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Banished man, the. Charlotte Smith 18-2929 Barbary. Russell, M. History and present con-
Banished son. Mrs. C. L. Hentz

dition of states of B.

Banner of the covenant. R. Simpson 32-1391 Sala, G. A. A trip to B.

Bannister, J. Adolphus, J. Memoirs of 30-1318 Sumner, C. White slavery in B. 282_101
Bannister, J. T. Temples of the Hebrews; their See Algeria ; Morocco ; Tunis.

courts, sanctuaries, furniture, and festivals. Barbauld, Å. L. Life of S. Richardson. v. 1 of
L., 1861

Bannister, N. 11.' Putman, F's s. D. vol. 39 See Aikin, John.

24-221 Barbedette, H. Beethoven-Esquisse musicale. La
Bannister, s. William Paterson, the founder of the Rochelle, 1859. 8°

bank of England; his life and trials.

Weber-Essai de critique musicale. P., 1862.


Bannister, Saxe, (Ed.) Journal of the first French Barbee, W. J. Physical and moral aspects of geo-
embassy to China, 1698–1700. L., 1859. 80

logy. Ph., 1861

286_304 The cotton question. Production, export, man-
Banting, w. ' Letter on corpulence. 3d ed. L.,

ufacture and consumption of cotton. N. Y.,


Banvard, J. The American statesman; or, illustra- Barber, J. w. Historical collections of the state of
tions of the life and character of D. Webster.

New Jersey; with geographical descriptions
B., 1853


of every township in the state. N. Y., 18-17.
Novelties of the new world. B., 1856 26-357 89

Plymouth and the pilgrims; or, incidents of ad- History and antiquity of every town in Massa-
venture in the history of the first settlers. B.,

chusetts. Worcester, 1841. go


264-276 Barber, M. A. S. Redemption in Israel ; or, narra-
Romance of American history as illustrated in tives of conversions among the Jews.
the early settlements. B., 1852 . 264-650


Tragic scenes in the history of Maryland and Barber of Bantry. G. Griffin

the old French war. B., 1856 264_336 Barbeyrac, J. Histoire des anciens traitéz (1496 B.
Baptist, Father. See Ailey Moore


C.-813 A. D.) Amst., 1739. fo 34-4968
Baptist quarterly. v. 1. Ph., 1867. 80 32-2083 Barbier, A. A. Dictionnaire des ouvrages anon-
Baptism and baptists. Adams, N. Bertha and ymes et pseudonymes. P., 1806–9. 4 v.
her baptism.

Beecher, E. Import and modes
32-1684 Barbier de Paris, le. c. P. je Kock :

Beicher, J. Baptist pulpit of the United States Barchester Towers. A. Trollope

32-1136 Barclays of Boston. Mrs. H. G. Otis 18-2101
Brown, J. N. Memorials of baptist martyrs Barclay, A. W. Dissertation on temperament. Ber-

lin, 1840

Conant, T. J. Meaning and use of baptizein Manual of medical diagnosis, being an analysis


of the signs and symptoms of disease. Ph.,
Cox, F. A. and J. Lloby. Baptists in America 1858.



Barclay, D. Kerr, J. Trials of
Crosby, T English baptists

32-64 Barclay, J. Complete and universal English dic-
Cutting, S. S. Historical vindications 32–2378 tionary on a new plan. L., 1782. go 22-26
Featley, D. The dippers dipt

32-2302 Bungay edition of Barclay's dictionary. L.,
Gérvaise, abbé. Bapteme des morts 34-4471

1813. 4°

Goode, W. Doctrine of the church of Eng. Barclay, J. T. City of the great king; Jerusalem
land as to baptism of infants


as it was, as it is, and as it is to be. Ph.,
Hinton, J. T. History of

1858. 8°

Noel, B. W. Essay on Christian baptism Barclay, R. Apology for the true Christian divinity,

32-1463 being an explanation and vindication of the
Wayland, F. Principles and practices *32–655 principles and doctrines of the Quakers.
Bar, the, criticisms on. J. P. Collier

Ph., 1850. 80

Bar sinister. C. A. Collins

18-676 Barclay, Sidney. See Post, Lydia M.
Barante, A. G. P. B. de. Histoire du directoire de Bard, S. A. [Pseud.] See Squier, E. G.

la répub. française. P., 1855. 3 v. 8° 34–4924 Bards. Nash, D. W. Taliesin ; or, the bards and
Littérature française, pendant le XVIII Siecle.

