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years in

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Bayard, P. du Terrail

. Kindersley, E. C. The Beames, J. Brief view of the writ ne exeat regno,
very joyous history of the achievements of with practical remarks upon it as an equitable
the good knight without fear and without

process. 1st Am. ed., with notes of recent
reproach (based on that of "le loyal servi- decisions by H. W. Warner. N. Y., 1821. 8°
teur"'). L., 1848

Simms, W. G. Life of


Doctrine of courts of equity, with respect to costs.
Walford, E. The story of, from the French

Ph., 1838. 80

v. 22 of 2-55
of the loyal servant, M. du Berville and Beames, T. The rookeries of London : past, present
others. L., 1868

and prospective. L., 1870

Buy path. J. G. Holland

18–1451 Beamishi, N. L. History of the king's German legion.
Bayle, P. Dictionnaire historique et critique. 5'me L., 1832. 2 v. 80

ed. Avec la vie de l'auteur par Mr. Des Beamisli, R. Lecture on the functions of the skin
Maizeaux. Amst., 1740. 4 34-4974

and the value of the bath, with special refer-
Bayley, J. History and antiquities of the tower of ence to the improved Turkish bath. L., 1859.
London. With memoirs of royal and dis-


tinguished persons.
2d ed. Lond., 1830

Memoir of the life of Sir Ni. I. Brunel, c. E. L.,
1802. go

Bayley, J. R. Memoirs of S. w; G. Braté. With

Bear hunters. A. Bowman :

sketches of the French revolution. N. Y., Beard, C. Port Royal, a contribution to the history


of religion and literature in France. L., 1861.
Baylies. F. Historical memoir of the colony of

New Plymouth. B., 1830. 2 v. 8° 26°-11 Beard, J. R. ' Life of Toussaint L'Ouverture, the
Bayly, A. Introduction to languages, literary and negro patriot of Hayti. L., 1853 30-740

philosophical, especially the English, Latin, (Ed.) The progress of religious thought in the
Greek and Hebrew ; exhibiting at one view protestant church of France; being essays and
their grammar, rationale, analogy and idiom. reviews trans. from the French, with an in-
L., 1758. 89


troductory essay on the Oxford essays and
Bayly, Mary. Ragged homes and how to mend

reviews. L., 1861

them. L., 1860.

2-539 Beardsley, E. E. The history of the P. E. church
Workmen and their difficulties.


in Connecticut. N. Y., 1866. 80 32-1850

2–538 Beasley, F. Search of truth in the science of the
Bayly, T. H. The barrack room. F's M. D. V. 2

human mind. Ph., 1822. go

24-113 Beaseley. Is le jealous. F's M. D. v. 24-113
The daughter. ' F's M. D. v. 15 24-113 Beatitudes. Who are the blessed ? or, meditations
Forty and fifty. F's M. D.

on the b.

Perfection. F's S. D). v. 4.

24-221 Beaton, P. Creoles and coolies; or,
The Swiss cottage. F's M. D.

Mauritius. L., 1859

Tom Noddy's secret. F's M. D. v. 35 24-113 Six months in reunion; a clergyman's holiday.
See Flowers of loveliness

L., 1800. 2 v.

Bayma, J. Elements of molecular mechanics. L., See Frankl's Jews in the east


Beatrice. J. Kavanagh

Bayne, P. Christian life, social and individual.

Beatrice. C. Sinclair

B., 18.75
32-591 Beatrice Boville. De Larame

- Essays in biography and criticism. B., 1858.

Beatrice Cenci. F. D. Guerrazzi

2 v.
33-402 Béatrix. H. De Balzac

The testimony of Christ to Christianity. B.,

Béatrix. E. Legouvé


Comédie en prose

See Documents relating to settlement of church Beattie, Jas. Dissertations, moral and critical.
of England

Ph., 1809. 3 v.

