p. and its age

15-116 Fenelon. Anciens philosophes 34-3307 Hamilton, Sir W. Philosophy

15-126 Lives of

Discussions on

15-252 Figuier, L. Vies des savans

Lectures on metaphysics

1.5-129 Houssaye, A. Philosophes du 18me siècle. v. 3 Hamilton versus Mill

15-337 34-5295 Haven, J. Studies in p. and theology 1.5-31 Philosophers and actresses 30-1778 Hobbes, T. Works

33-778 Taine. II. Philosophes du XIX siècle 31-3845 Ilolbach, Baron d'. System of nature 1.;-331 Philosophical arrangements. James llarris 15-322 Hume, 1). Philosophical works 15-117 ** Philosophical enquiry concerning human liberty.” Jamieson, G. Essentials of

15-140 S. Clarke

- Laromiguiere, P. Leçons de la philosophie Philosophical instruments. McAllister & Bro. Cata:

34--001 logue 11-43 - Lowndes, R. Primary beliefs

15-255 6-873




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Philosophy. Systems of.

Phipson, T. L. The utilization of minute life;
Lucretius Carus, T. On the nature of things being practical studies on insects, crustacea,

Mansel, H. L. Philosophy of the conditioned

mollusca, worms, polypes, infusoria, and
sponges. L., 1864

15-284 See Fonvielle, W. de.
Mccosh, J. Examination of Mill:

15-276 Phoenician Ireland. J. L. Villanueva 274_1548
Martineau, J. Essays

15-282 Phoenician language. Levy, M. A. Wörterbuch
Mill, J. S. Dissertations and discussions

15-280 Phoenix, John. [Psend.) See Derby; G. i
Examination of Hamilton.
15-249 Phoenixiana. G. H. Derby

Nourrisson. Spinoza et le naturalisme contem- Phonarthron, the. W. H. Henslowe 22-390

34-4198 Phonetics, phonography, stenography, and short-
Reid, T. Works

15–59,261 hand. Angell, J. Stenography 22-10
Shields, C. W. Philosophia ultima 15-179 American phonetic journal

Spencer, H. First principles

15-193 Bennett, J. Elements of stenography 22-41
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15-70 Fonetic bib'l

See Cosmogony; Greek philosoplıy; Hindoo- Graham, A. J.' Handbook of phonography
stan, religion, etc. ; Knowledge; Logic;

Man; Materialism; Mental science; Meta-

Phonographic dictionary

physics; Moral science ; Perception ; Posi. Holdsworth, W., and W. Aldridge. Natural
tivism; Psychology; Reason ; Senses;


Thought; Understanding.

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Philosophy in sport made science in earnest

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J. E complete phonographer
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Phonographic magazine

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The phrase book

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v. Schlegel

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11-156 See Alphabets.
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32-609 Photius. Myriobiblon sive bibliotheca librorum quos
Philosophy of progress. H. J. Slack


legit et censuit Photius. Græcè editit D.
Philosophy of religion. T. Dick .


Hoeschelius. Latinè redditit A. Schottus.
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Rothomagi, 1653. fo.

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Sec Sozomen

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topographical, and scientitic, of the seat of

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266-402 Ruined abbeys and castles of Great Britain and
Phineas Finn. A. Trollope


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- See Hertz, H.

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Certain dry processes in

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