Druids of Britain

4'me ed. P., 1824.

31-4743 Skene, W. F. The four ancient books of Wales
Baratariana. A select collection of fugitive political

pieces, published during the administration Bards of the bible.' J. Gilfillan

of Lord Townshend in Ireland. 3d ed. Dub- Bardwell, II. Memoir of Rev. Gordon Hall, one of
lin, 1777


the first missionaries at Bombay. And., 18+
Barbadou's Poyer, J. listory

Schomburgk, R. H. History; geographical and Bardwell, Wm. Healthy homes and how to make


L. 89

See British empire in America: v. 2

264-27 Baretti, G. See Comelati, G.; Neuman & Baretti.
Barbara, C. L'Assassinat du Pont-rouge.

Baretti, J. A journey from London to Genoa,
interdite: B. and L., 18.55


through England, Portugal, Spain and
Histoires Émouvantes.' P., 1856 34-3067

France. L., 1770. 4 v. 8°

Barbara's history. A. B. Edwards 1&_990 & 3933 Barham, R. H. Cousin Nicholas

Barbarian, the. F. Halm. Adapted by Maria Lovell. Ingoldsby legends; or, mirth and marvels
v. 12 of 24-221

Barbarossa. [Pseud.) See Scott, J.

Barhydt,' p. P. Industrial exchanges and social
Barbarossa. An historical novel. C. von Boladen remedies, with a consideration of taxation.

N. Y., 1849

Barbaroux, o.; et T. Séron. Histoire des États-Unis. Baring-Gould, S. The book of were-wolves. L.,
Ph., 18.58


Barbary. 'Jardine, A. Letters from B.
296_26 Curious myths of the middle

ages. L., 1966
Lady's diary in B.

Margolioutb, M. Pilgrimage io the land of my Iceland ; 'its scenes and




L., 1863.

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2 v.

2 v.

Baring-Gould, s. See Henderson, W.

Barnard, M. R. Sport in Norway, and where to Barker, G. T. Instructions in the preparation, ad

find it: with a short account of the vegetable ministration and properties of nitrous oxide. productions of the country, and a list of the 2d ed. Ph., 1867. 89


Alpine flora and the Norwegian ferns. L., Barker, Jacob. Incidents in the life of. w., 1855. 1864

271-668 80 30-1999 Barnave. J. Janin

343425 Barker, Joseph. See Berg, J. F.

32-1669 Barnes, A. The atonement, in its relations to law Barker, M. H. Land and sea tales

and moral government. Ph., 1859

32-794 The warlock

18–1806a Church and slavery. Ph., 1857 32-1580 Barker, T. H. On the hygienic management of in- Evidences of Christianity in the nineteenth cen

fants and children. L., 1859. 80 10-208 tury. (Lectures on the “Ely foundation.'') Barker, Wm. B. Lares and Penates; or, Cilicia N. Y., 1868

32-2354 and its governors.