Baynes, R. H. English lyrics-a collection of Eng. Elements of moral science. Ph., 1809. 3 v.
lish poetry of the present day. L., 1865

23-809 Essays. Ph., 1809. ' 3 v.

Baynes, T. s. Essay on the new analytic of logi. Minstrel and other poems, with miscellanies, by
cal forms. E., 1850. 8


J. H. Beattie, and an account of his life and
Bayonet exercise. McClellan, G. B.' Manual of

character. Ph., 1809 .

6-642 Poetical works,

ith a memoir of the author, by
Bazancourt, Baron de. ' La campagne d'Italie de A. Dyce. B., 1854

18,79. 2'me ed. P., 1860.2 v. 80 34-4852 (Walsh's Br. poets)

The Crimean expedition to the capture of Se- Forbes, w. Account of ihe life and writings of
bastopol. Trans. by R. H. Gould. L., 1856.


278-2873 See Collins, w
– L'expedition de Crimée: 5'me ed. P. 1857.

Beauchamp. G. P. R. James

34-4302 Beauchampe. W. G. Simms

Noblesse oblige. B., 1813

34-4303 Beauchesne, A. de. Louis XVII., his life, suffering
Beach, E. T. P. Pelayo — an epic of the olden

and death. Trans. by W. Ilazlitt. N. Y.,
Moorish time. N. Y., 1866


Beale, A. Simplicity and fascination 18–295 Beauclercs, the. C. Clarke

Beale, L. J. Laws of health in relating to mind Beaufort, Margaret. Life by C. A. IIalsted 30-2318

and body. A series of letters from an old Beaufoy. See Barrington, D.

practitioner to a patient. Ph., 1851 10-131 Beaujour, Felix. View of the commerce of Greece,
Beale, L. S. How to work with the microscope.

from 1787 to 1797. Trans. from French by
301 ed. L., 1865 .

T. H. Horne. L., 1800. 89

Structure and growth of the tissues, and on Beaumarchais, P. A. C. de. L'autre Tartuffe, ou la
Jite. L., 186.5


mère coupable. (Le Texier.) 34-4832
Beale, T. The natural history of the sperm whale, Euvres choisies, (T. 3'me) la mère coupable-

with a sketch of a Soutli-sea whaling voyage. drame; Tarare-opera; poesies diverses. P.,
L., 1839


Brall, J.Y. Trial of John Y. Beall

, as a spy and Beaumarchais and his times. 1. de Loménie 274-1790
guerrillero, by a military commission. N. Y., Beaumarchais dans l'atraire Goezman. Sainte-Beuve
1865. 8°. 94 pp.

34-4402 1808

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v. 10

Beaumarchais-an historical novel. A. E. Brach- Beauvoir Priaulx. Sec Priaulx. vogel

18-4075 Beaux messieurs de Bois-doré, les. M'me Dudevant Beaume. See La Beaume.

et Paul Meurice

34-5271 Beaumont, M'me Elie de. See Elie de Beaumont. Beaver. Morgan, L. H.' The American b. and his Beaumont, F., and J. Fletcher. Works, with an


9–726 introduction by G. Darley. L., 1840. 2 v. Beawes, w. Correct tables for calculating the ex89.


change between London and other places. The finest scenes, lyrics, and other beauties of L., 1755. fo

1-512 those two poets selected, to the exclusion of Beazley, S. The steward. Altered from T. Holwhatever is morally objectionable. L. Hunt croft's Deserted daughter. F's S. D. [ed.] 2d ed. L., 1862 24-216

24-221 Beggar's bush. See Kinnaird, D. 24-107 Beccaria, c. B. s. Essay on crimes and punish


ments. Trans. from the Italian, with comBonduca-tragedy. Altered by Geo. Colman. mentary by M. De Voltaire. Trans. from the B. B. T. v. 11.


French, by E. D. Ingraham. Ph., 1819. 80 The chances." A comedy. İ. B. T.

2-540 24-141 See Price, R. - The elder brother (altered).' F's's. D. v. 9 Becher, J. T. The constitution of friendly societies


exemplified. 5th ed. L., 1829. 1-276 The false M. B. D. v. 1

24-142 Bechler, G. R. Atlas showing battles and important A king and no king. M. B. D. v. 1 24-142

localities connected with the campaigns in The maid's tragedy. M. B. D. v. 1 24-142 Virginia. Ph., 1864. 8 v.

20_574 Philaster. M. B. D. v. 1

24-142 Military map referring to the campaigns of the Philaster--tragedy. Altered. B. B. T.

army of the Potomac. Ph., [1861] 23-302

24-71 Bechstein, J. M. Cage and chamber birds; their Rule wife and have a wife. B. B. T.

natural history, habits, food, diseases, man24-71

agement and modes of capture, with addi. Same. 1. B. T. v. 14


tions, by H. G. Adams, incorporating the Same. S. B. T.

whole of Sweet's British warblers.

L., 1856 Thierry and Theodoret. M. B. D. v. 1 24–142

9-511 See Fletcher, J.; Knowles, J. S.

Bechstein, L. Deutsches Sagenbuch. L., 1853. 8.

', Beaumont, Mme Leprince de.' See Leprince.

34-2413 Beaumont, J. (Sanford's Br. poets.)

23-72 Beck, T. R. and J. B.

Medical jurisprudence. Beaumont, Wm. Experiments and observations on 11th ed. Revised by C. R. Gilman. Ph., 1860. the gastric juice, and the physiology of diges

2 v. 80

10-270 tion. Plattsb., 1833. 8°

10-9 Beck, L. C. Mineralogy of New York. [ Nat. hisi. Beaumont-Vassy. E.'de. Histoire des états Italiens of New York.] Alb., 1842. 4° . 9-1225 depuis le congrès de Vienne. P., 1850. 89 Becker, G. J. Treatise on the theory and practice


of book-keeping by double entry. Ph., 1851. Beaunoir, Mme de. Le sculpteur. Le Texier. .


1-80 v. 1 of 34-4832 Becker, K. F.' Grammar of the German language, Beau-Pere, un. C. de Bernard


3d ed., adapted to the use of English students, Beauquier, C. Philosophie de la musique. P., 1865 by J. W. Fraedersdorf, L., 1855 22-39

34–4426 Becker, W. A. Charicles-illustrations of the private Beauseincourt, romance of. C. A. Warfield 18-3426 life of the ancient Greeks. L., 1834 274_3059 Beauties of England and Wales. See Brewer, J. Gallus; or, Roman scenes of the time of AugusM.; and Britton, J.

tus: with notes and excursuses illustrative of Beauties and wonders of vegetable life; or, rambles the manners and customs of the Romans. L., in parks, forests, conservatories, orchards,


272_2113 gardens, fields and heaths. L.

9-94 Becket, Thomas Á. Giles, J. A. . Life and letters Beauties, harmonies, and sublimities of nature. C.

30-1725 Bucke

9-980 Robertson, J. C. Biography : 30-987 Beauties of faith, the.

Leaves from the

Ave Beckett, G. A. a. Angelo, or the actress of Padua. Maria." N. Y., 1867


F's S. D.
V. 23

24-291 Beauties of French history. N. Y., 1846 27-1611 The comic Blackstone

18-298 Beauties of the isle of Wight. W. H. D. Adams Comic history of England, with colored etchings


and woodcuts by J. Leech. L., 1855. 2 v. Beauties of the court of Charles II. A. Jameson 80

272_54 30-603 Comic history of Rome. Illustrated by J. Beautiful city and the king of glory.' w. Davis Leech. L. 80

274_2145 32-899 The Siamese twins. 'F's M. D. v. 28

24-113 Beautiful thoughts from Greek authors. C. T.

The turned head. F's M. D.