With a description of – Inquiries and suggestions in regard to the founsome household gods of the ancient Cilicians.

dation of faith in the word of God. Ph., L., 1853. 8°


32-766 Short historical account of the Crimea. Inquiry into the scriptural views of slavery. 1855

Ph., 1857

32-1581 Barlee, E. Friendless and helpless. Lond., 1863 Miscellaneous essays and reviews. N. Y., 1855. 2-529

33-264 Barley Wood.' Mrs. J. M. Parker 18-2430 Notes, critical,, illustrative and practical, on the Barlow, H. C. Critical, historical and philosophical

book of Job; with a new translation and an contributions to the study of the divina com

introductory dissertation. N. Y., 1844.
media. L., 1864. 8°

32-16 Essays on symbolism. L.; 1866

32-2260 Notes, critical, explanatory and practical on the Barlow, J. Advice to the privileged orders of Eu- book of Isaiah. N. Y., 1856. 2 v. 32-738

rope resulting from the necessity of a general Notes, critical, illustrative and practical, on the
revolution in the principle of government. book of Daniel; with an introductory disser-
Part I. L., 1792. 8°

tation. N. Y., 1853

32-471 Columbiad, a poem.

Ph., 1807. '40 23-1300 Notes, explanatory and practical, on the gosBarlow, P. An elementary investigation of the pels. Designed for Sunday-school teachers theory of numbers. Ľ., 1811. 8° 14-40

and bible classes. N. Y., 1857. 2 v. 32-696 Barnabas, St. See Apostolical fathers.

Acts of the apostles. N. Y., 1857 32-697 Barnabé Rudge. Chas. Dickens

Romans. N. Y., 1855

32-698 Barnaby, N.°See Adams, W. H. D. : 274-6

First Corinthians. N. Y., 1855 32-699 Barnaby Rudge. C. Dickens


Second Corinthians and Galatians. N. Y., The same. (In Master Humphrey's clock.)

1854 .

32-700 18-870 Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians. N. Barnard, 'G. Drawing from nature. 1., 1865.

Y., 1855

32-701 5-726 Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus and Phile– The theory and practice of landscape painting

mion. N. Y., 1854

32-702 in water colors. L., 1858. 80

Hebrews. N.'Y., 18555

32-703 Barnard, H. Lite, educational principles and me- James, Peter, Jolin and Jude. `N. Y., 1855 thods of J. H. Pestalozzi; with biographical

32-704 sketches of several of his assistants and dis

Revelations. n. Y., 1852 : 32–361 ciples. N. Y., 1859. 8°

13-33 A pastor's appeal to the young. Phila., 1840 Military schools and courses of instruction in

32-17 the science and art of war. Part 1: France The way of salvation. A sermon; with deand Prussia. Ph., 1862. 80

fence. N. Y., 1836

32-739 National education in Europe; an account of Way of salvation ; illustrated in a series of dis. the organization, administration, instruction

Ph., 1855

32-610 and statistics of public schools of different Barnes, C. M. S. Plays, prose and poetry. Ph., grades in the principal states. 2d ed. Hart.,


24-4 1854. 89

13-28 Barnes, L. B. Congregational barp. A collection Normal schools and other agencies for the pro- of tunes, sentences and chants designed for

fessional education of teachers. Hart., 1851. congregational and social use. B., n. d. ob. 8°

5-1018 Object teaching and oral lessons on social sci- Barnes, w. Se gefylsta (the helper); an Anglo

ence and common things. Reprinted from the Saxon delectus. Serving as a first-class book American journal of education. N. Y., of the language. 2d ed. L., 1866

22-32 1860. 80

13-30 Grammar and glossary of the Dorset dialect. Papers for the teacher, from the Am. jour. of ed. Berlin, 1863.

22-28 1st series. N. Y., 1860. 8° 13-31 Philological grammar, grounded upon Englisli

, (Ed.) Educational documents of Connecticut and formed from a comparison of more than for 1853. Hart., 1853. 8°


sixty languages. Being an introduction to School architecture. N. Y., 1848 : 5-89

the science of grammar, and a help to gramBarnard, J. G. Notes on sea-coast defence ; con

mars of all languages, especially English, sisting of sea-coast fortification, the fifteen

Latin and Greek. L., 1854. 8° 29-31 inch gun and casement embrasures. N. Y., Poems of rural life, in the Dorset dialect, with 1861. 80


a dissertation and glossary. L., 1844 23-771 – Peninsular campaign and its antecedents, as de- Tiw ; or, a view of the roots and stems of the

veloped by the report of Maj.-Gen. G. B. Mc- English as a Teutonic tongue. L., 1862 22-30 Clellan and other published documents. N. Barnes, W. H. Body politic. Cin., 1866 2-530 Y., 1864. 80

264_563 History of the 39th Congress. Indianapolis, See Williams, J. J.

1867. 80

2049.52 and Barry, W. F. Report of the engineer and Barnett, M. Bold dragoons. Fs s. D., vol. 18 artillery operations of the army of the Poto

24-221 N. Y., 1863. 80

6-561 The serious family.' F's's. D., vol. 10 24-221 Barnard, M. R. Life of Thorwaldsen. Collated The Yankee peddler. F's M. D., vol. 22 from the Danish of J. M. Thiele. L., 1865

24-113 30-1622 Barneval. See Tachet de Barneval.




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V. 15

Barnstorff, D. Key to Shakespeare's sonnets. Barrington, J. Rise and fall of the Irish nation. N. Trans. from German by T. J. Graham. L.,

Y., 1845

2741421 1862 22-926 Sketches of his own times. i854

30-805 Barnum, H. i. The spy unmasked. Adventures Barrington. C. Lever

18-1869 of Enoch Crosby, alias Harvey Birch, the hero Barron, Wm. Lectures on belle lettres and logic. of Cooper's tale of the neutral ground. N.

, 2 v.

22-606 Y., 1864

Barrow, Fanny Wife's stratagem—a story for fireBarnum,' P. T. Life by himseif. N. Y., 1855 side and wayside

18-291 30–804 Barrow, Sir J. Description of Pitcairn's island Humbugs of the world; an account of humbugs, and its inhabitants ; with an authentic ac

delusions, impositions, quackeries, deceits and count of the mutiny of the ship Bounty. N. deceivers generally, in all ages. N. Y., 1866 Y., 1838

296-97 33-1301 Memoir of the life of Peter the great. N. Y., Barnwell, E. L. Perrot notes; or some account of 1834

30-418 the various branches of the Perrot family. L.,

Travels in China, containing descriptions, ob1867. 80


servations and comparisons. Ph., 1805. 80 Barn-yard, manual of. D. H. Jacques 4-247 Barolo. See Falleti de Barolo.

A voyage to Cochin China, 1792-3; with an ac. Baron, A. Résumé de l'histoire de la littérature count of a journey made in 1801-2 to the

française. Notice sur les principaux écrivains Booshuana nation. L., 1806. 4° 294-520 français. B., 1840

34-4013 Voyages of discovery and research within the Barron, John. Lite of E. Jenner. L., 1838. v. 2. Arctic regions. N. Y., 1846

29-307 go

30-697 Barrow, John. Memoirs of the naval worthies of Baron, M. Boyron dit . 'L'homme a bonne fortune.

Queen Elizabeth's reign. L., 1845. do 30–1593 C. A. C. v. 1

34-3132 Lite and correspondence of Admiral Sir W. S. Baronet, the. Miss Corner

Smith. L., 1848. 2 v. 8°

30–496 Baron la gazette. H.-A.-A. de Gondrecourt 34-4071 Tour in Austrian Lombardy, the northern Baron Munchausen. Travels and surprising adven

Tyrol and Bavaria in 1840. Lond., 1841 18-290

276_128 Baronet's daughters. Mrs. Grey


Barrows, G. M. Commentaries on the causes, forms, Barons de Felsheim. Pigault-Lebrun 34-1808

symptoms, and treatment, moral and medical, Barons' wars, chronicle of the. Camden soc. pub., of insanity. L., 1828. go

10-20 273_195 Barruel, A. Memoirs illustrating the history of Baronscliffe. “Mrs: P. N. Lathani


Jacobinism. N. Y., 1799. 4 v. 89 274_3366 Baron-Wilson, Margaret. Memoirs of Harriot, Barry, A. Introduction to the study of the old Duchess of St. Albans. Ph., 1840 30-501

testament. L., 1856

32-1798 Barrau, T. H. Tales of filial love

18-3975 The life and works of Sir Charles Barry. L., Barrell, G., jr. The pedestrian in France and

1867. 8°

30-2342 Switzerland. N. Y., 1853 . 270_314 Barry, Jas., Opie

, J., and Fuseli, H. "Lectures on Barren honour. G. A. Lawrence


painting by the royal academicians, with inBarrera, Mad. de. Gems and jewels, their history,

troduction and notes. L., 1848 .