24-113 Ramage

22-1371 Beckford, P. Thouglits on hunting, with a chapBeautiful widow. M. W. Shelley 18-2832

ter on coursing. L., 1847

20-310 Beauty. Ellis, Mrs. S. S. The beautiful in nature Beckford, W. Italy, Spain, and Portugal, with an and art


excursion to the monasteries of Alcobaça and Gilpin, w. observations on i.

Batalha. N. Y., 181.7. 2 v.

271-70 Hays, D. R. Science of

5–181 Italy; with Sketches of Spain and Portugal. llogarth, W. Analysis of

Ph., 1834. 2 v.

271-68 Walker, A. Analysis of b. in woman 5-108

Recollections of an excursion to the monasteries Walker, Mrs. A. Female b.


of Alcobaça and Batalla. Ph., 1835 271-69 See Esthetics.

Vathek, an Arabian tale

18-299 Beauty of the heavens. C. F. Blunt 12-40 Memoirs of. L., 1859. 2 v.

30-1105 Beauty's mirror-a companion to the toilet. L., 1839 Beckmann, John. History of inventions, discover


ies, and origins. Trans. from German by Beauvallet, L.' Rachel and the new world. N. Y., W. Jolinston. 4th ed. L., 1840. ? v. 6–818 1856

264-307 Beckwith, E. L. Practical notes on wine, L., Beauvallet. E. De Mirecourt

6-101 Beauvoir, R. e. Satia .

18-297 Beckworth, J. P. Bonner, J. Life ani adventures Sous le masque. P., 1857 3+1331 1 of J. P. B.



V. 28


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Becon, T. Catechism; with other pieces written in Beecher, Mrs. H. W. From dawn to daylight the reign of Edward VI. Edited for the Parker

18-304 society by J. Ayre. Camb., 1844. 8° 32-1201

Beecher, L. 'Autobiography and correspondence. Beddoe, T. Observations on the medical and do

Ed. by C. Beecher. N. Y., 1864, 5. 2 v. mestic management of the consumptive; on

30-1501 the powers of digitalis purpurea, and on the

A plen for the west.' 21 ed. Cin., 1835 265-2 cure of scrofula. L., 1801.

10-10 | Beechey, F. W. Narrative of a voyage to the PaBede, the Venerable. Ecclesiastical history of Eng- cific and Beering's strait. Pl., 1832. 80 land; also the Anglo-Saxon chronicle. Edited

29b_308 by J. A. Giles. L., 1847

32-21 and H. W. Proceedings of the expedition to Bede, Cuthbert. [Pseud.] See Bradley, E.

explore the northern coast of Africa (1821-2). Bedell, G. T. Sermons; with a biographical sketch L., 1828. 40

285-917 by S. H. Tyng. Ph., 1835. 2 v. 8° 32-26 Beechey, H. W. Memoir of Sir J. Reynolds 5–389 Tyng, S. H. Memoir of 30-1032 Beeclinut. J. Abbott

18-6 Bedford, A. Remonstrance in behalf of the Chris- Beer, G. J. See Frick, G.

tian religion against the horrid blasphemies Beer. Busbnan, J. S. Burton and its bitter b. and impieties of English play-louses. L.,

0-298 1719. 80 24-176 Pitt, J. How to brew good b.

6-522 Bedford, John Russell (41) Duke of). Correspond- Beers, D. G. Atlas of the state of Delaware.

Ph., ence; with an introduction by Lord John

1868. 4°

25-312 Russell, L., 1842. 3 v. 80

278-56 Bees. Huish, R. Nat. history and general Bédolliere. See La Bédolliere.

agement of b.