5-2 geography, chemistry, and ana. L., 1860 Barry, John. History of the Orkney islands. 2d ed.

L., 1808. 4o

274_4007 Barrett, B. F.' Lectures on the new dispensation, Barry, J. S. Historical sketch of the town of Han.

called the new Jerusalem. N. Y., 18.77 32-625 over, Mass., with family genealogies. B., Barrett, E. Gunnery instructions, simplified for the

1853. 8°

262_634 volunteer officers of the U. S. navy. N. Y., History of Massachusetts, colonial, provincial 1862


and commonwealth. B., 1855–57. 3 v. 8° Barrett, Jos. I. Life of Abraham Lincoln. Cin.,

262_302 1864

30–1532 Barry, M. J. Ireland as she was, as slie is, and as Same, with account of death.' N. Y., 1863. go 'she shall be-a prize essay.

Dub., 1815. 8 30-1532a

274_1424 Barrett, Walter. [Pseud.] See Scoville, J.A. Barry, P. Fruit garden–a treatise on the physiBarriere, J. F., (Editeur.) Bibliotheque des ology of fruit trees; the theory and practice Mémoires. (18'me Siecle.) P., 1846.

of transplanting, pruning and training of orI. M'me de Staal-Delaunay; Le Marquis chard and garden trees. N. Y., 1860 4-124 d'Argenson ; M'me Mere cu Régent; Duc de The theory and practice of the international St. Simon, (extraits.) II. Duclos. sur le Règne trade of the U. S. and England, and of the de Louis XIV, la régence et le règne de trade of the U. S. and Canada. Chicago, Louis XV. III. M'me du Hausset ; Bachau


1-278 mont. IV. Baron de Besonal; Collé. V. Barry, s. The Dutchman's ghöst. F.'s M. D. Marmontel. VI. Mille Clairon; Lekain;

v. 19

24-113 Préville; Dazincourt; Garrick; Molé; – The persecuted Dutchman. .F.'s M. D. Goldoni


24-113 La cour et la ville sous Louis xiv, Louis XV, Barry O'Byrne. Mrs. Cudlin

18-3709 et Louis XVI. P., 1830. 89 34–1910 Barrymore, W. Wallace.

F.'s's. D. Vol. 33 See Genlis, M’me de 31-5346

24-221 Burrière, Th., 'et E. Capendi. Les fausses bonnes Barstow, G. History of New llampshire, from femmes. Comédie en 5 actes en prose. P.,

1614 to 1819. 2d ed. B., 18,733. go 204-398 1858


Barter, C. Dorp and the Veld ; or, six montlis in et J. Lorin. Le piano de Beribe. 'Comélie en Natal. L., 1852

286-170 1 acte mélée de chant. P., 1860 34-5:328 Barth, C. G. Histoires de la Bible; tr. de l'Al!c. et II. Murger. La vie de Bolième ; comédie en mand, sur le 100’me ed. B., 1859 34-4123

tive actes, en prose. P., 1860 34-5329 Barth, II. Sammlung und Bearbeitung Central Barrington, D. Possibility of approaching the

Afrikanischer vokabularien. Collection of North Pole asserted; with an appendix by vocabularies of central African languages. Col. Beauloy. London, 1818.


pts. 1-3. Gotha, 1862–66. R. 8° 22-3364 Burrington, George. Voyage to New South Wales; Travels and discoveries in north and central with a description of the country. Ph.,

Africa--a journal of an expedition undertaken 1800 .

in 1819-55. N. Y., 1257. 5 v. 8° 286-241


6 v.


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V. 6

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Barthe, N. T. Les fausses infidélités. C. A. C. Barton, B. Memoir, letters, and poems. Edited

by his daughter. Ph., 1850

23-274 Barthelémy, J. J. Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Poems. Ph., 1821

23-10 Grèce, vers le milieu du 4'me Siècle avant Same. B., 1826

23-11 l'ere vulgaire. Atlas et Planches. P., 1821. Barton, B. S. Collections for an essay towards a 7 y. 8°


materia medica of the United States. 3d ed. La méme. P., 1813. 3 v. 80


with additions. Ph., 1810. 8° 10-617 Travels of Anarcharsis the younger in Greece Elements of botany, with an account of the life

during the middle of the fourth century before and writings of the author, by W. P. C. Barthe Christian era. Ph., 1804. 4 v. 80* 270–52

ton. Ph., 1836. 89

9-8 Barthelemy. See Méry et Barthelemy.

Barton, E. H.'Cause and prevention of yellow Bartholow, K. The principles and practice of dis

fever at New Orleans and other cities in infection. Cin., 1867


America. 3d ed. N. Y., 1857. 89 10-616 Bartholomew, w. See Costa, N. ; Mendelssohn Barton, K. Io; a tale of the olden fine 18–293

5-793 Barton, W. Memoirs of the life of David RittenBartholomew fair. H. Morley


house; with notices of many distinguished Bartholomew Perigru. The pleasant and grave men; and sundry philosophical and other history of the first adventures of that good-in

papers. Ph., 1813. 80

30–464 tentioned gentleman. By a member of the Barton, Wm. P. C.' Plan for the internal organizaPhiladelphia bar .


tion and government of marine hospitals in Bartle, G. Synopsis of English history from the the U. S., and a scheme for amending the earliest period, comprising wars, dates, lead- medical department of the navy.

Ph., 1814. ing events and celebrated persons in each

10-7 reign. L., 1865

274_02 Bartram, J. 'Darlington, w. M. Memorials of Bartlett, D. W. Life and public services of A.

30-592 Lincoln. N. Y., 1860


Barwell, R. Treatise on diseases of the joints. Life of Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans. Au

Ph., 1861. 89

10-441 burn, 1854

274_1609 Baschet, A. Le roi chez la reine. Hist, secrète de la Life of Lady Jane Grey. Aub., 1853 30–1611 mariage de Louis XIII et d'Anne d'Autriche. Paris; with pen and pencil; people and litera

2'me ed. P., 1866

344265 ture, its life and business. N. Y., 1858 Bascom, J. Esthetics ; or, the science of beauty.

B., 1862

5–213 What I saw in London ; or, men and things in Base ball. Chadwick, H. Haney's book of referthe great metropolis. Aub., 1852 27b_259

ence (1868)

20-320 Bartlett, E. Essay on the philosophy of medical Bases of belief. E. Miail

32-593 science. Ph., 1844. 80

10-543 Basham, W. R. On dropsy, and its connection History, diagnosis, and treatment of the fevers with diseases of the kidneys, heart, lungs and of the U. S. 4th ed. Ph., 1856 10-446

liver. 3d ed. L., 1806.80

10-605 Bartlett, J. R. Dictionary of Americanisms. A Basil. W. Collins

18-082 glossary of words and phrases usually re- Baskerville, A. The poetry of Germany. Trans. garded as peculiar to the U. S. B., 1859. 80 into Eng. verse, with original text. 2d ed.

Ph., 1856

23-859 The literature of the rebellion; a catalogue of Practical German grammar, being the shortest

books and lets relating to the civil war and casiest method of acquiring a thorough in the United States, and on subjects growing knowledge of the German language. Cologne, out of that event, together with works on


22-34 American slavery, and essays from reviews Basket of chips. J. Brougham

18-441 and magazines on the same subjects. B., Basnage. See Stowe, C. E. 1866, 80 21-299 Basque provinces. E. B. Stephens

271-116 Records of the colony of Rhode Island and Bassanville, A. Lebrun, C'sse de. Salons d'autreProvidence Plantations. Prov., 1856.

fois. P. 2 v.