4-211 Bee-hunter, the, J. F. Cooper

18-728 Langstroth, L. L. Hive and honey-bee 4-212 Bee-hunter, hive of the. T. B. Thorpe 18-3229 Miner, T. B. Am. bee-keeper's manual 4-83 Bee-hunters. G. Aimard

18-107 Nutt, T. Humanity to honey bees 4-234 Beechcroft. Miss C. M. Yonge 18-3612 Practical management of

4-54 Beecher, C. E. An appeal to the people in behalf Quinby, M. Bee-keeping explained 4-250

of their rights as authorized interpreters of Samuelson, J., and J. B. Hicks. The honey-
the bible. N. Y., 1860


94625 Common sense applied to religion; or, the Seudamore, E." Artificial swarms:

4235 bible and the people. N. Y., 1857 32-900 Wildman, T. Management and nat. hist. 4-213 Domestic receipt-book. Supplement to treatise Beesly, E. S. England and the sea 274_1250 on domestic economy. 3d ed. N. Y., 1858 Beethoven, L. von. Sämmtliche compositionen.


Revis. von F. Liszt. Wolfenbüttel. 15 v. An essay on slavery and abolitionism with refer 4o.

5-840 ence to the duty of American females. Ph., Letters (1790–1826.) Trans. by Lady Wallace. 18:37

N. Y., 1867. 2 v.

33-1333 Letters on the difficulties of religion. Hartford, Muss in c, in vocal score. B., n. d. 8° 5-841 1836

32-25 Barbadette, H. Esquisse musicale 34-4582 Letters to persons who are engaged in domestic Lenz, W. de. Beethoven et ses trois styles 34-3999 service. N. Y., 1842

33-453 Life of, including his correspondence with his Religious training of children in the school,


30-38 family, and church. N. Y., 1864 32-1317 Müller, W. Passages from life of . 30-1672 - Treatise on domestic economy, for the use of Beeton, Isabella. Book of household management. young ladies at home and at school. N. Y., L., 1864

6-154 1815

6-155 · How to dine, dinners and dining, with bills of True remedy for the wrongs of woman, with a fare for all the year. L.

0–152 history of an enterprise having that for its ob. Ilow to manage house and servants. L. 6-153 ject. B., 1851

13-35 Beeton, S. O., and J. Sherer. (Eds.) Beeton's Beecher, Charles. Redeemer and redeemed; an in- dictionary of universal information, witli pro

vestigation of the atonement and of eternal nunciation and etymology of leading terms. judgment. B., 1864


Vol. 1—Geography, history, biography, myPeview of the spiritual manifestations." N.Y., thology, bible knowledge, chronology. Vol. 1853


2-Summary of the moral, mathematical, Beecher, E. Baptism with reference to its import plıysical and natural sciences; description of and modes. N. Y., 1849


the arts; synopsis of literary knowledge. Conflict of ages. B., 1854

L., n. d. 2 v. 8°

33-781,2 Narrative of riots at Alton, in connection with Bect-root sugar and the cultivation of the beet. E. the death of E. P. Lovejoy. Alton, 18:38

B. Grant

6-329 204-001 Beets, Nicolaas. Life and character of J. H. Van Beecher, H. W. Eyes and ears. B., 1862 33-913 der Palm, with sermons; trans. from the Freedom and war: discourses on topics sug.

Dutch by J. P. Westervelt. N. Y., 1865 gested by the times. B., 1863 32-1146

32-1699 Lectures to young men, on various important Beets, Nicolas (Hildebrand).' scènes de la vie holsubjects. N. Y., 1851


landaise. Trad. de L. Wocquier. P., 18.56 Life-thoughts, gathered from his extemporane

34-3396 (us discourses. B., 1858 32-747 Beggars' opera. Dr. Pepusch

5-869 New star papers; or, views and experiences of Beggars. Book of vagabonds and b. 33-817 religious subjects. N. Y., 1859. 32-898 Beginning life. J. Tullock .

32-1054 Norwood; or village life in New England Behavior. See Etiquette, Manners. 18-1015 Beliaviour book. Miss Leslie

33-252 Plain and pleasant talk about fruits, flowers and Behind the counter.

T. Dew. Talmadge 1-u. p. farming. N. Y., 1859 4-101 Behind the scenes. Lady Bulwer

18-499 Prayers from the Plymouth pulpit. N. Y., 1867 Behind the scenes. E. Keckley

30-2361 32-23346 Belind the scenes in Paris

18-308 Rosal traths. B., 1866 32-1863 Behn, Mrs. A. IIistories and novels

18-305 Sermons. L., 1864.

32-1958 Beke, C. T. Sources of the Nile; being a general Suar papers: or, experiences of art and nature.

survey of the basin of that river and of its head VY., 15.5.5


streams, with the history of Nilotic discovery. Moore, A. Notes from Plymouth pulpit 32-786

L., 1860. 89


2 v.

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Beke, C. T. British captives in Abyssinia. 2d ed. L., 1967. So

281-567 Belani, II. C. R. Gæthe und sein Liebeleben. L., 1866. 3 v.

34-542 Belcher, E. The last of the Arctic voyages ; a nar

rative of the expedition in search of Sir John Franklin during the years 1852–54, with notes on the natural history by J. Richardson, Prof. Owen, T. Bell, J. W. Salter and L. Reeve. L., 1855. 2 v.


296--153 Narrative of the voyage of H. M. S. Samarang

in 1843-46 in the islands of the Eastern Archipelago, with notes on the natural history of the islands by A. Adams. L., 1848. 2 v. 89

296-104 Belcher, J. The Baptist pulpit of the U. S. ; pas

sages from the sermons of two hundred Bap.

tist ministers. 2d ed. N. Y., 1853 32-1136 The clergy of America ; anecdotes illustrative

of the character of ministers in the U. S. Ph., 1819

32-1137 - George Whitfield; 'a biography, with special

reference to his labors in America. N. Y., 18.77

30–969 Historical sketches of hymns, their writers and their influence. Ph., 1859

32-839 Religious denominations in the U. s.; their

history, doctrine, government and statistics, with a preliminary sketch of Judaism, Paganism and Mohammedanism. Ph., 1857.

32–1282 Belden, A. R. Thrilling incidents and narratives

for Christian parents and their children. Aub., 1852

32-408 Belden, E. P. New York; past, present and future. N. Y., 1851

265_539 Belfast, history of the town of; with a statistical

survey of the parish of Belfast, and a description of some remarkable antiquities in its

neighborhood. Bel., 1823. 8° 274_1428 Belford Regis. Mary R. Mitford

18-2222 Belforest. Miss A. Manning

18-2054 Belgian traveller ; a picture of the empire of Bona

parte and his federate nations ; being a tour through Holland, France and Switzerland in 1804–5 ; in a series of letters from a nobleman to a minister of state. Middletown, Conn.,

1807. Belgiojoso, M'me la Princesse, c. t. de. Emina

récits turco-asiatiques. P., 1856 34-4014 Oriental harems and scenery. N. Y., 1862

286_-405 Belgium. Anthon, c. E. Pilgrimage to Treves

271_50 Bell, R. Wayside pictures

276-231 Burn, R. S. Agricultural tour

4-174 Handbook for travellers. (Murray) 276-481 Quin, M. J. Steam voyages

276_45 Tableau gen. de la cominerce (1838–40) 34-4973 Trollope, F. Belgium in 1833

276_51 Viardot, L. Musées de Belgique 34-3973 and Nassau ; or, the continental tourist. L., 89

276-385 - See Flanders, Waterloo. Belgravia ; a London magazine, conducted by M. E. Braddon. v. 1-5. Lond., 1866-68. 80

17-49.5 Belial; a novel

18-1710 Belinda. M. Edgeworth. 18–968; and v. 8 of

18-977 Bélisaire. J. F. Marmontel

34-3518 Belisarius. Mahon's life of

30-31 M. Marmontel

18-3725 Belisle, D. W. History of independence hall; em

bracing biographies of the immortal signers of the declaration of independence. Ph., 1859

264_436 Belknap, J. American biography, with additions

Belknap, J. History of New Hampshire to the

year 1790, with a geographical description

of the state, &c. B., 1792. 3 v. 26_12 Bell, Acton. [Pseud.) See Bronte, Anne. Bell, Andrew. History of feudalism, British and

continental. New cd. by C. R. Edmonds. L., 1803

274_3368 Life of. By R. and C. c. Southey 30-1126 Bell, A. M. Principles of speech and vocal physi.

ology and dictionary of sounds, with directions for the cure of stammering. New ed. L., n. d.