34-5265 80

26a_539 Bassini, c. Art of singing; an analytical, physioPersonal narrative of explorations and incidents logical and practical system for the cultivain Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora,

tion of the voice. B. 80

5-991 and Chihuahua, connected with U. S. and Bassnett, T. Outlines of a mechanical theory of Mexican boundary commission, 1850–3. N.

N. Y., 1854

11-108 Y., 1854. 2 v. 89 200-270 Bastard, der. C. Spindler

34-535 Bartlett, W. II. Gleanings on the overland route; Bastiat, 'F. Harmonies économiques. 2'me ed. P., pictorial and antiquarian. L., 1864. 89


34-4011 271-694 Harmonies of political economy. Trans. from History of the U. s. of North Am., continued French by P. J. Stirling, with a notice of the by B. B. Woodward. N. Y., [1856.] 3 vols.

life of the author. L., 1860. 89

3-21 80

262_450 Euvres complètes. P., 1863,4. ì v. 34-5400 - The Nile boat; or glimpses of the land of Egypt. Sophismes économiques. See Walter, E. 3–282 N. Y., 1851. 80

281-146 Bastile. Davenport, R. A. History of 274_1681 - Pictures from Sicily. L., 1859. 8 276_529 Basutos, the; or, twenty-three years in S. Africa. and Beattie, W. Ports, harbors, watering

E. Casalis

286-103 places, and coast scenery of Great Britain ; Batard de Champcarré, ie. X. de Montépin 34–4396 illustrated by views taken on the spot. L., Batard de Mauléon. A. Dumas

34-3242 1812. 2 y. 4° 271-1216 Batavia. H. Conscience

34-3152 Bartlett, W. H. c. Elements of analytical me. Batbie, A. Mélanges d'économie politique. P., chanics. 2d ed. N. Y., 1854. 80% 11-126

1866. 80

34-4926 Elements of natural philosophy-mechanics.

Nouveau cours d'économie politique professé a 3d ed. N. Y., 18.55. 8°


la faculté de droit de Paris, 1864,5. Elements of spherical astronomy. N. Y., 1855. 1866. 2 v.

344720 12-47 Batchelor, H. Lectures to the people. Montreal, Bartol, C. A. Church and congregation ; a plea for 1865

32-1673 their unity. B., 1878 .

32-1486 Bate, J. Cyclopedia of illustrations of moral and Pictures of Europe framed in ideas. B., 1855 religious truths. L., 1866. go 32-1965

276-380 Bate, W. T. Baillie, J. Memoir of 30-023

5 v.


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2 v.

3 v.

3 y.

Bateman, J. Life of the Right Rev. D. Wilson ; Battles. Great b. of the British army. 273_45 with extracts from his journals and corre- Lupton, W. M. Table of

274_759 spondence, L., 1860. 2 v. 8° 30-1249 Swinton, w. Twelve decisive b. of the war. Bateman, Mrs. S. F. Self. F's S. D. v.21 24–221


26_911 Bateman household. J. Payn

18-2464 Tomes, R. B. of America by sea and land Bates, Mrs. D. B. Incidents on land and water;

264-621 or, four years on the Pacific coast. B., 1857 Twelve great b. of England

279-1176 296_148 See names of countries ; of places where battles Bates, Ely. Christian politics. L.; 1806. 80*2-531 have been fought ; and of wars or cam. Bates, II.' W. Contributions to an insect fauna of paigns.

the Amazon valley. L., 1861–66. 8° 9–702 Baucher, F. Method of horsemanship, founded The naturalist on the river Amazon. L., 1863. upon new principles, including the breaking


and training of horses. Ph., 1852 20-309 Bates, W. Harmony of the divine attributes in the Bauchery, R. A corsaire corsaire et demi 34–4135

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