22-609 Bell, A.'N. Knowledge of living things, with the

laws of their existence. N. Y., 1860 9-907 Bell, C. D. Children's mirror ; or, which is my likeness

18-312 Hope Campbell; or, know thyself 18-1494 Lily Gordon, the young housekeeper 18-1911 Rest and unrest

18-310 Rosa's wish

18314 Bell, Sir C. Anatomy and philosophy of expres

sion as connected with the fine arts. 3d ed., enlarged. L., 1844. 8

5-116 Anatomy of the brain explained in a series of engravings. L., 1802. 4°

10-1008 Engravings of the arteries, serving as an intro

duction to the surgery of the arteries. 211 ed. L., 1806. 8°

10-785 The hand; its mechanism and vital endow. ments as evincing design. 5th ed. L., 1852

10-143 Nervous system of the human body. L., 1844. go

10-203 Pichot, A. Life and labors of

30-1287 Bell, Currer. [Pseud.] See Bronte, Charlotte. Bell, Ellis. [Pseud.) See Bronte, Emily. Bell, Evans. The empire in India. L., 1864. 80

282207 Remarks on the Mysore blue-book. L., 1866. 80

282_249 Bell, G. J. Contract of sale of goods and merchandise. Ph., 1845. 8°

v.50 of 2-55 Bell, H. G. Life of Mary queen of Scots. n. Y., 1837. 2 v..

30-352 Bell, H. n. The Huntingdon peerage, with a gene

alogical and biographical history of the house of Hastings. L., 1820. 4°

30-2033 Bell, James. System of geography, popular and

scientific; or, a physical, political and statistical account of the world. L., 1851. 6 v. 8o

25-100 Bell, John, M. D., of Edin. 'Observations on Italy. B., 1826

276-03 On regimen and longevity. Ph., 1842 10-15 Bell, John, M. D., of Lond. Engravings of the bones. Ph., 1816. 40

10-13 and D. F. Condie. Facts in the history of epi

demic cholera ; a report to the board of health. Ph., 1832. 8°

10-42 Bell, John, M.D., of Phila. Influence of medicinean oration. Ph., 1828. 8°

10-79 Mineral and thermal springs of the United States and Canada. Ph., 1855

10-150 Report on the importance and economy of sani

tary measures to cities. N. Y., 1860. 8° 10-215 A treatise on baths, and on the watery regimen,

hydropathy, and pulmonary inhalation. Ph., 1850. 8°

10-127 See Rayer, P. Bell, Jolin. [Pub.] British theatre. L., 1791-9.

27-71 Bell, Jolin. Poets of Great Britain, from Chaucer

to Churchhill; with lives by S. Jolinson and
others. L., 1807. 61 double vols., viz.:
I to VII. Chaucer

23-470 VIII to XII. Spenser

2:3-471 XIII. Waller

23-472 XIV and XV. Milton

23-473 XVI and XVII. Butler and Roscommon

and notes by F. M. Hubbard. N. Y., 1813. 3 v.




34 v.

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v. 1


V. 5

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Bell, John. Poets of Great Britain, from Chaucer Belle of the family. Mrs. Grey

18-1271 to Churchill ; with lives by S. Johnson and Belle-Rose. A. Achard

34-3009 others. L., 1807. 61 double vols., viz. : Belle Scott; or, liberty overthrown

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